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Thread: MAK 15 MP
02/10/2018 15:26:03
Posted by Peter Miller on 01/10/2018 08:59:53:


How is your smaller version going.

No progress at the moment Peter. I'm struggling with a bad back, so sitting at the computer for more than 10 minutes gets painful. I'll keep you posted when things start happening again.

14/09/2018 17:32:18

OK Peter - you win! It looks brilliant.

No further progress yet with my version. You obviously have more spare time than I do! In fact, you've almost put me off carrying on with it (but not quite), seeing as yours is so good. Can't wait to see the plan in the Mag.

Thread: Best Building Guide or Book for first time builder
12/09/2018 14:33:23
Posted by ken anderson. on 12/09/2018 14:19:13:

hello michael, when I started off I went to the local library, they had the David Boddington books, may be worth checking if you still have a library ………. great source of reference.....some of the contents out dated by now but still worth a read to get info etc....

ken DB dept.

I am a volunteer librarian at our local librarian - try putting in a request if you still have a local library. Try for Boddington's Building & Flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft. It worked for me after a 40+ years layoff.

Thread: What's in your toolboxes?
06/09/2018 22:04:27

But surely, everyone has that one item in their toolbox which is totally irrelevant to the job in hand (i.e. building models) and of no use at whatsoever.

Mine's a 1-1/2 Amp Slo-blow fuse which has been there since 1963!

What's yours?

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
02/09/2018 20:57:51

It flew!

I got two short flights from a slope in a stronger breeze than I would have liked, then… having stupidly left the model on the edge of the slope while I helped my friend set his model up 20 yards away, a sudden gust cartwheeled it 10 yards along the edge.

Result? A cracked trailing edge which needs a fairly easy repair (I think). Sorry, no photos of the maiden.

Thread: Eureka moments
21/08/2018 22:14:18
Posted by supertigrefan on 21/08/2018 17:24:22:

…...magnetise the tips of your screw drivers to help with those teeny screws and hard to get at fixings.

You can do this simply by attaching a small magnet direct to the shaft of the screwdriver.

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
21/08/2018 22:09:42

Thanks Ton. Pics will follow - if it survives!

Thread: Wing joiners/tubes
21/08/2018 16:53:56
Posted by Peter Miller on 20/08/2018 08:22:27:
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 20/08/2018 07:33:18:
Posted by Peter Miller on 19/08/2018 18:33:19:

I think Peter might mean Balsa Cabin, Balsacraft have long since gone (sadly). I like to use carbon fibre tube as a wing joiner running inside Aluminium or brass tubes (K & S), which are bonded to the spars. What diameter depends on the size of model but on a 58in span model 6 to 8mm dia. would be fine.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 20/08/2018 07:36:24

Actuall I meant Balsa Mart which is part of Blackburn Models


As far as I know, according to their website, Balsa Mart (Blackburn Models) now only trades on-line, so those of us up here in t'Frozen North no longer have to make that long lonely trek over the Yorkshire border. Ah well, every cloud, etc…
yet sad that yet another LMS has gone. Nothing better than a long look round, a chat, then buying something you weren't expecting to get when you left home. Not the same, just typing on a keyboard.

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
21/08/2018 16:35:31


All decals made (laser-printed waterslide transfers) and fitted.

Just the maiden to do now, perhaps in a couple of days, which will probably be little more than a trimming glide only, without the motor fitted, but is weather and available field dependent.

All up weight with battery, Rx & Motor is just under 30 ozs. I hope that won't be too heavy.

Wish me luck.

full decals.jpg


graupner fin.jpg

wing decal.jpg

cox decal.jpg

decals 4.jpg

decals 3.jpg

Thread: Aldi bargains
19/08/2018 13:59:11
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 24/09/2017 15:00:18:

We have a Boyes in Ripley, Derbys that stocks all sorts of useful stuff - a wide range of Humbrol enamel, UHU Por (and other UHU adhesives), Gorilla Glue and cutting mats. It's a small town department store I use a lot.


yes One here for Boyes - great store, used them for years in Yorkshire.

Thread: MAK 15 MP
17/08/2018 20:12:17
Posted by Peter Miller on 17/08/2018 17:28:06:

Faster than I expected. Just waiting for the disaster to strike!!!

Wow, Peter - haven't you got anything else to do, like gardening, going to the pub, doing the washing & ironing, etc? thinking

Thread: Sweet sweet epoxy resin.
15/08/2018 15:32:19

Longer cure = better bond.

Thread: MAK 15 MP
14/08/2018 20:48:02
Posted by Peter Miller on 14/08/2018 18:06:38:

No reason not to take ideas from other designs/and especially insist on refusing to take inspiration and ideas from elsewhere.

More a case of adopt/adapt rather than actually copy in this case, I think, but your take on the Clark Y 'foil appeals greatly. That looks likely to happen.

14/08/2018 16:44:14

Looking good Peter - I'm envious, mainly due to you being much further on than I expected, and much further on than I am!!!

The last thing I want to do is copy your ideas, so I'll have to break out the thinking cap and come up with something all my own soon.

I've been busy finishing off my latest effort over the past few days: I made all the transfers yesterday and fitted them today, so there's just one small hatch to modify and it's time for flying, if the weather improves.

Thread: Engine projects
12/08/2018 17:22:02
Posted by jeff2wings on 12/08/2018 14:53:38:

So after searching the web and other forums, I got zero info on this engine frown so I think it's time to have a look at the insides of this mystery engine

It might be worth contacting this chap - a veritable mine of information on such things. His website is well worth spending some time on.

Go to:

Mention my nme by all means.


Edited By Geoff Peacock on 12/08/2018 17:23:03

Thread: MAK 15 MP
10/08/2018 12:54:20
Posted by Peter Miller on 10/08/2018 07:58:05:

I will let you have my pdf drawings t look at if you PM me your email address.

PM sent.

10/08/2018 00:29:17

Hi again Peter,

I haven't forgotten the MAK 15, but progress is slow, due to other modelling getting done, outside in the sunshine! However, now that summer looks to be coming to an end, I actually got about an hour on the MAK drawing today when it rained for a while, but there's a lot to sort out, as you said.

Quite a challenge, all this 30-dimensional thinking, but I might possibly have something to show you soon. I'll PM you with a .pdf for you to look at, comment on, criticise or whatever - once I get a bit further.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
08/08/2018 17:45:03

My take on Ton van Munsteren's Sonny 1500 - RCME free plan from 2016. Built mainly from the scrap-box, and all done in the garden, thanks to this summer's better weather.

I made a couple of alterations, like split wings instead of one-piece, to accomodate the optional Cox .049 power-pod (non-rc), plus an additional (upper) wing spar.

finished & pod rhs.jpg

finished & pod lhs.jpg

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
07/08/2018 23:00:24

Just back from our club's monthly meeting, when we get to show our latest models. Fiercely competetive (not!) the Sonny won this month's prize - a nice bottle of claret.

I also won the raffle - a gallon of Optimix fuel, then managed to 'grab' a new 12V starter battery, one of two which had been donated to sell, for just a fiver!!!

Chuffed, or what? A profitable night all round.

Thread: Vintage engine - info needed
07/08/2018 16:38:30

The above link doesn't appear to work. It should be
which you can copy and paste into the address box. Hope that helps.

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