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Thread: Sopwith Pup refurb
29/07/2020 21:08:09

It’s only 1mm apart from the bolts Clamping the wing centre in place in compression against hardwood block all the main loads from wires are in tension so 1 mm is plenty thick enough


29/07/2020 20:05:25

Dave. DAVE

here goes

first up shows the rear fitting all four are the same type


as you look at it the upright is the locales rod that fits into socket in underside of centre section

the bracket facing you is the upper attachment for the Rear landing wire


same bracket from rear you can seem the upright and the landing wire bracket also on the right at the end of bracket your see the hole for the 3mm bolt that holds the centre section down this screws into a blind nut in wing centre section 4 in all one on each corner


this last one for now shows the front bracket with the extra lugs for the cabana wires got one more to get from front to show cabanas clearer I hope

as you can see David bailey I ain’t hope these pics help


29/07/2020 19:46:21

mean while a couple of pics showing what I found under t covering first one shows tail area uprights well stuck to fabric but not the longer ones yay

next just shows fus under the cowl cheeks etc will be adding a little more structure before replacing with new material ie lithoplate panels

Pup3 29/7/20
Pup 4 29/7/20

29/07/2020 19:35:05

Bob sent you a message but I don’t know if my attempt worked If you ain’t got it let me know and I will try again on me I pad stead of fone

geoff your right mate over lockdown I have been searching and did find someone with some stock of certain colours Of gloss tex that I needed so bought that, cub yello 8 mtrs woo hoo, and Silver but linen is now nowhere to be found nor antique I did find 4 mtrs of natural, I use it for edge tapes and rib tapes on painted areas

dave ready your self man I’m off to shed shortly so pic will be taken

29/07/2020 19:30:20

Bob sent you a message but I don’t know if my attempt worked If you ain’t got it let me know and I will try again on me I pad stead of fone

geoff your right mate over lockdown I have been searching and did find someone with some stock of certain colours Of gloss tex that I needed so bought that, cub yello 8 mtrs woo hoo, and Silver but linen is now nowhere to be found nor antique I did find 4 mtrs of natural, I use it for edge tapes and rib tapes on painted areas

dave ready your self man I’m off to shed shortly so pic will be taken

29/07/2020 17:04:25

Well hello

to.quote monty python....I’m not dead!,,,

pits been a frustrating few weeks for numerous reason not least trying to help my daughter sort her new house refurb out and finding that everything is in short supply

anyhoo on with the pup

after the wings, now finished ready for paint, it onto the fus, the one thing that’s always bugged me with this pup is the non removable tail it’s a bit of a pain to carry in a car, so decision is to make said tail removable, this was preceded by the need to make a small extension of bench to get rage blighter to a workable height,

done and off with the tail plane, out with the trusty old gentleman’s saw, great name for a saw, and off wiv it gov

next to prize of the fus top and cockpit suround

pits quite amazing what you can find when you start these things, I thought a quick peek inside replace cowl tops and sides with nice new aluminium repaint fus and jobs a good un

how wrong I were there are sprung joints loose structure by this I mean some bits fell out when I turned it over so I am off to see how much solartex I have cos it looks like a recover is in the offing of not just the tailplanes but fus too hmm will let you know as soon as I do

cheers all


10/06/2020 19:47:23

Well hello

after a hectic couple of weeks helping daughter gut out her new/old 1930,s house chucking a lot of the more recent decades stuff and unearthing the old fireplaces and floors replastering finally happened and now we wait for it all to dry out

sooo. Back to the shed for an hour or two.

and wayhayy all the wing surfaces are finally covered in fabric and all tapes applied so these can now be stored ready for paint, next up is the fuselage for some surgery and a prep for new paint so watch this space, off to dig out the bench and floor soon from all its off cuts of fabric and suchlike before I dare take any pics


28/05/2020 23:16:43

I haven’t run away honest my daughters house purchase finally got the go ahead last Friday after a 9 week lockdown on house moves so it’s been a busy week ripping it all apart 🤣🤣

ready to start the rebuild tomorrow painting ceilings for me and Saturday the plasterboard and plastering team arrive

back to toy aeroplanes soon


22/05/2020 13:33:55

Hm dunno why it put photo twice earlier it’s probably me sausage finger

22/05/2020 11:46:28

yes ace I love it I’m off to buy some thatchers gold now I have an excuse

22/05/2020 00:09:42

Painted ones now dry


22/05/2020 00:08:33

This first one took about 30 mins (well an hour if you count the scrap one) but having got a sequence in my brain cell the next three took another hour


then one final thing a coat Or three of primer and they can hang on a hook in me shed till I need em,

after this I did a bit more stitching and sticking tapes down only have one more wing to stitch two more ailerons and then two lower wings to perimeter tape along with the ailerons then it fuselage time, this is going to be messy as I have some paint to strip. Luvverly


22/05/2020 00:03:02

It takes longer to tell than do honest

after taking all the waste bits of the former I now start to finish it off this is where delicate hands help unlike the large sausages I possess but hey

it will take a bit of fiddling and filing and returning to the former for a re shape several times but eventually I put it back on former for a bit of a polish with some scotch bright or wire wool

a little more fettling filing and reforming and polishing later I ended up with thisimg_20200521_180352.jpg

it’s at this point I have to admit that my first effort got binned

21/05/2020 23:55:54

Once this done and making sure it’s formed down the sides of former we can start to cut it out, this is my way you may come up with something easier,different r more sensible but hey this works for me

first I file along the corner of the curved side very lightly with a very fine file until you can just see it’s getting through the aluminium and it’s only a couple of passes with file at this thickness of alloy (.3mm) then with a scalpel I cut along same edge using former edge as guide, forgot this bit earlier the window frame edge is 5mm bigger all round, then around the inside of frame, Remember the small gap around the acrylic same size as scalpel blade, this gap is now your guide and finally across the top and bottom at 5mm to release youR frame, at this stage probably a bit rough mine are



21/05/2020 23:43:34

Then you can fasten it to your former at the top and bottom ends I use masking tape other tapes are available


nows the fun bit with a simple smoothing / forming tool, I made mine from a bit of 1/2 inch dowel suitably shaped a bit like a wooden screwdriver sanded the faces and corners smooth and you can add a bit of candle wax on the end if you have said item
using it like a rolling pin to get the outline visible first it’s then just a case of gently teasing and pressing the aluminium onto the former using the screwdriver like end to gently press it into cornersimg_20200521_174345.jpg

21/05/2020 23:34:44

Then what we need is the metal, in this case som thin (like paper thin) litho plate, if you need some Bert pm me an address I have some in stock you can have,

once the aluminium sheet is sorted it will need ammealing to make it nice and soft for forming

take your sheet and with a good old fashioned bar of soap, (nicked mine from laundry room whilst the maid was out🤣 draw a series of lines across it all, it’s easier to anneal the whole sheet than small bits


Then carefully very (aluminium at this thickness will melt before your eyes,) waft your blow torch of choice over it keep it moving until the soap goes black then STOP. You are doing this outside aren’t you, leave it to cool then back on your bench with a nice pair of kitchen scissors cut a piece just a bit bigger than the former sat 20 mm all round


at this point it’s a good idea to wash the soap of with a bit of water and some paper towel

21/05/2020 23:22:33

Today I thought a change was in order change good as a rest they say

so I decide a bit of metal bashing was in order, to make the frames for the pully windows on wing Leading edge

first I made a little former same section as wing leading edge top from spar to LE img_20200521_173820.jpg

made from bits I found in shed also made same width the frame needs to be with a raised frame relief made from a bit of 1mm thick plastic I found in a drawer probably of some plastic package


in the centre of the frame although yo can’t see it is a piece of clear acrylic at ,5 mm and very slightly smaller than the frame it has a gap around the edge about the thickness of a scalpel blade honest it does

21/05/2020 23:02:01

I’m glad it’s worked Bert looking really good

yes th cutting is all about what works for you and I have had some success today with the borrowed cutting wheel after a few atempts I got it to work really well with a bit more practice I will have it cracked. I think I need a large cutting mat the surface I’m cutt8ng on is quite hard and I think the slightly softer surface on a cutting mat wil help will see

20/05/2020 22:57:02

I do believe it’s the very same kit that has now migrated to the workshop out of storage for some pre build mooching

I have “borrowed “ ai rotary cutter from the dress making dept (spare room) whilst the dressmaker was on her evening walk with daughter, gonna see if it works tomorrow after a visit to flying field Geoff that is

foamy tempest checked out two 4 cell packs charged so ready to go

not doing the underside Geoff shame on you you do know that I will tell reg and he will check every time he sees it and we will point it out to everyone 🤣🤣

20/05/2020 15:08:12

Looks good Bert it may be ok with one coat of balsaloc with fine thread I find that the embroidery thread I use needs 2 in the past I have cut strips with scissors but my arthritic fingers remind me these days that’s a bad idea, so I use scalpel and straight edge but it does need new blades it’s surprising how quick tex takes the edge off I have used the cheap throwaway craft knives too the ones with the snap off blades and cheaper than scalpel blades if you can get some from your local pound shop

geoff what time you be there mornin or afternoon

its been good to get back in shed I’ve been out of it for a while and this enforced lay-off has prompted me to extract my digit and prove I can still do it as i have a project for a friend to do and this has got me fired up to do it

so if anyone’s interested as soon pup done I will be starting on a kit build of a 1/3 scale Fokker DV111

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