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Thread: MAK 15 MP
17/08/2018 15:07:34

Well, got quite a bit more done,

The centre section has been sheeted

dscf4095 - copy.jpg

Ther underside has extra sheet at the rear for the exit of the snakes

dscf4096 - copy.jpg

The wing is built flat onthe board. Stage one, all the spars laid down and lower L.E sheet.

dscf4097 - copy.jpg

The trailing edge is a bit more complicated with some 1/16" sheet and the the trailing edge shaped from 1/8 sheet. Rear spar is spruce as it doesn not have the suport of the leading edge sheet.. The 1/16 sheet reinforces the joints in the T.E.

dscf4098 - copy.jpg


dscf4099 - copy.jpg

The centre section is propped up 1/8" on the side away from the wing being built. This will give the correct dihedral, about 1/2". Then the ribs are fitted and the carbon fibre rods.. Apart from rib one the ribs do not give much support to the rods and indeed the holes have to be adjusted to get the rod properly aligned with the centre section tubes.

The webs between the tubes and spars give it the strength

Success,The wing slides into the centre section perfectly!! Miracles will nevexr cease.

dscf4100 - copy.jpg

Detail showing the spar, rods and webs

dscf4101 - copy.jpg

Now the rest of the sheet etc can be added and the aileron built.

Edited By Peter Miller on 17/08/2018 15:11:36

Thread: Destiny, My new design.
17/08/2018 12:41:20

I have done a sexarch and no one does them at the moment. I can supply PFFs of my own plan

In future SLEC will beselling my own version of the plan and in five or six weeks they will be cutting kits to MY plan

17/08/2018 12:15:37

I am not sure if Sarik Hobbies have taken them on.

If no one has I can supply my orginal PDF files. I know that Slec can cut out the parts because they cut mine for me.

17/08/2018 10:59:27

Hi Trevor. MIssed that mistake. I have PMed you and can send you a scan of my original Compufoil print out on an A4 page of that rib.

Anyonex alse who wants a copy. please PM your email address

Edited By Peter Miller on 17/08/2018 11:01:02

17/08/2018 08:16:53

It is possible. I did check the plans by laying my tracing pf the top of the plans but it is possible that I maissed that rib. I will doube check it.

If you PM me you email address I will send you the original PDF of my own drawing.

Thread: Cork Tiles
16/08/2018 08:25:29

Not the ones that I have just mentioned.


Try these some palces are a bit cheaper, some more expensive but they are GOOD

Thread: Ancestry. com.
16/08/2018 08:22:12

From what I know of my ancestry there is one thread that would make a TV series of the more salubrious kind while other areas I just don't want to know about. As for DNA. Well they would class me a pure bred mongrel.

Thread: Cork Tiles
15/08/2018 21:02:35

Go to Ebay and search for Cork Tiles, 10mm think

Brilliant I use them on my building board builtfor Easter Eagle Senior and currently my MAK 15 MP

They a re self adhesive that doesn't work to well however  SPray imapct adhesive solves that problem

Edited By Peter Miller on 15/08/2018 21:04:14

Thread: MAK 15 MP
14/08/2018 21:08:05

Hi Chris

This model is basically a glider so Clark Y is a great choice.NACA 2414 or3414 are great for sports aerobatic models-

I remember a glider design in Flying Models. The chap was winning competitions and all the other competitors who were flying models with facy Selig and Eppler airfoils asked him what he was using on such a sensational winning desing.

His answer was "Clark Y"

14/08/2018 18:06:38

Hi Geoff

Really been slow progress as I have\ been so tired lately.

No reason not to take ideas from other designs./ and especialy insist on refusing to take inspiration and ideas from elsewhere.

Hope the test flights go well.

14/08/2018 11:06:17

Right! Building at last. THis one is turnng out to be a bit more of a problem. I keep finding things that are not quite right on the drawing ans also realising that some tchings need changing a bit.

Here is the basic centre section of the wing and really most of the fuselage


There are four carbon fibre tubes, two each side for the wing joiners. The white paper tubes between the spars are for the servo leads tothe ailerons. I am hoping just to feed the servo leads through to a Y lead in the cabin area.


This is the front view with front carbon tube showing. The paper tubes need to be swept forward a bit more at the root.

There is quite a lot of sheeting and cap strips to be added


The fuselage pod is very simple. THe formers a re glued to the crutch. The ply formers have balsa edges to allow for pinning down the planking. and also to give much more gluing area for the former with the undercarriage leg.

The ESC will slide in under the motor and battery platform.


Top view of the pod frame work. The black is velcro on the battery platform. Not sure just how far forward or back the battery will need to be.


Dry assembly of the pod and wing. The pod will have some of the planking done before it can be glued on.

Thread: Stolen airliner
13/08/2018 13:34:32

AsPaul says. a very case.

As for vetting staff, IT sounds as if he just snapped and no vetting can foresee that or hundfreds of perfectly normal people would not be in their jobs now.

Edited By Peter Miller on 13/08/2018 13:34:55

Thread: Domed Prop nut help
12/08/2018 21:06:59

Always used a finger start. We never had starters in my day (1954 until about 1980) I can clearly remember hand starting a Super Tigre G20/29 5 cc speed engine on 30% nitro and a 7" X 10" wooden prop. Never bit me!!

I remember someone had a sort of clcokwork or rubber powered starter with two prongs that engaged tyhe prop and spun it over a few times.

I think he used it once and decided it was useless. Perhaps the ridicule heaped on his head also had an effect.

12/08/2018 18:08:11

Why not take a sharp knife,run the starter and open the hole out in the existing cone?

Thread: Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC Mk 2
12/08/2018 08:31:45

We had them in Aden. Amazing performance. I even went on air test in one.

Not my favourite aircraft by a long way but that was because I had to work on them doing major modifications. The darned things were not jig built and the frames in the nacelles varied by up to 2" so the mod kits didn't fit. I could go on.

The strut will help with detachable outer wing panels

Edited By Peter Miller on 12/08/2018 08:33:07

Thread: 35mhz; 40mhz; or 72mhz best for electric model
12/08/2018 08:24:58

Never had any trouble with 35 Mhz and electric.

I believe that 72 is or used to be a stanadrd frequency in the USA and they must have flown electric onthat one

Thread: Stolen airliner
11/08/2018 16:30:14

Yes, Very sad case

Thread: MAK 15 MP
10/08/2018 07:58:05

Hi Geoff.

You have my sincere sympathy!!!

I have done my drawings and cut out a lot of the parts. and am now doing dry runs on the centre section and modifying as I go. I still have one or two or three problems to sort out.

I will let you have my pdf drawings t look at if you PM me your email address.

Thread: Why not 'cut and glide'?
09/08/2018 12:07:09

It is a well known fact. Throttle controls altitude, elevators control speed.

09/08/2018 11:56:14

Found it. Air Transat glided 98 miles to the Azores. Plus circling to line up with runway.



This article includexs a long list of airliners that had to glide, many did not make landings on runways

Makes fascinating reading

Edited By Peter Miller on 09/08/2018 12:05:46

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