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Thread: Litho plate wanted!
03/09/2013 14:54:12

Would just like to say a very big public thank you to andrew767 who has supplied me free of charge some lithoplate. Again, thank you very much andrew.

20/08/2013 15:44:51

Hi all,

not sure if this thread is still active, but help needed! I live in Suffolk and have drawn a blank on a source for litho plate. I am desperate for a tiny amount:.008 thick by 12 inches by 6 inches to make some leading edge slats for 60inch Pat Tritle pilatus Porter.

More than happy to pay a sensible amount plus postage if anyone can help.

regards to all!

Sy harlett

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
18/04/2013 10:28:01

I used a pair of copper plumbing 90 degree pipe joints obtained from "wikinsons" for about £0.80p for my exhausts. They were then primed and painted various dry-brushed metal colours using acrylic paint. finaly, correct sized hole formed in fuselage then I used silicone sealant to secure. not scale in shape or final postion, but they do the job. They even provide a little bit of ventilation to keep esc cool.

11/04/2013 12:49:56

Here is my latest Tucano finished today. This is my 4th since the plan 1st appeared all those years ago. I have gone from Permax brushed with a brick of a Nicad to the latest which has 400 watts of brushless, 11x7apce prop, 51mm Irvine metal backplate spinner, 40a esc, 3300mah 3S lipo and an all up weight of 2lb 12oz. Built as per the plan as I have never felt the need to change anything apart from adding the ply fuselage reinforcement.


I chose the 2007 display scheme as I doesn’t seem to have been done to death and it stands out. Model took longer to cover than build! All black, red, white and blue markings hand cut from oracover/profilm. Roundels made using a compass cutter and solartrim. Lettering sourced from a vinyl lettering supplier on ebay, all other markings handmade on printer and decal paper. I will be adding pilots and cockpit detail once it arrives from Vortex, in the meantime, current canopy has been "borrowed" from my other airframe.




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11/04/2013 12:37:54


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Thread: Pix - E Major
07/01/2011 11:34:12
Thanks for placing the photo on for me Tim. I also think the RAF trainer colours work well. It is very similar to the Beagle Husky we used to fly in as Cadets at Cambridge in the late 70's. I believe the aircraft is still about in civie ownership and same scheme?
Model was covered in red/silver and white litespan. the black anti-dazzle was painted in Tamiya acrylic and the roundels were cut from solartrim using a compass cutter. all up-weight was just under an ounce heavier than Tims prototype, so should be fine.
Answer to the above question, yes, there is a 1/8 sq strip built into the side frames for F2/3 to attach too. 

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06/01/2011 16:43:14
Have tried to upload a pickie of my Pix-E which I finished today, but for some reason I am unable to upload photo's? does anyone have any idea why not? Anyway, I have been able to upload it into my photo album, so if anyone would like to see how it has come out in RAF training colours, please look.
Very pleased with the finished build, just hoping for a nice crisp winters day to give her a maiden. will post a report on that when I have flown her.
enjoyed the build, have built many from plans over the years, but this was up there with most enjoyable, and a model that wont break the bank to build! 
07/12/2010 20:36:04
If anyone is desperate for the Towerpro motor, I have a 2nd hand one available on ebay item number 190477510754. Please note that the motor works fine, but I damaged the mount when I rounded off a grubscrew and hashed the mount trying to drill it out. I am supplying a new mount with the motor though! 99p may get you a bargain!!
My build is progressing well,hope to post some pictures of my RAF trainer colour scheme when model is a little closer to the finish point. 
26/11/2010 16:56:23
Every now and then, a plan pops up in RCME that just has to be built! Have been looking for a vintage type model for a while and this is just the ticket! I would say this is my winter build, however, its soooo nice that I reckon will have it on the go and built within 2 weeks!
As for colour scheme? I am going to present in a seudo RAF trainer scheme, as the aircraft is similar to the Beagle Husky that the Air Cadets had one of at 5 AEF in Cambridge back in the late 70's, happy days!! I believe the aircraft is still about in civilan ownership?
As for the power set-up? BRC is showing ot of stock for the bell outrunner and ESC combi. does anyone else know of anyone who stocks that motor? 
Thread: Pick a plane 2008!
20/02/2008 17:25:00

Hi all

From a biased skydiver and model builder, my choices would have to be:

1. BN2 Islander

2. Pilatus Turbo Porter

3. Shorts Skyvan

All high wing and just screaming out for brushless electric!

Thread: EZE-Fan builders
12/07/2007 07:28:00
A complete re-build from scratch! the Mk1 was destroyed as it came in nose down, but all electrics aand radio escaped unscathed! Must be the way that Nige designed it.
11/07/2007 07:26:00
Here we go, here is a link to pickies of my Eze-Fan, both old and new! has anyone apart from Nigel built a second one yet! Pranged the red one on mission one, due to elevator attachment problems (solarfilm to solarfilm dont stick!) so built a second in Tucano colours and attached all control surfaces with diamond tape, I defy that to detach itself!

03/07/2007 21:53:00
Probably about the time I was in Iraq then on a little sunshine tour (again!) where the only RC aircraft were the Royal Artilleries Phoenix RPV'S!! and no, they wouldnt let me ave a go! do I feel a banana or wot!

Guess its time for a little research on the Hunter and see if I can find a plan for that. was it ever avail in Kit form like Tornado, Hawk, Tucano etc?
03/07/2007 20:51:00
Oh Nigel! I have been browsing as you do and happened across a cheeky little thing called the Nigel Hawes Hawker Hunter, there was even a picture or 3? something you want to tell us about or do we have to wait and drool??

As for the 400 Hawk plans I was trying to get hold of, sucsess! Got then from the plans service and they were even nice enough to email me some scaned copies of the build instructions from the june 01 RCM&E, Oh how things have lept on in Electric RC since then! Obviously looking at putting a 400-480 sized brushless on 3s li-po in it, however, will I have the room and cooling inside the rear of the fuselage or will it be possible to put a motor on the back using a rear mounted motor bolted to the motor mount? would rather try and shoe horn the motor into the fuselage, so if you can recommend a motor suitable (from BRC of course) that would be great.

This of course will be next on the building board after my Mark 2 Eze-fan which is 1/2 built. However, if that cheeky little Hunter crops up in RCM&E as a free plan before the I start building the Hawk! well, the rest will be history. Over to you Nige!
28/06/2007 20:13:00
Ha Ha, now building my second EZE-Fan as my last one stoofed in (parachuting term) the other day! reason for crash was either a glitch or the elevator coming away from the tailplane due to using a solarfilm hinge which I think came away! Ailerons were attcahed using diamond tape, no probs there! anyway, it went in at a rate of notes and exploded, but not one servo, esc, battery, fan shroud or motor damaged! just an EZE-Fan re-kitted! Mark 2 will be better!

point to note- Solarfilm does not stick well to itself!!
25/06/2007 16:41:00
Hi Trex, I hope I can answer your questions in order that you dont go back to ARTF as there OK but nothing compared to balsa dust, large sheet of plans, selecting the bits n bobs etc. I could go on!

Question 1: You could use fuzzy cyno type hinges as you have seen at BRC. However, on this model, I and I would think most have used tape. I use Sellotape Diamond Ultra Clear. Its waterproof and nice to use and avail at WH Smith. 1 roll lasts for yonks. this brings me to answer question 3 next if using tape.

question 3: Angle on aileron is acheived with sanding block and the aileron on the edge of the work bench (dining roon table)and sand in even strokes to you get the angle (about 30 degrees should be ok). Then once the model is covered, tape the aileron's on. tape both sides of aileron and make sure the aileron is fully deflected when you apply the tape otherwise it will be very stiff in use. Incidently, do the elevator the same way. one angle and tape again both sides. The tape seals the wing to aileron giving you no where for the air to escape, but thats aerodynamics!

Question 2: thos horns will be fine, you will need 3 in total.

Hope all this waffle helps!
22/06/2007 21:46:00
I am having great dificulty getting a hawk plan. Have tried RCM&E and ebay (relentlesly) so if there is a chance of someone leting me have a copy (with Nigel's permission of course) that would be great.

Flew the Eze-Fan tonight on its maiden, goes like stink! Nice one Nigel, oh and the sound is fantastic!
22/06/2007 13:29:00
I will check it out!
22/06/2007 13:04:00
[b]"On a wing & a chair"[/b]DVD by Nigel Hawes and Brian Collins.

If you aint seen it yet, then I would recommend you get over to BRC Hobbies and order right now! Fabulous entertainment gents. For those of you who are building the EZE-Fan, this may encourage you to build the Tucano if you have not done so already! Or Nigels Tornado, Wizza or Fizza. I am trying to get Nigels 400 size Hawk plans, anyone know where? is it available as a back issue from RCME?

Anyone flying an EZE-Fan yet? Or are we all waiting for the weather to improve, I know I am!!
22/06/2007 09:59:00
Thats it, Li-Po arrived this morning, just soldered the connectors, set CofG on the Eze-Fan, looked out the window and its raining like heck! oh well, the only option is to watch Nigel's and Brians DVD "On a wing and a chair" over a large bacon butty and a large mug of coffee. Thanks for everything Brian at BRC
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