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Thread: noise restrictions
29/08/2017 16:19:30

I An article in Sunday's mail about noise in restaurants listed places with noise levels regularly over 82 dB with some reaching over 100 dB. It would seem that some people actually like it the louder the better.

I personally hate loud 'music' in pubs, restaurants and bars weather juke box or live. In fact in my opinion high volume used by live performers is generally in order to mask lack of talent.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
23/08/2017 16:41:40

My wife can't read a map, I am ashamed to say when she was making a total mess of finding the way one time I took the map off her and chucked it out of the window, Well it was either the map or her ! devil

Thread: Sheep Eating Cars
19/08/2017 10:17:35

.Our clubs previous flying site had bullocks in it they were kept of the strip by an electric fence (apart from one that occasionally jumped the fence!) the main problem was they would lick the cars and that took the shine off and a couple tried to 'mount' the cars , knocking the wing mirrors off.blush

Thread: Plans anyone ?
15/08/2017 16:54:56


Glad they went to someone who can preserve them by scanning to save on disc.

Thread: Hordes of beautiful women looking for model flying advice
07/08/2017 11:16:51

Surely the important thing on a profile is where you are, this would help when asking about clubs and flying sites and may prompt someone to offer help in person. If buying or selling a location may also mean someone local to decide to at least have a look at the goods before deciding to buy or arrange delivery.

Thread: A Depron Sea Vixen.FAW2
06/08/2017 10:55:14

'Helium filled depron' - now there's a thought.wink

Thread: Fugly build/kit review
04/08/2017 15:51:31

Standard daylight, sadly not always readily available sad

Thread: Traplet statement
03/08/2017 11:13:12

Martin you have hit the nail on the head. with the law as it stands the directors of 'Limited Companies' are not held responsible for the debts of said company if it goes broke and can (and often do) re start what is in effect the same company with a slight change of company name whilst leaving the customers of the old company 'up the creek' an feel nothing for them. In other words pull the ladder up I'm OK.

Yes it stinks.angry

Thread: Plans anyone ?
31/07/2017 11:54:02

I have a collection of free plans from this and other mags (about 300) almost all have the build article from the mag.I would like to pass them all on to some one , perhaps a club or youth groupI, They would have to be collected due to weight Anyone interested please PM me. Individual plans I could send  at postage cost.






Edited By Mowerman on 31/07/2017 11:55:48

Thread: Destroyed Drone
23/07/2017 11:44:12

yesfor Andrew Mawman's post.

Thread: Can anyone identify this please
18/07/2017 09:28:51

Reminds me of when a pal at work got exited on seeing what he thought was a UFO. When we got the binoculars out we could see it was Father Christmas, actually a large inflatable santa that had 'escaped' from ??

This was slowly drifting along the flight path about 12 miles from Heathrow

Thread: Why It's Worth Spending Money On Your Flying Field
13/07/2017 10:15:30

Great. if only our club was big enough, rich enough and owned its field.

Long term it could all be for naught if the current trend of concreting over the countryside to provide houses

for ??? continues or some determined killjoy moves in near the field.

Sorry to sound like a doomsayer but I do applaud your efforts and wish you a long future at that magnificent site.

Thread: How many metres do you have to walk with your models and gear to the flying area?
12/07/2017 16:45:23

First club less than 20m

Second club 100m +

Third (slope ) club 500m +

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/07/2017 22:41:24

Looks great Good luck with the maiden.

Thread: RCM&E August 2017 issue
10/07/2017 22:39:38

Ta David (its my age)

10/07/2017 15:17:38

Reading Shaun Garrity's item on early mixers I remembered building an electronic one from an article in this mag way back in 97(I think) I seem to recall that I bought the components as a kit from the mag. It was completed and tested satisfactorily on the bench but never used in a model. I have tried to find it but no luck so have no idea what happened to it. I wonder if there is any one else who built one and maybe still has it?

Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 10/07/2017 19:16:32

Thread: Lidl XL glider conversions - Having fun with a Ł7.99 Lidl Glider converted to Radio Control
05/07/2017 12:25:39

Neil if they(Lidl) saw the interest on this site ( 120 posts in such a short time  II am sure they would try for more stock

Edited By Mowerman on 05/07/2017 12:27:12

Edited By Mowerman on 05/07/2017 12:29:55

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
26/06/2017 19:19:30

Further to my previous post here is a picture of said bottles, the one with the long fine needle is best but more expensive initially.p6260001.jpg

Edited By Mowerman on 26/06/2017 19:21:45

26/06/2017 19:03:54


Having seen Peter miller's comments about the mini squeeze bottles from Bang Good I looked them up and realised that I have been 'binning' 3 or 4 similar bottles every week for the last 2 or 3 years.

My wife is attempting to stop smoking by using a vaporizer and the liquid comes in similar bottles so I washed a couple out and re filled with aliphatic resin. Success! and they are free! So if you or anyone in your family is a 'vaper' 'recycle the bottles. and save money.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
24/06/2017 15:53:57

Nice idea Peter.

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