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Thread: My RF4
28/01/2020 10:35:05

If I told you of the clanger that I just dropped on my current project you would laugh your self sick

I couldn't workout why my tail component didn't fit as designed. After checking I reaised that for some reason the rearmost topturtleback former was an inch too far forward. Oh well, two laminations of 1/2" sheet and I now have a 1 1/8" thick rear former.face 21

28/01/2020 08:27:27

That looks very nice.

I notice some patches at the root leading edge. Was there a problem?

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
26/01/2020 19:38:13

I will look forward to your build thread.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
26/01/2020 18:15:42

I was about to send the seller a question but realised that he probably can't read.


Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
26/01/2020 18:10:52
Posted by Bob Bertram on 26/01/2020 18:04:35:

Seem to remember seeing the LDA 01 flying many moons ago, can't remember where.

There have been the odd ne or two. A club member did a vvery nice rubber powered model which flew well. There is one on You TUbe.

26/01/2020 18:08:49

Hi Martin

My Taylor Monoplane was an awful lot of work. Detailed scale dawings from the fullsize plans and two local fullsize plus a couple more.

Then the model.was a bit small but it flew OK.

I can't face doing it again but you could. Go for it!

26/01/2020 13:32:04
Posted by Adrian Norris 1 on 26/01/2020 13:20:08:

A slightly scaled down Ballerina for electric.

Take the plan to a print shop and have it reduced.

Actually my Ballerina flies almost as well with electric power now it has been converted..

At the moment I feel the need for something a little different.

I am looking at the Lockspeiser LDA 01.

This will get them searching with Google!!!

Thread: Anyone going sub-250g?
26/01/2020 08:54:02

I do have a sub 250g Eflit Aeronca Champ given to me by a clubmate.

But everyone in the club past their tests in about five minutes so why worry about it.

Thread: Need AA cells - best source for non-fake Eneloops?
26/01/2020 08:21:28

This is the comany that I use a lot. Eneloops, chargers, printer inks.


Warning. Don't start searching their website it is too full of "Ooh, I'll have some of those and that and this and...."

8 AA eneloops for £16 is pretty reasonable I think

Edited By Peter Miller on 26/01/2020 08:22:47

Thread: Custom decals
26/01/2020 08:16:22

THis is the one that I use, fast, cheap, helpful.


Ypou can see their work on most of my models

Thread: First generation acrowot tail fin
22/01/2020 08:19:17

You can use thick CA but I would reccomend Aliphatic resin glue. THis is more gap filling. IT is also much harder that PVA when set

I would also get some1/4 (6mm) dowel and insert a couple of pegs in the base of the fin and drill matching holes in the tailplane.

This would add reinforcement in the event of a future tumble.

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
21/01/2020 18:25:11

There was one many years ago at Old Warden Scale Day

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
21/01/2020 11:13:07

Lovely Model.

Don McGovern loved his flying boats.

Thread: Bmfa new set up
21/01/2020 08:25:50

I had two emails from BMFA yesterday. They looked identical and it was only later I found my certificate and membership card as an attachement on one and the other one was identical but with the confirmation of my CAA registration and withiout the certificate and membership card.

Thread: Veron Avro 504N
19/01/2020 09:36:43

There are two liquids, Microsol and Microset

These make waterslide deacal sink right into the coveirn materials so that even the weave of Solartex shows through. They might help with you old decals.

When youapply them the decal wrinkles uolike a prune but then goes back down smoothly

19/01/2020 09:36:41

There are two liquids, Microsol and Microset

These make waterslide deacal sink right into the coveirn materials so that even the weave of Solartex shows through. They might help with you old decals.

When youapply them the decal wrinkles uolike a prune but then goes back down smoothly

Thread: Hi from me and my KK Fairey Gannet build
18/01/2020 08:29:13

A couple of years ago Colin Leighfield built my Super Marauder for electric power and fitted contra props

A link to his build blog


Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
17/01/2020 10:37:05
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 17/01/2020 09:33:08:

I cant deny that chromebooks and ubuntu are options but given FN's familiarity with windows and slight distrust of all this silicon witchcraft its probably safer he stick to windows to prevent total confusion. That is why i didnt bother mentioning them.

Also, if you think microsoft is bad at collecting your data through windows then you best not think about what google are doing with a chromebook.

Hi Jon.

So which service provider does not collect any data from you? And what particular data should we worry about having collected?

17/01/2020 09:14:23
Posted by fly-navy on 16/01/2020 18:11:06:

The reason I joined the thread is, (a) I'm an old git

(b) Puters frighten the **** out of me

(c) I want some security for the minimal purchases I do on line

(d) I do not do any work as such on pc, transfer files etc just want something for browsing, going on different forums, using my flight sim, booking holidays so really do not need an all singing / dancing laptop. if Jon says that one will be ok seems good enough for me. You can guarantee when my son visits wekend it will be " Why don't you get a decent refurbished win 10 one for your needs dad!" Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Now whats these Apple Mac's coolcoolcool

I have had various computers. I still use my old Vista one for writing and photos. Amazon Vine program gave me a £1900 HP Spectre to revie with Windows 10...I still can'r get my head round it,

BUT!!!! andd oit is a big BUT. For all my internet use I use a chromebook. So easy to use. I reccomend them to anyone who just want to browse and buy stuff and book things. They are cheaper than laptops. They have their own built in and self updated antivirus..

You have vast on line storage for files as well as in the machine.

One slight downside.They can be a bit tricky to connect to a printer,or at least mine is but it can be done. although maybe that has been improved sine I bought this one. My last one which finally gave up one the keyboard was fine, It connected wirelessly via my old laptop.

Thread: Do you love some of your engines so much you don't fly them?
15/01/2020 18:38:34

I have seen so many accidents with propellers in unusual.positions. One needed 11 stitches to put a finger together so now I refuse to have anything to do with engine that are not right out in front of the rest of the model.

On engines. I love engines but if they are not used they are just paper weights. A major part of engines is how they run, what they sound like, how the handle.

Just recently I almost bought a Dooling 29. I remember the growl after starting turining into the high pitched yowl as it is leaned out.

But I knew that running it at home would be out of the question and running it on the field would not have been popular so I didn't buy it.

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