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Thread: Diesel anybody?
06/07/2020 08:28:43

I do see that ether is available on Ebay. Not sure if it is suitable for fuel mixing....I never mixed my own.

It is a bit like acetone. For years I bought 500mil bottles from the chmists.Thenthey were not allowed tosell bigger than 50mil.

When I looked on Ebay the first listing was for a gallon bottle!!!

Thread: Air Scale UK. Fokker DVII kit
05/07/2020 14:14:24

Actually I used 6mm BALSA dowel. Which has surviced well. I am not sure what others have used.

The trouble is that balsa dowle does seem to be made from softer balsa.

05/07/2020 14:14:23

Actually I used 6mm BALSA dowel. Which has surviced well. I am not sure what others have used.

The trouble is that balsa dowle does seem to be made from softer balsa.

Thread: Simon's Grumpy Tigercub
05/07/2020 08:15:33

I shall look forward to seeing all these eventually

Thread: How Many Wing Ribs
04/07/2020 18:15:56

I would agree with 2.5"roughly to get even spacing.

I favour my leading edge design which uses a 1/8" leading edge with the sheet glued onto that and then a 1/8" cap strip over the front to round it off.

I also prefer 3/32" ribs,especially over a 12" chord with capstrips of course

Thread: Carbon Fibre Tubes
03/07/2020 11:19:18
Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 03/07/2020 08:30:37:

My LMS Addlestone Models have lots of carbon tubes that are designed to nest. I suspect they come from JP.


Also, what is that interesting looking plane Peter Miller is building? It's not like his usual output.

THat plane is my MAK 15 MP. A russian powered glider from the 50s.The plans are with Kevin and there is a build blog on this forum.

I can tell you that it is a builders model. It flies well and It will do aerobatics

The Red Kite didn't like it




Edited By Peter Miller on 03/07/2020 11:20:13

03/07/2020 08:24:02

Stockists of J.Perkins ca get you various carbon tubes and carbon rods which I have used in the past

dscf4100 - copy.jpg

Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
02/07/2020 08:15:52

Most peculiar!!!

So far no one else has had this problem and I do not have any side or down thrust on my model.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
01/07/2020 20:59:29

But it is only $21 postage!!!

Thread: What's flying over your house
01/07/2020 18:36:40

As I drove out after lunch yesterday there was an Osprey flying past.

Some time ago club members reported a couple of Ospreys going past

Thread: Simon's Grumpy Tigercub
01/07/2020 18:24:26

That is going to be very impressive

Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
01/07/2020 18:20:11

Mine uses a 13X6 high performance wood propeller as per George at 4-Max. It does not like a smaller prop

Thread: Ebay sellers...
01/07/2020 18:16:48

It would seem that most of the ribs aremissing although I do see the odd one under the rubbish

Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
01/07/2020 18:13:58

That is the first time anyone has experienced that one.

I have no side thrust on mine.

Thread: RansS-9 Chaos.Peter Miller's new design blog
01/07/2020 18:11:06

Yes. The model is just a fraction over 1/5th scale and the fuselage is 5" wide.

I could have bult it with strip wood as per a vintage modexl but chose to use sheet.

01/07/2020 11:10:07

Managed to get quite lot more done.

The wings are now complete and ready for covering apart from the cockpit area. Those ailerons are made from 3/16" sheet

chaos 008a.jpg

The servo mounts are quite so=imply mae from 1/16" and 1/4" ply

chaos 011.jpg

The fuselage has had the top nose sheeting done. The little bit at the front only needed a bit of fiddling and trimming to allow for the bend in the sides right at the front.

chaos 3 (7).jpg

Detail of the nose section with the battery hatch in place

chaos 3 (3).jpgThe underside of the battery hatch.The catch at the front will also (hopefully) hold the cowl in place as wellchaos 3 (2).jpg The rear of the fuselage. This varies a lot on the full size aircraft. Some have the stringered area covered with solid sheet, some have much taller hump backed stringered arrangement. The area covered with sheet on my modexls is sometimes cut awayto leave a big open area behind the pilot.

chaos 3 (4).jpg

The tail components are very light and scale. Note the hard points for the rigging which is meant to be functional.

chaos 3 (5).jpg

This model is going together much faster than I expected. However some of the colour schemes that I am looking at will make up for that!!!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
01/07/2020 07:35:59

If you watch Salvage Hunters or Antiques Road Trip it is suprising the number of tatty looking models hanging up in antique shops.

I once looked at Drew Pritchard's website and saw a couple there at ridiculous prices.

Some times I Iook at my semi retired stable and wonder A) how much they would give me for them and B) how much they would the charge for the same rather tatty item

30/06/2020 08:10:11
Posted by Gary Clark 1 on 30/06/2020 00:09:27:

That would be amazing to read Peter.

Just got to find it!!

29/06/2020 21:07:43
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 29/06/2020 19:16:38:

Peterr that is an incredible story! How anyone managed to cope astounds me. 22000ft on an unsupercharged engine is very good going, it must have been pretty asthmatic by the time it got there. I just checked Wikipedia, and it says they INCREASED the Rolls Royce Eagle compression ratio to 4.9:1 in 1917!

Did your father ever fully recover from his wounds?

By coincidence, 18 Squadron flies Chinook helicopters these days, and is based at RAF Odiham where I was gliding until recently.

I will ask a Facebook group I'm on to see if anyone has more info on the DVIIs of Von Braun's Staffel. There's a chap in Germany who has built several replicas of various WW1 Fokkers, and has done a lot of research on them.

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 29/06/2020 20:16:39


My father could never fully straighten his right arm which hampered his golf.

I believe that his years first in the trenches from about 1916 on and then the RFC did affect him psychologically which is pretty understandable and I believe pretty normal..

He did talk about his service.He was a maths teacher and the other boys discovered that if they could get him talking you could forget about geometry.

Imust copy the printed version of his description of the mission that won him the DFC. I hope thatI can post it here somehow.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
29/06/2020 18:49:10

That is very good!!

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