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Thread: How to install flat bendy type hinges?
12/12/2011 21:23:04
Something like this Erfolg
Thread: Club Bans 35 MHz
12/12/2011 21:04:27
Agree with most of the posts before this one, especially with DW and complacencyor laziness.
I have only ever suffered 1 glitch with 35MHz which was due to poor placement of the reciever on my behalf.
Never had an issue with 27MHz, 35MHz or 2.4GHz.
However I have seen others blame radio issues for their own errors.
Such as?
Experienced flier running a fast downwind approach over trees prior to a downwind run over the runway. The plane did not make the runway, in fact it did not make it past the end of the trees. The down wind "pull" of the airflow managed to pull the plane through the last of the trees, destroying the plane. Radio to blame of course.
Same place, machines losing control on the approach run to the runway.
The radios blamed due to a barbed wire fence crossing the approach.
In truth it was more likely to be the airflow from the runway hitting the edge of sanding wheat crop causing the planes to lift in the changing airflow.
Thread: How to install flat bendy type hinges?
12/12/2011 19:50:29
Do you have a stripper (the knife variety)?
If you do have, set the blade to cut half the thickness of the control surfaces you wish to hinge.
Mark the start and stop points and cut the slot using the stripper.
Another thing you could try is fitting an exacto type blade which is a bit thicker than the standard scapel blade to make the slot a little wider.
I nomally just rattle the scapel blade backwards and forwards in the slot with the blade held at a slight angle instead of 90 degrees. This has the same effect.
Thread: Aileron Differential?
07/12/2011 16:32:20
Is it not 3 Ahhhhhs and you are out? Just joking.
I too would not suggest that an inexperienced flier attempt slow low flying anymore than doing slow aileron rolls, flying inverted or prop hanging.

Edited By Andy Gates on 07/12/2011 16:33:39

07/12/2011 15:23:40
Very true, but with aileron differential set up, the down going aileron with its smaller deflection does not cause the wing to tip stall while the up aileron with its larger deflection has caused the required bank to take effect. This is a reduced effect and not a cancelling of the tip stall.
Flying close to the stall with coordinated aileron and rudder in this way is great fun and does tweak the thumb reflexes - or so I have found.
What I was meaning by the "not 3D" comment was that the wing is still flying and that the plane is not hanging in the air on the propeller thrust alone.
Thread: HK postage
07/12/2011 13:09:36
And allow a bit for the christmas hold ups.....
Thread: Aileron Differential?
06/12/2011 15:16:37
Oops, duplicate post - sorry

Edited By Andy Gates on 06/12/2011 15:17:17

06/12/2011 14:50:00
Steve W-O
I suspect there are not so many people who explore the slower end of flight (and I don't mean prop hanging) like you and I obviously do.
Thread: Newbie keeps crashing, advice needed
06/12/2011 14:33:59
Hello Peter.
While I kind of agree with the "go and join a club" advice, I think what you need is a flying companion so you can get a little bit of help to get you going again.
As stated earlier, some idea of your location on your profile would be good and you may find someone local willing to assist and guide you along.
I too came back quite some while ago and second time around I am even more hooked than before.
Good luck and have fun.
Thread: How is our hobby viewed by others
06/12/2011 14:18:51
Maybe a little sensitive but challenge those who sneer.
Get then to come out with you for a session, and if you can, get them having a go on a buddy box with you.
If you are lucky, they will be challenged in the same way you and I are and you may gain some flying buddies who you can geek together with.
The general public I have met in the park are usually fascinated and after I land they normally come over and have a chat.
If they have kids in tow and your model is light, put it in the parents and then in the kids hands.
Watch the kids faces when you do this.
See the "dad, I want one of those" looks.
If you are lucky the dad may have the same expression too.
Thread: Aileron Differential?
06/12/2011 14:09:03
I am going to ignore the aerobatic use of aileron differential and focus in the area that I use aileron differential for and that is for slow speed handling.
I normally use between 30 & 50% differential on the ailerons on my machines to reduce the chances of tip stalling and to reduce the rudder requirement when flying at slow speeds and for landings.
This certainly makes life much easier when things are getting a little critical in terms of airspeed and lift.
I have discovered that the tell tale sign that you have over done the differential is when the plane gives the feeling of the wing digging in while in a banking turn (as opposed to a yaw turn for the aerobatic pilots).
I also sort the differential using mechanics rather than the tx, just the way I work but it feels better to me. This is easily done by off setting the servo output horn or the control surface horn.
For those not to clear on the mechanical way of doing things I would recomment the RM Propo book, possibly very out of date but incredibly informative and in this case relevant.
Thread: The Whispering Death
06/12/2011 13:47:50
I agree with Danny, she is looking good.
Regarding the U/C doors, could you not make some light glass fibre bulges to fit around the wheel and then fix them to the insides of the doors.
That way you only have to make wheel size cut outs in the doors and GF will probably be stronger than a vac form so will add strength to the door too.
Thread: Pics from your free RCME plan build
02/12/2011 19:58:48
Thanks Erfolg, the Mustang flew incredibly well considering is was so badly under powered, around 30-40 w/lb.
I would recommend it - especially properly powered.
So what have you built? Anything special?
01/12/2011 22:36:32


PSS Mustang converted to electric power


Small TN Spitfire
01/12/2011 21:59:27
A few of mine


Mini Stiletto and Stiletto

Basic 3D
Thread: The Whispering Death
30/11/2011 14:00:48
Just read this thread from start to current position.
Congratulations on your perseverance. I think I would have given up by now.
I love seeing your contemplation as you go along, which is helping to bring this thread alive.
Most plans are a bit ambiguous and it is that which makes each and every machine individual because the builders find different solutions.
Keep going, you are doing a great job, just keep half an eye on the weight.
Thread: Mini crystals
30/11/2011 12:50:50
I think the legend is Rx crystal brand to Rx brand for the make match, same with the Tx.
I have tried crossing Futaba with Hitec in Tx and Rx and it does not work well at all.
Thread: End of an era
30/11/2011 10:55:40
I sat chuckling at this thread, sounds all too familliar to me.
Why does football have to be on the news and played every day of the week?
Can't it go back to being just a saturday thing so we can all get some rest from it?
What I would really love to know, in these times of money issues, how do football clubs keep running making huge losses all the time?
Any other business woul be shut down, or broken up and sold!
Now there is an idea.....

Edited By Andy Gates on 30/11/2011 10:56:00

Thread: Basic 3D
22/11/2011 17:15:38
The right and down thrust are as per the plan which is approx 3 degrees or 1/8" displacement so it must be an optical illusion.
Because it is not IC powered, I fitted the motor centrally in the vertical plane and offset to the left (see the smaller former) which places the prop smack in line with the centre of the F1 former.
1/4" wing seat is not needed since I have no dowels to hold the bands down and also with it being bolted I do not need the additional thickness to reduce lower wing damage.
No 1/4" seat helps reduce the weight.
The ply doubler has been ftted for strength in the fuselage forward section and does not add much weight because it is so thin.
Leading edge was not much different to the plan.
I fitted a strip of 1/8" x 1/4" balsa through 1/8" wide 1/4" deep slots in the fronts of the ribs in a central position to add some support to hold the ribs in position and to add strength.
The rib profile was moved forward slightly so I could use 3/8" balsa for the LE.
Upper and lower sheeting was butt joined behind the LE balsa before sanding down the LE to shape.
I still consider that I am just adding my spin to an existing design to suit my needs, as opposed to a design.
Thanks for the thought though and many thanks for the corny name Steve, the effort is appreciated.
I have one machine in my collection which I would declare as my own design but the plan is too poor for publication in my opinion.
It has been suggested that I sort the plan out for publishing, but I built it for sentimental reasons so I do not feel happy sorting it out right now. Maybe at a later date.
That design and build thread is found here

Edited By Andy Gates on 22/11/2011 17:16:36

21/11/2011 21:00:11
Now the hatch
in situ

the cover

the reinforcement and where the tongue goes.

Wing bolts

and the fastening plate at the back of the bay

and finally the front wing & hatch retainer

Edited By Andy Gates on 21/11/2011 21:12:56

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