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Thread: scale model competitions
26/02/2020 16:14:08

Hi, as John has said the light scale and Flying only is a great intro to scale flying. I'm in my 3rd season and enjoying it throughout the ups and downs. True you will be flying alongside the top flyers in the country but this is a great time to pick their brains, get good tips on building/ converting planes and of course flying them well too. As I found out they don't bite and are a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Flying scale means you have to learn to fly accurately and get speed, position and timing right to get towards the top of the leader board which really does benefit your club flying too. Seeing a Spitfire whip by at Mach 1 can look impressive, but will turn more heads when its done at the right speed and pitch/ roll rates and looks "Just right" in the sky. If you can pass your "A" you can already do the basics needed.

One of my best moments was a couple of decades ago flying a Precedent 1/4 scale Stampe at a Fete and after the flight an old gentleman came to me and said he loves watching the model planes, but watching the Stampe put him back in the cockpit of a Tiger Moth when he did his military training back in the 1940s.

Give it a go and check out the BMFA Scale site. I'm sure the bug will bite. Here is the link to the calendar BMFA Events

See you at the comps.


Edited By Ady Hayward on 26/02/2020 16:15:32

Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
11/08/2019 18:34:57

Hi Dick,

Just caught up with the thread again and Wow!. I love the choice of subject and so well done too. Just shows what can be done with time, effort and a good model. Its a shame about the u/c mounting, but it looks like it went back in very nicely and would be taking to the air again in a short time. I'm sure that by now there will be a good few more flights under the belt and appreciating the handling qualities of Richard's designs. It is the sweetest handling Spitfire I have owned (Out of 7 built) and with the fewest vices, though if provoked will bite but recovers well if correct handling is carried out.

Please post more pics if available.


Thread: X9D+ Double Trouble
13/01/2019 17:41:46

Yay! James's link did the trick and the Tx is no longer locked when I press trims together and switch on. I'm very relieved and grateful for the help.

Cheers All

13/01/2019 16:26:45

Many thanks for the link James. It's looking useful. The whole episode started when I found that my Taranis would not bind to the receivers produced recently so the intention was to update the radio to the 2.2.2 version and then update my older receivers to the later firmwares but stumbled at the first hurdle.

12/01/2019 23:40:33

I had read the same on the Open TX forums and tried every port on both machines on 3 different cables. I found one cable was dodgy but the others were faultless with other devices but no joy with the Taranis crying 2

I get the windows sound to indicate the USB is connected but nothing is seen on the PC. In the Devices window it indicates the drivers are loaded but doesn't show the TX or drives. Been trying to resolve this since last Tuesday and its driving me crazy. face 24

Yes Trebor. A good find. I've used some of the micro USB cables from Poundland and not had any issues with them.

12/01/2019 19:29:31

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the USB is not recognised by my Win10 PC or Win10 Laptop. I have tried the Zadig utility and other recommended USB drivers to no avail. I can write to the Micro SD card if connected directly to the computers.but that is the extent of my USB connectivity.

12/01/2019 16:01:27

Hi Folks

It have a tx issue that I can't resolve. I tried updating my Taranis X9D+ so it could be compatible with the latest receivers and somehow have corrupted the bootloader such that I can't enter the bootloader as when I enter the bootloader by the trims inwards/ power on method the TX goes white screen with constant vibration/buzzing, and I cannot see the Tx via USB on either laptop/PC or via the Companion app.

I had V 2.16 and was hoping to update to X9DP V2.2.2-20180525 and update the bootloader accordingly.

If anyone has a cure for this that can be passed on it would be appreciated.


Thread: Bungee
09/04/2018 23:12:24


Hi Ron,

All the above posts are valid and can be done as described. I have had god results just using the stretch in 30lb monofilament fishing line. With a light breeze 10 paces or more of stretch over 150metres will give a good "Bungee" start. Just be mindful of the strain imparted on the tow hook structure though. Try with a couple of kg pull (Testing with some fishing spring scales) on the 1st attempts.


Edited By Ady Hayward on 09/04/2018 23:12:51

Thread: Sealing EDF motor wires passing through exhaust duct
05/02/2018 22:58:42

I have used RTV to good effect on my EDF models. I would suggest using a simple shroud over the wires just to streamline them and to stop them flapping in the breeze. A flattened drinking straw slit on one corner will suffice. It can be closed after with some blender tape or similar.

Thread: Spitfire Aerial fitting ideas
11/09/2017 10:14:06


My solution was to create a slightly larger pocket for the aerial and put a small amount of silicone sealer in. Then push the antenna in having first thinly coated the base with a non stick substance such as Vaseline and leave until it has cured. Be sure to have cleaned up any surplus silicone. The antenna can then be puled out leaving a flexible pocket for the antenna.


Thread: Martians Mossie
10/09/2017 22:28:13

Hi Martian.

She's looking great. Nice work.

Thread: Chip Shop
08/09/2017 16:37:55

Yay. I had received my plans a week ago and have now just received a huge box of Chippie bits smile p

Time to start Chipping away


Thread: EE Lightning F6 for 70mm Fans
08/09/2017 16:27:23

I guess it is a rework of the GAD F6. Should fly well.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
24/08/2017 11:05:20

Hi Andy,

Nice work. The splinter pattern camo was common across the Luftwaffe so I wouldn't worry about it. Once you get some crosses on etc it will really start to come together. I find with my one that in certain light/ cloud conditions it disappears at certain angles which is quite disconcerting so a scheme with greater contrast is a much safer option. Keep us posted on the progress as it is really nice to see the kits get finished and flown. The Ju88 is one of my all time favourites, maybe even the best in many years of RC model flying so I think you will not be disappointed with its flying characteristics.


Thread: Chip Shop
23/08/2017 22:24:00

Hi Martian,

I was with 493 Kings Heath & Moseley Squadron when we lived in the South of Birmingham. I was with them around 6 years up to my joining the RAF as a Halton Brat (Armourer).


I will probably build the cowl from litho plate as I would prefer a scale means of access to the engine. I did ask Fighter Aces about the canopy and was told that the rear panels are flat due to the likelihood of release issues should they have been moulded with the bulged panels. I will probably experiment as I would like to have the canopy able to open and I do like their extra canopy frame moulding..



22/08/2017 11:24:33

Hi Danny, I have ordered the Dave Wormersley one including the parts pack too. I've stalled on the cowl and canopy as I want to be sure of getting the best ones (If you can recommend any particular ones please). The canopies seem to have flat rear glazed panels whereas the T10 had bulged panels. I'm also looking at ways of getting the prop direction changed to left hand if possible.



PS. I seem to have hit a wall with 8AEF logos of the late 60's era. Any pics will be gratefully received

Edited By Ady Hayward on 22/08/2017 11:26:20

22/08/2017 09:47:10

Well folks. Better late than never. Just ordered the plans for a 1/4 scale Chippy. If I can find my ATC Logbook and some colour reference pictures of 8 AEF chipmunks flown from RAF shawbury in the late 60's to 1972 I will build a replica of the first Chippy I flew as an ATC cadet.

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
08/08/2017 20:05:39

I can see and agree the arguments for why things are going downhill for the kit maker and kit builder but is anyone looking at how things can be improved.
I am probably not going to be thanked for saying this but are the media not part of the problem. In the model magazines still around just how many are proactive towards the UK cottage industries to sell kits and parts?. The costs of advertising are astronomical when compared to the profit margin the cottage industries can muster, and every month you will see page after page of full page adverts for the Far Eastern companies ie. Hobby King, Hangar 9, Dynam, E Flight that can easily afford to pay big £'s and good business for the publishers. Needed I know so we can read the magazines every month. Even our larger UK providers appear to have modest advertising boxes in which to advertise so no wonder the only manufacturers that many modellers get to see and know of are the sites with big ads offering RTF/ ARTF foamies or liteply and filmed aircraft. Give RCM&E their due we do see builds of models featured in their plans service which show how to build an aircraft from the plan but we also get to see review after review of the aforementioned Far Eastern products and once in a very blue moon do we get to see a local manufacturers product(s).
Time and time again at fly-ins and events I get asked "Is it a foamie"? and when I reply to the negative I then go through the list of possibles E-Flight etc and then when I tell them the manufacturers name I hear "Never heard of them" or "Didn't they go bust".
The upshot is how can we publicise these hard working people who make the kits and parts we want, love the hobby and want to pass it on. They want to give back to we modellers the benefits of their knowledge and expertise in the kits and products they create for us for next to no profit (If any profit at all). Its fine saying word of mouth which is painfully slow, or put up a website but until it is publicised somehow, how do you know its there and how will you find it.
Comes back to publicity again.
The club is where fellow modellers meet and talk models so it would appear the best way to get any ball rolling is to talk and show others that it is not so difficult as it may seem. I think with most their first creation left things to be desired but each build results in more skill, more pride and a better model. Maybe people get together, pass the word and maybe, as with the Hurricane build and a batch of planes are kitted and built as a club contest/ build over winter.

Edited By Ady Hayward on 08/08/2017 21:24:58

Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
31/07/2017 16:27:18

It would appear after seeing a few Spits finished that the routes for weight gain are most likely as Richard has stated in his last post namely: Excessive use of primer. Excessive use of paint especially if using rattle cans. Applying too much glue into the joints/ not removing surplus glues. Adding additional structure to beef up the aircraft (Remember. They are designed to fly and not to withstand crashing). Adding loads of extra detail.

It is tricky sometimes keeping things in check but well worth it in the longer term.

An up to date blog can be found here:**LINK**


Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
31/07/2017 16:12:15

Hi folks

The Ju-88 hasn't died a death though it has come mightily close a couple of times. Its just a case of keeping two blogs up to date for each project and posting pics to the albums before they can be included becomes a pain where a hundred or more pics are loaded for the one blog. For those still looking in the complete blog is here:**LINK**


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