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Thread: Extension Wiring
22/01/2021 19:12:00

Tosh - it's always worth doing a search before asking questions that may have been covered previously.  This is a very common question that has been covered many times

This thread is the busiest of the ones returned when I put the word "extending" into the search box at the top of the (each) forum post thread. I could have tried "ESC"for example.

Take a browse through some of these threads and feel free to ask if anything is still unclear.

I've locked this thread to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 22/01/2021 19:51:25

Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
22/01/2021 18:09:09

I've long been of the opinion that the fact that model flying takes some time and practice to achieve a basic level of competence and that most of us who've been flying for a while realise that the learning curve only tails off but never peaks (at least until it crosses with old age and infirmity) means that once hooked, model flyers are more likely to engage with the hobby long term.

I think the same may apply to those building models - the instant gratification of buying ARTFs may wear off for many and those investing time as well as money may well become more committed.

Thread: Aliexpress VAT charges
22/01/2021 14:03:37

I suppose the onus is on the purchaser to request a VAT free purchase from EU sellers. It was always an option for non-EU overseas sales as far as I'm aware - you often see the option on websites or retailers in tourist areas.

22/01/2021 13:14:14
Posted by Nigel R on 22/01/2021 13:05:23:
Posted by Martin Harris - Moderator on 22/01/2021 12:44:03:

I think most of us were unaware of the introduction of these measures to tighten up on VAT evasion. It does appear that things would have been tightened up across the EU whatever had happened after the referendum. At least we have a start on the rest of Europe!

You're saying that like it is a good thing.

the EU have (a) decided the midst of a global health crisis wasn't the time to do this and (b) allowed for small senders to continue to let local post services collect vat on the purchasers behalf.

Only in as much as the VAT paid will now go to the UK instead of the (EU) country of origin. HMRC are almost literally a law unto themselves but let's hope some sensible solutions emerge.

22/01/2021 12:44:03

I think most of us were unaware of the introduction of these measures to tighten up on VAT evasion. It does appear that things would have been tightened up across the EU whatever had happened after the referendum. At least we have a start on the rest of Europe!

Thread: Battle of Britain Movie 1969
21/01/2021 23:37:08

I believe that Dave Platt is still an active modeller although living in the USA now. You might be able to contact him through this website.

Thread: Seagull Chipmunk engine
21/01/2021 14:53:20

I'm no great fan of petrol 2 strokes but this view of the internal arrangement of a home brewed (by the previous owner) silencer on my Z38 works very well (within 82dB suitably propped) and removes the ringing bark typical of 2 strokes.

z38 silencer.jpg

Thread: Radiomaster TX16s Anyone tried one?
21/01/2021 12:49:18
Posted by RAYMOND MCMASTER on 21/01/2021 11:58:45:

So then explain what you meant by calling me a doom/may sayer ?

Perhaps answer a civil question with a civil reply or just scroll on down next time ?


Welcome to the forum Raymond.

We try to ensure that posters are civil to each other, even when they have opposing viewpoints and to make the forum a generally pleasant experience to use. To be fair to Flight1, his comment isn't necessarily directed at you - probably more likely at the sources that lead you to ask the question in the first place.

Let's hope you get the information you need - there is a wide variety of experience and knowledge available here.

Thread: If you ask ten different aeromodellers...
21/01/2021 12:29:57

Another vote for putting the Laser in the Acrowot with any decent quality standard servos perfectly adequate.

Thread: DS world speed record
21/01/2021 11:17:40

They'll need to start thinking about sweepback and (if they're not already using them) all moving tails next.

Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 21/01/2021 11:43:27

Thread: Brian Winch
20/01/2021 22:27:27

Hi Wilco. The posts expressing opposing views to the rather insensitive posting were removed as they were no longer directly relevant to the thread.

There would be absolutely no objection - in fact you would be more than welcome - to you expressing your appreciation of Brian's contributions to the magazine and aeromodelling in a new post.

Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 21/01/2021 02:01:53

Thread: Chip Shop
20/01/2021 21:03:08

OP number going in that handy hatch?

Thread: I could be the only one
20/01/2021 15:41:43

At least you're still building - and there's the anticipation of it in the air to keep you going!

Thread: The pure joy of model flying
20/01/2021 15:37:07

There's little in model flying that beats a perfect approach and touchdown.

Thread: Futaba uk
20/01/2021 15:17:18

Maybe better to leave them separate for the time being as this thread is discussing Futaba and the other Spektrum.

There's always the danger of descending into a "mine's better than yours" playground slanging match especially if merged - so let's stay focussed?

Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 20/01/2021 15:17:30

Thread: Brian Winch
20/01/2021 14:24:29

Several posts deleted or modified to remove confusing reference to a removed post considered distateful by many, made by a banned member who had registered under a new identity. Thank you to those who took the trouble to report postings or make considered responses.

Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 20/01/2021 14:26:05

Thread: Answer Smash
20/01/2021 13:02:00

You may well be right Gary.

The Smash ads are something that I think we can all agree were absolute [or should that be spelt "ebsohleeute", kc?] classics.

Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 20/01/2021 13:03:46

Thread: RBC Dornier 335
20/01/2021 12:54:40

Interesting project Erf. I assume you'll be turning the prop round for flight?

Thread: The pure joy of model flying
20/01/2021 12:39:07
Posted by FilmBuff on 20/01/2021 12:33:08:

Loving all these stories - but did any of you manage to view the video from Nigeria? If not - you're missing something.

No - I don't do Facebook.

20/01/2021 12:37:58

Talk of DC Merlins and learning to start model engines takes me back to the heady (in more ways than one) days at the back of my dad's garage of priming, winding the starting spring, getting the odd burp from the engine, adjusting the compression screw, a longer burp, repeating and finally getting sustained operation while being immersed in the aroma of paraffin, ether and caster oil.

When I finally dispensed with the quickstart spring system and learned how to flick properly, it was a revelation!

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