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Thread: Carburation
30/11/2007 18:10:00

I love Erfolgs idea of the venturi action causeing excessive icing dure to the much lower depression.

I had a car like that, fitted with a performance carb it would not run in late autumn/winter/early spring but was superb for the rest of the year. If we had an unexpected cold snap and I got the thing started, you could actually watch the ice building up with the bonet lifted.

During the winer I ran the standard carb with a bigger throttle bore and heating.

So if you want to try flying in colder weather, try fitting a larger bore carb.

Thread: Retract air fill valve installation
30/11/2007 17:49:00

You could try adding a car tyre adaptor, I know they make a 90 degree one which would add length and a change of direction too if you wanted it.

That would give you plenty of additional length

Thread: PSS P51
18/11/2007 11:43:00

I have a copy of the plan somewhere because I built one and powered it on a very small brushless motor.

Considering how underpowered it was it flew very well.

Give me a shout if you still need it.

Thread: The Dauntless build
14/11/2007 22:21:00

Sorry to hear that news Graham.

 My thoughts are with you and your family, I wish you all well.

Thread: Ad-hoc flying sites?
11/11/2007 14:42:00


Sadly the journey to our place would be a little far for a regular trip but if you are in Essex with a model - give me a shout.

I would be tempted to visit the group of 4 a few more times. From the conversations you have with them and the regular visiting you may find they come to accept you as a serious modeller who is not just on a "Fad" and may invite you to fly with them.

 It is worth a try, failing that they may be aware of another facility you could use.

 Congratulations on your A, that is my target for the start of next year

 Good Luck

11/11/2007 12:10:00


It may help if you add a hint of your location to your profile.

A group of fliers I belong to have access to a superb field (if a little bumpy) where we fly a whole range of craft. We are not a club since we prefer the loosness of flying as we want although we have a "gentlemans agreement" which restricts the time we fly IC (local house owner sufferes from the noise) and how far down the field we fly.

I suggest you speak to your local hobby shop owner as they may be able to put you in touch with someone who has access to exactly what you are after.

Prior to finding this group and site I flew for the last 3 years or so as a "Park Flier" so normally flying alone.

I too used to get people watching especially the dog walkers, and I would often approach them after landing and chat about what I was up to and about the site in general.

I never had any problems with anyone at this site and I spoke to the people in the local office on site to make sure I was OK in doing what I was doing. The reponse I got was incredibly positive, unknown to me - when they were quiet in the office they used to watch my planes to reduce the boredom!

Thread: The Dauntless build
20/10/2007 12:05:00

Amazing build detail there Graham. Looks like she is going to be one cracking model.

With all your additional wood & glass fibre, are you not concerned about the additional weight? I assume you do have a weight target in mind.

Thread: Lack of power advice needed
27/08/2007 17:27:00

I wonder if the motor you have is the right voltage.

You really need to find out the spec of the origional one if you want the same performance.

The Graupner 7.2 volt Speed 480 is not a bad motor but if you had been running a 6 volt Speed 400 then you will not see the same performance

Thread: A Cert???
19/07/2007 11:19:00

My start was much the same just slightly later.

My 1st radio was a 3 channel Futaba Medallion (still got it!) and a 2 channel 100" wingspan glider on a bungee launch in the late 1970's.
Joined a local bunch of like minded modellers (not a club initailly)in a field miles from anything and learned by passing the Tx from instructor to me and back again.

Now flying electric models and an electro-assisted 100" glider. I too struggle with power on landings, mine are all deadstick although I have been known to extend the glide with a short trickle of power in higher winds.
17/07/2007 09:50:00
I have the same issue with clubs.

I have been looking for one locally but most seem very cliquey(?), one looked pretty good but they fly by frequence - each pilot having his own frequency.
True this is not a bad idea but when you fly planes on different frequencies (I have 5 with mine) it means new crystals, maybe a full set for all the planes and possibly 2 Tx ones too.
The others are very much stuck in their commity ways of doing things.

I just want a nice open field and to fly which is why I will stay as a park flier for a while longer.

I have found a group of flyers who are not a club but have the use of a good field. I have now flown there twice and enjoyed the experience, and while there are only a few fliers the frequency control is by discussion which works fine and in exactly the same manner as I use in the park.
This gives a very relaxed approach to flying and is mutually very supportive of each other - there being no hierachy involved.
16/07/2007 13:45:00

I believe (and I stand to be corrected if I goit this wrong) that there is a different certificate for each of the disiplins
16/07/2007 11:05:00
Looked to me more like an adult version of a baby bouncer......
Thread: Best ever mid-air
26/06/2007 20:20:00
Not a mid air but quite similar to some of the other posts here.

Thermal gliding off a flat field in Suffolk.

Took out my 100" X1 glider on the back of my push bike with the bungee and all the other gear required, cycle journey of 5 miles.

Ran the bungee out with the wind picking up all the time.

Stretched the bungee to half power thinking the wind would help it kite up.

Well the launch was perfect, model was climbing steadily.....vertically.
The wind was helping it kite up nicely but it helped too much.
As the plane reached the top of the bungee height it was at prety much full stretch.
Glider was pulling up, bungee down.
Something had to give, and it was a wing that lost.

Took a long while for it to eventually hit the ground, wing followed sometime later
Thread: A Cert???
20/06/2007 23:27:00

If the lead falls out, the plane looses control. Instructor sees the plane out of control and lets go of the training switch and recovers the model.

Did I miss something?

I have been flying for nearly 30 years and have never done a course or a certification test.
If I want insurance from the BMFA does this really mean I need to pass a test??
Thread: Peter Rake 36" electric Sopwith Camel
16/06/2007 12:30:00
That looks great although I would suggest the APC slow fly prop would suit this type of model better than the E prop which looks to be fitted.
Thread: Sonerai plan help
16/06/2007 11:20:00

If you have come back in as you say you have after a short rest, you will find thing have changed much for the better.

With the size and weight of servos having dropped considerably, the convention now is to bury the servos in the wings for ailerons and flaps which does provide very short and positive controls. For this machine "Naro" or HS 81 type servos will be fine
Much the same can be said for the rudder / elevator ones, although the plan shows the servos in the fuselage so you just need to add slots to suit the horn and servo placements
Thread: Pick a Plane: shortlist
12/04/2007 20:06:00
My 3 as follows

Hawker Typhoon - very under modelled machine
DH Hornet - got to love the sound of twin Merlins
Hawker Hurricane - sadly overshaddowed workhorse
Thread: Burn battery burn
09/04/2007 21:35:00
Are you sure that is a JST plug?
I would suggest JST's are not suitable for a pack capable of delivering 24Amps.

Since you got no reaction from your charger when connecting your new pack, I would have been tempted to check the charger by fitting one of your other packs.

I would then have checked the output from the pack using a multimeter to check the voltage.

To check the gear in your plane I would test it using one of your prebvious packs.

Sounds like you have a faulty Lipo pack, try taking it back to where you got it from and get them to test it.
Thread: how do I removing warp from wood?
09/04/2007 21:23:00
I would personally dampen both sides of the plank with a mist spray and then lay the plank on a very flat surface with weight placed over the length at even intervals and left to dry out again.
Thread: Build series - pick a plane
09/04/2007 21:04:00
Just a few more

Fairey III/Gordon
Saab Vigen
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