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Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
06/05/2015 22:45:12
Posted by Martin Harris on 06/05/2015 12:18:29:

Surely an EGM is a form of referendum?

I'm trying to remain objective about the proposals but I get the feeling that a small faction is thoroughly in favour of the idea and is pushing the project through with undue haste - just a feeling, based on the feedback from the BMFA, but one that seems to be shared by many others.

My vision was a feasibility study to be considered by the membership, approval of the idea and then detailed examination of site availabilities. To tell us that the prospective land purchase is simply a financial investment with just a possibility of using it in the future doesn't seem to fit in with the chairman's letter published on the BMFA website and feels rather patronising to me.

Edited By Martin Harris on 06/05/2015 12:26:10

My thoughts too Martin

04/05/2015 19:51:22

Further to my 16:42 post on 2/5/15, the information pack was waiting on the mat when I got back to Torbay this afternoon: 13 pages and 8 appendix to read and inwardly digest. As I am down in the SW, achieving one of the site visit slots is going to be challenging

02/05/2015 16:54:18
Posted by cymaz on 01/05/2015 06:26:45:

If the meeting is that important..put it on the front page for all to see. Club members have a greater chance of seeing it and then asking their delegate.

I had no idea Peter Disney was going. I will email him or see him at Truro Club sometime and ask him what is going on. Now I will also ask our area chairman.

It seems too cloak and dagger....BMFA should publicise meetings more via the front web page.



The subject of a National Centre along with the way forward in general for the BMFA and Areas organisation has been discussed many times in the last year at the Sub Area meetings.  It will be on the agenda again next Friday.  I am surprised you are not aware that I, as the Area Delegate, attend Full Council meetings (and Areas Council as required): who do you think represents the collective views of the county up the line?

All BMFA members in the county (including Country Members) are, and always have been, very welcome to attend the meetings at Trispen.  I look forward to seeing you at the Clock and Key at 19.00 on Friday-mine's a pint of Tribute thanks.


Edited By Dizz on 02/05/2015 16:56:53

02/05/2015 16:42:28

Here is the proposal to be put to Full Council in 2 weeks time.

PROPOSAL: That Council endorses the actions agreed upon unanimously by the BMFA Executive Committee on 11th April to make all relevant planning and change of use searches while concurrently contacting the selling agents of Laws Lawn Farm in East Northamptonshire in order to open negotiations on making an offer to purchase (subject to contract ) the said property.

REASON: Background factors: By the date of the next BMFA Council meeting in May, all Council members will have received an exhaustively complete feasibility study document detailing the thorough nature of the searches for suitable sites and, more importantly, the overall financial feasibility and viability of acquiring and effectively maintaining a National Centre for the BMFA. Additionally all Council members will have received and hopefully accepted an invitation from the BMFA Office to visit the proposed flying/ National Centre site and formed a view as to its suitability. As it stands and at the time of submitting this proposal, the BMFA has not received permission from the appropriate authorities to host the Free Flight, Power or Silent Flight Nationals at Barkston and/or Cranwell in 2015; additionally the BMFA is only too aware of increasing difficulties in gaining access to any MoD sites such as Salisbury Plain and Middle Wallop. While this proposal offers no solutions to the immediate 2015 problems it highlights the increasingly difficult and uncertain situation in accessing major MoD sites and underlines the need for the BMFA to secure a site over which it exercises control. The UK economic situation is such that we can expect ever increasing pressure on the MoD to reduce costs and maximise usage of its remaining sites; moreover with all political parties planning massive housebuilding programmes all MoD sites for disposal or changed use will be considered primarily for housing or commercial development which renders them likely to be unaffordable to the BMFA. Interest rates on financial loans are at an historic low in the UK which for the foreseeable future makes an outright purchase more attractive and financially sound. Reasoning: To secure longer term support funding for this project the BMFA is aware that grant-funding bodies and other potential investors will need to see a high degree of financial commitment already in place before considering any applications. To achieve this the BMFA has been fortunate in identifying a site which immediately offers a tangible and affordable first step while offering the potential for further development as additional funding becomes available. If an offer to purchase is accepted, the BMFA’s financial situation, coupled with expectations of support from our very generous insurance brokers, means that these initial actions through to 2016 require no additional financing via the BMFA’s membership fee. Extensive information and consultation with our membership will now begin culminating in either an EGM or AGM motion in 2015 seeking to better inform the membership on the details of this project and enlisting their views and hopefully overall support. Key to this is the fact that a land acquisition of this nature at this time makes good financial sense for the reason that BMFA funds invested currently are receiving virtually no interest while land continues to escalate considerably in value. The Executive is vitally committed to proceeding on this project through an active support and information process in place with Council, clubs and country members. However, as anybody who has ever purchased a house or other property will know, the process of negotiating a price and securing a purchase with agents, often playing interested parties off against each other, is a volatile and fast moving process. The BMFA Executive Committee takes the view that, if we are ever to succeed in such a venture, actions will have to be taken in a timely manner which renders a consultation with our thirty six thousand members virtually impractical. However, safeguards must be in place to protect the interests of our membership. To this end, the Executive is clear that even if further development is impossible after purchase, either because of a majority or convincingly reasoned rejection from the membership, or a possible error in the BMFA’s financial planning, no cost penalty will accrue to the membership as the land may be re-sold. Indeed, it may prove profitable. Conclusion: Clearly this represents a major step for the BMFA and indicates a way forward that puts the BMFA in a controlling position of a major flying site for the first time. The Executive Committee has agonised at length over this decision and is unanimously of the view that this is the right thing to do at the right time. We are hugely concerned that we act in the best long term interests for model flying in the UK and this potential property acquisition gives the BMFA a way forward which may ultimately mean we can promote events and programmes of interest to and support from all our members without having to rely on the vacillating and sometimes grudging support of those bodies such as the MoD. Given the full documentary briefing you will have had, plus guided access to the proposed site, I, on behalf of the unanimously agreed Executive Committee, commend this proposal to you and, in seeking your endorsement to the actions already taken, sincerely trust that you will actively support the future consultative processes with our members leading to an informed and positive outcome.

Thank you. Chris Moynihan, Chairman

NB I haven't received the additional information pack or an invitation to view the site yet

Pete Disney

RNMAA and SW Area Delegate

Thread: Durafly Bf163 Komet with optional rocket!
16/04/2015 23:26:57
Posted by Erfolg on 16/04/2015 15:45:54:

I have cloud model 163, which is pretty much identical in span.

Launching it, is hit and miss, requiring a good launcher.

It seems that the drop of undercarriage would do the trick for me, which is available as a spare.

How difficult do you think it would be to retrofit into a model such as the cloud version?

The drop-off wheel set is listed as a spare, but the actuator isn't. However I expect it will become available as a standard item on the HK site idc. Afraid no idea whether it would fit or not as I am not familiar with the Cloud Models Me163.

16/04/2015 23:23:53

This evening I calculated the C of G position graphically and for 20%MAC I make the C of G ~250mm back from the prop-driver.

We did another test and did generate some nice orange smoke at the end of the main burn on the C6-0, but it only lasted a second or two. My next thought is to pack a B6-0 with the smoke compound. That motor has at least 4 times the space after the black powder charge, so in theory should give 4 times the smoke duration.

16/04/2015 11:23:08
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 16/04/2015 10:06:18:

To the guys using a rocket motor, please note that it would be very remiss of you not to video the flight and post the video smile p

If anyone is on FaceBook I have posted video clips of my c6-3 test the other evening: search for "peter disney".

Just been talking to my mate (he also has one, not yet started) about the rocket and how to get a smoke trail for the climb given that use of a delay motor is a non-starter. He has some redundant smoke cartridges from Robotbirds and I think we may have hit on a way of making use of them...................hopefully will be able to give it a go this evening. nerd

16/04/2015 11:00:30

Sorry to hear that Chris and thanks for the info. What is the C of G measurement now?

I didn't have time after work yesterday so the next chance I will have to test fly mine will be Friday evening or Saturday.

14/04/2015 21:58:39

Forgot to say that I did the rocket motor with delay test this evening. It was a spare C6-3 rather than the B6-7 I mentioned yesterday.

Firing circuit worked as advertised/expected again.

Tracking smoke was weak and IMO wouldn't be very visible in the turbulent wake when flying.

With the open end capped with epoxy, the delay charge (used to pop the parachute in a rocket) is far more explosive than anticipated and blew the ceramic nozzle clean out the back of the motor tube. It didn't damage the model, but it was v loud and surprised us plus the neighbors. I won't be trying that again and will be sticking with the recommended C6-0 motors.

What the nozzle should have looked like:



What it actually looked like:



But at least the epoxy plug stayed in place and protected the model:


Edited By Dizz on 14/04/2015 22:00:12

14/04/2015 18:58:50
Posted by Bill_B on 13/04/2015 22:08:20:

What's the issue with swastika decals Dizz? Aren't any provided?

Edited By Bill_B on 13/04/2015 22:08:39

They get around the sensitivities by splitting it top and bottom and it isn't easy to line up without leaving a gap/over lap. The transfers seem to be a cross between sticky vinyl and dry rub. They are nice and thin, but somewhat fragile. They do "grab" and when I tried to re-position one to line up properly it tore. The photo makes it look worse than it is, but it still annoys me.


Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 14/04/2015 19:33:02

14/04/2015 18:35:05
Posted by David Pearce 4 on 13/04/2015 20:16:33:

Dizz, you make some interesting points in your posting.

One thing that isn't clear is how much thrust does the rocket provide or is it more for the smoke effect?

Edited By David Pearce 4 on 13/04/2015 20:18:36

According to the Estes specs the C6 motor peaks at 14N (~1.4kg) thrust on ignition (I suspect due to the inreased surface area of the domed recess the igniter sits in) but then gives a steady 4.5N (~0.46kg) for the remainder of the burn. Overall burn is 1.8 seconds. I held the model yesterday during that test and you can feel the punch, but I really don't think it will make any difference in flight because it is such a short duration. Definitely for the "wow" effect.

13/04/2015 19:14:43

Ordered mine last Thursday and it arrived on Friday. Built it and tested firing circuit yesterday, did an installed C6-0 rocket test firing in my mates back garden this afternoon and all went well. Going to try a B6-7 on the bench tomorrow with the intention of generating a longer smoke trail. Test flights are planned for Wednesday afternoon after work.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the scale looks and thought that has gone into this model. The drop-off dolly uses the same release mechanism as the drop tanks on the Avios Sea Fury and they work faultlessly every time in my experience. Off course the dolly doesn't have to be released on the runway right after take of, it can be retained and dropped anywhere convenient/sensible. Slight niggles are the swasitka transfers and the under sized pilot figure, but at least they are provided I suppose.

I carried out comprehensive checks connecting flight pack and rocket ignition in different combinations both after and before tx was switched on. I used a voltmeter on the rc switch output and I did not get the same results as shown in the video: the output stayed 0v at all times until I pushed the button. NB there are 4 fail-safe settings available on the rc switch, so maybe he had the wrong one selected when he generated the flashing LEDS in his test in the video. I am using the recessed push-button (switch "I" )  on my DX18 to fire the rocket, so I haven't bothered with the faff of fitting a late arm switch.

Looking forward to getting this one in the air; certainly going to turn a few heads when the rocket fires

Edited By Dizz on 13/04/2015 19:15:08

Thread: National Model Flying Centre
25/02/2015 00:41:06
Posted by Martin Harris on 24/02/2015 23:35:58:

Peter, Dizz - I owe you an apology as I've re-read the OP and have just spotted the statement "more than a half, well up to two thirds" which puts a completely different complexion on the matter and explains the way Dizz replied!


We are all looking forward to receiving the feasibility study report in May.

Thread: Hawker Sea Fury
04/02/2015 15:10:41

Noticed it this morning and it immediately made it to the top of my "have to have" list. After a slight issue with the HK site not progressing all the way through the check out process, one is now on it's way to Cornwall smiley

Thread: Lipos in a sealed box
12/12/2014 13:30:09

Yes you can Will, RC Car racers do it all the time.



Thread: BMFA Country membership
02/12/2014 18:11:49
Posted by Tony Richardson on 01/12/2014 22:25:36:

Question does the B.M.F.A. have reciprocal agreements with Canada's M.A.A.C and the A.M.A. of the U.S.A. or is a membership temporary or otherwise required on a visit to the U.K.

See BMFA Handbook "Member's Insurance" section page 11 extension (h) - might answer your question, if not, as BEB said, a call to the office certainly will.



Thread: Sad News - KPMFC to Close
25/11/2014 13:30:11
Posted by Mowerman on 25/11/2014 10:23:20:

Have the people at Kempton Park given their reasons for kicking the model flying off?

I seem to recall another race course doing this some time back.

Perhaps if we know their reasoning other clubs who fly from similar sites can be ready with counter arguments.

The Exeter club lost their site at Haldon race course a few years ago in similar circumstances. At the end of the day if the landlord sees a way of making more money then model flying just cannot compete.


Thread: National Model Flying Centre
22/09/2014 00:43:20
Posted by Brian Jn on 21/09/2014 10:21:32:

Am I missing something?


Using your logic it could also be said that:

  • Those set against the concept could have registered and voted multiple times.
  • 79.44% support a National flying centre, that's over three quarters and well up to 7/8th.

You are correct, everyone is fully aware of the cost of such a project: various potential funding methods are being investigated by professional Consultants (slide 7).

The survey was not funded by Doodson, it was run in house on the BMFA web site. However Doodson is covering the cost of the phase 2 study ("We have secured funding to proceed....." - slide 5), so no BMFA money is being spent.

It is moving forward towards submission of the phase 2 report (due May 15) under the mandate of the BMFA Full Council Meeting held on 17 May 14.



Thread: No model Flying in the Cardiff area 3-5 Sep 14
04/09/2014 22:41:25

Posted by Codename-John on 04/09/2014 20:17:33:


The war of aggression in Iraq carried out by NATO in 2003 has no connection to the NATO summit today ? oh my days, Have you ever heard of ISIS ?


That was a Coalition Operation (including Several Arab States), nothing to do with NATO at all.


Edited By Dizz on 04/09/2014 22:47:01

Thread: The 2014 Nats
28/08/2014 13:43:54

Just announced: "Spirit of the Nationals" BMFA photo competition. Info here:


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