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Thread: F1 for free?????
10/03/2012 15:50:55

Free F1 is also on Virgin, (via sky) Don't know what the coverage is like, as I don't have a telly! I still get the tv propaganda because I use Virgin cable and phone.

Thread: 'true-scale' RC model gliders, around 1:6 scale
10/03/2012 15:45:55

Minimoa - try this one! - Replikit Minimoa


#0704 Minimoa 100 £159.94
Beautiful sailplane: Photo
shows superb example
by Nigel Mousely!
full Laser Cut Kit -
Full building plans,Laser
cut ribs &
Parts Required:
Glues, tools and
2 x 9gm servos
2x15gm servos
A brand new fully integrated laser cut design
Build thread is here RC Groups thread


And before anyone jumps in and tells me (again) that Replikit have gone, nol they have not! The business was being run by Greenair electric jets, -
but is in the process of being handed over. I bpought some kits from them a month ago! (Hi Mike B!)

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 10/03/2012 16:48:22

Thread: Discus MK II build sheet?
10/03/2012 15:37:57

And are you talking aero-tow, or winch/bungee tow? The 'hook' positions are very different!

Thread: Airspeed Controller
10/03/2012 15:35:30

Full-size (people-carrying) aircraft don't fly just above the stall, except in the last few instants before landing! Cruise speed is significantly higher than stalling speed (usually!) unless you are modelling WW1 and earlier aircraft, some of which were pretty marginal!

George 1 wrote - Many aircraft get into stall flying over trees - more probably because they are flying too slowly to cope with the turbulence that occurs over the trees if there is any wind!

If your flying field is downwind of the trees, you are flying from a lift zone into a downward rotor, and if upwind, you get a blast of down as you approach the trees, then a blast of lift as you come past them, both of which cause you to use elevator, which has the effect of putting the brakes on!

In a no-wind condition, it is usually finger-trouble, unconsciously pulling in a bit more up ele to make sure you clear the trees, rather than putting some power on!

Thread: Flair EE, will it fly i.c.?
10/03/2012 15:19:46

Don't forget, Martin, that sweep-back has the same effect as dihedral, and the EE Lightning has a LOT of sweep-back! This will make the rudder, (if fitted) VERY touchy!


Just a secondary thought - if no rudder, try increasing the fin area, temporarily. Makig the model directionally 'stiffer' might cure the roll, which is skid induced.


Edit added a comment

Edited By Eric Bray on 10/03/2012 15:21:11

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
08/03/2012 17:25:15

The Government strikes again!

#UK aircraft carrier plans in confusion as ministers revisit square one

From The Grauniad: (Richard Norton-Taylor)

Britain's troubled and increasingly expensive plan to equip the navy with new aircraft carriers has been plunged into fresh turmoil as ministers consider reversing their earlier decision to change the type of plane that should fly from them, it has emerged.

The government announced in last autumn's strategic defence review that it had decided to buy the "cats and flaps" (catapults and arrester gear) version of the US joint strike fighter. This would have a "longer range and greater payload ... the critical requirement for precision-strike operations in the future", the government stated.

Moreover, the government added, it will be cheaper. It would also enable French planes to land on British carriers, and vice versa, inkeeping with the new UK-French defence spirit of co-operation.

Now, in an extraordinary volte-face, the Ministry of Defence says the "cats and flaps" planes may well be cheaper but it would be too expensive to redesign a carrier – more than £1bn – to accommodate them. The ministry is thus faced with the prospect of renegotiating a deal with the US, reverting to its original plan – namely buying the short take-off and vertical landing version of the aircraft, even though it is acknowledged to be less effective and more expensive .

The latest chapter in the troubled saga of Britain's future aircraft carriers – whose own estimated costs have soared – was raised on Thursday in a letter to the defence secretary, Philip Hammond, from Jim Murphy, his Labour opposite number.

Murphy referred to "worrying suggestions" that the government was about to change its mind about the kind of aircraft to buy from the US. "It is vital that there is now clarity on the government's plans for this vital area of the defence equipment programme," he wrote.

Murphy said the decision in the defence review to scrap the Harrier fleet meant the UK would have no carrier aircraft capability until 2020 – and then only one carrier would be operational.

Defence officials said that the government was "re-assessing" its earlier decision because, they indicated, of pressures on the defence budget.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first carrier, will be mothballed immediately it is launched in 2016, according to existing plans. The second, HMS Prince of Wales, will be able to put to sea by 2020, but it is not known how many planes will be able to fly from it – nor what kind.

The two carriers, originally priced at £3.5bn, are now estimated to cost £6.2bn. According to the Commons public accounts committee, the cost is likely to icrease to as much as £12bn.

The government, which originally said it wanted more than 100 joint strike fighters, says that it will have just six operational ones by 2020. The unit cost of the joint strike fighter, made by Lockheed Martin, has soared because of production problems and delays caused by US defence budget cuts. Britain's BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce have big stakes in a future deal adapting the joint strike fighter for British forces.

A spokesperson for the MoD said: "We are currently finalising the 2012-13 budget and balancing the equipment plan. As part of this process, we are reviewing all programmes, including elements of the carrier strike programme, to validate costs and ensure risks are properly managed. The defence secretary expects to announce the outcome of this process to parliament before Easter."

Thread: HS1201
08/03/2012 17:18:51,1396.msg11530.html#msg11530

is where to look!

Thread: Planets out tonight
08/03/2012 17:15:01

Watch out for this solar storm that is due today, lasting untl the early hours of tomorrow - it might affect 2.4 radios, as it is capable of temporarily knocking out sat-comms.

Thread: Model storage for White Van Men
08/03/2012 17:11:18

Did you leave it in the charging-room, then, Seamus? smile p

Thread: Failsafe
08/03/2012 17:02:08

I go for full up and full rudder, motor off, and ailerons flat, and hope it spins down fairly nearby. At least, with a spin, the descent rate is fairly slow, so if it goes all the way down, there shouldn't be too much damage.

So far - touch wood - I've not 'lost' one, to see if it works!

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
05/03/2012 18:54:14

Great news, Terry, - you are now a member of an elite group, (like me!), the cancer survivors club!

Thread: Model storage for White Van Men
05/03/2012 18:50:11

beat the model to death before I got there!

Mind you - it would save me gettng out in the cold, just to see how hard I could hit the floor with the model! cheeky

Thread: Phoenix models Pitts Bulldog
05/03/2012 18:35:36

It's a Pitts! The 'Bulldog' is only an advertising name!

Be ready for it to try to bite it's own tail on take-off and landing, and be ready for it to flip tail over nose on landing, too!

Thread: Model storage for White Van Men
04/03/2012 18:12:09

That's a good idea if your roads are as smooth as silk, but I have to go two miles or so along a very rough dirt track to my site, and using that method, it would beat the model to death before I got there!

Thread: How to treat a crashed engine ?
04/03/2012 18:09:15

then reassemble with 3in1

I find using bolts is more reliable smiley

Thread: Phoenix models Pitts Bulldog
04/03/2012 13:36:20

Is this the one?


PH031 -

Legendary, exhilarating, responsive and perfectly balanced are just a few of the words used to describe one of the most highly regarded aerobats of all time. Now the legendary Pitts is a big, beautiful ARF - Huge knife edge loops, tumbles, or maybe you can invent a maneuver or two of your own! Laser cut, top quality balsa and plywood, painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants. All the components are pre-finished including a quality hardware pack. The kit includes all that you need other than radio, engine and adhesives to get to a flying standard.

Technical data

• Wingspan: 1410mm (55.5in)
• Length: 1450mm (57.1in)
• Weight: 4900g~5600g
• Engine: 120 two stroke / 180 four stroke
• Radio: 6~9 channel - 7 servo Hitorque


• Capable of both precise and extreme 3D aerobatics
• Quality materials and genuine ORACOVER covering
• Extremely lightweight laser-cut all-wood construction
• Durable factory-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
• Can be converted for electric flight
• Prepainted pilot figure, preinstalled in cockpit
• Flies with a wide variety of engines
• Can be flight ready in just 2 to 4 hours

Colour chart

• Cub Yellow (# 21030)
• Black (# 21071)
• Silver (# 21091)


• Dimension (mm)
* Box : 1419 x 393 x 286
* Cover carton : 1435 x 403 x 566

• Packing: 2pcs / cover carton

Temporary, There are no comments about this product


from here?

Edited By Eric Bray on 04/03/2012 13:37:22

Thread: For Pensioners...................
03/03/2012 15:40:36

Yes Myron, keeping active. I've recently begun going back to night-school, working on the studies for the final part of my radio ham license.

And now I'm head gardener, as well as head cook and bottle-washer! (now, is this green thing a plant or a weed?)

Thread: You wonder why I am grumpy??
02/03/2012 13:26:56

If it helps, the D740 is pale green and pink, A4 sized.


Seeing this thread made me think, for a minute, regarding where I'd put mine. I used to keep it in the zip-up pocket of my works uniform jacket, but now I'm not working, and the jacket went for recycling...

Phew - found it in the filing cabinet, under licenses!


edit for a typo

Edited By Eric Bray on 02/03/2012 13:27:25

Edited By Eric Bray on 02/03/2012 13:27:50

Thread: For Pensioners...................
02/03/2012 13:19:56

the mean life expectancy ie the age at which the bulk of the population dies

If the figures are broken down properly, by type of employment, I believe you will find that heavy manual workers tend to 'pop off' within five years of reaching retirement, while 'pen-pushers' last about twenty.

High-pressure Management and/or Sales reps, are lucky to even reach retirement in full health, they usually succumb to heart trouble.

Re Ladies vs Men retirement ages, My Doreen reached 60 last year, was told that she cannot draw her pension that she had paid into all her working life, until she reached 61, when it would be paid retrospectively, then the cancer took her one month before that. All that money has gone 'into the pot', and we/I don't see a single penny of it.

29/02/2012 18:30:06

from the petition -

so there is still time.
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