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Thread: Galaxy Domino Bipe build
24/08/2012 00:04:44

As an incentive to build I am adding a couple of photos of mine for you. The first is the original build with a Super Tigre 45 in the front and the original cowl.

Domino 2

The second photo is of the same model with a Laser 75 installed and a balsa cowl. Has a lot more power like this and flies very nicely. the Super Tigre was OK but lacked that punch.

Domino 1

Keep up the good work. Cheers, John.

Thread: Got my A today
18/06/2012 09:51:13

Well done Martin, great feeling isn't it! Cheers, John.

Thread: Friday free stuff
08/06/2012 13:35:20

Free stuff is always nice..

Thread: Rc Flight Source iphone app
16/04/2012 21:41:33

Just downloaded it and at first glance it looks OK. It contains a lot of adverts, but they are not intrusive and the info looks OK. As it is free at the moment is is excellent value! It is an iPhone app running on the iPad in my case, but it is worth looking at it. Cheers, John.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
12/04/2012 07:52:56

If you look closely at the photos you can see the piston and con rod and other internal engine organs. Not a pretty sight! Cheers, John.

Thread: A few Friday freebies!
30/03/2012 09:22:22

Yes please David.

Thread: April 2012 Feedback
08/03/2012 23:00:36

Nigel, you should have held out for the chocolate ice cream.......

Cheers, John.
Thread: Which lathe ?
08/03/2012 22:57:27

I have a Myford Super 7, made in the early 60s, and it is an excellent lathe. If you can find a good second hand one, not cheap I know, you will find it will do most of the stuff you need. Mine has imperial dials and I have no trouble making thing to metric dimensions, I just use Zeus tables to do the conversion. Works for me. Not done any screw cutting as the threads I cut are more easily made using taps and dies. They are addictive and there are many attachments to be bought for it, some necessary, some not so. The main thing to get is some good measuring equipment, micrometer and digital calliper, and some decent cutting tools, probably carbide tools if you are not comfortable grinding your own. Oh, and have fun! Cheers, John.

Thread: WOW - Nano 'Copters. Not my thing But ...
06/03/2012 09:59:34

All those sci-fi films are coming to mind! They are amazing, thanks for loading up the videos BB. Cheers, John.

Thread: Digital Issues iPad Viewing
11/02/2012 09:25:03
Sorry guys, forget to say that this was all on my IPad. Cheers, John.
11/02/2012 09:11:20
Hi guys, I checked and had the same access problem. I used my subscriber number as suggested still no joy. Then tried logging out and back in as David wrote and all is now fine. It looks as though the system needs to be refreshed to make the change. I also have no problems with pages disappearing. Hope this helps. Cheers, John.
Thread: Barnstormer - which engine?
31/01/2012 08:08:27
Sorry, double post.

Edited By John Payne on 31/01/2012 08:09:16

31/01/2012 08:08:25
I am using a PAW 19 throttled in a vintage model, Orbit Gas Buggy from the Ben Buckle range, and is excellent. It throttles well and will run for minutes at tick-over and gently pull the model round and then open up to full throttle with no problem. Something like the 29 R/C should be about right I would think for relaxed flying. Good luck with it. Cheers, John.
Thread: DX8 / E-Flite retracts problems
28/01/2012 19:01:58
Hi John, an unusual problem. If you are running off one ESC, can it provide the amount of current required for all functions? As I understand it, it isn't necessarily the battery voltage, but the current that the ESC provides that is important. Just a thought, but try it with an rx pack and see it it still happens, even if you have to disconnect the ESC to try it. Cheers, John.
Thread: greasy body after running the engine
16/01/2012 18:31:59
Hi Alex, I'm afraid that it is unavoidable with glow motors. As Olly pointed out you can minimise it by fitting a deflector to the silencer output stub and there are good silicone ones available that do the job nicely. Should be available from the local model shop, but certainly from the online guys. Make sure you get the right one for the size of engine, the exhaust outlets get bigger with the engine size. They are held one with a ratchet strap and positioned to get most of the oil away from the airframe. Cheers, John.
Thread: OS 46 LA rough in flight - ok on ground
16/01/2012 13:06:17
Thorough testing Steve, nicely done. And yes, it was cold yesterday wasn't, but a lovely sky to fly against.
Cheers, John.
Thread: three cheers for the lads behind the scene.....
22/12/2011 11:34:15
You do a good job lads, and I know it isn't always easy. Thanks for your efforts. Have a good Christmas. Cheers, John.
Thread: OS 46 LA rough in flight - ok on ground
21/12/2011 10:34:11
21/12/2011 10:23:59
Nice post Steve, and good to know that there are people about who can tell engines how to behave properly. By the way, if it starts to talk back I would worry if I were you........
Nice one mate. Cheers, John.
21/12/2011 00:38:20
Hi David, just caught up with this thread. Sorry to hear about your problems, unusual for an OS. One thought occurred to me on looking at the photos of the tank. You mentioned that the tank had "clunked" ( the clunk weight had gone forward ) and a way of stopping this is to put a short piece of brass tubing in the silicon pick-up tubing in the tank. Cut the tubing in half and put in a piece around an inch and a half long ( about 40mm for you new boys! ) and then shorten the silicon/brass tube to its' original length. No need to push the brass into the middle of the silicon so it is completely covered, just a normal connection each end of the insert. The final assembly would be - clunk weight/silicon tube/brass tube/silicon tube/tank outlet. (if this doesn't make sense, let me know and I will get a photo). This will have the effect of stiffening up the pick-up piping and stop it bending in the middle. Make sure the clunk weight stll misses the bottom of the tank. Might not stop the engine cutting problem, but it will stop the tank "clunking" on a "less than perfect" landing. Another thing to check is the pick-up nipple on the silencer that the pressure pipe connects to. Make sure it is clear as this would stop the tank breathing properly and cause a partial vacuum as the fuel gets used up. Seen this one a couple of times. Hope these thoughts help. Hope you can fix it OK and get back to enjoying your flying. Cheers, John.
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