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Thread: PSSA Chat
25/01/2016 11:34:42

There is only one way to 'beat up the slope'.... wink

25/01/2016 11:25:10
Posted by Andy Meade on 25/01/2016 11:19:36:

I jumped to 2.4 (FRSky module in Futaba trannies) about 6 years ago when it cost me one of my favourite slopers. Huge glitches and then went right in. Telemetry back to me these days from the receivers is a real bonus too!

Been looking at those, should have enough channels to have 'extras' on the AC130.......

Will probably take the plunge next month (when work settles down).

24/01/2016 21:36:05

I feel the 2.4 calling me, but so far have stuck to 35meg......... do I need therapy??? secret

But the choice is so confusing, so I'll probably stick with what I've got........even if I get scorned on the slope.....

At least the sheep are not judgmental ..... cheeky

Thread: Lite Ply or Birch?
19/01/2016 16:44:56

Thanks both for the input. I must confess that I find lite ply definitely lighter than birch though. I'm just a little concerned about the rigidity of the tail given that it is going to be quite large. I will reduce the ply to the rear, and will try to make sure the tail is supported well by using balsa/depron . If it end's up a brick, I will have to make the second one lighter..... wink



15/01/2016 20:52:51

Just pondering the design of the AC130. At approx 1.9m in length, am I best using normal 4mm birch ply as the central crutch? I will be using lightening holes. I have also considered the apporach of a vertcial central crutch , along with a horizontal one (i.e crucifix style) along with supporting fuselage 'ribs' of depron . Am I over engineering this? I just think that a suitable crucifix central crutch could be both light and rigid. I am concious of the weight towards the tail, but if I use lite ply, I think it will give good rigidity along with relative light weight.

Or am I desiging a brick ?

And as I am using 'ye olde skool' version of pen and paper I'm afraid I cant put fancy cad drawing up.

Advice welcome



Thread: 2016 Nationals
12/01/2016 13:21:01
Posted by Eagle 899 on 12/01/2016 13:19:08:
Posted by Flyer on 12/01/2016 11:39:22:

One that won't be looked at is Cawdor Barracks ( the former RAF Brawdy base). Ideal access onto the runway from the adjacent road which does not need access to the base. But it's too far west.......... and in Wales.......

we can but dream...secret

I'd love to go there again! I was stationed there, working on Fairey Gannets in the mid sixties, when it was RNAS Brawdy.yes

Lived for 23 years 1/2 mile north west of the runway; that's why I have a definite soft spot for the Hunter. (a little too young for the Gannets)......but a by product of the '60's..... wink

12/01/2016 11:39:22

One that won't be looked at is Cawdor Barracks ( the former RAF Brawdy base). Ideal access onto the runway from the adjacent road which does not need access to the base. But it's too far west.......... and in Wales.......

we can but dream...secret

Thread: C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th Scale for PSS
12/01/2016 09:20:35
Posted by Andy Meade on 12/01/2016 08:53:17:

Thanks Harry - I hope it all goes together as nicely as it does in the CAD!

That's going to be some "interesting" decal work for you there Dave...

Phil - thanks smiley The B24 has been moved to storage in order for me to get this done. Loads of room on the bench for it..



Now I feel so much better seeing this. I have hope. surprise So it is true, I have a workshop to challenge the best (shame my building skill's arn't there yet tho... crying 2 

11/01/2016 13:42:10
Posted by Andy Meade on 11/01/2016 13:37:31:

I really want to see the C17 and AC130 flying a tight formation on the slope!

I'm not too sure that I can build a straight wing that big yet !!! , but I've a better chance that a foam wing. You may have to wait until next year to 'hopefully' see the C17 and AC130 fly together, as I will not be able to get on with the construction plans until February, due to work, but you never know.

Do you hollow the white foam infill blocks on the fuselage?



11/01/2016 13:33:45

Very nice Andy. Will follow this with interest. It will dwarf the AC130 ......... a mere 2.7m .

As a matter of interest, would a built up and glassed wing be much lighter than foam veneered?

(Looking at doing that myself).

keep up the good work


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
15/12/2015 22:40:17

Wonders if the 4hr drive each way is do-able on the Sat.......will wait for forecast.

Thread: Do 'high wingers' make good PSS subjects?
09/12/2015 12:17:07

oooooo now that does look nice. Wonder if the C130 should be 1/16th scale too...........

Suppose the launchers will need to get into weight training too.

Cant wait to get started (when work allows).


Thread: What do you folks recommend for insulating a "model" shed
06/12/2015 20:21:53

I've insulated mine with 50mm polystryene, cut back to 45mm (by using a bow), and covering the whole lot with 9mm tongue & grove. Had to be 45 mm , as the timbers where that, and 50mm protruded. Took a while, but was worth it. I have also used 3mm acrylic to insulate the windows.

It is worth insulating, and worth the extrra bit of work and cost.


Thread: Do 'high wingers' make good PSS subjects?
01/12/2015 21:32:46

Aha, thanks for that Matt, makes sense now. I'll give that a go. Now off to print out rib profiles.

01/12/2015 21:22:37

Would that be 1.5 -2 degrees at root and up to 0 at tip?

01/12/2015 21:09:18

Been spending the last few evenings pondering profile, so have agreed I think to using the Eppler 205, as this appears to be a good compromise.

Is it a good idea to introduce washout too?

Thread: Too Windy - Go Slope Soaring
01/12/2015 16:30:39

And if it's raining...........wear a coat !!! smile p

Also, consider tying a line to the PSS and use as a kite in low visability.

Thread: Do 'high wingers' make good PSS subjects?
01/12/2015 11:31:29
Posted by Andy Meade on 01/12/2015 11:28:18:

Herc-wise I'd have to go for an AC-130, and fit airsoft guns in the side for strafing the pits cool

Funny you should say that; it's the one that I do fancy. The spectre is the one that is rarely seen. ...........coming to a slope near you soon...........

28/11/2015 10:46:47

Thanks Phil for the link, very very interesting. I note your comments with regard to wing section Peter, I was considering a rib profile that was more 'glider-like', but without taking away the scale looks. And at 120 inch, there should be adequate wing area, as long as I can build light enough. I am considering using the engine nacelles to house the church roof, but would that affect the flying characteristics? I would imagine that as long as the plane is laterally balanced, this should not be a problem. Or could I keep the wings lighter by housing any ballast on the CoG in the Fuselage.

I suppose for me it will be a case of very much stand off the other side of the slope scale....



27/11/2015 22:42:52

Thinking herky bird, I have a plan; I think its 120 inch or so......will have to work out weight.

I will probably try a mix of depron and bala; expetced start date Feb 2016........ flight time........ within this parliament!!


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