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Thread: Junior 60 Kitset
13/07/2020 12:21:36
Posted by Hayden Brown on 07/07/2020 11:42:34:

I will see if I can print off the plan and go from there but the BB version sounds OK. I will re-read the posts as it is all good information and thank. Lovely models.

Just download the plan (and instructions) from Outerzone, then take/send the plan's .pdf file to your local printshop.

Job done.

Thread: Fairey Gannet
26/10/2019 16:23:36
Posted by Ray Wood 4 on 26/10/2019 15:32:56:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reminding me, this kit has been up the loft for 40 years must be ready to be built by now 😀

Regards Rayimg_20191026_152836.jpg

Oooh! My first ever 'scale' build in the 50s. It flew like the proverbial brick, even though it went together well.

26/10/2019 11:45:35
Posted by John Bisset on 25/10/2019 15:06:51:
Posted by Andrew Calcutt on 25/10/2019 09:00:24:

I think the gannet had two engines and counter rotating props,would make a good model,don't forget the folding wings!

Now THAT would be a model to behold, if someone could replicate the wing power fold ! And of course the contra-prop assembly.

As a small boy I recall seeing the Gannet AEW3 demonstrate its single engine capability at a Lossie Air Day, immediately followed by its demonstration of an (excellently controlled) belly landing on the short runway when the second engine didn't wind up quickly enough as the pilot did a 180 turn in front of us. I watched through my camera viewfinder thinking 'surely that's not right' as the starboard wingtip cut a furrow in the grass before the belly landing. No-one hurt, some impressively fast exits by the crew as the wreckage slid off the runway, debris and radar bits all down the runway and I never even pressed the shutter!

The 2 engines set up has already been done, almost 60 years ago - see the1960 Aeromodeller Annual.

Page 144 shows a photo of Bruce Randle's Control Line model, using an OS15 and an OS35 - contra-rotating! Only a small photo, but it goes to show there's nothing new. It does look a bit tight in there.
It apparently flew at the Knokke C/L contest.

26/10/2019 11:30:05
Posted by Plummet on 24/10/2019 18:06:38:

Is it useful to know that they have one on display at the Air Museum at Elvington near York?


This is the Elvington example. Sorry, just the one photo.Gannet Elvington.jpg

Thread: M6? Not If I Can Help It......
23/05/2019 21:42:15

Don't go south of Preston on the M6… ever!!!!!!!!

Thread: Aileron differential
10/05/2019 17:33:46
Posted by Peter Miller on 10/05/2019 08:22:47:
Posted by Manish Chandrayan on 10/05/2019 05:06:53:

Just a little side note. The Taylor Monoplane plans (Full size) specify lots of up aileron " and almost no down aileron."

I believe that on a full size Tigermoth, full movement of ailerons actually returned the down aileron back to neutral, having first gone down slightly, then returned as the input was increased.
This can be achieved by offsetting the servo horn (I think).
No doubt someone will soon agree… or not!

Thread: Lidl Bandsaw
20/03/2019 17:35:15

I got an Aldi suction vice with fully rotating jaws a couple of weeks ago - just £5-99. Three days later at an exhibition, I found exactly the same vice (with a different badge on) on one of the large tool suppliers trade stand - £17-99!

Who's having who on?

Thread: Fly-In invitation from St Austell
18/03/2019 11:43:25
Posted by cymaz on 17/03/2019 13:29:52:

Bring it on Geoff !

Sorry, can't promise, but will do my best.

17/03/2019 12:48:17

I live in North Yorkshire, but…

we have friends in Trewoon, not far from your patch, so me and my Uno-Wot might just make it, but don't hold your breath… it's a long trip!

Thread: Cover or Overlap
10/03/2019 17:25:42

The red on the fuselage/nose is Solarfilm (RIP), which just overlaps the white film by about 1/4". The red maple leaf on the wing is Solartrim, all of it on top of the white film (also Solarfilm). No problems to fit and no 'show-through'.

Hope that helps.

Thread: hobbyking prices
08/03/2019 16:27:19
Posted by ken anderson. on 08/03/2019 09:45:05:

PS....forgot to mention.... I needed a couple of parts for a Cox engine.....the lad in Jersey ordered them for me to be sent direct to my home address from America...….and only paying him when they arrived with me......that's service well beyond what you would cost was circa £20....

Edited By ken anderson. on 08/03/2019 09:48:08

Excuse my ignorance… what lad in Jersey?

Thread: Early flying model aircraft design books (+/- 1950's)
12/02/2019 16:40:40

Have a look on Outerzone's website, where you can now download books for FREE - including several which cover early models. Go to to see what there is.

Hope that helps.

Thread: Wing walkways
29/01/2019 16:19:46

Get a 'taster' pot of matt black emulsion from your local B&Q or similar, paint it on, then varnish over it when it's dry.
Quck, easy and cheap.

Thread: Litho Plate Wanted
29/01/2019 16:16:05

Try a local printer - mine just weighs them in for scrap value after use, so I get them for free.

Always worth a try, although you might have to clean them off with acetone - a simple job.

Thread: Flying off the beach
19/12/2018 17:09:06
Posted by Peter Christy on 19/12/2018 09:17:55:

My first recollection of flying in a full-size aircraft was when my father took us both up for a joy-ride in the DH Fox Moth that used to operate off Southport beach. This would have been around 1954/5. IIRC it was five shillings for an adult and 2/6d for me (25p and 12.5p in today's money!).

I don't know if they still operate joy-rides from there (I doubt it!), but it would certainly indicate that the sand is firm enough for models!



I did that in 1949 - granddad took me and my brother, probably in the same Fox Moth. I still have the photo of it and the certificate I got on return. Once round Blackpool Tower and back to Southport in light drizzle.

08/12/2018 14:58:05

Are the missing bits of the rudder in the holly bush/tomato plant?

Thread: BMFA mag's going a bit over the top?
08/12/2018 14:56:36
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 07/12/2018 17:34:08:
Posted by Geoff Peacock on 07/12/2018 14:58:07:

I only got a single copy. However… it seems the BMFA have changed my name.

No longer am I Geoff - I am now known to them as GHENGIZ Peacock thinking.

Whether it's Ghengiz Kahn or Ghengiz Can't (my wife's suggestion) I'm not quite sure. Better have a look at their new Portal and check. More technology to deal with, I suppose.

I have changed your record to say Geoff. There is no email address on your account so you will need to email to add it and then a password reset email can be sent to you.

A big thanks to Andy - sorted out in double quick time yes.

07/12/2018 14:58:07

I only got a single copy. However… it seems the BMFA have changed my name.

No longer am I Geoff - I am now known to them as GHENGIZ Peacock thinking.

Whether it's Ghengiz Kahn or Ghengiz Can't (my wife's suggestion) I'm not quite sure. Better have a look at their new Portal and check. More technology to deal with, I suppose.

Thread: November 1st
31/10/2018 17:59:16

For those of you now concentrating on Christmas…

It's November 1st tomorrow, so don't forget to get the sprouts on to boil!

Thread: When modelling money saving goes too far...
03/10/2018 13:42:32
Posted by Percy Verance on 02/10/2018 14:30:45:

Not modelling related, but I used to work with a skinflint who took the bulb out of his fridge because he felt it would save him money.......

Totally the wrong thing to do Percy, because:

If you remove the bulb, the electricity will drip out of the bulb holder every time you open the 'fridge door…
all over the food dont know

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