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Thread: glider foam wing supplier
12/09/2019 12:21:05

Thanks Andy. I'll contact him.


12/09/2019 11:54:39

Have been given an (I think) ASW19 fuselage in glass fibre and am looking for some wings for it.

As it's a modern 'glass ship', I don't want to tackle, or think a wood build would be appropriate, so am looking for some sheeted foam wings for it. Root chord will need to be 240mm and ~3.75m span and obviously strong enough to take slope soaring loads.

I'm aware of Billkits, but believe they bias to shorter span, lower aspect ratio power wings. Any suggestions, fellow flyers?


Thread: Prostate Cancer
10/04/2019 16:20:59


An MRI confirmed the seeds and their location and, apart from regular PSA counts and trips to the local urology department (retired now, and back in the NHS not private), my prostae has not needed any elevated medical attention for ages.

I'm scheduled another MRI to check for any changes later this year, with mention of another multi-needle biopsy 'if needed', but my life is generally unaffected - I still occasionally land short of the patch and can't get excited by quadcopters, but I don't think they can be put down to medical matters.


10/04/2019 16:06:17

For what it's worth....

I had some symptoms of nightime 'rear pain' a couple of times a year, causing me to need to get up to try to shift it by pooing or peeing (usually without success). No problem with either at any other time, so didn't fuss too much about it. Then my 5 year older brother called to say he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I might like to get mine checked.

Went to my very experienced (male) GP who 'gave me the finger' and confirmed that my prostate was enlarged (the only real thing that can be deduced from a DRE, unless the texture is like a pineapple, when you have reeeeaaaal problems!) and that the results of my PSA were a little above average (4.4, reasonable, apparently, for a 62 year old). As I had company medical insurance, I was referred to a private consultant who repeated the finger, PSA test and did a wee flow test (apparently like a fire hose on the day!!) and decided there was nothing of concern. I was prescribed Finasteride to reduce the prostate size but it was worth carrying on monitoring the PSA, due to my family history (and maybe worht his fees - cynical? Me?).

A couple of years on, the sequential PSA counts were starting to rise (5.9, 8.6) so I had a non-conclusive single probe biopsy and an ultrasound scan, followed later by a multi-needle biopsy (described as playing Battleships, to search for the 'Enemy' - except nowhere as much fun - peeing afterwards moved from Ribena, IrnBru, then back finally to the prescribed Lucozade colour! Not comfortable).

The m-n biopsy revealed 3 small (sub-mm) 'seeds', resulting in a 3:3 Gleason score, apparently the lowest and best rating for a confirmed cancer as you now know what's going on but it's not in any rush to develop. I had no other symptoms (now that the prostate had been shrunk to a more normal size).

Decision time. Options (I stress, for me) were:

Surgical removal of the prostate, followed by probable chemo/radiation treatment. This was the option my brother took.

Radiation blasting of the site, with follow on chemo to knock out anything missed. My brother also needed this as even without his prostate the marker PSA's were still significant (a hint that something might have been missed). He didn't enjoy this - it took several months to get over.

Observation. This meant regular PSA checks to make sure the Finasteride was controlling the prostate size (and limit the release of antigens due to its instability) which would allow any changes in the cancer site to be more easily monitored (it would ramp the PSA count up significantly above the Finasteride controlled level).

I've followed the last option. (Again) For me, it was the easiest choice.

I was worried about incontinence from removal or destroying the prostate (first two options) and the disruption of quality of my life. I justified this choice because the cancer is a slow grower and it was caught very, very early (almost pre-cancerous). I still have the other options downline, if I need them.

So, after a lengthy diatribe, what's the message.

If everything is okay, have a PSA test anyway. If the number is low, you have reassurance. If it's high, the GP will get another one and see if it's real (apparently, riding a racing bike can alter the number due to local damage/stimulation/whatever!!)

If you've got pee or rearend pain issues, go see your GP. Nobody lkes a pain in the rear, so getting it diagnosed and sorted makes life either more comfortable, or gets you into the system to sort out anything more serious. Information can be scary, but not as scary as being told nothing can be done 'cos you left it too late....

Do it. PSA testing is no worse than any other blood taking or injection and a finger in the rear is 'different' but you'll get over it!

Here endeth the lesson


Thread: Nutball
11/01/2019 11:45:44


there was a 'seat of comfort' flown control line at the (Hullavington) NATS unorthodox event around 1966. There was also a pair of ladies' underwear, inflated to an appropriate shape by the use of glass fibre resin, also flown under line control.

As a shy young reclusive aeromodelling 15 year old teenager, I had no idea why it was called 'Ducted Fanny' until some several years later.......

10/01/2019 18:06:58


were you thinking of the Lee Richards annular wing?

Image result for Lee Richards Annular Biplane

This is the model in the Science Museum, but there's also the biplane version featured in the 'Those Magnificent Men' film.


Edited By Roger T on 10/01/2019 18:08:06

Edited By Roger T on 10/01/2019 18:09:04

Thread: Unable to change email address
20/02/2016 08:58:14

Thanks Pete. Changes made successfully and PM info noted



19/02/2016 22:41:56


I have a new email and want to change my password as well.Not obvious how to do that through the site (couldn't see an obvious PM route, as you advised Andy above).

Any clues available?

Thank & regards,


Thread: Left or Right Hand
10/12/2013 16:48:47

I'm one of the folk who are in their right minds, i.e. a left-hander.

If nothing else, invaluable for hand launching with a mode 2 tranny - always have a thumb on the panic stick during the exercise.

Roger T

Thread: St.Albans MAC Open Vintage & Classic Rally, June 1st
28/05/2012 17:39:37

I've had requests from Sat Nav using attendees for the post code. If you use AL3 6RW, that'll get you there.

One minor annoyance is that the Herts Country Show will be held on the Showground just off Junction 9 of the M1, on the A5183, the feed road to our Vintage & Classic Day. Traffic flow will be under control of the police, so it shouldn't be too troublesome, but passing by may be a little slower than usual.

The current forecast is looking sunny all day, with an 8-9 mph northerly, ideal conditions for the site. Don't forget your sunglasses, hat and

Roger Traynor

St Albans MAC Vintage Coordinator

25/05/2012 16:19:24

One week (and half a day!) to go to the St Albans MAC Vintage and Classic Day on June 2nd at the club's Dane End Farm site just south of Redbourne in Hertfordshire, near junction 9 on the M1. The proximity of the M1 makes it an easy venue to reach from most parts, and the background traffic hum helps to soften the sounds from the important things in life, flying vintage and classic model aircraft !cool

The final plans are coming together with the barbecue and liquid refreshments on order, not to mention the weather. This last month's worth of rain and cold have given way to the requested sunshine, warmth and (hopefully) calm conditions to maintain the club's reputation for putitng on one of the more relaxed and enjoyable flying events of the summer.

If you want to find out more about this and past events, have a look at the club website (, or email

We hope you decide to come along (the more the merrier).

Roger Traynor

St Albans MAC Vintage Coordinator

Edited By Roger T on 25/05/2012 16:20:31

01/05/2012 12:03:52

A very welcome model and fitting perfectly into the spirit of the 'Classic' part of the title. I look forward to seeing you and the Electra on the day.

For those who haven't been to our Vintage Day's before, there's a nice write up with pictures from one of our club members here:

In 2010, Jonathan won the Mike Barton Trophy (a beautiful tribute to a gentleman flyer - see with a Vic Smeed Mamselle, again a highly appropriate model for the occasion.


28/04/2012 20:40:07


Sorry kc (& any others).

It's the first Saturday in June, i.e. Saturday June 2nd. Hope you can make it.


27/04/2012 12:33:12

A reminder that there's just over 1 month to go to the St. Albans MAC Open Vintage & Classic Rally, which will be held on Saturday June 1st.

For those that have attended in the past, you'll know how good the St Albans Dane End Farm flying field is, with a 125 yard square, flat and well mown flying patch, surrounded by open countryside. If you haven't been before, shame on you! You need to come and see what you've been missing!

This year, in addition to 'true' vintage models (there will be Tomboy events as part of the 2012 contest programme), the flying will be broadened to include 'traditional' build models. This opens the day to stick and tissue nostalgic models, flying in the relaxed manner of galas of old. Screaming ARTF plastic-fantastic models will not be welcomed!

As before, there will be a barbecue and drinks (soft and 'falling down' varieties) available thorughout the day. Parking is within a short walk of the patch, with trolley's and help available for the more 'Vintage' visitors!

For more details, see the St Albans MAC front page ( or register your interest via e-mail to

We've ordered all the current rain so that the grass will be pristine and the sky emptied in time for the day, so there are no excuses not to come!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Roger Traynor

St Albans MAC Vintage & Classic Day Coordinator

Thread: St Albans MAC Vintage Day
06/06/2010 17:49:48
Thanks to all those visitors (and to fellow St Albans club members) who made this our best year to date.

As threatened, the conditions were perfect and all had a great day. See you again next year.
Roger Traynor
St Albans MAC
03/06/2010 09:07:18
Just a quick reminder that St Albans MAC will be hosting their annual Vintage Day meeting this Saturday, June 5th. All are welcome to join us at our club flying site near Redbourne just off junction 9 of the M1. See the events page ( for contact details.
The forecast is fabulous (sunny, with light winds) and those who have been before will know just how good our flying patch is, with a 125m square close mown takeoff/landing area and flat open land around. Food and refreshments will be available throughout the day. gates open at 9:30am.

Vintage Day for St Albans MAC is particularly appropriate for us this year as we celebrate our Centenary in 2010, one of the earliest SMAE/BMFA affiliated clubs in the country. Please come and celebrate with us.
Roger Traynor
St Albans MAC

Edited By Roger T on 03/06/2010 09:09:22

Thread: David Boddington
12/02/2010 23:21:20
Best wishes & get well soon, David.
Roger Traynor (& the St Albans MAC Vintage folk)
Thread: Wind meter for iPhone
02/04/2009 18:35:34
For slope work, holding it up to one ear and orientating your head to align the other ear so that the through draught is attenuated might work. You'll still have the issue of calibration, but for two things now. Maybe make a date with the local calibration service early in April to get the work done.
Thread: Try a caption for this one.
10/12/2008 19:42:00

The instructions said 'Reverse the plan so that you don't build two right wings'.

 Is that left over right, or top over bottom?

It looks a bit A (nkl) e about face to me.

Thread: Different strokes
10/12/2008 11:53:00

Thought I'd add my twopenneth. Nowhere near as smart as George and Colin's efforts, but practice makes perfect.....

I bit the bullet and bought a dual action airbrush after struggling with a single action Badger for some years (I could probably have put that better! ). Air is from a 'monster' compressor used in the garage (noisy, but it has enough power to clean patios and driveways as well!!). Results are below.

First attempt was the flamed paint scheme (graduated yellow, orange & red acrylic on doped nylon) on a Jim Fullarton Sportster for our (St Albans MAC) 2008 Vintage Day. Masking was by paper masks (generated in Photoshop and attached using nearly dry spray mount) which weren't perfect (they sagged a bit if the paint was too wet), but I was pleased with the result. It was deemed good enough to win the SAMAC Michael Barton Trophy on the day (see for the memorial to Mike).

....Followed by a desert shaded camoflage scheme on an EPP foamGWS A10 Warthog for slope use (no fans or electrics, elevator & aileron control). Paint was again water based acrylic.

Both used water based satin finish polyurethane varnish to subsequently fuel/weather proof and protect the colours. The varnish overcoat really brightened the otherwise 'flat' acrylic colours.

 I thoroughly recommend giving airbrushing a go. It's good fun working out the method of masking (everything is done back to front!) and the results result in a model that is a bit different to all the others (even ARTF 'pop outs' like the A10).


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