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Thread: My new Phase 3 F-16 thoughts...
21/06/2010 00:38:58
Bought a spare Phase 3 kit complete at Weston Park today (last one from Motors and Rotors)and was very impressed to see that it comes with a re-enforced tail plane mount (same extra plates as we have been making and applying ourselves) and a 68mm 5 blade fan - the same one as in the 3S Squall. Still only a 30 amp 3S ESC, but the same retail price as the Mk1.  Didn't check the security of the tailplane bearings and unfortunately wont be able to either as my mate was desperate to own one so, have let him have it to replace later.
Had a couple of flights with mine on Saturday evening - the new 40C 2200 4S seemed to make a difference, I think it was faster, but didn't doppler it though.  Will take it to Woodsprings 3/4 July and get some proper runs in.

Edited By Dizz on 21/06/2010 00:41:43

Thread: Good EDF airframe sources?
25/04/2010 17:23:00
Good idea: Slough RC do Phase 3 spare fuselages (Squall and EF16).
 You could always build a kit - plenty of stuff around for 70mm EDFs, but I couldn't find anything for the smaller units so I  designed my own.
Thread: new for 2010......90mm Vectored Thrust
07/03/2010 22:29:51
I really fancy that F16, I can feel a purchase coming on.
Thread: Squall with vectored fan unit question
28/02/2010 20:18:02
Makes it much more agile and alot more fun.  4S settings from the instructions elevator +/- 12mm 20% expo normal throws, +/- 22mm 40% expo for "highly aerobatic".
Instruction manual here:
Thread: My new Phase 3 F-16 thoughts...
21/02/2010 17:33:50
Posted by stuey on 21/02/2010 10:04:15:
Sad to hear about your patch. I have a camera that can record video clips, if I set it running and leave it pointing up into the sky, then make a low pass over the top of it will that work?
 Yep, that will work Stuey.  Best results from a level straight run right over the top with approx 5 seconds before and 5 Seconds after of steady conditions. 
I use my MP3 player becuse it saves as a .wav file and cuts out a bit of file manipulation.
I'll have a go at Ben's video later this evening if I can ever get Windows back on my Netbook - no flying and 5 hours faffing, what a waste!
21/02/2010 09:37:01
I use my phone or MP3 player to record the pass - I set t going and then leave it on the ground on the far side of the patch so the fly past is right over the top.
Nice morning for it down here..............pity our site has been sold to a developer
20/02/2010 23:14:27
Any photos of your new paint job Stuey?
If you can get a few sond recordings of speed passes I could do some doppler analysis and give you a speed if you like. 
Thread: EDF current draw in the air
20/02/2010 23:08:27
You have to consider the fan as a propeller in a tube: the air reaching the fan face already has a significant velocity down the intake even when the aircraft is at zero airspeed.  Obviously intake length, geometry and change in area along the duct will have an effect, but I think the fan is effectively already "unloaded".  I would expect to see more of a difference on something like a GWS A-10 with the fan right at the front of the nacelle.
Thread: My new Phase 3 F-16 thoughts...
15/01/2010 20:42:27
Posted by James E on 15/01/2010 19:28:06:
IS it possible to fit the Freewing Vectored Thrust Nozzle Unit to the Phase 3 F 16? Or will the Squall unit work?


Squall VT unit is definitely too big, suspect the freewing one is too: will measure diameter of the exhaust later this evening.
Thread: Lander 120mm 12s EDF
27/11/2009 23:00:23
Didn't get chance to take any photos until this evening.
Viggen GRP fuz, intakes, canards, etc.
I have foam cores for the wings, spars and other bits:
I have the air up/air down main gear but there will be quite a bit of work required to make the nose leg.

Bad weather this weekend, having got everything out of the roof and garage just might do some building.
24/11/2009 22:56:17
Posted by Dusty on 24/11/2009 21:44:15:
Dizz! A viggen is a nice project, nice big exhaust outlet and also able to make the thrust tube centeral without curves etc! Wow, go on that sounds like a nice model jet that needs to come alive! Classic jet and with a working canyard it could be a lot of fun!

Maybe I'll post a few photos tomorrow evening Dusty....................who knows might just kick start the building of it.
Pays not to rush things though
24/11/2009 21:17:28
Posted by Dusty on 24/11/2009 19:17:56:
Interesting! So what model to pack it in
 I have a potential home for one of those!
About 6 years ago I bought a second hand  Viggen kit and fan/engine (Dynamax + OS91VRDF) and then promptly didn't touch it. 
I believe the OS91VRFD would make approx  2.75hp (tad over 2kW) so 4.2 kW and 10mm smaller diameter would fit the requirement nicely
Thread: Hoffman Magnetics Storm 70 EDF
22/11/2009 17:54:43
Lots of info here:
Thread: My new Phase 3 F-16 thoughts...
13/11/2009 21:14:58
Only applies to the HP version.  If yours is from the second shipment Paul it will be fine, I got my second Squall last week and it was sorted.  If you look at  the fan blades they will have a textured finish like very fine wet and dry.
Back to the EF-16,,,,,,,,,,, I have bought a 35C 2200mAh 4S pack which I hope will give a bit more power than the 25C 2500 and get it to 125mph.  Won't be this weekend though with the forecast down here

Edited By Dizz on 13/11/2009 21:32:31

Thread: squall
07/11/2009 16:00:22
Cheers Brian.  Reading between the lines on the Foamyjet Interceptor page the only difference would seem to be a 3500 vice 3400 kV motor.  I have a Don's Wicked cool wind (4000kV) looking for a home so might give that a go if it will fit.
Thread: Phase 3 Squall
07/11/2009 07:59:30
Can't comment  on the 3S version, but I do have the HP one with replacement impeller and yes, it can be flown in a more sedate manner.  It can fly pretty slowly anyway, but the thrust and VT unit then take over and add an extra dimension.
Thread: squall
06/11/2009 17:19:24
What are the differences in the fan between the Squall and Interceptor please.  I ask because the Squall performance has definitely taken a dip with the new impeller and I'm looking to restore a T:W  >1.0
Thread: My new Phase 3 F-16 thoughts...
18/10/2009 22:22:57
LOL, slowly Shaun ................very slowly
I keep getting distracted.  3 weeks ago (whilst embarked for the week) I managed to do a M52 in ACAD.  Now the F16 is "flying" I started building the wings this evening.
18/10/2009 20:09:05
Got the EF16 first flight in at lunchtime.
Had the foamy squadron out today.  Worked up in speed before the F16.  The maiden  was a big non-event, it blasted out of my hand-launch and only needed 1 click of down trim.  All the Phase 3 EF16s I have flown have been excellent flyers, they definitely got the design right.  Anyway, I could tell it was faster than my first one, but it didn't feel like the hoped for 120...........................wrong!!

I managed 7 Doppler runs, 4 were useable and all above 120, with the fastest being  121.8 +/- 1.1 mph.  No wind at all today to affect, as shown by negligible difference in the L-R, R-L speeds (did the Squall again too).  3:30 flight used 85% the pack capacity, so I'll reduce the timer to 3 minutes for the next session. 

Edited By Dizz on 18/10/2009 20:27:11

17/10/2009 18:53:00
Wind died away nicely about 1600, but daughters No1 and No2 called around at 1555    Too dark now.
Put new connectors on my Wattmeter before GP qualifying.  Still using the Tornado 2500 25C 4S pack (which is 15 months and 2 seasons old now) it started at 810W, quickly dropped to 740W then climbed back to a steady 785W, 13.0v & 60amps as the pack warmed up.  I need to check/confirm the ESC timing is set to soft.  Really looking forward to the 35C packs arriving.
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