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Thread: SC 46 constant dead sticks
10/07/2008 23:47:00

My SC 52 was a real bitch, forever cutting on throttle up during flight.

Eventually replaced the spring in the carb with a TT one, this meant the barrel then followed the groove as it should have been rather than sticking and making the mixture go lean

Thread: Right thrust.
21/05/2008 17:33:00

I believe the need for side thrust comes from the reaction of the tail feathers when the corkscrewing air flow from the prop hits the surfaces.

The need for downthrust comes from the lines of action from the total thrust, total drag which do not necessarily occur at the same vertical point.

I hope this makes sense.

Thread: A few pointers please
13/04/2008 23:56:00

Have a look around and compare the prices to the price of a Lipo pack or speed control.

Once you realise that the price of a watt meter is around the price of replacing one of the items I mentioned, then it makes an awful lot of finantial and safety sence.

 I use an Irvine model which gives single switchable read out of voltage or current, multiply the 2 together will give you the wattage. Realistically the most important value you will get is the current being drawn. This will show the change in current between things like prop changes, motor changes or pack size changes.

Thread: Weekend 12-13 Apr
13/04/2008 15:32:00

Still waiting for the big black cloud to disappear, then it will be off to the field with the Stiletto (remember that free plan?) and my electric Mossie.

Remaiden of my mates new second hand machines is due too, Beaver & Spitfire.

Busy afternoon if the weather gods hold true.

Thread: A few pointers please
13/04/2008 15:18:00


Welcome to electric flight.

My first comment is to get rid of those household connectors.

You need to eliminate any chance of the 2 wires from your lipo pack touching each other. If they do touch for any length of time (couple seconds or more) the pack will be damaged and it could catch fire even a short while after connection has been broken.

I have a thread elsewhere which shows the sorts of connections and link cables that Timbo is talking about using 4mm connectors.

I will post a link and I appologise to all if it is wrong to link across different message boards.

Thread: Bungees
13/04/2008 14:56:00

I still use my 25 year old bungee from time to time.

This is the version with the cotton covered shock cord, heavy duty fishing line (100lb+ I recall) , a small parachute and a doggy stake.

I have pinched bits off the end of the shock cord over time so it is now a little short and a bit vicious so I need to add some more to get the gentle progressive launch back.

Thread: Hello I am new, and would like some help!
03/04/2008 19:21:00

Great start there Reece.

Like the others have already said, we need more information from you.

 Where would you like to go with this hobby / sport?


Scale  - vintage biplanes(WW1), warbirds (WW2), jets

Gas Turbine powered Jets?



 Let us all know eh?

Thread: The engine just won't start,
12/03/2008 21:23:00
Where in the country are you Richard?
Thread: What fuel & prop please...
12/03/2008 21:21:00


 How about posting or adding your location to your profile? By location I refer to county as a start.

You may find a local modeller who can get with you to help out.

Thread: Back to Front Conversion EP to IC
12/03/2008 21:17:00

Go for it.

Reinforce the first former / bulkhead with a bit of 1/8" sheet ply behind the origional.

Make sure there is some additional glue area to spread the transfer stresses to the airframe from the reinforced bulkhead.

Replace the LG with some hand made replacements 1 wire gauge thicker.

Give any areas of bare balsa a lick of fuel proofer as well as the edges of the film around the bulkhead.


Thread: Flying off the beach
12/03/2008 21:09:00

I flew off a beech last summer (I think that is what it was).

The beach was near Dunwick at the bottom of a small cliff. Mainly stoney with small patches of sand. Took my Stevens Aero RV-4 with me and flew off the patches of sand.

Doing aeros in the smooth sea breeze was really far easier than my normal flying field, as was putting it back down on the small sand patch after.

As for getting sand and salt in the gear.... don't nose over on landing, and if you wear glasses you will know if there is too much moisture in the breeze.

Thread: The neighbours are complaining
12/03/2008 20:44:00

You could always try a slightly higher pitch prop to bring the rpm's down.

 I had a play with the previously mentioned black props with light tips, a 12 x 6 on a .52 engine.

It was OK, but trying a 12 x 4 of the same brand made a horrendous noise. Changing to a all grey 12 x 6 prop (non Graupner), the noise was far better than before. Adding second additional silencer box connected by silicone tubing means the engine noise can't be heard above the prop noise.

Thread: The March Grand Prize Draw
04/03/2008 17:58:00

Me please!

That way I can fly formation with my collegues one which is yet to maiden....guess who gets that job?

Thread: Pick a plane 2008
04/03/2008 17:53:00

I would go for



Sea Fury.

Around the size of the Spitfire in the "Special Edition" would be good and electric with IC adaption.

04/01/2008 19:08:00

That may be a little OTT for a training aircraft!

Looks great Ernie - another challenge or 2 mastered there!

Thread: Age groups of modellers
04/01/2008 18:41:00

I'm 43 and been building since I was 13.

In fact I have never had a ARTF or an RTF model of my own but I have flown and maidened quite a few for other people. I believe they have their place for newcommers to the sport / hobby to give them a chance right at the start.

Most of my planes / gliders are are scratch built from plans or OD, including my RTP stuff. You should have seen my P-51, unbelieveably fast.

Thread: Stietto plan
14/12/2007 18:27:00


Care to elaborate on the mods advised?

Mine is now not far off completion.

Thread: Retract air fill valve installation
30/11/2007 20:26:00

My robart air fill valve is a schrader valve - same fitting as a car tyre valve.

 In some car accessory shops there can be found adaptors to fit on the car tyre valves to reposition the fill points to enable better access. These are normally steel type extensions with a plunger fitted to retain the valve operating system.

These fit on the existing air fill valve and will allow repositioning of the fill connection but still allowing the valve mechanism to operate.

Thread: g sonic props
30/11/2007 19:06:00
Speak to an electric flying buddy, and ask if you can have some of the inserts that come with APC E props. They come as a tree of 6 and one will fit the hub of your prop. All you then do is ream out the inset to match your engine shaft
Thread: SC 46
30/11/2007 18:37:00

I have a SC52 that I am just running in to go into a RCM&E plan Stiletto.

Currently have it set up on a 12" x 5.5", standard muffler as well as a small additional muffler and I can't hear the exhaust noise over the prop and intake noise!

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