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Thread: Is the forum sick?
07/12/2011 22:53:08
Just to add to the confusion, it is the same from my iPad. It isn't doing this on other sites to this degree, so perhaps the site is struggling behind the scenes.
Thread: Red Zephyr
16/09/2011 08:05:04
Hi Stephen, great models. I also like the vintage style models although I tend to build them from plans, but then I probably have a lot more free time.
I have an SC 52 four stroke and had similar problems with it. Thebproblem was with the low speed needle which was loose and kept adjusting itself, hence the stopping. Apparently this was a known problem due to a poor thread form on the needle. My solution was to use PTFE tape, plumbers use it on pipe threads, on the needle to assist the thread and the problem has now gone. The engine now runs fine at low throttle.
Good luck on finding the solution, and even more good luck on getting the weather to fly them!
Cheers, John.
Thread: Magic smoke mystery
19/08/2011 07:29:55
Hi Martin, one lipo to two motors (each with their own ESC) but it was the power lines that I got crossed. If you know the Twinstar it was the three pronged connector block where I made the error. I connected one motor with the pins offset, hence the crossed connection, and thus proving that the connectors are not idiot proof!
Once I can get back into the workshop I will be giving all the remaining components a thorough check over to look for burnt out tracks as you have suggested.
Thanks for the interest. Cheers, John.
18/08/2011 07:29:45
So, after the burn out, the one ESC that had no black wire left was using the motor black wire to earth back? Please excuse my "non techy" approach but electronics is not my good suit!

Does this mean that when you have a separate receiver battery you only need the signal wire from the receiver to the ESC to make it work? (I take your point about losing the receiver battery now Tim)

And thanks for the interest Tim and Frank.

Cheers, Not Quite So Confused of Nuneaton.
17/08/2011 20:06:48
Hi Tim, thanks for the reply. The receiver battery harks back to when I was on 35MHz stuff and I only got rid of interference (?) when the local experts suggested it might be the answer. Something about spikes on the long leads, but I have to confess I didn't fully understand, but it did work.
Anyway, perhaps I didn't make it clear with the rambling, the ESCs were OK, the lipo was OK, the only thing that had burnt out were the two links to the ESCs from the receiver (they go through a Y lead into the receiver) and all else looks unscathed (apart from some foam in the fus.....
Does that help?
17/08/2011 19:35:33
Confession first, I made blunder with my Twinstar today and what happened next was strange to me, so some answers would be helpful.
To set the scene, my Twinstar has two brushless motors with ESCs, a separate battery for the radio and the motor battery is a 2200, 3 S, lipo. I connected upnthe motors using the Multiplex 3 pin connectors but didn't connect one of them properly and it created a crossover of positive to negative. I had switched on the radio, made sure I had signal to the receiver and then connected the motor lipo. At that point the magic smoke escaped and I quickly disconnected the lipo and removed the wing (very quickly!) to see what had happened. I noticed that I had badly connected the motor battery leads and the "servo" wires to the two ESCs had burned out (kindly acted as a fusible link........). Correcting the motor connection, and expecting the motors not to work ( remember I have a separate receiver battery) I reconnected the lipo and amazingly they did work OK. So, just fit two new links to the ESCs and all will be well.
Now to the point of this post. I had used two servo leads with the red wire disconnected to connect the ESCs (remember the receiver battery?) and I noticed that the black wire had burned out completely on one of the ESCs and only the white wire (signal wire?) was connected, but it still worked correctly. Why did it work OK? I thought that it needed both wires to work the ESC. I am confused, can someone please tell me where I am going wrong.
Yours, Confused of Nuneaton.
Thread: Twin Electric motors
01/08/2011 13:10:00
Hi Peter. If both motors are tried separately and work OK then it looks as though the battery cannot supply enough power to drive both motors together (had this problem myself with a Twinstar). If one of the motors does not work correctly with either ESC then it is more likely to be that motor than the wiring being at fault. As Steve says above, the key is to test each motor separately. Cheers, John.
01/08/2011 13:07:30
Hi Peter. If both motors are tried separately and work OK then it looks as though the battery cannot supply enough power to drive both motors together (had this problem myself with a Twinstar). If one of the motors does not work correctly with either ESC then it is more likely to be that motor than the wiring being at fault. As Steve says above, the key is to test each motor separately. Cheers, John.
Thread: Ben Buckle Junior 60 Electric conversion build
29/07/2011 17:34:27
You might also find that adding packing under the front of the tailplane (or the rear of the wing) will help. I had to put 3/16 of balsa under the front of the tailplane on mine to help control the climb. It still out-soars some of the gliders! Hope that helps. Cheers, John.
Thread: How's this for a club member!
10/07/2011 18:40:09
Excellent video Peter, thanks for posting it.
Cheers, John.
Thread: lipos on a commercial flight
28/06/2011 12:27:03
OK Simon, thanks for that, duly noted. Cheers, John.
28/06/2011 07:58:01
Hi George. You should be OK with them but they must be in your hand luggage. No batteries should go in your luggage in the hold. Be prepared to explain what they are as Phil says. Don't forget that phones, laptops and the like have lipos in them, so the batteries should be no problem. Enjoy the holiday. Cheers, John.
Thread: Nimh discharge/charging question
08/06/2011 11:53:04
Peter, I think that Hogster has highlighted something that has confused me in the past with regard to the mAh figures that are shown after discharge/recharge of a receiver battery, especially Nimh batteries. Any info would be useful to me as well.
Cheers, John.
Thread: Os 40FP
12/05/2011 22:01:35
You can't beat quality engines!
Thread: Danny's BoBbit Build
21/04/2011 23:07:03
I have to say that is an excellent piece of work. Very well done.
Cheers, John.
Thread: A little Easter giveaway.....
21/04/2011 12:40:58
Yes please.
Cheers, John.
Thread: Forum Issues
08/04/2011 07:59:06
This post is through Firefox, so if it appears then the issue is solved, and thanks Plummet.
Cheers, John.

Edited By John Payne on 08/04/2011 07:59:42

07/04/2011 22:26:27
Thanks Plummet, will do.
Cheers, John.
07/04/2011 21:39:46
I am also having problems with my PC on Windows 7 (64 bit) and the new version of IE (IE9), any ideas? I am posting this from an older PC I have running Windows XP and IE8.
Cheers, John.
I guess that I should add that I can't post from the other PC but I can from this one(which I suppose was obvious really.......)

Edited By John Payne on 07/04/2011 21:41:38

Thread: Building A Plane For My GCSE
07/04/2011 21:36:16
Hi Joseph, an important question is how long do you have to build your project? Good luck with it whatever it is.
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