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Thread: Carbon Fibre Tubes
03/07/2020 08:04:18

Not too sure why you need carbon outers, I usually buy a K & S Ali or brass tube to fit my carbon wing joiner. Alternatively SLEC sell carbon tubes with phenolic outers specifically as wing joiners.

Thread: Will we continue to get the magazine (RCM&E)?
28/06/2020 21:19:54

Hi Tomas, PM sent.

Thread: Repair help please!
27/06/2020 10:47:40

Ouch! Been there done that. if you need to add a little reinforcement, strips of carbon fibre let into slits cut into the foam with a model knife works well. Hardly any weight, not bulky and immensely strong. Use cyano and kicker to glue them in place and cut the carbon strips to length with side cutters as it is too hard for a model knife.

By the way, deltas tend to be very draggy in turns (as the angle of attack is increased) resulting in a rapid loss of airspeed and one wing dropping (incipient spin). Keep the speed up in the turns and try not to over elevate as speed will soon wash off. Good luck with your repair.

my 2p worth!

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 27/06/2020 10:48:46

Thread: What size to print plans without a scale tab
21/06/2020 17:58:59

Hi Rogeo, I have had many plans copied and printed at a professional printers locally; 100%, enlarged or at a smaller scale. Some plans only show one half of the wing, so you can ask them to do a mirror image print of the wing. Obviously the text will be in reverse.

Just be aware that some people have reported some distortion when printing out from a home printer, so if you print out one part at home, compare with the professionally printed plan for accuracy before cutting balsa.

Thread: Multiplex Smart SX / RX-5 M-Link ID 1
21/06/2020 11:13:19

After another forensic search of my Smart SX manual 7.10 refers to the digital trims (except for the throttle) but no mention of throttle hold. 7.12 refers to fail safe and how to set it, again nothing about throttle hold here. It seems not all instruction leaflets were bourn equal! sad

Still, enough reading, glad it's me and not the radio. Now better get out and use it. yes

20/06/2020 18:27:29

Dwain, yes mine is Mode 2 (or 4), but currently in 2 (the other version of this radio is 1 or 3 so both are switchable but I can't imagine there would be many 3 or 4 users?

Thanks for that JRman, Yes, I have heard that Mike Ridley is very good so he was my next port of call on Monday but I thought I better check out the forum first. Just as well I did, as it turns out!

!DD15, thank you so much I would never have thought of that. I did read the instructions- honest! (after I installed the radio blush). In my 'manual' 7.1 is a labeled picture of the transmitter but I can't find any reference to 'pressing the throttle stick when in the down position to put it in throttle hold mode' . Sure enough it works! Ingenious -why don't all transmitters work like that? Dwain was on the right track too with 'pressing something'. yes

Thank goodness for the forum - another satisfied customer smiley

20/06/2020 17:07:28

I bought this as an extra radio to pop in a backpack, along with a compact 3ch glider. I wanted to be able to cycle to a local slope and get my flying fix without carrying a lot of gear. Fast forward a few years and only now have I pressed the radio into service in an old Panda Sport! Trouble is, after binding the Tx/Rx I get output on ch. 1,2,3 and 5 but not 4 crying, (4 being the throttle channel with mode 2). I tried two different ESCs plugged into ch4 to no avail. I tried plugging the ESC into CH1 and the motor runs but a servo plugged into ch4 is dead. I tried a separate battery but still I get nothing from Ch4 with a servo plugged in. Is it me or the radio as I have had many radios in the past but never lost just one channel?

Yes, I could buy another receiver but how do I know it is not the Transmitter - or me? And no, I don't know anyone with a Multiplex radio.

I thought these Multiplex radios were uber reliable too. angry So I guess it must be me!

Thread: Fixing bubbles in EPP tape covering
20/06/2020 12:28:04

Hi Wilf, you didn't say which flying wing it is but if it is EPP the chances are it is from Soar Ahead Sailplanes, possibly a Mamba or Wildthing. EPP is quite flexible but it is covered with crossweave tape which has glass filaments so that it does not stretch, unlike duct tape which does, (so is not suitable). The crossweave tape is covered with a plastic tape which has a UV blocker so it is not just to decorate but also to protect the adhesive under the crossweave. In time the adhesive breaks down anyway from my experience, so eventually the model needs recovering. If you have large bubbles then the tape is probably delaminating (after being left in the sun?) and you will probably find that it pulls off without too much difficulty. To get rid of the residue I would just sand it off gently as best you can. I doubt the EPP will be damaged when removing the tape as it is pretty durable stuff, unlike EPS. Any small dings can be filled with a bit of lightweight filler if necessary. Good luck.

Thread: Diesel vs glow on a .5cc engine
12/06/2020 19:25:48

Good point Robin, but my point was that diesels tend to pong a bit, although to some that smell makes them feel nostalgic!

12/06/2020 18:33:00

Martin, no doubt you have found this site for new Cox .049 glow engines. The Cox engines are easy to start and are very powerful for their size but I wonder if too powerful for your little D9? A small diesel would be quieter even unsilenced as the Cox's are little screamers and, although there is a silencer available, I understand that they don't work too well?

I would fuel proof a model with either a glow or diesel engine - but not electric!

The smell of burnt nitro in the morning is one thing but the aroma of ether will hang around your cloths (and house) for ever and may lead to domestic strife!

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 12/06/2020 18:35:43

Thread: Devil's Duster
11/06/2020 09:04:52

That looks brilliant, you won't have any trouble losing sight of that one! Looking forward to the flight report - or video?

Thread: Strange problem
11/06/2020 08:14:45

Peter, As David says the ESC is probably faulty. Swap it out with another ESC and if that solves the problem send it back to the supplier as faulty, if you bought it in the UK. These ESC's are made in their thousands if not tens of thousands and the reality is that you will occasionally get a dud, it only takes one dry solder joint.

I just wondered what brand of servo you are using? I am not an 'electronics man' but I wondered if one of the servos was faulty, drawing high current and causing the BEC to brown out? Presumably you have already put the servos on a servo tester to check that they are all operating normally? 

As an observation your Tx/Rx are very inexpensive (if this is it) so I wondered if there was a compatibility issues with things like servos and ESCs using this kit?

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 11/06/2020 08:31:09

Thread: RCM&E Magazine, April 2000 Issue
08/06/2020 06:20:50

Your welcome Thomas, PDF sent.

Bob, Thanks for your PM, I have scanned the Rutan Long-eze article for you, just send me your email yes.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 08/06/2020 06:36:21

Thread: Newbie ish
07/06/2020 19:28:53

One of the benefits of this type of EPO construction is that you can cut chunks out if you are so inclined and then add local reinforcement with strips of carbon cynoed in, if you feel some strength has been compromised. I did this with my HK 2.3m Fox some years ago to move the LiPo further aft.

07/06/2020 19:27:34

One of the benefits of this type of EPO construction is that you can cut chunks out if you are so inclined and then add local reinforcement with strips of carbon cynoed in, if you feel some strength has been compromised. I did this with my HK 2.3m Fox some years ago to move the LiPo further aft.

07/06/2020 16:16:26
Posted by Martin_K on 06/06/2020 19:21:50:

Ally, I don't think there are 'ready to fly' electric launch gliders, other than very small models which may include a flight battery and USB charger. At the least expect to set Centre of Gravity, setup control surfaces, install receiver, plus purchase batteries and charger.

Piers, have you had 'hands on' with a Multiplex EasyGlider 4? The suggested receiver location is very awkward, forceps install? Likewise positioning the battery is a dexterity test (but one is good for long flights). Note also that the wired in battery connector on the 'receiver ready' version is an MPX multi pin component, almost certainly not compatible with 'off the shelf' batteries in the UK. I does glide very well however.

Hi Martin, my old Easy Glider was the original with the brushed motor and I didn't have any issue with getting the gear in. The EG4 looks like a great improvement power-wise, judging by the video, although I have no personal experience of it. Replacing the green MPX connector with an XT60 or deans etc. should not represent a challenge to most people I would have thought.

I know that the HK Bixler, like the Easy Glider, is very popular with those new to model flying but I wonder how it compares to the Easy Glider, power off? Perhaps not much in it.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 07/06/2020 16:18:31

Thread: RCM&E Magazine, April 2000 Issue
07/06/2020 15:29:32

Thomas, I don't have the whole magazine but I do archive the plans and build articles going back quite a few years. I had a look and have the April 2000 free plan and article for Peter Rakes 'Hindsight', a 45in span, electric, cartoon-scale Hawker Hind. Also featured in this edition was Peter Miller's 'Chantilly Lace'. The plan for this is still available from Sarik Hobbies.

If the plan and article for Hindsight or build article for Chantilly Lace would be of interest to you, let me know by PM and I can probably send you a copy.

06/06/2020 08:08:59

Doh! Thanks David blush.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 06/06/2020 08:10:17

Thread: Newbie ish
06/06/2020 07:55:11

Hi Ally, welcome to the forum. If you want a simple thermal glider that flies well and is self-launching then I would suggest the Multiplex Easyglider 4. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands have been sold throughout the world, a testament to how good they are. The Kits are very well designed, light and strong like all multiplex products. I don't know if you are in the UK but if you are, you could try 4 Max to supply you with all the electrics, motor/speed controller/servos etc. which will keep things simple. These are listed at the bottom of the page I linked to.

As far as the radio control system is concerned the world is your oyster, just buy a major brand is my advice and buy new not second hand. If you live in the UK don't forget to register your model with the CAA or through the BMFA - and join a club if you are not already a member.


Edited By Piers Bowlan on 06/06/2020 08:01:59

Thread: RCM&E Magazine, April 2000 Issue
06/06/2020 07:29:51

Hi Thomas, Hopefully someone will be along soon with a copy of the April Issue, if not there is a digital version available from Pocketmags. Is it the free pull out plan of the Lightening Propjet you are after?

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