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Thread: 1950s Tail light colour and style
05/02/2017 12:16:32

Hi, I'm putting my tin hat on at this point for as I recall the RAF aircraft of the 50's era had nav lights that were fixed colour and the pilot can select continuous or flashing. In the flashing mode they flashed at about 1Hz (1 per second).

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
26/01/2017 20:33:19

I think David has summed up the main issue at the end of his post.

It does seem from what I've experienced (Via my connections with kit manufacturers both balsa and foam types) that the big rise in balsa prices and the sudden hike in kit prices many, many moons ago put the brakes on a great number of model builders hobby and a good number took to their computers for fun as did the kids of the time. Those that enjoyed "Balsa bashing" seemed to suddenly be threatened with the endangered list especially as the search for materials to build cheaper models gave rise to the foamies and models made with a variety of card, foam, XPS etc. It became significantly cheaper to produce a non traditional build model culminating in the rise of the far eastern ARF market where cheap materials, manufacturing and labour made them with few competitors and able to flood the market with (In many cases excellent performing) models that require a minimum of effort to get flying.

Those diehards who have lived through this are still producing traditional builds because so much more can be done with the balsa, ply builds with durability and strength being attributes that foam does not always satisfy especially where competition might be involved. Until the production of composite foam models take a significant hike in costs there will not be cause to change from where we are now, and with so few youngsters taking up this hobby/ sport the future is bleak indeed with the traditional build banner being carried by fewer and fewer.

Maybe what is needed is for the education authorities to put practical craft activities back on to the national curriculum to give the youngsters something to create for themselves so practical skills can be learned and appreciated. Maybe that would plant seeds such that some may grow into modellers.

I may be wide of the mark but this is the way I see things at the moment


Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
18/01/2017 20:34:51

Hi Paul,

Your battery cover looks good. All ideas are gratefully received. How long before the maiden?

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
28/12/2016 23:43:35

A 110 would be a nice partner for the Ju88. Definitely bigger is better and a nice paint jobbf110iizg76shark face.jpg



Thread: is very nearly 10 years old!
25/12/2016 16:17:07

Hows about through 2017 a series of informal fly-Ins hosted by local clubs around the country where 10th anniversary items can be handed out to worthy participants.


Edited By Ady Hayward on 25/12/2016 16:18:55

Thread: 1/3 Scale Sopwith Triplane
18/12/2016 18:46:46


Any more updates on the progress? An absolutely stunning build to follow and drool after.


Edited By Ady Hayward on 18/12/2016 18:47:09

Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
02/11/2016 10:52:50

Hi Andy,

This was one of the most impressive things I noted with the kit. All of the foam/ veneer parts were just superb with the grain suiting the curves precisely. The standard of kit presentation is way ahead of most if not all.

As you said "Rolls Royce Quality"


15/10/2016 22:33:00

Hi Andy,

As Jon has said the tailplane needs no further reinforcement​ as it is well supported on the fuselage and the fin also adds some support. The trailing edge acts as a spar too so I would not be concerned, and in my case I have cut out a fair piece of the tailplane underside to allow the tail retract unit to fit as needed.



Thread: 40mm EDF Fan
18/08/2016 23:56:56

Hi Adrian,

There is an Aussie modeller on RC Groups by the name Nitrocharged. He has done a lot with micro EDF and does sell some bits n bobs. The link posted should PM him:

Good luck


Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
15/08/2016 21:28:58

Hi Jon ,

The suggestion of counter rotating props was just to counter the tendency to autorotate to the left when high power is quickly applied in a low speed high angle of attack such as a late decision to overshoot or if turning too hard causing an accelerated stall. Most multi engine planes will do this so the suggestion was just there for those that might push the sweet flying nature of the machine that bit too far


14/08/2016 21:32:49

Hi Cliff,

I'm really glad you enjoyed the flying. This Ju-88 kit really is an easy build and also great intro to multi engine flying. The powerful rudder will cope well with asymmetric power in flight and She'll be even better if the props were counter rotating. The bug has bitten a little methinks.


Thread: Supporting wires
14/08/2016 20:53:42

I have bought a strip of ribbon cable from RS Components and strip of 3 wires at a time to run the length of the fuselage and then soldered each end of a short extension cable to the ends to make a permanent extender. If more than one servo is required then I add an extra wire off the ribbon for each servo signal wire and solder the extra connector to the common + and - then solder the connector signal wire to the spare wire.


Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
25/07/2016 21:26:10


It has been quite a while since I last posted. To date I have completed 12 flights and entered the Ju in a flying only scale event at my home field (RMAC, Warboys) and the scale days at Old Warden. Both events had many people ask about the aircraft and why the RAF markings, and a couple even wondered what type of British fighter/bomber it was!

finished ju-88 (2).jpg

finished ju-88 (3).jpg

finished ju-88 (4).jpg

finished ju-88 (5).jpg

finished ju-88 (6).jpg

finished ju-88 (7).jpg

finished ju-88 (12).jpg

finished ju-88 (13).jpg

finished ju-88 (14).jpg

finished ju-88 (15).jpg

The flying side is always a pleasure with this aircraft and it has flown at pretty much all ends of the flight spectrum. I have found that on my current elevator setting + 20mm it is very nice on the pitch axis but will not sustain inverted flight and sometimes will nose over if the grass is a tad too long so my next project with her is to get a few more mm of travel. I did have the misfortune at Old Warden last Saturday of having a crash at low level, flying low, slow with ½ flap (At the bequest of a camera man). It was my own stupidity that allowed a bit of bravado to creep in and paid the price. The arrival cracked the nose, removed most of the dipoles and took the motor clean out of the right nacelle. Fortunately the damage looked much worse than it was and it was flying the next day having had a new front bulkhead glued in place of the damaged one and the Ju looking none the worse for the ordeal.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
08/07/2016 21:03:56

Hi Folks,

Here is my latest build a Ju88 from a kit. Foam wings, tail surfaces and top/bottom deckings and balsa/ ply for the remaining structure. ABS nosecone and nacelles. 74" wingspan and weight around 10lbs. The model represents one that landed in the UK by accident and was a great windfall for the RAF that got to test the Luftwaffe's latest night fighter.



Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
08/07/2016 20:34:13

Hi Jon,

The people that made comment were surprised at how light the Ju88 was plus the scale schedule was completed having used 50% of a 3300 Lipo and another example of the effect of low wing loading. I am contemplating finding a way to switch the motors in and out so that it can be demonstrated on one motor. I would definitely advertise it as an ideal first twin simply because it flies so well and as yet I haven't found any handling vices despite having given it plenty of provocation.


08/07/2016 17:18:16

Hi Folks,

I have been watching this debate for some time and have tried hard to stay perched on the fence but alas I can't any longer. The Ju88 has produced a great deal of wow factor from all who have seen it the air and on the ground. The simplicity of build and great flight characteristics had a good few say they would like to have one so fingers crossed with that.

It does show that there is a great deal of interest in the bigger twins and singles, and especially those that will not break the bank so the formula is spot on. Even a more complex build as seen in the new Mk9 Spitfire wowed many as the ease of building makes this complex shape go together really well for novice and expert alike so the formula there is great too.

It makes me think that a range of models that complement each other may be attractive such as FW190/ Mk9 Spitfire, Hurricane/ Me109, Ju88/ Hornet or Whirlwind, Il2 and Pe2 with suitable adversaries and the list could go on.

As for the Hornet or Whirlwind...... I like the rugged looking simplicity of the Whirlwind but the sleek form of the Hornet has the edge in my opinion. The round fuselage could be made with a six or eight sided internal box and sheet or foam decking gives the final form. Even sheet as per the Spitfire wing to give the compound curves as the laser cutting makes the accuracy of form needed a simple task.

Just my 2p worth


Thread: Warbird Replicas Ju88 Night Fighter build
02/07/2016 17:41:34

Hi Folks.

Here are a couple of pics of the crew and cockpit fittings. The instrument panel layout was copied from a photo of the actual machine and the radar operator station is a little ad hoc based on other pics of the equipment. The idea is a little detail goes much farther/ time spent than a full cockpit that gets but a glimpse, plus it is not intended to be a F4C standard anyway.

sdc12526 (copy).jpg

The crew are Ace WW2 RAF latex mouldings painted by my son, the equipment, seats etc are sanded foam blocks and the instrument panel is abs etched sheet with a clear laminated sheet to which are glued the bezels from abs.

sdc12527 (copy).jpg

All bar the pilots were done and painted in a day and when the canopy is back in place again the interior looks good enough for a country job.

sdc12529 (copy).jpg


28/06/2016 22:47:17

Hi Cliff,

Many thanks for the kind comments. I did enter her in the BMFA scale flying only event last Sunday (26th). She was well received but my lack of concentration resulted in a totally unnecessary nose over during the take-off and 1st landing resulted in low scores. I didn't come last but could have done better.

She now has 3 flights under her belt and still rates as the nicest twin I've had the pleasure of flying.

As for the future builds....Watch this space.


26/06/2016 00:23:09

Hi Folks,

Many thanks for the interest and great comments.

Andy, The best way is to contact Richard Wills via his website: **LINK** I am sure he will be able to help you.


24/06/2016 17:20:49

Hi again.

Good news.... The maiden has been done and I must say this is the best maiden flight that I can recall in over 40years of model flying. The Ju took off in a scale manner with no real inputs to the controls and was in a nice climb at around 50% throttle. I kept the wheels down just in case but was a non issue. Rolls are barrel like but look very much to scale and she pulled up through a large loop requiring a little back pressure on the sticks and just increasing the throttle from 1/3 when level to 100% at the top then slowly backing off on the downside. The flaps work well giving a good increase in lift when depressed at the 1st stage@ 25 degrees and a lot of drag when depressed fully at around 60 degrees+. I did a flapless landing and she just wheeled onto the grass in a classic greaser of a landing. I found a couple of little snags after the flight which will be simple to sort out.

Am I chuffed with this flight......You bet I am.  I forgot to add that she weighs around 10lbs and the wind speed sounds worse than the 5-8 kts that was blowing at the time

Here is the Youtube link: **LINK**



Edited By Ady Hayward on 24/06/2016 17:51:37

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