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Thread: How hot should my engine run and why is low end needle not working?
30/07/2013 07:22:45

Hi guys. I endorse the "don't touch" approach with cylinder heads just after running, way too hot for healthy fingers! Another thing to check, if it is running with a silencer pressure feed, is the pressure take off on the silencer. It could be gummed up with old castor and not pressurising the tank at all and causing a vacuum instead, which in turn stops the engine. Seen this a couple of times before. Cheers, John.

Thread: Fitting a RX into a Radian Pro - not a lot of space
27/07/2013 18:27:15

Hi. The BNF version of the Radion Pro is very much how you describe, with the Spektrum rx, servos and wires all crammed in to the vented area. The front is for the battery, ESC and motor, so you may have trouble fitting the RX in as well without compromising access and the CG. When you get it sorted it is a nice simple glider to fly. Cheers, John.

Thread: No throttle on binding
27/07/2013 18:20:30

Hi Tony, just a thought. Is the throttle reversed on the model number you are trying to bind to? That is what would happen as it ses the throttle as wide open and not closed if the model has an ESC. Hope you get it sorted. Cheers, John.

Thread: voltage regulator plus switch harness
07/06/2013 09:57:14

Hi Dylan, photos as promised. The first couple are as good as I could get to show the components mounted in my Wot 4. If you look closely you can see the connections and follow the wires from rx to regulator to switch to lipo.

Photo 1

Photo 2

The final photo is with the spaghetti tucked away and the components mounted on velcro in the model.

Photo 3

You can get rid of a lot of the excess wire if you hard wire the regulator to the switch harness. If you need anything clarifying just say. Cheers, John

06/06/2013 23:13:48

Hi Dylan. It is battery to switch to regulator to rx. That way you are cutting off power to the regulator (and rx) which will have quiescent drain ( always draining battery ) if always connected to battery. The pics tomorrow should make things clear. Cheers, John.

06/06/2013 21:45:12

Hi Dylan. I have been using just that set up in a few models for a while now and although it is a fiddle to set up, it is worth it. You need to either do what I did and get matching connectors for the regulator, usually sold as a pair, and use them to connect in to the switch harness on the rx side. Alternatively you can just hard wire it in, but I wanted to be able to swap them about if necessary. Not sure if there is a right and wrong way, but I wire them in with the female connector to the switch and the male connector to the rx. On the battery side of the switch I used the same connectors for the switch harness and lipo, 2mm plugs, obviously make sure they connect properly(!) and there you go. If you need, I can get some photos in the morning and post showing the set up in one of my models. I get several sessions out of a 2s 1000 mA lipo before I charge it with around 5 or 6 flights per session. I have 3 lipos which are used in which ever models I take (I only ever take 3 models max because of space) and charge them when they get to around 50%. I also use one in a model with an orange stabiliser in and it copes very well on it. The only issue I have found is that some of the smaller servos do not like 6V an so a 4.8V regulator is used. Hope his helps. Cheers, John.

Thread: Binding problem?
31/05/2013 18:33:40

Glad to help. Cheers, John.

31/05/2013 16:39:12

Hi Peter, it sounds as though you are not correctly the model memory. I have just checked on my DX7 and the procedure it as follows:- hold down the Down and Select buttons and switch on, use the Increase/Decrease buttons to scroll to the memory memory you want, press down the Down and Select buttons together ( this sets the model memory chosen), switch off the transmitter. As Yakmad suggests, turn the transmitter back on to confirm the model chosen and then turn it off again. Turn on the receiver with the bind plug in place and the LED should flash, hold down the Bind button and switch on the transmitter. Wait for the receiver LED to stop flashing and go to a steady on. Switch off the receiver, then switch off the transmitter. Remove the bind plug. Switch on the transmitter and then the receiver and the radio should work. Cheers, John.

31/05/2013 14:49:37

Hi Peter. The idea is to choose the model position on the transmitter first, turn it off and then start the binding process. That way, when the transmitter is switched on it is binding to the correct model slot. Does that help? Cheers, John.

Thread: Combat robot: DX6i elevon issues
18/03/2013 10:23:20

Hi Dan, not sure I can help much but as the 6i has a servo monitor, can't this shed any light on what the controls are doing? I know that you are using ESCs but the signal output to the ESC might give you an indication of what is/is not happening and might be useful info for people to have in order to help. The only other thing that I can think of is do you have to train the ESC for zero and high throttle points? Sorry I can't add anything else. Cheers, John.

Thread: clueless and glueless and planless
06/03/2013 13:46:31

Hi Jon, if you have a look on this forum you should find my build thread of the black magic from the plan. It may help on some of the details. The motor for this is to be a twin diesel (which still isn't finished, but I live in hope.......) so the front is a little different, but it should be largely the same. Good luck with the build. Cheers, John.

Thread: DB Sopwith Pup E
26/02/2013 09:53:22

My take on attaching part 240 is to cut a notch in the bottom of it so that it sits down on the end piece and is level with the rear spar. The rest looks OK but there will have to be some sanding done to get the correct shape at the wing tip. Cheers, John.

Thread: Advice on a Micro Heli without chocolate motor
21/02/2013 18:28:06

Hi Fingerless, I have an MSRX and my experience is not quite the same. I have had to change the motor once over the last couple of months of learning and the local shop pointed out it is the load on the motor as it suddenly stops that does the damage. When I first had it the rotors did a LOT of sudden stopping, I am also learning in the front room, and since that motor change it has been fine ( also a lot less sudden stop syndrome!). The light did not flash to indicate the motor was on its way out, the motor didn't want to start without some help moving the blades. The only time the blue light flashes is at low battery. Cheers, John.

Thread: Is technology the real threat or will modelling just change?
14/02/2013 12:55:34

Good thread to discus Erflog. For my two penn'uth (which indicates where I come from!) is that the technology will be used formthensake of it by some people where the longer time served modeller will pick and choose. The longest time served modeller will take the view that " we didn't even have dual rates when I started and I don't think it is useful". These observations are from my own club and the people there.

My view is that some things will be adopted more widely and be useful additions, like the 3 axis gyros for instance, and the autonomous models, that started the discussion, will be taken on by a small enthusiastic group. There is a place for all these things and they can all be used to good effect for some people. As I saw commented above, some people will enjoy the building and some will enjoy the flying, and long may that continue. Cheers, John.

Thread: Galaxy Domino Bipe build
11/02/2013 15:28:47

Good to hear it all went well CS. I am sure you will get plenty of enjoyment out of the Domino. I also agree that the four stroke sounds adds a certain something. Cheers, John.

Thread: Should we be licenced
10/02/2013 23:12:02

BEB has a point, and from my memories the previous licensing didn't create any great problems. My worry would be that if all sales of models were not regulated, forcing the LHS to do some of the regulation would drive people away from them, wether new to the hobby or not. The sentiment against any regulation in the posts above shows that. Cheers, John.

Thread: Not flying related, but my home area and made me laugh
27/01/2013 13:00:01

Great stuff, really enjoyed that. Cheers, John.

Thread: Galaxy Domino Bipe build
20/01/2013 19:27:44

That is a nice job CS, and as you have used mine as the comparative photo you should know that yours is lighter than mine by around 8 ounces as I used that Laser 75 in mine and it needed a bit of lead in the tail to balance it out. Make sure the CoG is in the right place and it will fly well. Well done. Cheers, John.

Thread: Anyone tried new Spektrum AR400 yet?
08/12/2012 19:15:45

Hi Stuey, I have one in a small model, weight saving like you, and it works fine. Cheers, John.

Thread: 808 #16 key cam first attempt - not good !!!
02/12/2012 23:18:39

No problem PB, glad to help. Hope the lobotomy goes well............

Cheers, John.

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