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Thread: C.A.A Reg number ,inside or outside ????
08/12/2019 17:40:22

Guess it depends on the label and surface - I've just had the devil's own job getting the labels off old jam jars ready for the next batch!

08/12/2019 15:53:39

Every so often Aldi has Dymo printers on offer. Got one a couple of years ago and its proved very useful. Restock on the label material every time Aldi has the offer on. (They do paper, plastic, white, transparent and yellow).

Obviously you can buy at other places without waiting for Aldi - but since I'm a tight b.......

Thread: Any better ways to store glue ??
04/12/2019 22:44:07

I've found that when a bottle appears to be set solid it is often just a skin on top and I can often simply hack at it with an old screwdriver and when I break through I can get at good glue underneath.

Thread: Design assistance request!
02/11/2019 10:54:14

Hi Dave,

I don't know Tinkercad but in Fusion it is quite simple. Create your root airfoil in one sketch then create an offset plane at the height of the fin and use that to create the tip airfoil.

Then use the 'Loft' command to connect the two. This will give you a solid body which you could export via Tools/Malke/3D Print to your slicer. Then print with the necessary fill setting.

Alternatively once you have the fin body you could use the Shell command to give you a hollow body which you could then add in internal strengthening within Fusion.

Hope that helps.

Thread: 2019 Special Issue
27/09/2019 11:31:16

I must admit I agree with a lot of the above. As someone with nearly 60 years in the hobby there was little in the special to interest me.

I usually look forward to the special each year for its free feature plan e.g. the Vulcan, but none of these plans are relevant to me.

Chris made the comment that he is glad he is not the editor trying to please all the readers. In my view there has been no attempt at all to please the well established aeromodeller, instead the whole magazine is targetted at the beginner and would have been better marketed as a special beginners edition, like some of the model railway mags do occasionally.

Sure we need to help and encourage new modellers, but there there also needs to be something to keep us veteran modellers interested too, or else I can see subscriptions are going to get cancelled!

Thread: Fieseler Storch
22/08/2019 11:25:56

Its coming on nicely!

Thread: Nice gesture from Hobbyking
18/08/2019 20:52:56

He says on another video that he fell and cut his wrist to the bone, severing tendons and nerves. Apparently the tendons should heal in 6 weeks or so, but they would not comment on the nerve recovery. Let's hope for the best - he's quite a character!!

Thread: Difficulty finding a previous thread
18/08/2019 20:46:41

i just put 'hurricane tailwheel' in the search at the top of the posts, leaving the thread title as "All Topics" and got straight to it!

Thread: Fieseler Storch
14/08/2019 19:48:25

Don't know if you have seen it but RC Model Geeks has done a full build of the DW Storch - in 35 YouTube videos!

The first is here. Some are hard work, but worth persevering with for the many tips he gives.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
06/08/2019 16:55:05

And exactly the same answer was given to a question Lee Rowley submitted regarding the publicising of the new regs. In neither case was the actual question answered. Not surprised but makes me wonder why we bother paying their wages.

Edited By Colin Bernard on 06/08/2019 16:55:22

02/08/2019 13:00:57

Personally I do not object to registration and a small charge, other than it is totally unnecessary and will achieve nothing beneficial for the aviation community.

What I do object to is the misinformation, misleading and illogical way this has been approached.

We all know that the associations have registration systems that could be tapped into. This has been totally ignored other than for some woolly comment saying that this option is not suitable. Legislation could be introduced to enforce all pilots to belong to one of the associations - same cost level as the registration scheme with the benefit of insurance, support, training etc.

Costs quoted are ridiculous and rising. I am seeing reports that the development costs are now expected to hit £4m. According to CAP1775 the £16.50 was calculated by anticipating 251,000 registrations and renewals in the first 18 months.

Using this same figure only 61% of the £4m development and £2.8m running costs would be recovered. To recover the full amount the registration fee would need to be £27.

Of course we know, or expect, that the registration numbers will be nothing like that. If we assume an optimistic 50% actually register then the registration fee would need to be an annual £54, (but likely increased after year 1!).

If they do not get the income then it will be coming out of our taxes and we will still be paying for an overpriced, over spec'd application that achieves nothing.

As a final point, apparently Defra had a similar system running back in 2007 to register game shooters. Allowing for inflation this system was still less that £500,000 annually to run!

Feel free to shoot me down in flames here - I would really like to be proved wrong, then I would not feel so aggrieved!


Edited By Colin Bernard on 02/08/2019 13:03:17

31/07/2019 19:04:32

Yes, that's right. He tabled the questions after I moaned about the answers we had had up to then - but of course we got the same answers!

Seems that unless the group is hundreds of thousands of people moaning, with headlines in the Daily Wail, then you just get walked over.

31/07/2019 16:25:39

It will be interesting to see the answer to one of the other questions Lee Rowley submitted - "To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what assessment he has made of the potential merits of using British Model Flying Association drone registration data to avoid duplicate registrations in the UK Drone Registration Scheme."

I guess it will be the same woolly 'not fit for purpose' type answer!

Thread: Oracover Easycover Sold As Seconds
26/07/2019 20:15:43

Like Tony I didn't like the stuff. I used it for my Nijhuis Sabre but after Solarfilm and Hobbyking films I found it very problematical.

One of these being the adhesive seemed to be over sensitive to radiant heat from the iron. As you applied the film and sealed the edges i found the excess film started to get sticky and started to adhere to both itself, and areas already covered before you had a chance to trim it off.

Plus as you finished off a piece, then if you were not careful the adhesive would soften and in getting rid of a final crease an edge would get soft and pull away or shrink.

Come back Solarfilm - all is forgiven!

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
26/07/2019 19:01:03

Tony - I did it tail down for the reason brokenenglish mentioned above.

However since at the moment there are no wings or cockpit on the fuz it's no issue so out of curiosity I did it nose down on a fresh battery and got much the same - 16oz/454g thrust.

And I hate to admit it but yes, I had copied off the wrong side of the plan for the canopy - duh!

25/07/2019 21:40:47

I am wondering how accurate my thrust measurement is. I simply inverted the model over the kitchen scales as close as I could to the scales without touching them, and then gave it WOT.

I'll stick the wings back on and try adding that cheat hole.

As to the canopy I must have traced off the wrong side of the plan! Never mind, have plenty of pop bottles!

Thanks again Tony - I'll post any updates.

Looking forward to building the Provost next.

(And must summon up the courage to maiden the Vulcan too.)

Thread: Hitec Optima Aerial Mount
25/07/2019 19:30:27

Dai - have sent you a PM

Thread: BMFA hosted club web sites
25/07/2019 18:43:07

Great - thanks for the update.

25/07/2019 10:59:23

Hi Stuart.

OK, the problem is nothing to do with the websites but is a known Safari issue - in fact I got that error myself earlier simply using Google.

I get it quite often across various random sites. Usually I just hit reload and the site will load fine.

If that doesn't work then there are a number of suggested remedies such as clearing the Safari cache or the browsing data.

You could also try an alternative browser such as Chrome or Puffin.

I find that when it happens with me the WiFi signal indicator has dropped to one bar which supports one of the theories I saw on line, in that the error occurs during the initial 'handshake' between the browser and the server. If that does not complete successful, e.g. due to signal issues, then the server sees it as a rogue connection and rejects it.

Hope this helps.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
24/07/2019 21:58:39

Thanks Tony - appreciate the answer - but if I understand you correctly you are saying that it should fly OK, even with a 2200 and the problem is just that it needs a large cheater hole adding?

If so what makes mine, built as per plan, different to yours and the others who say theirs fly OK? (I feel sure that I built accurately, CG was right etc)

Happy to try anything - just need to understand.

Edited By Colin Bernard on 24/07/2019 22:06:50

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