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Thread: Zephyr
24/05/2010 21:21:37
What about this.
Thread: Fuel dot.
23/05/2010 18:39:42
Is this what you are looking for
Thread: Control Surface Hinges
21/05/2010 13:17:00
Yes Martin that's a good method too. Amazingly strong!. I continue to be surprised how strong Por can be even though I have been using it for a coupe of years.
21/05/2010 11:57:15
UHU Por makes good hinges. Just taper the edge of the control surface and apply the smallest amount of Por. lay both pieces flat and hold in place until glue has set.

Edited By Bruce Richards - Moderator on 21/05/2010 11:57:33

Thread: Electric Trainers
21/05/2010 07:40:58
Birdy I never said I had an epioneer.
Thread: Power supply amperage !
21/05/2010 07:36:11
I notice that the 350W version of your charger will accept up to 32V on the input. I guess this is the way things will go with high power chargers to keep the current down. We will have to start using 24V lorry batteries at the field.
Thread: Electric Trainers
20/05/2010 21:42:06
Seagull epioneer seems popular if you are looking for a conventional high wing trainer.
Thread: DX& dual aileron servo set-up - flap channel behaviour
20/05/2010 21:09:03
I have seen several people forget to do this with retractable undercarriages. When the Tx is  switched on the wheels would go up. Just needed rebinding with the wheels down.
Thread: Metal to metal interference
20/05/2010 21:06:43
Likely to be OK with 2.4.
Thread: Power supply amperage !
20/05/2010 18:51:22
Yah me too I just can't justify that money for something I do not really need.
Thread: DX& dual aileron servo set-up - flap channel behaviour
20/05/2010 18:37:18
Have you rebound, to set the fail safe, since you set up the flaperons? If not try rebinding it should solve your problem.

Edited By Bruce Richards - Moderator on 20/05/2010 18:37:59

Thread: Power supply amperage !
20/05/2010 18:27:23
I think you would be better off with this. It cheaper and more powerful. I would aways go for the most powerful supply you can. You will then be able to run multiple chargers and quick charge Lipos some of which can be charged at 5c. I have been hankering after one of these. Seems like good value for a 600w power supply.
Thread: foam Minimag
20/05/2010 16:56:43
I would suggest using some foaming PU glue such as Gorilla Glue. That should fill all the spaces. Make sure you jig the motor securely because when PU glue foams  it can push the glued components out of place.
Thread: binding spektrum RXs
20/05/2010 09:26:27
You can rebind at any time, no need to unbind. I had some problems binding my Spektrum Rxs and in the end the problem was that I had plugged in a servo with the polarity reversed.
Thread: Subscription freebee "RC Plane Master" simulator.
19/05/2010 20:05:50
I have not done it recently but as far as I remember it was very simple.
Thread: os 25 max
19/05/2010 20:04:25
  9X6 is the simple answer. The more complex answer is that it depends on what type of model you are fitting it in.
Thread: BRC Servos
19/05/2010 15:30:00
I have used about 20 of these in various models and never had a problem.
Thread: CAP 232
19/05/2010 07:55:24
Not sure how fast you are flying but could it be that you are slowing down too much in the turns. Try flying a little faster.
Thread: Advice on building please!! :)
19/05/2010 07:45:13
This and this are an example of a computer (programmable) radio it allows you to set up several different models and switch between them. Also things like elavon mixing to fly models which only have ailerons. Note the little LCD screen which allows you to see how you have set up the different models.

Edited By Bruce Richards - Moderator on 19/05/2010 07:46:40

Thread: twin motor set-up
18/05/2010 18:39:39
Connect the two leads that go to the Rx to a Y lead and plug this into the Throttle channel on the Rx. If the ESCs have BEcs either disconnect one of the red leads and power the radio from the other one or disconnect both red wires and run the radio from a separate power supply.
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