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Thread: MAK 15 MP
19/06/2018 08:19:12

I do like the occasional weird and wonderful project. Most of them do not work well if at all but I know that this one does fly.

Yes, the wing plan does go right back to the elevators which are flat plate of course.

Hi Geoff.

No, I don't mind in the least. Enjoy. I will PM you shortly. the 22" span version flew like a dream.

18/06/2018 21:17:51

Hi Bucksboy

Many thanks that would be great. At the moment it is on my ancient laptop but tomorrow I will get it on to my Chromebook and can send it to you if I have your email address.

Thread: SC 52FS low top end revs
18/06/2018 21:15:19

I would agree that valves sound a likely source of the problem depending on the prop you should be up around the 9000 mark

Thread: MAK 15 MP
18/06/2018 21:10:43

Just thought that I would add a full size photo


18/06/2018 21:03:00

Now that sounds reasonable. Should be a nice model.

Maybe, once I have done the drawings I will send you PDF files so you can play with that size. How about that

18/06/2018 18:17:43

Goeff. This is a powered glider. My Kitehawk is adequately powered with a .06 or 1 cc engine. and that is 61" span. It would fly on an .049. a .09 would be fine

Fly Boy. Don't hold your breath. I have only just started design and the design side is far more complicated than most. While the CO2 great I have to find out how this one will fly. IT should but.

Now the Easter Eagle senior is a real dream. There is the original version but that has a carbon fibre tail boom at a mere 55" span.

I did design another version with a similar fuselage to the Senior but it was published in the USA

18/06/2018 13:27:25

Hi Geoff

Well it would be fine with an .09 up front I think.

Alternatively you could always get your local print shop to reduce it in size to suit your own preferences


Thread: Wind Speed
18/06/2018 08:55:27

I have flown the right model (my Marauder) in wind measured as gusting to 30 mph. but these days I also tend to follow the 10/10 rule

Mind you, yesterday all the forecasts for my area said 12 to 13 mph gusting 17 mph.

I measured it with my Dwyer wind meter as 5 to 9 mph. and very pleasant it was too.

Thread: Fed Up!
17/06/2018 08:24:48

22 over paid louts kicking a lump of plastic round a field.

Thread: MAK 15 MP
16/06/2018 13:59:47

I need a new and different project. and I remembered my CO2 powered free flight model from the early 1990s.

This rather unusual Russian powered glider was based on the MAK 15 glider. I only had a very small silhouette 3 view and small photo. The model was 22 span and flew like a dream

mak 15 mp co2.jpg

A little while ago I got hold of a CD with photos, drawings and even a bideo. The text was in Russian.

I made the mistake of mentioning the idea to Graham Ashby who promptly insisted on having the plans.

The model will be electric powered and 71" span with about 625 sq in. of area

I can say that designing the thing is a bit of a nightmare but it will be quite simple to build.

Comments welcomed/.

Don't hold your breaths, It will take a little while before I start building, well, a few weeks.

I can tell you that there will be 40 wing ribs to cut out. from about 20" long down to about 7 1/2"

Edited By Peter Miller on 16/06/2018 14:02:34

Thread: Bent snakes!
16/06/2018 10:30:07
Posted by Percy Verance on 16/06/2018 08:37:18:

A good point Peter. On the occasions I've had too much snake inner showing, I've restored rigidity by pushing thin wire down inside the yellow inner prior to threading the stud in.

Yes, I have done that too.

I had a model which, due to too much exposed snake had violent elevator flutter. I actually used it to try out mass balances on the elevator to see if it would cure the flutter. It worked a treat. I then added wire down the snake to do a proper job of it.

Thread: FUEL
16/06/2018 08:18:05

You have my sympathy Ted. I had the same thing 25 years ago and my mother and I were very close.

Modelling helps you to get over it.

As for mistakes, the old saying, the man who never made a mistake never made anything.

ME? I even make the same mistake twice or more sometimes.

AS for fuel. Well I like Model Technics Formula Irvine 10% because I use small and medium size engines and they both work happily on that.

Thread: Bent snakes!
16/06/2018 08:10:01

I use SLEC heavy duty blue snakes all the time.Buy them by the half dozen. Never a problem.

A gentle curve down the fuselage does not cause any trouble. Just make sure that only the minimum of inner yellow snake extends out of the end.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
15/06/2018 18:12:19

Well it does say one thing about the houses previous owner.

He was a lousy pilotlaugh

Thread: Models and Engines Stolen
13/06/2018 08:18:46

A local tree surgeon had his van broken into and an expensive piece of equipment was stolen. He had done a special modification tyo it.

It appeared on EBay in a town about 12 miles away. Due to the modification he was able to identify it and the police got it back

Thread: Copying plans
11/06/2018 18:15:52

Most towns have good office supply shops. My local Market tow, Sudbury has two. They can both copy, print AO plans as long as you want. They can also copy the. to USB sticks as PDF files

Thread: Ballerina Speedster.
10/06/2018 18:50:10

Sounds like a good idea to me. Racers sound better with an engine.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/06/2018 12:10:13

I had not realised that it was a two stroke.

I do remember that we used to f;ly control line the fields beside the local river, These also had football fields on them.

One weekend the Berkeley club held a rally on the fields.That would be back in the late 70s or very early 80s

10/06/2018 08:10:01

The Berkley 3 wheeler used a three cylinder engine. Always wanted one but....

The Suzuki Swift has one as well these days. One of our club members has one and swears by it

Thread: Ballerina Speedster.
10/06/2018 08:06:57

I see no reason why it should not .

I always liked the Howard racers.

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