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Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
18/01/2020 17:53:30

I love unconventional models Trevor, well done and thanks for sharing. Did you use any up or down thrust at all? Also will you keep the central fin?

Thread: A long time since i did this.....
18/01/2020 12:45:00

That was my only concern, sagging, or the glass cloth separating from the mould. I recon it would be OK doing one layer of the lay up at a time but the only way to be sure is to try it with a test piece, not your precious mould.

18/01/2020 10:37:12

I built a GRP cowl for a Model Designs Bearcat years ago from the original ABS cowl. I made the mould and like Kevin said, the epoxy did pool somewhat at the front of the cowl making it a little thick. As it was weight at nose of the aircraft rather than the tail I was not too bothered and it was very strong. I thought that if I need to make another cowl I would try turning it up side down to cure, so allowing any excess epoxy to drip out the bottom which was going to be trimmed off once cured. My original cowl never got broken however (too strong) so I never got the chance to test the theory!

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 18/01/2020 10:38:18

Thread: Trendsetters and Iconic Models over the Years?
17/01/2020 19:19:35

Chris Foss Phase 6

Zagi and all the flying wing Zagi clones you see on the slope.

Chas Gardener's Obelix glider.


Phil Kraft's Kwik Fly




Edited By Piers Bowlan on 17/01/2020 19:28:26

Thread: Design Spark Mechanical
16/01/2020 09:58:58

Looks very interesting Stephen but I am not into 3D printing and it is for Windows based computers so not for me. I did run a beta version of Rhino on my mac for a while but I struggled with it. There are several training videos for Design Spark Mechanical on You Tube which make it look quite easy - when you know what you are doing!

Thread: Do you love some of your engines so much you don't fly them?
15/01/2020 13:54:44
Posted by Nigel R on 15/01/2020 13:18:14:

A bit of weight of history here, I suspect, in the dim and distant past when everyone had to build their trainer, nothing was easier to build than a box with a foam wing.


Good point Nigel.

I agree Robin, a lot easier to balance a leccy model with a load of lithium sitting in the nose. I have a 25mm carbon fiber tube that is pretty stiff but fixing the tail surfaces to it securely would be a challenge I agree. I also take Don's point about pushers being unforgiving of unwary fingers!

Yes, back to topic...

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 15/01/2020 14:28:39

15/01/2020 11:40:34

I am surprised someone doesn't build a pusher, IC pod and boom trainer with a 40 sized engine, rather like an MPX EasyStar on steroids. The engine would not be first on the scene of the accident so no more broken props or cylinders. The wing could be banded on. The boom carbon fibre and the fuselage pod could be replaced easily if it was totalled. Just a thought. smile p

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 15/01/2020 11:41:42

Thread: RCM&E Vol.63 No2 February 2020
15/01/2020 08:17:34

I wasn't particularly drawn to Mike's sleek Twizzle preferring His larger Taboo (RCM&E Feb 2012). I am sure it will go like a rocket with the right power set up.

I really liked the Fugio's Kawasaki Tony which when enlarged by 30% would yield a wingspan of 52in, with a thick section to accommodate retracts. A nice alternative to the usual warbirds.

Thread: Your experience of Banggood delivery time?
15/01/2020 07:11:03

A lot of these Chinese products are made in batches so once the batch is completed the factory switches to making something else entirely. It can take many months before a production line is restarted to produce another batch. That doesn't help you if you place an order and they have just sold out. Hobbyking used to have that problem sometimes but now you can't order on their website if the product is out of stock, perhaps Bangood should do the same? The problem seems to be there aren't any wholesalers to hold stock, just the manufacturers and sellers. A cheap business model but not satisfactory if you are unlucky enough to wait months for your order.

I rather fancy one of those mini welders but I am not sure what I would do with it though!

Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
14/01/2020 13:16:04

One of the great things about balsa wood as a model aircraft building material is that it is so versatile if the build doesn't go quite to plan. Cut out and rebuild, it will all gets covered in film anyway so no one will see. Only ones pride is damaged!

Good idea about using that technique for reinforcing firewall joints yes.

Thread: Can Superphatic glue go off?
14/01/2020 13:04:08

I keep most of my glues in the fridge which keeps itself at +2 degrees so it doesn't damage the vegetables. I have a freezer to freeze things. I haven't had any problems with Superphatic going brown. It may be that the colour change which some have experienced is as a result of UV light exposure - near a window for instance?

Thread: HobbyKing Bixler v2 setup
14/01/2020 08:40:42

You are not dim FB3. With two ailerons you can use one servo to operate both ailerons mechanically (torque rods) or alternatively one servos driving each aileron. These two aileron servos can either both be connected via a Y lead to the aileron port on your receiver or alternatively, one servo connected to the aileron port of your receiver while the other aileron servo connected to the receiver 'Aux' (auxiliary) port of your receiver. In that case you will need to select 'duel wing servo mode' on your transmitter for it to 'know' that the aux channel is operating your second aileron servo.

Thread: No Auto Rotation
14/01/2020 07:54:36

Having only built one (unsuccessful) autogyro 'centuries ago' I am not qualified to comment - but that won't stop me devil.

I had a look at the Gyro Shtick plan on Outerzone and your blades Keith seem to copy what is on the plan. However, I notice that all of Richard' s rotor blades have an aerofoil which is quite different. Namely, the leading edge of Richard's blades is quite sharp and only the upper service is rounded and the lower surface is completely flat. It is, in effect, a very high lift aerofoil. The Shtick blades have a completely rounded leading edge, which clearly work, judging by the photos in the magazine article, but they may not be optimal. The other observation I made is, is the GRP sheet used for the rotor head a bit thin and flexible, allowing the blades to twist so reducing the negative angle of attack? Looking at various build blogs of Richards auto gyros it looks like slightly thicker sheet. I appreciate that the sheet needs to allow the blades to flap up and down as they rotate - but not twist.

Just a couple of random thoughts! Good luck.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 14/01/2020 07:59:35

Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
14/01/2020 06:21:29

Balsa rear fuselage pieces up side down - won’t make any difference to how it flies.🙂

Thread: Miss Deeds or 1/4 semi scale Cassutt
11/01/2020 14:36:07

A while ago Peter you mentioned that you were considering designing a reduced scale Buzzard Bombshell - for electric power perhaps? I wondered if the idea was still on your radar?

Thread: Dog harassment while flying!
11/01/2020 07:50:01

I used to live near nice model flying site which had a public footpath running through it. There were polite warning signs of model aircraft flying and to keep dogs on the lead. I duly did, not that my two labradors would be interesting in chasing flying models. Had it been flying sausages, now that would have been a totally different matter and there would have been no holding them back!

Most sensible dog owners tend to err on the side of caution keeping their pets on the lead where they see a potential problem. Conversely a few non-dog owners tend to over react to the presence of dogs. Years ago I used to fly model aircraft on Epsom Downs and there were always dozens of dogs at the weekends and all of them off the lead in those days. I can never remember a case of a model being chased or indeed attacked after it landed.

Thread: If I fit floats to my Senior Telemaster will I need a more powerful engine?
10/01/2020 20:37:02

I stand corrected Alan, most of my water plane flying has been with flying boats and on some pretty rough water on occasion too. My Ace puddle master ended up inverted in the lake once or twice. I shook the water out and put the ESC in the airing cupboard for a day or so with no ill effect, although it was a fresh water lake. I wasn't advocating keeping the Rx in a plastic bag, just while the model was operating on the water.

Thread: Miss Deeds or 1/4 semi scale Cassutt
10/01/2020 20:14:49

Very nice looking build Erfolg and good to hear she flies well. yes

Sarik Hobbies do sometimes seem a bit random regarding which models they decide to produce CNC parts for. A case in point being 'Sssshhwept', featured in this months RCM&E - a vintage rudder elevator model! I am surprised they don't even have the plan for Miss Deeds but I am certain that a request on this forum for one will be productive for any budding builder.

An email to iGul for some Miss Deeds ribs may be fruitful, although knocking out a set of ribs for a parallel chord wing is not so arduious, surly?

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 10/01/2020 20:17:23

Thread: If I fit floats to my Senior Telemaster will I need a more powerful engine?
10/01/2020 15:17:13

If you are planning to build a new fuselage I would definitely epoxy/glass the fuselage as they get very wet. The same with the inside of the fuselage (or just dope it) as water will get inside. Put the Rx in a sealed plastic bag. Be sure to carefully seal the joins in any heat shrink covering (Aerocote or similar), as water will tend to be drawn between the covering joins by capillary action. Broad floats tend to work best as they are easier to get onto the step. Just my 2p worth.


Edited By Piers Bowlan on 10/01/2020 15:18:13

Thread: Hitec 81
10/01/2020 14:58:23

When you move the servo full travel to full travel, does it do so in a smooth, linear fashion or does it sometimes jerk or hesitate before continuing? Also is it noisy compared with it's stable mate?

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