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Thread: the forum Glossary
08/03/2017 13:18:38

You're right about being hard to find. I've been on here for years and didn't know it existed.

The full path to it is

But just try following that path from the buttons on the front page; there isn't even a button called 'News' so you're stuck right there. And why would a glossary be considered 'news' anyway.

Thread: New Top Gear
06/03/2017 10:04:16

I thought that Clarkson was such a vile, obnoxious arse that I could never stand to watch it.

So I never got into the habit that other people seem to have.

Is it worth me watching now that he's not in it any more ?

Thread: Gorilla Glue
13/02/2017 13:54:27

Another cautionary tale;

Gorilla Glue is great to use on EPP foam but it will expand (always a bit more than you think) and it WILL SOAK THROUGH the foam. So if you lay a foam wing on your bench, glue the spars into the cut-out with Gorilla Glue, and then put something heavy on top to hold it all in place, the glue will soak right down through the foam and glue it very firmly indeed to the workbench right along the whole length of the wing

Guess how I found this out

Thread: DB Tiger Moth 58"
31/01/2017 11:19:46

I built the DB S&S Cirrus Moth (same size; 58" a while back.

Fantastic plane to build; loved it - (Link here if you're interested).

I put a new Saito 72 FS in it. Oversized I know, but you don't 'have' to fly on full throttle do you.

And it need no lead up front at all; balanced perfectly.

Thread: Bind-n-fly compatibility
11/12/2016 22:09:04

Yes Pete, that's exactly the one I've got.

So can I assume that it's not compatible?

In the manual for the plane it says it suits 'any DSM2 OR DSMX T/x, DX4e and up'.

I assume it's only 4 channels, so what's the cheapest suitable T/x I can buy ?

(And what's the difference between a DX4 and a DX4e ?

11/12/2016 20:11:18

I've just got myself an EFlite BNF UMX YAK 54 180,

And I've borrowed a Spektrum DX6 (park flyer) transmitter.

Note: I've never used Spektrum before.

Q1. Am I right in thinking that this DX6(park flyer) t/x is not the same as the standard DX6 t/x that all the YouTube instructions seem to be for ?

Q2. Is this transmitter compatible with this bind-n-fly plane ?

The www.bindnfly website is very unclear.

Q3. If it is compatible' can someone point me to any links about binding?

Thread: How much does your club membership cost on top of your adult 33 pounds BMFA membership?
26/10/2016 10:52:52

Cuban8. An £80 joining fee !

is that specifically designed to put people off joining? Have you got too many members and you're trying to prevent others joining?

We have no joining fee at all; we want to encourage new members.

Thread: What star sign are you? Is there a trend with flyers?
24/08/2016 14:28:25

Still astonishes me that 'Anybody' believes in that stuff.

In my opinion it should be illegal to have it in newspapers because there are actually people out there who are daft enough to base decisions on what the 'stars' say.


Edited By Martyn Johnston on 24/08/2016 14:30:23

Thread: NCFM M60 replacement.
12/08/2016 19:00:39

I've already got a moulded 2m 'Luna', which I love, but I like the simplicity of the flying wing type; especially not having to assemble it at the hillside.

If it had a 4-servo wing, for crow-braking, or an air-brake, it would slow down OK. I'm surprised there aren't any available.

10/08/2016 16:47:56

I've been flying my M60 that I bought from T9HobbySport a while ago.

Doesn't look much when you get it out of the box, but I absolutely love it now; no assembly required on the hill side, flies beautifully.

I'm just wondering about my next purchase and wondered if there's a moulded fibre-glass equivalent; i.e. a moulded 60 - 72 inch flying wing?

Any suggestions ?

Thread: BREXIT
25/06/2016 15:00:43

£120 billion was wiped off the value of British companies today.

That's £7,500 for each of the 16 million people who voted to leave !

Thread: DOH!
18/05/2016 09:12:09

Answered my new iPhone while I was in the middle of applying epoxy.

Now I've got epoxy on the finger-print reader

Thread: Advice required on CA activator??
12/05/2016 08:09:13

Maybe I'm missing something here; but why do people 'need' to use activator ?

Like Piers above, I reinforced the booms on my HK Vampire by cutting slots in the booms, pushing CF strips in before applying Cyano. I was able to bend the booms until I was satisfied that they were straight and aligned correctly. Then I didn't apply any activator at all, the cyano set as usual and they were rigid.

So what if it takes 10 seconds longer to set; who's in that much of a hurry to build a model ?

Thread: Plane (apparently not) hit by drone at Heathrow.
19/04/2016 13:33:11

I read a big article somewhere, recently, about a company who've developed a 'drone' (fixed wing) which will take off, fly to wherever you want, and land, ALL without any input whatsoever except a pre-programmed route and a 'GO' command on a mobile phone.

The purpose was to deliver emergency medical supplies to hard-to-reach places in Africa, to people who have never even seen any RC planes before, never mind been taught how to fly one.

The recipient simply removes the goods, places the plane back on the floor, and presses 'GO' and it flies home again.

This technology is going from strength to strength.


Edited By Martyn Johnston on 19/04/2016 13:33:32

Thread: Club web design
23/03/2016 08:52:41

Do people (in general) prefer to use self-designy ones , like 'Serif Webplus' or the more wizardy/templaty ones such as WordPress or WIX ?

Thread: Save UK Air Cadet Gliding Petition
22/03/2016 07:58:16


The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Save UK Air Cadet Gliding”.

Government responded:

The MOD has confirmed plans to relaunch Air Cadet Aviation to ensure cadet flying opportunities are available whilst delivering value for money.

Air Cadet Gliding had to be paused in 2014 due to safety concerns with our aircraft. A full inspection programme was initiated with a view to recovering all of the aircraft. However after substantial operational, technical and commercial negotiations with a range of leading aerospace companies, for most of the Vigilant aircraft and a few of the Vikings it no longer represented sensible value for money to continue their repair.

In order to give Cadets the opportunity to start flying again following an Air Cadet Organisation review there will be at least 73 Vikings, a fleet of up to 15 Vigilant aircraft, combined with an increase of an extra 25 Grob Tutor fixed wing Air Experience Flights (AEFs) – a more than 50% increase on previous flights. We are committed to returning as many gliders to the skies as possible while ensuring the safety of cadets and instructors. For the first time this will be backed by a range of realistic simulators provided by the RAF Charitable Trust.

The restructured glider fleet will be operated by fewer, but larger, Volunteer Gliding Squadrons (VGS), which will have a regional focus and be better integrated with synthetic training and increased AEF locations. The RAF is fully committed to Air Cadet flying. Where Cadets will have to travel longer distances, we are increasing investment in VGS and AEF sites to include residential accommodation for cadets and staff. In the future cadet flying will be better associated with force development and ground training opportunities alongside the gliding and flying.

The RAF acknowledges this has been a tough period for cadets and instructors and is grateful for the patience and understanding of the Volunteer Gliding Squadron instructors who continue to provide inspiration and leadership to generations of cadets. Air Cadet flying will be safer and far more resilient in the long run; enabling all cadets across the United Kingdom to have equal access to flying opportunities and which better integrates and allocates cadet flying opportunities between realistic synthetic flight simulation, glider flying and an increase of AEF flights.

Ministry of Defence

Thread: Sig Demoiselle, a question for owners please
08/03/2016 10:18:48

It's not a difficult build at all, just rather delicate. It's really quite a fun plane to build.

And it gets lots of attention at the field.

08/03/2016 09:40:48

And don't even think about flying it if there's any wind.

It flies like an empty paper bag.

Hilarious for those watching, but not much fun.

08/03/2016 08:15:47

As an owner; yes they are removable.

Each wing is simply a push fit into the little aluminium tubes on the fuselage; really easy.

Rigging takes less than a minute.

Size for storage really isn't an issue, but bare in mind that it is delicate; if there's any chance that you might break the 1/8" square fuselage struts then you probably will. I put some 1/64" ply supports on some of my struts after the first flight.

Thread: Steve Backshall South American Adventure
07/03/2016 08:49:17

Don't often watch this sort of program, but it was really fantastic viewing.

Heart-in-the-mouth climbing.

Great telly.

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