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Thread: CAA ID number discussion
13/04/2020 17:27:40

I could only think that in the unlikely case that anyone copied - or simply happened to randomly choose my ID - and Plod knocked on my door asking who had been flying a model carrying my number with no other evidence on or in it to connect to me - it would only serve to show what a meaningless exercise displaying the operator ID requirement is.

13/04/2020 13:49:51

Operator ID

Thread: Does Sanding Sealer go off
13/04/2020 13:45:26

Dunno - but I still have a tube of tissue paste bought in the late 70s, some Joyplane sanding sealer that I suspect I bought back then and a tin of veneer adhesive from around '76. It's prompted me to check and the sanding sealer is jet black but still liquid and the contact adhesive is still vaguely white with a bluish tinge that I don't recall from the nearly 45 years since I veneered my knock-off Gangster 42 wings!

I was always told to invert tins briefly after replacing the lids to ensure they were sealed against air ingress.

Thread: Focke Wolf Ta 154 Laser
13/04/2020 12:46:48

To anyone reading this blog and wondering about quick trips to SLEC in the present climate, it might be worth pointing out that Chris stated at the beginning that he was compressing the last 12 months work into this thread.

Thread: Latex paint anyone?
12/04/2020 01:53:51

I'm starting to think about paint for my Tempest as I'm currently doing the glassing. I've used emulsion on many 1/12th scale combat models in the past but finish was secondary to function and I simply brushed on Skincrylic water based varnish as fuel proofer. When I built an electric powered Tony Nijhuis Mosquito I left the sprayed paint as was and was very happy with the finish.

Does anyone have any fuel proofing recommendations (no more than 10% nitro will be used) with emulsion paint, should I decide to use it? I'm looking for a semi-matt/satin finish ideally, and preferably with the benefit of experience.

Thread: How many watts?
11/04/2020 20:59:20

Now you're talking!

Thread: Queue of pilots waiting for the lock down to be lifted!
11/04/2020 17:09:42

Number one doesn't look too good a candidate - he looks quite green around the gills and I think he may be a bit yellow...

10/04/2020 18:25:01

I would avoid employing the chap in the middle - looks like a bit of a knit to me...

Thread: Transmitter battery
10/04/2020 18:21:56

In this situation, an Eneloop would be a good choice but have you considered a 3S LiFe pack if one is available in the right physical size?

You do need to be aware of the charging "shortfall" if you use the supplied charger with NiMH packs - the normal overnight charge won't get anywhere near a full charge during any charge from deep discharge and more importantly, the initial forming charge which would take the best part of a day and a half. If you simply fly and recharge overnight, this may stress the battery due to overcharge - something tolerated quite well by NiCd cells but much less so by NiMH cells, on which technology Eneloop are based.

Best practice might be to measure hourly consumption and base recharging times on actual use, with occasional checks on a smart charger - removing the battery to charge it on a regular basis may lead to worn or damaged connectors. Regular checks on the pack temperature while charging should help avoid damaging overheating if charging continues once the pack is charged.

Thread: How many watts?
10/04/2020 11:31:34
Posted by Glenn Stevenson on 10/04/2020 08:15:21:

Ive got my old slowpoke out to see if I can improve its performance, when it was new it was pretty rapid but the esc burnt out one day and I havent managed to get it to go as well with any of the spare escs I have in my drawer.

With a 40amp esc that works in a foamy acrowot I can only get about 180 watts, The acrowot gives about 220, the acrowot weighs about a pound less than the poke so has much better performance.

Anybody got a poke that they can check the power output?

The plane is the durafly model with standard motor and 2200 3s lipo.



A couple of thoughts...

Have you retrained the ESC to the throttle channel and checked that the throttle channel is set to 100% on the Slowpoke transmitter programming? An ESC shouldn't limit the available power at 100% because it's a different rating (unless it's being operated above its rated power, when it won't last very long!)

Are you using the same battery in the Acrowot? The process of burning out the original ESC could have damaged the battery if it's a different one.

Thread: If you like engines.........
09/04/2020 19:12:13

Now I know I'm getting old when those "new" bikes are regarded as historic!

That's not to take anything away from the skills and ingenuity (should that be enginuity?) demonstrated in the video and pictures...

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
09/04/2020 00:36:20

While there may often be a correlation, the stroke is not controlled by the length of the con rod - the crank pin radial distance sets it.

08/04/2020 23:34:46
Posted by Jonathan W on 08/04/2020 12:11:25:

Since I'm stuck in quarantine, I'll have a go at explaining my method of removing a stubborn bearing in a blind housing, like the cam bearing Jon has shown. However, you do need a lathe to make some simple tooling.

Get a piece of round aluminium bar, say around 10mm (3/8 inch) diameter. Turn a spigot on one end to be a tight fit into the bore of the bearing. It needs to be a good tight fit, such that a hammer is required to (gently) drive it in. Then heat up the whole lot with a blow torch. The housing expands, loosening its grip on the outside bearing. The spigot also expands, increasing its grip on the inside of the bearing. If you hold the ally bar in a vice, you can grab the crankcase with thick leather gloves and pull it all apart. If the rust is causing an obstruction, a couple of heating/quenching cycles should dislodge it.

The time and trouble you took to turn the spigot on the ally bar is saved when you don't have to repair the hole that you drilled in the crankcase!

I knocked this up to do the job several years ago - it's never let me down but Jon's one sounded like a challenge!

I left the option to use it as a slide hammer but haven't needed to finish it off...

Thread: The Ohmen
08/04/2020 21:23:26

Who says the art of building is dying?

As mentioned previously, our club decided to hold a mass build over the winter and we've collected pictures of the product of the exercise (I'm assured that the last one is basically an Ohmen). There are at least two more at an earlier stage of construction as well which I don't have pictures of. This means that almost a quarter of the membership are directly involved.

What is particularly gratifying is that among the models shown, at least 4 are from novice builders and may not be the ones you might think - let's hope they are inspired to continue with this aspect of the hobby!

53 a - martin impey - in progress - ohmen.jpg70 a - tim eastgate - ohmen.jpeg62 b - derek webb - ohmen.jpg69 b - sue walby - ohmen.jpg60 a - brian lawrence - ohmen.jpg68 a - mick eames - ohmen.jpg61 a - dave parsons - ohmen (miles magister).jpg63 c - harry atkin - ohmen.jpg67 a - martin harris - ohmen.jpg66 a - john williams - ohmen.jpg64 a - james atkin - ohmen.jpg65 b - joe beavis - ohmen.jpg71 c - stephen edge - ohmen.jpg

Peter - thanks for providing the we just need to get the chance to fly them!

Thread: Insurance costs
06/04/2020 20:10:56
Posted by kevin b on 06/04/2020 19:16:43:

Theft from home. Can be covered on household policy.

Theft from car. Need to check with car insurance on contents cover.

Theft from anywhere else. Not available.

According to my insurer, as a specified item away from home, under my home insurance my transmitter is covered for theft with the exception of from an unlocked car.

06/04/2020 19:04:53

Accidental damage? I doubt you'd get it but house insurance may cover theft - but you'd need to check with your insurer. My transmitter is covered as a specified item in and out of the house.

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
06/04/2020 17:43:22

If you have a smartphone, Whatsapp is very good and I feel it has less potential to expose you to fraud from revealing too much information publicly. You can communicate individually or in groups - as well as being able to communicate with family and friends, my club has an active group of like-minded friends who continue the club banter on-line.

Posting pictures and videos is easy - for instance, we had a winter build programme where numerous Peter Miller Ohmens were built by both experienced and novice builders and it was a great way for the beginners to ask questions and get guidance with pictures of their problems and solutions readily exchanged.

Edited By Martin Harris on 06/04/2020 17:47:15

Thread: Liability of Open Source radios
06/04/2020 15:03:05

I can't claim any legal expertise but the guiding principle seems to be what a reasonable person could be expected to do. While flying with a known problem could be held to be negligent, an unintended consequence of mixing and matching or home built/programmed equipment which has been tested reasonably before flight shouldn't lead to any accusations of negligence or culpability as far as I can see.

Thread: Another newbie asking for help
06/04/2020 14:55:50

Hello Andy,

This is generally a pretty friendly forum but it's not particularly helicopter orientated although there are a few who take an interest. The usual advice would be to seek out a local club or enthusiast and get together with them to guide you through those initial stages - not something that's currently an option!

Spares seem to be available (e.g. here) but I think that you may get more meaningful help from those with relevant experience if you post some pictures of the damage.

Thread: Control Horns on larger models
05/04/2020 20:19:45


Edited By Martin Harris on 05/04/2020 20:21:01

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