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Thread: Building a curved wing
14/07/2019 12:11:07

wing rib build gauge slec.jpg

All Square Wing Rib Building Gauge from SLEC, who state: “This ensures those ribs are perfectly upright & square on the building board. Easy to use & slotted for 1/16 x 3/32 x 1/8 (1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm). It also acts as a double thickness gauge.”

4 per Pkt – not cheap at £1.99 though.

Thread: Weston Park 2019
16/06/2019 10:27:10

Ventured to the Weston Park air show yesterday (Saturday). Mistake. Cold, dark, pricey (£14 entry fee - no BMFA member discount either), muddy and quite windy. I left after about 2½ hours – got bored stiff. Turned out Friday weather was OK after all and today (Sunday) reportedly not a lot better expected than yesterday. Should have stuck to my original plan and gone on Friday for the ‘best’ of the weather. Bummer.

Last time I went to Weston was 10 years ago. It was all a thrill then and I’d join the queues of buyers and purchase about £200 of stuff, spending the whole day there (wasn’t always sunny, warm and mud free). Now a victim of its own success me thinks. Soooo many people – and cars (maybe not far away from having to become a ticket only event to ‘limit’ numbers). Car parks filled up very early (plus those already there from the many campers and caravaners), so about a 10 minute walk from the car to the action.

More than double the trade stands (and chuck wagons) than 10 years ago. But get this, unlike then, I saw very few people buying things – not a queue in sight. I bought nothing – apart from fish and chips for £8 (quite nice too). I’d guess the internet is having the same effect as with the high street – there again I’m now blessed with Wheelspin Models and Mike’s Models not being far away.

I understand there’s an overabundance of the now-must-have sport type models doing repetitive prop hanging and often generating smokescreens Zzzzzzz...

prop hanging zzzzzzz....jpg


All look-a-like stubby clipped wings with big petrol engines and an absence of ‘character’. Heck, with a big enough engine, you could fly a brick. Hence my getting clinically bored early on – the cold, wind and mud (and lack lustre trade stands) certainly didn’t help. So overall, 1/10. Others, of course, will have found things to the contrary. Hope they did.

Trust I'll find the LMA show at Cosford in July is better. At least I can have a wander around the RAF museum for free if serial ‘boredom’ and/or rain and cold wind sets in.

PS. A display flyer doing impressive things with a large bi-plane inexplicably left the display zone to perform various aerobatic feats over a car parking area to the rear of the front stalls. Not a warning word from the commentary box. Baroness Vere and Dame Deirdre Hutton, plus their quango mates, would have loved to have seen that one! Astonishing.

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
14/06/2019 09:19:33

I learn Dr Anna Jackman was appointed Specialist Adviser to the Science and Technology Committee Inquiry.

Dr Anna Jackman.jpg

She’s a lecturer in political geography (no I haven't either), with an interest in drones. At least it wasn’t Jo Brand. What about the rest of ‘em.

The Aviation Minister is Baroness Vere - hard-core remainer and former Executive Director of 'Conservatives In’. She failed to become a Tory MP (came third) in 2010 general election and was duly rewarded by elevation to the House of Lords in 2016 as Baroness Vere of Norbiton.

The CAA (bloated expansionist quango) Chair is Dame Deirdre Hutton (formerly of the Food Standards Agency – well, burger wagons at air shows can pose risks to aircraft when flown above 400’] - labelled in the media as the “££££Queen of Quangos££££”.

Richard Moriarty as CAA CEO, is a dedicated career quango-ist - Legal Services Board, water, energy, aviation, postal communications, and social housing.

Doesn’t get much better. The rest of the CAA top-dogs (and cats) listed have backgrounds in Australian energy, rail freight and consumer goods industries, railways infrastructure law, accountancy, quality assurance in higher education, the RAF police and, wait for it, drum roll… the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Corporate Engagement Board. You couldn’t make it up.

I assume this well-nourished CAA governing elite have travelled in airplanes and therefore know, more or less, what they look like – well, from the inside at least.

To cap it all, there is everyones success story - Minister for Transport Chris Grayling. He has a BA degree in history. A BBC-ite for almost 10 years until 1993, when he joined Charterhouse Productions as MD before leaving several months later when it was wound up for failing to pay VAT.

So that’s what the BMFA are up against. Prepare to be shown who’s boss.

jack boot.jpg

Edited By davidqc on 14/06/2019 09:22:56

Thread: Reichard Models
04/05/2019 08:23:49


Thread: Where is promised Fun Fly build & review?
26/09/2008 18:58:00
Where is the step by step build and fly review of SLEC's Fun Fly, as promised in RCM&E earlier this year?
Thread: Subscription Renewal
24/09/2008 18:46:00

Why am I receiving two copies of RCM&E?

 Is it because I especailly bought a FunFly from SLEC on the promise from a Hurricane obsessed half wit would do a step by step build and fly reveiw of same and didn't bother to "...get round to doing it...0h! but my Hurricane blah blah blah..."?

Thread: Scale Corrugated Skin.
09/04/2008 11:43:00

Mike Eccles of Southport MAC built an 11' wing span Ju52/3 and used corrugated cardboard soaked in pva glue. You might like to contact him for the application details. He and his model were on the front page of BMFA News april 07 Issue 87 - looks great (the Ju52/3 that is).

Mike Eccles of Southport MAC built an 11' wing span Ju52/3 and covered the fuz with corrugated paking paper soaked in pva glue (may have been diluted). The model appeared on the font cover of the April 07 (Issue 81) of the BMA News - looked great. You may care to contact him for further details.

In case you missed my previous posts I give below examples of the SIG corrugated scale covering for control surfaces, which comes in sheets 0.01" thin.

Part no's are SIGRPCP2571 (8" x 17") and SIGRPCP2572 (6.5" x 13.5") - note the latter distance between corrugations is greater than the former.

sizing up .....

on the model .......... - this is not mine but from mag pics of a father and son built scale model of a Cessna Bird Dog in vietnam colours

Best of luck with your project.

Thread: corrugated finsih to control surfaces
08/04/2008 20:54:00
the last part number should be SIGRPCP2572 for the 6.5" x 13.5" sheet...soorrreee
08/04/2008 20:52:00

Just in case there are some who would like to finish the control surfaces of their models with an auththentic corrugated effect but can't find any easy way to do so,  SIG ( or one of their UK retailers (maybe) have ready made vac-formed sheets 0.01" thick (or very very thin) for putting on control surfaces

SIG part numbers are:    SIGRPCP2571          sheet size: 8" x 17" with corrugations about 5/8" apart       and       SIGRPCP2571     sheet size 6.5" x 13.5"  with corrugations abpout 3/4" apart.

They are difficult to find on SIG's web site until you input the above part numbers in the search window.

If I could work out how to put on my pics onto this page I would have done so.

Thread: spinner for pjs contra prop
21/01/2008 15:20:00

please excuse if this has been asked before, but does anyone know where one can get the aluminium spinner from for the pjs contra rotating prop unit shown in nigel hawes column in the last issue of rcm&e?

...not on the web site and google fails to find it

Thread: Prop selection
15/07/2007 19:12:00
nice prop chart. very helpful.

can one use it for electric on a power for power basis - i.e. same prop for x watts electric as prop for x watts ic?
Thread: EZE-Fan builders
21/06/2007 11:46:00
does anyone know of web sites that have pics or a video or other visual instructions (or previous mag articles)of how best to cut and apply Profilm - especially around the edges and on swept wings as in the eze fan?(I have not used Profilm before)
21/06/2007 11:42:00
thanks for the voltage advice.

am i correct in thinking that the eze fan servos are the super tich 50 digital 5g with 1kg torque ones?

i love this project. the eze fan just looks so right. a nice step toward real jet flying. my first balsa build for more years than i will admit too, just brill (ah, the smell of the balsa brings it all back!!)
17/06/2007 13:04:00

Is the 4s 2200mAh himodel lipo in the eze-fan article 14.8v or less?

Thread: Sticky Stuff Part Two
08/06/2007 12:39:00
i was trying to find the past articles called 'workshop survival skills' but i could not locate it. anybody know where they are located?
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