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Thread: Ashbourne 2019
17/09/2019 11:50:59

awoo and a hoo welcome all


17/09/2019 09:31:35

considerallon list

cheers folks

spread the word we have loads of space, no size restrictions no power plant restrictions, although if you are tempted to bring a jet please let me know. both types of runway i.e. grass and hard surface


Thread: Well this could get interesting
12/09/2019 15:13:16

on Tuesday on Victoria Derbyshire show (I think) there were two of these so called "protestors" sitting smirking whilst miss Derbyshire interviewed them along with passengers who should be flying out this weekend, I could only stand 5 mins before the two protestors got boring, one even stated that she could not actually fly a "drone" but was going to learn before Friday hmmm she was very good at droning on,

I decided a visit to the shed was in order before I threw something at my new telly box


Thread: New Model Show
12/09/2019 12:53:01

Hello one and all

just a very last min plug for a new show that is on this weekend darn sarf

This new event is on this weekend and seeing as the weather is set to be really good I thought a last min plug cant do any harm

where is it its here at Stow Maries WW1 aerodrome and museum well worth a look


go on here and see events for full details

but from a personal perspective I can say well worth a visit, the museum is growing every year with interactive displays and a WW1 simulator to have a play in, good facilities, food and drink with the added attraction for the first time a large scale model event ticket are available online



Thread: Ashbourne 2019
12/09/2019 08:36:25

hi tim

well done that man

yoo is on me list

Tim Hooper,

Martin Harris



Geoff Sleath

are all of you replying to thread attendees I do hope so


11/09/2019 08:46:51

Hi peeps

apologies for the shorter notice than usual but been ill and not concentrating on things toys wise soooo the date/dates are confirmed

13th October or in the case of inclement weather the 20th

same system as always reply to thread and I will include you in list same rules as always ie not many

so note it and sign up

free oatcake to the first one !!!wink


Thread: Ashbourne Scale Day
02/09/2019 09:38:28

Thanks for that geoff

yesprovisionaldates forasbourne 2019 are 13th 20th Oct

the 13 was picked cos it clashed with nowt so sorry if the LMA have moved their event but thems the breaks

I will be starting the relevant 2019 thread asap just need confirmation from tcommittee


Thread: Electric Cars.
16/07/2019 10:28:55

there is so much of the world that needs to change before we use up all the fossil fuels and electric cars are only a small part,

my main issue is the claim that the EV is so environmentally good, it is only good at the end user ie us, we don't have to suffer the environment being destroyed or the pollution that come along with the mining/processing the materials needed to make them (not just EV,s I know but that's what we are talking about here) if you have a spare min google lithium mines for just one example and be thankfull they don't have lithium deposits in the Cotswolds, twas the same for coal and oil I know and having grown up in an industrial area powered by coal i don't miss the clouds of coal smoke that fell as black rain on me mums washing!!!

I know we have to change and I know technology marches on exponentially but we are a long way away yet and the battery has many years of development yet to enable us to live the convenient life we have now from fossils fuel use we will get there im sure, we have to or walk, but it wont be in my lifetime but hopefully for my children's and grand children's future, some years ago I remember the furore over the erection of wind generators and the blight on the landscape they would bring (I will take a wind millor two over a nuclear PowerStation any day), but now some 20 years later they are part of our landscape and I believe we are the world experts in this form of power generation and 2018 saw the balance tip in favour of renewables for our electricity, Scotland went 100% renewable, I have no doubt we will get there I just don't like politicians telling me I have to!!


09/07/2019 14:21:30

yep had a search and there aint many yet with any towing capability unless you have a spare 77k plus for the tesla x

83 k plus for a range rover the Mitsubishi is "cheaper" at around 40k so will be a while before I can give up my trusty VW sharan with it 2.2 tonne towing capacity 550 mile range and 35 mpg towing, 700 range and 50 mpg without

I do quite like the new smart electric for commuting so you never know the wifes Nissan micra may be the first to go!!


09/07/2019 09:09:03

what do you tow a large 15ft long modelling trailer or my folding camper with (700kgs 14ft), any out there doing so??


Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
09/07/2019 08:59:50


Thread: Good news thread.
05/07/2019 11:41:09

heart surgery went well two weeks ago

recovery going even betterer

grandson born monday

the suns shinin

off for a weekend with modelling mates

wots not good about that!


Thread: Weston Park Worth the Risk of Showers?
14/06/2019 12:04:02

latest as of 12 noon


sunny warm and light winds flying going well I assume



Edited By ceejay on 14/06/2019 12:09:43

14/06/2019 11:28:07

Latest from site

weather currently dry not windy just a nice breeze drying things out, till next shower!!surprise



Edited By ceejay on 14/06/2019 11:28:35

14/06/2019 09:57:50

just had message from mates onsite and the showers are supposed to ease after 2 pm today and improve as the weekend progresses

tis England though laugh will try to post updates as I get them


14/06/2019 09:55:34

was onsite last evening, at work again 25 miles from it, just fb mates there and its showery flying in between

ground is wet and slimey on top where cars drive but not boggy on my way out last night 8pm ish ground seems quite firm underfoot but obviously wet grass means willies or sturdy boots

should you go yes its a great day out if you can stay for the sat evening then even better the eve show is usually pretty good and worth the trip alone. weather permitting the BBMF are scheduled a fly by, also a mustang and aeros from a pitts and glider not to be missed

not to mention good trade


Thread: Electric Cars.
26/03/2019 12:47:37

but I don't want to drive to work in a motorhome nor spend tens of thousands of pounds on one, nor buy another "eco" vehicle just to go to work, I have a perfectly good system now it does all I ask of it, it does not need road tax and sits quite happily awaiting its next trip, in the meantime I can use my car to commute, take the wife shopping, collect grandkids and even take a trip to the very north of Scotland, as I did in February, and after 700 miles I can refill in 5 mins and do another 700 miles, all the fuel delivery systems take the same payment card and quite usefully fit my car, I don't need a fuel pump in my drive and my range does not halve when its dark and wet,

now I know electric is the future but its far from anywhere close to being practical for every day use as it seems we are all going to need multiple vehicles to perform all the tasks we want presently, good for the manufacturers pockets bad for the environment as we dig out rare materials for batteries. and nothing I have seen yet or heard or read fills me with great confidence,

Jaguar seems to be leading the charge, pun intended, but as yet it is very expensive tech, it will get cheaper and better but its a way off methinks before the average motorist, those of us that keep the new car market going by consuming the older models will benefit,

but any hoo tis all moot as by 2040 aged 85 I will be all electric I suspect with my little pavement buggy taking me to fetch me chips

26/03/2019 12:09:46

how will I tow my caravan/model transport system!!!???

Thread: Ashbourne Scale Day
22/10/2018 19:54:56

many thanks to all who took the time and effort to attend yesterday,

many thanks to all the regulars that enable us to put on this event, no1 of course is our residen cheff d.oatcake john who kept all fed and watered all day,

to Ian and richie for the awning for cheffy and generator for tea urn, and to any and all that assisted with flightline,

due to a recent and ongoing illness i was next to useless with anything physical work wise so without them it would not have been the day it was,

see you all again


13/10/2018 15:25:26

the decision not to go ahead was not taken lightly paul and was not based soley on the weather at ashbourne, even your chart shows the poss of rain upto 1pm, now given DRCF,s field is on the highest point above ashbourne any moisture around can and does affect the site in mist and fogm not saying it will but it can and has, but as i say its not based on our local weather alone, many people are traveling a long way to get there, from wales to kent (dover) and this means we give due regard to those that need to travel on the poss that weather en route or at destination may not be good,

we looked at XC, Metcheck, BBC and the met offices own site and decided that its best to wait so more people will have the oppurtunity to travel and arrive in decent weather, not only this but we self fund the catering, out of our own pockets cheffy and me, and if 50 % of the attendee,s decide its not worth the risk of traveling for an hour or several then we are out of pocket, not a huge issue but another question into the decision making pot.

we dont all live close enough to go home if we dont like the conditions, i live 30 miles away and currently cannot stand up outside my own front door due to the constant gale force winds, i have also taken into account onsite info from clommittee member who lives 10 mins to site and it aint pretty up there,




Edited By ceejay on 13/10/2018 15:30:22

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