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Thread: Vintage engine - info needed
07/08/2018 16:35:02

You might want a look at **LINK** if you're considering a restoration. Adrian could be of great help.

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
07/08/2018 14:06:19

Just a little trim added - one wing only (so I can see which way it's going!).

Hope the Cox .049 runs well, as it's never been started before. Not sure how long a run I'll get from a tankful of fuel, but it should be enough to get a little height. I daren't run it in the garden - sensitive neighbours angry 2.

finished & pod rhs.jpg

finished & pod lhs.jpg

05/08/2018 22:09:43

Thanks Ton - watch this space surprise!!!

05/08/2018 21:19:23

Another afternoon outside in the sunshine.
Wings now covered, but no trim added yet. This should happen tomorrow (weather permitting), along with fitting the Rx and switch. Then…

Job done - go fly!

wingwhite 1.jpg

wingwwhite 2.jpg

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
04/08/2018 08:42:20
Posted by Percy Verance on 02/08/2018 20:07:46:One of our club members has just got a new Octavia Estate with the new 1.5 litre turbo petrol engine. He chose the DSG auto transmission, and says he's very happy he did.

My latest Fabia also has the DSG twin clutch automatic gearbox. Brilliant! It's got a 1600cc 16-valve petrol engine which goes like the proverbial from a shovel (when I need it to).

The only problem is trying to get a 6-foot one piece wing in there - just manageable with a little bad language (always seems to help).

02/08/2018 19:50:28

Go for a Skoda.

Estate versions available, not wildly expensive, bags of 'extras' as standard, great mpg, extremely reliable ('plain clothes' VW). You know it makes sense.

I'm on my third one now, after 15 years of very reliable motoring across Europe.

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
02/08/2018 19:40:31

The sun came out today - eventually, so onwards and upwards. Here's some pics of the wings framed up.

The differences are: an additional top spar from 1/8" x 1/4" spruce (all I had). This appeared to be needed to stiffen the wings a little - they were a little 'bendy' without to say the least. This is probably because I have used the nearest imperial size balsa - always slightly less than the metric sizes quoted on the plan. My nearest model shop doesn't have metric sizes! I also added a gusset/stiffener to each wing-tip, as the balsa I used was a little on the soft side.

The wings are joined using a Ø5mm (yes, metric!) piano wire in aluminium tubes which are anchored in the root ribs.

Covering should happen during the weekend (weather permitting), then it will be taken for display at the club monthly meeting on Tuesday night. Fingers crossed for a small prize.

The Cox .049 should get its first ever run out soon.

So, here are a few pics for you.

wingframe 1.jpg

wingframe rhs.jpg

wingframe 2.jpg



Edited By Geoff Peacock on 02/08/2018 19:41:30

Edited By Geoff Peacock on 02/08/2018 19:43:18

01/08/2018 21:30:14
Posted by Geoff Peacock on 27/07/2018 20:30:35:
Working out in the garden in this beautiful weather really is a good way to work - near the kitchen door and the 'fridge (beer store!). I can thoroughly recommend it - much better than a cold shed in winter!!!

I shouldn't have said that - fate was duly tempted! Rain, more rain, then wind and hot coffee instead of cold beer.

However… I managed to get the second wing-half started today, but still got a few bits to do before I can take a few pics.

Thread: Model & Hobby World North West......
01/08/2018 21:19:39
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/06/2018 18:41:28:

Maybe they're operating from a flat above the seemingly empty shop at 22 Albert Road???

Edited By Percy Verance on 26/06/2018 18:44:01

Just found them - currently re-fitting the shop on Morecambe's Albert Road. Looks good.

More info and pics on their Facebook page.

Hope that helps.

Thread: Accurate Stick Cutting - What's the Secret?
01/08/2018 21:11:51

Balsa Stripper from SLEC to cut to width.

Thread: RAF Scampton to be sold
28/07/2018 23:15:18
Posted by onetenor on 25/07/2018 13:07:27:

Should be interesting as I live not too far from Anglesey so might get to see some activity over our house.

The Tucano trainers from the recently announced closure of RAF Linton on Ouse are apparently heading straight for you, according to BBC's Look North this week. Not sure about the almost 200 local jobs which will be lost.

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
27/07/2018 20:30:35
Posted by Ton van Munsteren on 27/07/2018 14:17:07:

Geoff, thanks for the update the Sonny is looking great.

For building the wing don't forget to make the Dihedral bigger than as per plan.



Thanks for the compliment Ton,

First half-wing built today, complete with angled root rib to give the greater dihedral you suggested - thanks for the reminder, even though I had remembered. It got built with a couple of small errors and one addition, i.e. not as plan, but nothing to cause concern. I'll repeat these differences on the other half so that they are identical. I'll post pics up when the other wing is done, to show them complete with power pod (already made) and to let you see just what alterations I've made to your design.

Working out in the garden in this beautiful weather really is a good way to work - near the kitchen door and the 'fridge (beer store!). I can thoroughly recommend it - much better than a cold shed in winter!!!

26/07/2018 12:06:19

Pics as promised. Graupner logo still to come.

fus rhs.jpg

fus lhs.jpg


fus servos.jpgfus rhs2.jpg

25/07/2018 21:53:16

I've not posted anything since the end of May - other things have been getting in the way as is often the case these days, although progress has been made.

I spent all day today in the shade out in the garden, so at last the fuselage is finished except for installing receiver, battery and switch. The fin, rudder and tailplane saw me use up my last piece of Solarfilm and I sprayed the fuselage using a rattle-can of white (from Aldi). I gave the whole fuselage a couple of coats of sanding sealer first, sanding down after both coats, and the paint then went on a treat, even though it was so hot outside that it was almost dry before it hot the wood!

Fitting the 9gm servos was definitely 'fiddly' to say the least, as were the snakes. The rudder uses a snake inner with wire running through to connect to the horns.

I'll take a few pics tomorrow and get them posted. I didn't finish tonight 'til 9-30 - still working on it out in the garden - by which time it was too dark to do any more.

All seems OK so tomorrow will, with luck, see me make a start on the wings. I'm making it split wing, so that I can fit an optional power pod for a Cox .049 fitted between the wing halves. This will mean joining them with rod and tube which will also locate the power pod. The ribs are already cut out (in the garden a couple of weeks ago), the balsa was bought last week (60-mile round trip!), so watch this space.

Edited By Geoff Peacock on 25/07/2018 21:54:20

Thread: Fed Up!
11/07/2018 23:19:29

I just heard that we're no longer in the competition, so don't have to play France in the final. Oh dear!

On that note, as the originator of this thread, I suggest we kick it into touch.

Commiserations to all who actually enjoyed the wrestling, and to quote Bruce Forsyth - "Didn't we do well."

Thread: World Cup 2018
29/06/2018 01:47:59
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 28/06/2018 14:08:49:

Its OK, I have the solution. We will record it, I will not look on here for the result! That way I see the game, and I can fast forward the boring bits (sorry!).

I'm learning that you have to be creative and resourceful to follow football,....


Somewhat reminiscent of an old episode of 'The Likely Lads'.

Hope you managed to avoid hearing the result…
they didn't!

Thread: Fed Up!
22/06/2018 20:13:06
Posted by kc on 22/06/2018 09:40:29:

I note that this thread has had 2444 viewers compared to the 981 of the pro football thread------tells you something about the forum members I think.


Thread: Quicker build using Cyano?
22/06/2018 20:10:31
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 20/06/2018 23:44:22:

I buy it from our local Poundland and it seems as effective as more expensive varieties. There are 2 sizes of bottles. The smaller ones I reserve for use as emergency repairs at the filed and keep an unstarted container in my toolbox and replace it after it's been opened.


yes for Poundland cyano - works very well I find.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
21/06/2018 21:48:12

Not my latest model, but it hasn't flown yet.

Vic Smeed's Tumbletot was a free plan, for a Kalper 3.2cc engine. I belive it was Vic's last but one design.

I scaled it UP for my Boddo Mills 0.5 R/C engine.

Maiden is due shortly.




Thread: Fed Up!
20/06/2018 17:52:53
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 20/06/2018 17:51:03:
Posted by Geoff Peacock on 20/06/2018 17:48:40:

As the author of the original post, should I now start another one on the (in)correct use of English grammar, or has that been done to death already?

I suspect it has, but I can't be bothered to search for it in case I miss something on t'Telly!!!!!

No! Please no! We had one just a couple of months back, it droned on,....and on,....and on,....

Spare us that


I can be bribed BEB. What's it worth?

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