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Thread: 2016 Autumn Special
10/10/2016 16:27:57

Thanks for the link Peter I was trying to find it using her avatar as separate words .

Reading the posts that followed her farewell post I guess I probably wasn't the only one to be reminded of her.

Thread: My learning curve
10/10/2016 12:29:00

You write a check list for going to the field then loose the list.

You decide to fly that old 'hangar queen' then when it makes a hole in the ground remember that it was still on 35Mhz an you forgot to extend the Tx ariel.

The model disappears in the trees and when you switch on your Loc8er discover the tag is still in your tool box

You Never stop learning.

Thread: 2016 Autumn Special
10/10/2016 12:17:03

The article by Nigel Haws on using alternative materials for model building reminded me of the posts we used to see from 'River Land Girl'. She built models from old packaging foam ,packing tape and fence wire.

Sadly she signed off to follow other interests and now the search function fails to find any of her posts. If she is reading this ,let me say that I miss her posts and wish her all the best.

Thread: Saito 91 Failure
02/10/2016 11:06:17

I see you talk about 'the past few years' with a second hand engine. Do you know just how old the engine is and how well it was looked after by the previous owner ?

Sadly even the best engines (and any thing else) do not last for ever and bits wear out and become fatigued. How do I know this ? I am nearly 77.

Thread: Challenge to drone legislation?
01/10/2016 16:40:16

I don't know about that but when Human Rights lawyers backed with legal aid (tax payers) money get started !!

Thread: Completed Ballerina's Gallery
21/09/2016 10:47:59

Super looking build. I am sure it will fly as well as the full size.

Should this be in the thread about 'what is scale'?

Just seen your other thread and yes it flies just like the 'full size'

Edited By Mowerman on 21/09/2016 10:51:35

Thread: What denotes scale
20/09/2016 18:59:28

I guess, what Martin is asking is - what is a semi scale as apposed to scale.

Fun fighters are very semi scale whereas the models built for national or international competition are 'scale'

for example a Ballerina finished in a copy of a spitfire camouflage scheme would not be a scale model but would be near enough to a non enthusiast.

Thread: DB GhostRider 38
17/09/2016 10:27:59

To stop a ply rib template moving when cutting ribs, stick sand paper to the back. Better than drawing pins, doesn't fall out then stick in your foot when searching for it.

Edited By Mowerman on 17/09/2016 10:30:52

Thread: ammo box
07/09/2016 16:21:21

Amo boxes seal realy well as a friend discovered when he took some dry ice home in one. When he decided to open the box the lid came close to knocking him out due to the pressure build up. Be Warned.

Thread: Wiggo
04/09/2016 16:26:27

Looks good Glyn. Remember to put Phone No or Email address on this one. (with reward for finder ?)

Thread: Magnets reuse
04/09/2016 16:16:15

Tom - the magnets are not moth repellants smiley

Thread: First Bi-Plane
26/08/2016 16:18:31

The Yorkshireman was a free plan in AMI magazine November 2011

a fairly easy build and fly. Designed for >30 I.C. but mine is electric.

I think the plan (or maybe back copies of the mag ) should be available via RC Model World.


Thread: How far are you prepared to travel to go flying?
24/08/2016 12:21:49

I belong to two clubs one site is 8 miles away, the other is 12 miles. I have been to a fly-in near Swinderby a couple of times, about 90 miles.

My nearest slope site (very occasionally) is 1/4 mile and the next one about 10 miles.

The furthest I have gone to fly is the R.C. Hotel in Corfu, about 2000 miles.

Thread: Olympics 2016
17/08/2016 12:12:09

Unlike our football 'stars', our Olympians work as teams when it matters, not like a bunch of overhyped, and overpaid prima donnas.

Thread: Plane ditches at Herne Bay airshow
16/08/2016 17:01:22

This actual aircraft (fitted with skis) was pictured in Cyril cars build article for his depron Turbulent.

Would it have fared better if the skis had been on?

Thread: Are all aeromodellers aviation enthusiasts?
15/08/2016 12:15:15

I am often surprised at the lack of knowledge (or even interest) about general aviation I find in some fellow model fliers.

Thread: Supporting wires
14/08/2016 19:57:25

I have just made a set of tubes for a Ballerina wing using brown wrapping paper. Each tube was made from a 17" x 3" piece of paper wrapped round a length of 10mm gf tube (B+Q) This produced a 17" tube which can be cut to cut to fit when the wing is assembled.

Not having a suitable 11mm drill I used a 7mm and made 2 adjoining holes then trimmed to make elongated holes that the tube could be made to fit by slightly squashing'

Tube Fit

holes joined.jpg

Thread: Vickers Varsity Build Blog
14/08/2016 16:42:06

I remember when I was an ATC cadet had a half hour flight in a Varsity from R A F Swinderby.

The flight was spent doing stalls and stall turns, I was quite proud to keep my lunch down !smiley

Unlike some others face 21

Thread: MFA Skyhawk by Model Flight Accessories
04/08/2016 19:43:42

Put it on E-Bay starting at £25, some fool will probably pay more.

Thread: Supporting wires
02/08/2016 16:37:24

I have used rolled paper tubes built into wings to enable aileron servo leads to be inserted and make it easy to change servos if required.

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