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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
18/04/2016 22:11:19

Great pics; looks like you all had a great time. Given me the incentive now to get something PSS ready for May......

Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
15/04/2016 22:51:57

HI Graham,,

I'll measure the positioning of the nose on the center line, as it probably be easier to use the formers in the pack and juts add a few more. I'll be building from next weekend, so will put up pics of the changes to the plan I've made.

And I call my landings after the plane stops moving.......................... angel

Thread: A4 mass build Australia
15/04/2016 07:39:46
Posted by graham Gilliver on 15/04/2016 02:05:38:

My Kit has arrived, so after a couple more late shifts I will be able to get out the cyano. I have been reluctant to make a start as the plans I had printed up seemed slightly over scale, when I get a chance I will compare them with the kit plans hopefully more posts now with some progress being on the cards, look out guys i'll be catching up. G

Hi Graham,

I had the same thought when I scaled up the drawings I have done, but they do look like that. The canopy especially looks huge compared to the single seater, although it does correspond with the 1/48th plastic kit I've acquired, so I think yours looks very similar to my scale up. The former for the nose is approximately the same profile, although it is set higher on the centre line. I will put up pics tonight of that part, which only means then that an additional former is need between F2 and F3.

Its nice to see your scaled up drawings as it confirms my initial thoughts too!!

Look forward to yours progressing (am still building the building board as of yet myself).



Thread: Things to do on the slope
14/04/2016 14:17:57
Posted by Andy Meade on 14/04/2016 14:09:51:

Only for the first meet Tim - we thought it a bit much juggling two new things on the fist meet of the year! yes

You got any dimensions for the probe part yet Andy? May try and fit it to the X-29......


Thread: Aerodynamics & the "Dive Test"
05/04/2016 21:24:11

Would ity be that most modeller's have balanced their models close to the recommended c of g as per plan, and thus would be within the parameters where the divce test would not be conclusive?

If it flies 'tidy', then it's ok. If you look for problems, you will surely find them.................

Ade of 'I knew wine helps the thought process'..............

smile p

Thread: The Reassembler
05/04/2016 21:18:46

It's programmes like this that have spawned endless R/C models.............. Instead of watching 'quality telly' a model...........


Thread: Sad but what are they
01/04/2016 17:37:44

is it a 'Z' bend tool?

Thread: Things to do on the slope
24/03/2016 21:44:19

I take it an X-29 would still be considered PSS? with a view to fitting of non scale accurate bomb?


And do I get a special prize for the lowest drop???

Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
21/03/2016 16:55:18
Posted by graham Gilliver on 17/03/2016 23:14:03:

Hi Ade, Drop tanks for display sounds good would save making that long delicate undercarriage. My T'bird will definitely be stand in the next county scale , but it 's good to start close to accurate so the impression is easily achieved do you have some connection with the RNZAF ? I served from 1969 til about 1980. somewhere I have the original painters instructions for the gold colour scheme, hope to have a chance to search for them shortly. IF I can find them and get them scanned I'll get a copy to you. don't hold your breath tho' they are not where I first thought, so goodness knows what safe place I've put them in! I look forward to seeing your model develop on here. Cheers graham

No connection at all with the RNZAF, just found the picture and thought that I would be different. Nice to chat with someone who has actually served there. Thanks for the encouragement.



Thread: Caption time again!
21/03/2016 16:45:51

...........when I said 'balance nose down'...................... cheeky

Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
16/03/2016 22:28:47

HI Graham.

It was the height of the canopy that suprised me too. I've seen pictures of the A4 with the drop tanks, but probably won't have time to make them. BUt mine's 'far way away standoff scale' so may make them, but possibly only for static display.



Thread: Paint For Points
16/03/2016 22:11:05

Hi Capt,

I've just done the mum in law's woodwork with Dulux Satin Coat. Washes out easily with water, and gives a nice satin finish. Also looks white when compared to cheaper brands. (is also 'wipeable).

Not gloss I know, but I think it keeps it's 'whiteness' longer.

Thread: Flyer's RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4
16/03/2016 21:31:30

rnzaf 1.jpgEvening Lads,

Better late than never. As soem of you may be aware, I'vce decided to model the RNZAF 50th Anniversary A4; however this is a two seater, so I've had to amend the plan. I've done so with tracing paper, pencil, calkculator and a fine merlot! The result, as you may be able to see, is that the nose is larger, and the canopy is substantially larger. I will be refining the drawings over the next few days before committing balsa.

The former F2 looks as if it needs to come forward to the front part where the camopy meets the fuselage, whilst I will be introducing an additional former (F2A) at a similar size and shape to F3, at the mid point. I've not yet considered the battery box, but this should locate itself between F2 and F2A.

I'm not 100% sure on the profile yet, but from the drawinsg and kit I have, it looks passable. But I'm open to any opinion to the contrary.



rnzaf 2.jpg

Thread: C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th Scale for PSS
09/03/2016 13:58:30

Looking good Andy. thumbs up

Thread: Balpa start to worry about drones
04/03/2016 14:29:27

Just look at the numbers of incidents on this report: **LINK**

Just wonder how legislation will deal with this?

Hopefully the CAA will take a pragmatic view and not pamper to the thirst of the media, which usually ends up with the sensible masses punished for the wrong doing of the few.


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
03/03/2016 15:36:56
Posted by Andy Meade on 03/03/2016 15:32:25:

We still need to meet up on the Preseli's Ade!

Will do Andy; I hope to maiden a few there this year; just let me know when you down this way.

03/03/2016 15:16:52

...........most of my models end up like fridges anyway......... embarrassed

03/03/2016 14:44:26
Posted by Steve Houghton 1 on 03/03/2016 14:28:30:

I've already book the wind. But you know what it's like having to rely on other people, and even Gods, they don't always deliver when required.

We need some wind at the Orme this year too. I've yet to fly it when it's as good as everyone makes it out to be. Personally I think that because so few PSSA members have flown the Bwlch, they mistakenly think the Orme is the dogs whatsits!

Now lets see what reaction I get to that remark, see who bites. How I do love being controversal wink 2

Am hoping to make the Bwlch this year as it's actually closer for me (only 2hrs drive). Just need to get something flyable asap. wink

Thread: 2016 Nationals
01/03/2016 14:59:07

I think we need a committee where the quorum is one, and only the chairman turns up !! smile p

Thread: Six Nations Rugby Union 2016
26/02/2016 23:26:06

And as for Brian Moore............................. what does he actually know about scrummaging ?? Game has moved on since his days (or Daze) ............ smile p

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