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Thread: Altered my clock.
30/10/2018 14:10:41

This is really a can of worms!

The problem is made worse by the way the earth orbits the sun, elliptically!

Even noon isn't always when the sun is highest in the sky, in fact it only happens a couple of days a year. If you have a day or two to spend try googling "equation of time"

Thread: Sunglasses for rc flying
30/04/2018 16:02:41

Hi everyone,

Having a few eye problems I have discussed the problem of the best sunglasses for model flying with my optician. Here is his opinion.

We have two main problems, seeing models against the glare and the damage UV does to our eyes.

Having tried several types we found the best compromise to be yellow filters which limit UV as used by skiers/mountaineers.

Unfortunately these days I need very dark lenses to prevent more UV damage adding to my cataracts, which should ensure that light cannot sneek in from the side. Apparently UV levels can be high even under cloud.

I hope this helps1


Thread: Servos not working.
24/06/2016 13:40:01

I have had a similar problem.

It was caused by the output chip in the receiver being unable to send pulses of sufficient voltage to the servos when 2 were in parallel.

Reading your thread I don't think you have tried driving the servos through the y lead but one at a time, sorry if you had.


Thread: A new phone scam may be about
07/10/2015 09:36:41

Be careful,

The 'phone downstairs probably uses the same line, instead use your mobile to avoid the scammers.

Thread: Help on finding light weight threaded control rods
14/03/2015 15:40:23

Hi David,

Try a cycle repair shop for various sizes of wheel spoke.


Thread: RCM&E February 2014 Issue.
11/01/2014 18:51:40

Plenty to go at this month!

Topping All-Write is a letter from Owe Carlson re a vintage model the "Radio Rock",

Could this be the same as the "Radio Rook" by modelling pioneer Col. C.E.Bowdon?

This was published in Practical Mechanics September 1956.

radio rook  00.jpg

all I need now is a vintage diesel!!!


Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
10/10/2013 08:12:46

On the other hand:

Sorry to be a pain, but try this

1st lap @ 30 mph takes 2 minutes,

2nd lap @ 90 mph takes 2/3 minutes

Total time = 2 2/3 minute = 8/3 minutes

Average speed = dist/ time

= 2/8/3

= 6/8 miles per minute = 45 mph!!!

To average 60 he would travel at the speed of light, have infinite mass and cause the end of the universe (discuss)


Thread: XM603 on her final Journey to her new resting place.
10/03/2013 11:14:21

Hi all

Dave, thankyou for posting the video.

I have an interest as my father was the pattern maker for some of the castings for the undercarriage of the Vulcan.

There is some doubt about the funds for getting XH558 airborne for displays this year.Take a look at **LINK** to see if you can help!


Thread: Weather Condition Websites??
03/03/2013 20:01:24

If you want a check of conditions at your field before you set out it may be that there is a weather station on-line nearby, for example on a local farm. Real time data for many places may be found at wunderground, try:


enter a town nearby and go to the bottom of the resulting page.


Thread: A welcome visitor to the garden
26/04/2012 13:42:11

We've started using sunlower seed hearts, just a small scatter on the slabs, to divert the blackbirds from coming into the conservatory and nicking the dogs lunch.

(Also try Autarki dry dog pellets, chicken and rice flavour, the blackbirds love them!)

Beware, birds can get very stroppy if you stop feeding them.


Thread: Vintage Engine ID help please
22/04/2012 15:20:55


I have an old "Practical Mechanics" mag from December 1949 which has a photo of your engine and the "special head" for glow conversion. It is an ED Mark III diesel of 2.49cc.

Hope this helps#


Thread: Members Map
21/04/2012 09:52:36

I'm on there as well,

Positioned on the NOMAC field as that is where my friends think I live.


Thread: IE9 issues? Can't post.....
11/12/2011 13:16:56
That'sa relief
The problem was due to the i.e. "update".
In i.e. the "compatibility" was greyed out as it is "part of this version of windows"
clicking the blue torn file symbol, tool bar top right, has enabled this to be seen.
11/12/2011 13:13:09
Having produced at least four blank replies, here's a test after trying the suggestions here!
Thread: NiMH batteries
25/11/2011 12:09:32


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Thread: The Cafe
24/12/2010 07:18:56
Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Christmas!
Santa will be on his way shortly, for those of you in doubt you can use the early warning radar to keep track of him as he circles the globe.
The radar output is at
Best wishes for the season,
Thread: What Rattles Your Cage?
23/11/2010 21:49:26
Don't panic BEB you are not alone! I noticed this as well so I have made a suggestion for the Glossary.
The dark recesses of physics hide many a trap for the unwary.
As you imply torque is force causing a rotation, the turning effect is the size of the force multiplied by the distance of its line of action from the centre of rotation.
The problem is that most of us oldies were used to measuring force in terms of the weight of firstly the imperial pound (lb) and secondly the kilogram. We all knew what holding a pound or kilogram in our hands felt like. This force depends on the pull of gravity and varies depending on where you are!
The distance was measured in inches, feet, cm. or metres according to taste.
Now we've gone metric scientifically the force should be in Newtons and the distance in metres.
(One newton is the force which accelerates one kilogram at one metre per second per second kgms/s)
So the "proper" metric unit for torque is the Newtonmetre but for our purposes it is a bit large, so servos could be specified in Ncm.
By the way the imperial unit of force is really the poundal (lbfts/s) 
Just trying to help!
Thread: Glossary - your forum needs you!
23/11/2010 16:42:30
May I suggest that the present definition of Torque/Torque Effect be used just for Torque Effect and that Torque be explained something like this:
Torque is the turning effect of a Force.
If using a spanner on a prop-nut the nut is tighter if you increase either the force used or the length of the spanner, or both.
So we get..............Torque = Force X Distance (from the nut!)
The metric units are Newtons X metres, or Nm, said "newton metres".
We tend to use the force to lift either a pound or a kilogram so torque wrenches use ftlb or kgm and for servos we use kgcm.
Thread: Beginner looking for some help and advice
15/09/2009 08:24:30
Hi Russ
I am Hon Sec of a club based near Chipping Norton,
I realise that is a fair way from you but we have a few members from your area.
If you are interested have a look at
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