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Thread: Stockpiling
18/07/2019 23:12:06

Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 18/07/2019 17:23:39:

(motors and rotors still have super tigre spares)

Maybe due to Mick's policy of free spares fitting? He told me he couldn't understand why anyone would want to fit them when he would do the work for them free and how he actively encouraged people to send engines in to him.

...while I was buying a ST part from him, but I got away without a lecture!

It's a shame his reputation for frank expression of his opinions didn't reflect his knowledge and friendly attitude when chatting face to face.

Thread: Turning detective, can you help?
18/07/2019 22:51:23

I'm not sure about that last post - Ulrich was captured during the BoB and took no further part in the war other than numerous escape attempts.

Thread: Model vs Trees
18/07/2019 12:48:41

Thanks Peter for correcting my laziness and expanding on my points to perfection! There is little more satisfying in model flying than setting up a scale approach and watching the immediate glideslope corrections resulting from throttle movement. The only elevator movements needed are fine compensatory ones for the throttle changes or more robust inputs for gust effects until the flare commences.

Pete - I suspect your full size experience contributes to your understanding?

Thread: Turning detective, can you help?
18/07/2019 11:08:19

This might help make it a "confirmed":

Ulrich went on to work for IBM after the war and is widely credited with inventing the concept of word processing.

Thread: Model vs Trees
18/07/2019 10:53:34

Personally, I would avoid even the suggestion of throttling back in the circuit unless you wanted to reduce the rate of climb or altitude.

If the wind is strong and you want more time in the downwind leg, extend the into wind portion and correctly offset the headings in any crosswind legs to avoid drift.

Bad habits are easy to learn but persist with getting the basics right and it will reward pilots over many years for their efforts. Correct use of throttle and elevator on the approach is a skill that often goes unlearnt resulting in close calls and model damage time after time.

I'm a little shocked (but not totally surprised) that your senior examiner should have advocated the practice of throttling back downwind - hopefully something did not come across as intended but there are many experienced model flyers who could usefully learn some more basic aerodynamics.

Thread: Turning detective, can you help?
18/07/2019 10:33:55

I'm pretty certain it will be Ulrich Steinhilper.  German bf109 pilot who was shot down and captured during the BoB.

Author of the book "Spitfire on my tail" which gives a lot of insight into the experiences and attitudes of the German people with some surprising parallels with the RAF and revelations about entrenched attitudes and cliques within the Luftwaffe. I can recommend it highly...

Edited By Martin Harris on 18/07/2019 10:38:05

Thread: Model vs Trees
17/07/2019 14:14:18

Too slow and dropped a wing off the stall - look at the nose high attitude during the turn and the result would have been the same whichever direction he was travelling in. (Technically speed is not the whole story - a wing stalls at a critical angle of attack and this can happen at very high airspeeds, but in normal flight regimes is a good guide in most circumstances). If there was a strong wind it's possible that the proximity of the surface during the low turn may have deceived the pilot by making the apparent speed higher than his airspeed.

I wonder if the pilot realised he was too slow and opened the throttles - the sound heard could have been that of only one engine responding and could have exacerbated the situation. Difficult to assess when the throttles were opened at that range though.

Edited By Martin Harris on 17/07/2019 14:15:06

Thread: Parkside hand held jigsaw
16/07/2019 01:38:35


Loads on ebay

They look like a standard T shank fitting so you can probably buy them at Toolstation, Screwfix etc. and all good tool suppliers.


Edited By Martin Harris on 16/07/2019 01:40:59

Thread: ESC only works when increasing the throttle very slowly
15/07/2019 11:19:12

As the motor runs OK on a lower voltage, I would start by checking/experimenting with the motor timing. According to the manual, default appears to be medium but the instructions state that most motors respond well to the low setting...

What motor are you using? Do the manufacturers specify a timing setting?

Thread: Building a curved wing
14/07/2019 12:21:20

How about using "false spars" under the real ones - cling film should stop any glue migration problems when you remove them.

Thread: Which Servo Sould I Use?
14/07/2019 12:03:11

I've used Corona servos which seem to perform well but has anyone had problems with mounting lugs breaking? I ended up making some aluminium frames for some of mine which I epoxied to the case tops.


ED - yes, 2mm Nylocs are available although well tightened plain nuts seem to work well for me - they come with larger AF dimensions than standard nuts.

Edited By Martin Harris on 14/07/2019 12:14:38

Thread: Building a curved wing
14/07/2019 11:47:39

Morane Bullet?

Best way might be if the ribs can incorporate jigging tabs. Is this a kit or a plan build?

Thread: Flying car
14/07/2019 10:04:54

Welshman inspired by Indian craftsman:

14/07/2019 02:06:47
Posted by Shaun Walsh on 13/07/2019 08:27:27:

Under the influence of something?

If it was near a sewage outfall he may well have been under the effluence...

14/07/2019 02:03:51
Posted by Percy Verance on 13/07/2019 07:00:10:

Dipping his headlights maybe?

yes Good one Percy!

Thread: Sacriledge
10/07/2019 11:28:16

It was at Gaddesden Row (the field with a water tower in the corner) where we were flying inside the 3 sided human barrier! On the occasion that I flew there (on the day featured in the video), far from being totally non-safety conscious, my recollection is that we relocated to the slightly more open area at the top of the field (where Pete, Brian Cooper and Mick/Dave Wilshere were shown flying from around 10 minutes in) after a very well known engine importer's model hit one of the spectators!  Yes, that was the much safer area!

A far cry from today's display requirements...

By the way, I still have the power pod/Cox .049 engine from the Graupner Amiga in the opening shot of that display day.

Edited By Martin Harris on 10/07/2019 11:49:02

Thread: What to use on a Cub
10/07/2019 00:09:44

Isn't it a ASK14 single seater Pat? The ASW15 was a pure glider - or it could be a K16 side by side 2 seater but I think the tail is wrong for that.

Not everyone may know but Schleicher gliders adopted a system of numbering based on the manufacturer's initials (AS) followed by the initial of the designer's surname with each model increasing the number following the initials (K for Rudolph Kaiser, W for Gerhart Waibels and later designers such as Martin Heide creating the ASH series) so there couldn't be an ASK15!

Edited By Martin Harris on 10/07/2019 00:11:41

Thread: Sc120fs petrol conversion
09/07/2019 23:40:24

From my peripheral experience of "petrifying" glow engines, you would be very lucky to get reliable use from a glow carb. The margins between rich and lean can occupy less than one notch of the main needle.

Assuming your engine is properly designed for methanol would suggest a compression ratio from around 13:1 upwards whereas a typical petrol engine would run at around 9:1 Jon Harper of Laser has done some extensive testing but I don't recall mention of this - perhaps he'll comment?

The one (so far) successful conversion I've had first hand knowledge of uses a Walbro style carb but woudn't run reliably without quite a lot more ignition advance than the recommended setting.

P.S. I see Jon has already visited this thread while I was typing!  The glow carb would certainly be susceptible to flooding - another benefit of a petrol carb is the relative insensitivity to orientation and tank position.

Edited By Martin Harris on 09/07/2019 23:45:46

Thread: Giving up
09/07/2019 23:20:31
Posted by Brian Cooper on 09/07/2019 22:50:33:

And I thought you were real enthusiasts, Brian and John. Many of these articles are standard fare for proper aeromodellers:

1. Dustpan and brush Work bench cleaning after planing/sanding

2. Sponges Wet cleaning dusty models

3. Dusters Dry cleaning dusty models

5. Window cleaner Cleaning oily models

6. Vaccuum Glass fibre "vacuum bagging"

7. Dishwashing liquid Cleaning engine parts

8. Laundry detergent Cleaning engine parts

12. Cleaning sprays Cleaning oily models

Thread: Flair FL1001 Puppeteer
09/07/2019 22:08:47

These items are available at model shops (or on the 'net) although you'd need to bend and solder your undercarriage wire. Wheels are usually Williams scale WW1 type which may need a bit of searching for.

Are you new to model flying? If so, I would strongly recommend contacting a local club. While a Puppeteer is fairly straightforward to fly, it isn't an ideal model to learn on so they will be able to assist you in learning and best choices. They may even be able to help with bits and pieces for your model.

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