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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
05/09/2016 14:55:05
Posted by Andy Meade on 05/09/2016 14:50:37:

If it's finished or not it's getting chucked off!

Follow your nose to the smell of bacon and waffles yes

me or the A4??? lol

And hope the bacon's well done!

See you Saturday

05/09/2016 14:46:56

Afternoon All,

Just wondering if there's a guide of where to find you lot on Saturday morning? Think I seen something a while back, but have been unable (too lazy) to find it.

And if there's waffles in it.........offers launching service......... as mine's probably going to be static display only crying 2


Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
04/09/2016 11:00:43

Looks like I'm going to claim the 'epic fail' award; work's been busy, and as a result I've fallen behind. Also, I've not had my canopy back yet, and that may well hold up progress. I've just about finished the wing, and that will start glassing this afternoon, along with the fuselage. But, given that I've chosen to model the two seater, and have made work for myself, I'm not going to rush things now, as it may well spoil what I've achieved so far.

I'm also trying to get a former power model finished so that I have something to throw off the 'Orme' next weekend. The A4 will probably be only in primer by the weekend, but I will bring it along for the ridicule lol.




02/09/2016 10:12:40

Ade: Starter wild mushrooms

Main: spiced chicken burger (reserve Morrocan Lamb cutlets)

Tracy: starter - Garlic Bread

Main: Seabass (reserve Tandori Chicken)

Nia - Child menu please (she don't eat much!)

Starter Garlic Bread

Main: Cheese & tomato pizza wiv skinny fries please

Many thanks


Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
01/09/2016 22:14:26

Now feeling the pressure!!!! Just about finished the wings, although still have to do the wheel shrouds, Hoping to be glasssing airframe on Saturday. It's still 50:50 as to whether it will make the Orme next Saturday, but I'll give it a good go. But due to work constraints, I'm minded to do a 'proper job' rather than rush it!.

So it will make an appearance next Saturday, but whether it is finished is another thing! But now that I've spent so much time and effort in it, I'd like to finish it properly. And I promise the next model I make will be better!.



27/08/2016 22:46:12

At last I've skinned the top of the wings, think I've got the correct wash out, but time will tell. Not sure at the moment whether it will fly in Spetember, but I have adapted the wing to take the bomb release system, rather than regret never fitting the release. Made from brass rod within the plastic control rod outer. I have fitted a plate of thin ply on the underside fo the wing, hoping that this will ensure that the bomb releases easily. Simply mechanism should give years of service. Time will tell. I should be spraying primer by next weekend.

Canopy due early next week, so that will allow me to finish the cockpit with 'cartoon scale' cockpit detailing. Even if I dont maiden it at The 'Orme' I will still bring it along. Looking forward to hiding mine behind all those excellent ones already completed

bomb release method.jpg



Thread: A4 Skyhawk - Building tips and Plan queries
24/08/2016 23:05:45

Thats a good idea Phil, although I was toying with the idea of using the 'fin' just behind the canopy as the extended swicth mechanism. Will it give me credence with my peers though..............

Life is a learning curve.............that gets steeper..............



24/08/2016 22:16:27

Can I ask where you lot are hiding the switch on the A4. I'm almost at the porvisional placing of R/C gear and I would like to 'hide' the switch. Is the wire rod the preferred option? Push in to switch 'on'?



Thread: The Last Skyhawk
23/08/2016 22:42:03

I'm starting to feel inadequate with regard to my effort. Can I claim mine's 'cartoon scale'?

Seriously, excellent build Chris, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.


Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
21/08/2016 21:36:54

will i make it.jpgWill I finish it in time? Have made some progress at last. I know the intakes are not quite right, but I think they capture the 'feel' of the aircraft. Now have both wings half built, so should have airframe finished by next weekend.

Gold spray cans obtained, so would hope to be finishing the A4 by the end of the month, and decals on order. I may not have time to test fly it, so may ask one of you PSS professionals to maiden it for me at the Orme......

btw I've made the splitters from litho plate, which I have found stuck in teh back of the workshop. No quite scale, but looks ok (from 20 metres in fading light)....

There may well be light at the end of this particular tunnel....... I just hope it's not an approaching train!!


Ade splitter attempt.jpg

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
17/08/2016 20:59:40

Evening Tim ,

Could I book myself and my good lady please, along with a stroppy teenager!!!

(so 3 please!)



Thread: Israeli Air Force A4 Skyhawk - Shalom
17/08/2016 20:42:30

The arrester hook and fuelling probe really set the model off well Peter; excellent model. Hope it's a dark and gllomy day when mine's on slope as it may just 'hide' the flaws lol .

Excellent model Peter, you must be well pleased.


Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
16/08/2016 09:07:12
Posted by Andy Blackburn on 16/08/2016 08:22:10:

Nicely finished plug, that!

What did you finish it with, I assume it's the same construction as the first plug?

Hi Andy, its actually the same plug. Based on blue foam, sanded and filled with P38 car body filler. I then gave it a coat of finishing resin, followed by halfrauds filler primer, sanded by wet n dry, used wet. Quite happy with the finish, as this is my first ever attempt.

Hopefully it will produce a good canopy.



16/08/2016 07:49:21

Finally finished the plug; have shown the 30cm ruler alongside for scale, as it's way bigger than the single seater.

This has been a huge learning curve, but I'm reasonably happy with the result. I have left the plug approx 10mm oversize to allow for trimming.

I should have a completed canopy now by the weekend, which is cutting it fine to be completed by the Great Orme, but as the weekend weather forecast should allow me plenty of building time.

By next week I should have the airframe completed. Then it's two weeks to finish and test fly!



Finished canopy Plug

11/08/2016 12:37:46

Thanks Chris, I usually find that Merlot is the answer.......

beer and following plans gives me a headache, not the grape.

11/08/2016 10:53:45

Cheers Andy, it's an older metal geared servo, and I may have mixed up the letters lol. I'll use them anyway.

Thanks again

11/08/2016 10:43:33

Quick question, I've been left behind with all the tech advances etc; I'm looking at using two mini servo's for the wing, and have been trying to source some futaba ones (as I've just moved to 2.4, I thought I'd update my servos). But I have also 'found' (stuck on shelf) two Hitec HG81's; would these be sufficient you think?

Also, canopy now at the primer stage; I'll post some pics up later.



Thread: A4 Skyhawk - Building tips and Plan queries
02/08/2016 22:25:15

I'm having difficulty locating where the drop tanks should be positioned. Anyone able to advise me how far from the centre line they should be positioned please?

Many thanks


Thread: Harry's A4 Scooter
02/08/2016 22:22:08

Nice job Harry; I'm intending to just resin the ribs, and cloth the important bits. Hope mine's finsihed in time

Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
02/08/2016 13:03:14

I've now sorted the canopy plug (again). I was having a little difficulty seating it correctly. So I've tried to 'level' the base of the plug by putting a temporary floor (tacked on with cyno), and covering the fuselage etc with cling film. A 'liberal' squirt of expanding foam was placed onto the cling film covered base, and the plug was placed into the foam and allowed to set. I will trim off the excess this evening, thus leaving me with a correctly fitting plug. I will have the canopy pulled early next week.

A picture explains this better I think:


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