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Thread: VOLANTEX asw 28
01/07/2020 22:28:31

It sounds as if it's simply a case of plugging the ESC and servos into the correct sockets on the receiver.

Is the throttle control on the left hand side of the transmitter? (i.e. the stick that is not sprung to the centre)

If so, then simply try plugging a servo into each socket in turn on the receiver until you find a socket that responds to the throttle stick. You can then plug your ESC into this socket.

Repeat for the other controls. (Take the prop off while you are doing all this!)

If you do not have the manual for the transmitter there is one here .

Hope this helps!

Edited By Colin Bernard on 01/07/2020 22:29:12

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
17/06/2020 13:42:18

Taking George's comments on board I have had an interesting morning in testing the various suggestions.

The tests were done on my Provost using a freshly charged 3S 75C Graphene LiPo.

The outlet diameter matched the plan so no further testing on that.

Looking at the other points, my default timing was 'medium', I had omitted to fit the inlet ring and the cheat hole was standard, so I looked at each of these in turn. For the cheat hole I initially simply took off the top hatch to see if it made any difference.

The results are summarised below...

edf test 3.jpg

So a 45% increase primarily due to adding the inlet ring and increasing the size of the cheat hole. I was surprised at the difference the inlet ring made but thinking about it I guess the original abrupt entry would create a lot of turbulence which the ring eliminates.

So a fairly happy bunny now. (Will be happier once shielding relaxes and I can get to the field!)

Hope this helps you guys.

16/06/2020 19:40:38

Well done Alex - there are certainly a couple of points there I'd like to check.

16/06/2020 16:22:25

Both mine were from Banggood so that may be where the problem lies, although they did look to be genuine FMS units.

Not giving up though as I intend to build either the Gnat or Phantom and this time will buy from 4-Max.

And who knows, once we are released from shielding, I may find that the Provost flies fine!

16/06/2020 14:07:11

As per Dick's suggestion I have tested my Sabre and Provost with various LiPo's. All LiPo's were > 85% charged and showing >11v. EDF units are FMS 50mm.

The Provost and Sabre both have the standard cheat holes.


Edited By Colin Bernard on 16/06/2020 14:08:20

15/06/2020 17:23:17

Dick - good idea. I'll do that in the morning and report the results.

15/06/2020 16:09:42

Further to this my Sabre has a Hobbyking ESC and the Provost a Ripmax ESC. And yes, both have had the throttle calibration done.

Open to any ideas that don't mean breaking into the model to change the EDF!

15/06/2020 13:33:34

I am also only getting about 300g thrust from my FMS fan in my Provost. I had the same with the fan in the Sabre which I posted about in that topic.

I was hoping it may have been a case of a bad fan, but the Provost is exactly the same. I have tried various batteries including a 40C graphene, but 310g was the best that I got.

No idea how anyone is getting these 600g figures!

15/06/2020 13:33:31

I am also only getting about 300g thrust from my FMS fan in my Provost. I had the same with the fan in the Sabre which I posted about in that topic.

I was hoping it may have been a case of a bad fan, but the Provost is exactly the same. I have tried various batteries including a 40C graphene, but 310g was the best that I got.

No idea how anyone is getting these 600g figures!

Thread: How long have you been waitng for an order from HK Global?
02/06/2020 20:19:52

Hi Martin,

I am in the same boat. Placed an order 3rd April and tracking just says 'Expired'. Spoke to HK 2 weeks ago and they gave me the 39 day rule and asked me to contact them tomorrow so they could raise an investigation request.

If it's any consolation, I ordered some batteries from Banggood on 15th March, and they were delivered today!

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
28/05/2020 17:28:19

Well my Provost is done now it's a case of waiting and thumb twiddling - SWMBO is in the high risk group so no going to the field yet


Thread: Wire Gauges and how to measure them.
23/05/2020 11:30:49

Being a bit of a saddo curiosity has got the better of me and I have found that the relevant conversion formula for AWG to mm is

Diameter = 0.127 mm × 92(36-n)/39

In Excel, if A1 holds the AWG value then the formula is 0.127*(92^((36-A1)/39)).

The cross sectional area is then PI()*(B1/2)^2 where B1 is the diameter.

There is no easy calculation for max current as it depends on type of wire, length, number of cores etc

23/05/2020 10:59:38

I find the 4-Max site great for this sort of info.

This page has a table giving area, diameter and maximum current for sizes from 8 to 20 AWG. This can then be extrapolated to other sizes.

On their servo wire page it shows them using 22AWG for standard servo wire, 26AWG for lightweight and 24AWG for extension leads

Thread: Professional 2D CAD free of charge
19/05/2020 13:39:23

Thanks Carl, but for me it was idle curiosity as I am quite sold on Fusion 360 - even for 2D - but others may want to take up your offer.


19/05/2020 12:56:26

Barrie - it's before the download starts.


19/05/2020 12:10:46

Interesting - I also get the message with the first link, but the 2nd link to the 3D community edition software works fine! No logic there.

Thread: Gorilla glue
01/05/2020 22:46:53

The brown treacle like stuff is the polyurethane foaming glue - excellent for tough jobs but use sparingly as it expands quite a bit. (Managed to transform an indoor model's motor into a useless nose weight when trying to reinforce the mount!)

Also look for 'Lumberjack' brand - think I got mine from Screwfix. Just as good but cheaper.

There is also a white PVA Gorilla Glue for general woodwork which I am using at the moment and find it works well.

More details from the Gorilla site here

Thread: Vectis Problems
17/03/2020 20:08:07

Could be - but if the supplied email help doesn't generate a response then i am a bit stuffed. If they can guarantee there is no transaction lurking in their system that will hit my account later, then fine I'll risk another go - but not at moment!

17/03/2020 19:39:19

Needing to make a large purchase from Argos I thought I'd check the BMFA Rewards site and sure enough there was an offer for 7% discount, so I thought 'Right - I'll have some of that!'

But it was not to be. I tried twice to buy the appropriate gift card, but both times, after going through the Visa verification, I just got a grey box with a sad face which when I clicked it gave me a message ' refused to connect'.

There was an email address to contact for help, so I sent details 7hrs ago but no response so don't know the status of those payments - although they do not seem to have hit my account yet.

Has anyone else had problems? Very reluctant to try again now for any other offers!


Edited By Colin Bernard on 17/03/2020 19:41:21

Thread: C.A.A Reg number ,inside or outside ????
08/12/2019 17:40:22

Guess it depends on the label and surface - I've just had the devil's own job getting the labels off old jam jars ready for the next batch!

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