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Thread: OS MAX 15FP Stuck throttle barrel
23/11/2020 17:47:39

Thanks Richard and Robert. I have been marinating my carb in fuel all day, so I will take another look at it tomorrow. This is where an ultrasonic cleaning bath would come in handy. I don't think Santa will bring me one this Christmas. crying 2

Thread: Curtis Condor biplane twin
23/11/2020 14:10:14

It looks like a great project David but why put up with a cold workshop? I have one of these Chinese diesel heaters in my garage and it is so warm I don't want to leave it. Trouble is, the mice love it too!

Thread: OS MAX 15FP Stuck throttle barrel
23/11/2020 13:58:10

Much appreciated Ken. yes I have removed the carb and currently soaking in glow fuel for several hours before trying gentle persuasion angry. I have removed the plastic throttle arm and fitted a strip of aluminium instead to try and work the throttle barrel lose - more leverage. I will try a heat gun (when it has dried out kulou) plus a few choice words, not repeatable on this forum!

22/11/2020 19:15:58

Thanks Martin, I will let you know how that works out.

22/11/2020 17:56:49

OK, thanks Martin, I'll try that. yes

Thread: Derek Woodward 'Amelia'
22/11/2020 17:42:22

A nice lightweight structure and neat build Matt. yes Following with interest.

Thread: OS MAX 15FP Stuck throttle barrel
22/11/2020 17:30:04

Thanks Martin, would you heat it in situ or remove the carb from the engine or is that a bad idea as it might damage the seal beneath the carb. There a couple of screws holding it in place. Also would it help to remove the spray bar or would that make no difference?

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 22/11/2020 17:31:07

22/11/2020 17:17:44

Chaps, I bought this engine second hand some years ago and it was stored well oiled in a dry environment, However the throttle barrel has seized (caster oil lacquer I think) so I thought I better seek advice before messing with it. The throttle arm is plastic and easily removed. What is the next step? Sorry to ask a silly question but apart soaking the carb in glow fuel (or meths?), what should I do next as I don't want to damage it? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

Thread: The Threat of Overpricing
22/11/2020 06:57:38

I think it was always predictable that the uber cheap supply of modelling products from the Far East, particularly RTFs, would dry up sooner or later. The Chinese economy has been growing at a phenomenal rate for decades and although inevitably it has slowed in resent years, GDP growth has still outstripped the West by a country mile. Although wages are still low, this growth has produced millions of educated 'middle classes'. Ironic in Communist China. They still have the Oriential work ethic of working long hours, six days a week (or more), but wages have been driven up and with it and a domestic consumerism. So production costs have risen significantly to be passed on through the supply chain to the consumer, - us.

But production costs are only a part of bringing a product to market. The cost of development, transport, marketing, etc. have all risen in cost too, so with tight margins in a shrinking modelling market the future viability of our hobby is not looking too good.

Perhaps before long we will see a resurgence of a UK kit cottage industry (every cloud). No Balsa? We are a resourceful lot so maybe hot-wire cut foam wings will see a comeback? No Obeche? What about brown paper/PVA or laminating film? I am currently experimenting with a popular/liteply fuselage with many lightening holes! I have found it fun to try something new (to me). It's still a great hobby, it doesn't have to be expensive, and have you seen how cheap Laser Engines are these days compared with the opposition? smiley


Edited By Piers Bowlan on 22/11/2020 07:07:28

Thread: LCD cockpit displays
21/11/2020 19:51:57

That is truly amazing Dave 👍. That is a B747-400 Primary Flying Display (PFD).

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 21/11/2020 19:53:10

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/11/2020 16:58:18

You will need a plan from Outerzone too, here, it looks pretty simple.

Thread: Bowman spatman
18/11/2020 10:31:18

Robert, thanks for taking the trouble to upload the plan, I now have a copy. Very few parts so it won't take long to knock one up. I thought I would cut a foam core wing - I haven't done that in decades!

17/11/2020 18:40:07

Robert, I think it might be easier to just send your pdf file as an email attachment to They will do the rest.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 17/11/2020 18:40:43

Thread: Mick Reeves Gangster 63 Lite
17/11/2020 09:17:42

Those mods look like a great improvement in strength without adding significantly to weight. Pity the original kit isn't designed like that. Following with interest.

17/11/2020 08:55:59
Posted by Paul Marsh on 16/11/2020 19:39:09:

Don't go on Mick Reeves website, just went on, and the virus checker blocked a Trojan. The website has been hacked.

I think your 'virus checker' may be paranoid. (Better get a Mac devil wink 2)

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
17/11/2020 08:24:03

This heater is a Godsend in my garage. I use the empty 10L 'Add Blue' containers from Halfords which are pretty tough. They have a screw-on flexible spout to avoid spillage and better than using a funnel to fill the heater tank.

Thread: Bowman spatman
17/11/2020 07:53:28

According to Outerzone if the file size is under 25MB you just add it as an attachment to an email to If it is larger than that they provide a link to 'We Transfer'. I would be surprised if the file is more than 25MB but I could be wrong. Thanks for sharing the plan Robert.

Thread: Countax A20-50
16/11/2020 09:02:29

Suggest you keep scanning eBay, gumtree etc. it may turn up. Good luck.

Thread: Bowman spatman
16/11/2020 08:46:34

By the way Robert, welcome to the forum. I like your ‘agricultural’ scheme, random paint or not. I must try brown paper covered foam sometime, it used to be quite popular.

16/11/2020 07:13:25
Posted by David Lane 2 on 12/11/2020 17:35:30:

ok thanks - I do have an A4 scanner and software to stich it together, but was wondering if there might be an easier way. I know someone who has an A3 scanner, but it might take a week or two to sort out - watch this space... :+)

David, most towns have commercial printers with large format printers, easier enough to find if you google. My local printers near Bournemouth charge £3 per sheet to scan to pdf (or print to paper). They either email them to me or I get them to put the file on my memory stick.

Some of the appeal of these simple models is that that you can knock one up in no time at all from scraps in one’s (dwindling) balsa stock. Also, because there is no emotional investment in it you can fly it like you stole it 😈.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 16/11/2020 07:44:06

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