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Thread: Vic Smeed Popsie X2
09/07/2010 08:08:25
I have had some trouble getting the plan enlarged. I took it to the local print shop and they did what they thought was 2X and it ended up only 1.4X.
My next door neighbor works for a major international print company and he said he would do it for me. He went the other way and I now have a 4X plan with 155 inch wing span. Its almost big enough for me to sit in. I am sorely tempted to try and build it below the large model weight limit but I would have top clear out everything in my garage.
My neighbor is going to do me a 2X now so I should be under way soon.I just need to source some 48" balsa for the wing spars although I will also take a look at what B&Q can offer in the way of hardwood alternatives. (Yes I know balsa is a hardwood)
Thread: hello
06/07/2010 20:12:38
Welcome to the friendly forum.
Thread: Hello, I'm very new!!
06/07/2010 19:46:25
Hello from me and welcome to the friendly forum.
Thread: Hitec Optic Throttle Channel Settings for ESC
29/06/2010 21:41:35
Try this:
Set all trims to 0.
turn on TX and put throttle to max.
plug in flight battery making sure model is restrained in case it goes to fill power.  It should just beep at you to tell you it has gone to set up mode.
then close throttle.
ESC should then arm and throttle should control motor speed as it should.
Let us know how it goes.
Thread: 'A' Certificate!
29/06/2010 21:24:59
ROG = Rise Off Ground. I.e a proper takeoff not hand a launch.
Thread: Removing epoxy
29/06/2010 13:25:06
Epoxy can be removed as you suggest with nail varnish remover (acetone,cellulose thinners) but only before it has cured. One it has hardened it seem impervious to chemical removal. It can be softened by warming it up but if you get it too hot it gives off noxious fumes.
Thread: Dedicated online auction site
28/06/2010 21:32:38
Geoff, I do not see that there is an option to stop the kind of email that you sent out today. Gemma may not be moaning but I am.
28/06/2010 20:38:28
I agree totally with what Gemma Jane says above.
Thread: World Cup
28/06/2010 15:42:18
Oh please do not pick me I was always the kid that was picked last and stuck in goal because I was useless at football. Now I hate the game.
Thread: A question for beginners
28/06/2010 14:00:43
it strong it is hard to understand what question you are asking because you have given us very little information to go on. I assume you are talking about model flying.
I guess the only answer I can give is: find a good local club and go and talk to as many people as you can. This way you will get a feel for what the hobby is all about and see if you really want to invest your time and money in learning to fly models.
Thread: Vic Smeed Popsie X2
25/06/2010 10:51:16
Thanks Barrie I'll keep you all posted.
25/06/2010 10:50:24
Lucky lucky lucky
Thread: Vic Smeed Popsie X2
25/06/2010 08:57:06
I am planning to get plan (borrowed from a friend) down to the local print shop as soon as I can to get it blown up. The lines will be a bit thick at 2X but it should be just about usable. I also need to get some 48'' long balsa for the wings as 36'' will not do for the spars. I never quite know what to do about scaling up wood sizes. I tend to go for doubling of the cross sectional area and round up a bit.
25/06/2010 07:51:33
I recently saw a picture of Popsie in the BMFA News and decided I wanted to build one double size. While googling I came across this copy of RCM&E July 1992 with a double size Popsie on the cover. Does anyone know if there is any info in the Magazine on this model and can antone provide copies of what is there. I already have a copy of the plan which I need to get blown up.
Thanks in advance.


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Thread: Air Crash Investigation
24/06/2010 08:57:08
I see this happen all the time at our patch with this cub type model. It is usually a combination of lifting off the ground with too little speed and application of sudden throttle. Try letting it roll on the ground for longer and slowly opening the throttle. You will need to use the rudder to keep it tracking straight, but be careful as speed builds the rudder becomes much more effective so you will need to ease off the rudder as ground speed increases.
Thread: 4 stroke choke
24/06/2010 08:02:16
Yo can still hand start even with no choke. Just needs some work to get it primed first.
23/06/2010 21:40:50
No problem Gavin. I have several 4 strokes with no choke. If you have trouble priming the engine just put you finger over the exhaust and the exhaust pressure will drive fuel into the carburetor as you turn the engine over.

Edited By Bruce Richards - Moderator on 23/06/2010 21:41:30

Thread: Panic Hunting
23/06/2010 21:33:35
Sorry yes ARTF version.
23/06/2010 20:30:09
I will have an unused kit for sale at Wings and Wheels this weekend at the bing and buy tent.
Thread: Whats needed to build from a plan
22/06/2010 20:57:35
Well thats a big question. I will start with some major items.
1. A building board. I made mine from a large flat sheet of plywood coved with cork tiles. Others hove used kitchen work top with plaster board on. Its important to have a top that you con push pins into.
2. A selection of glues. Cyno, PVA or Alphatic, Epoxy to name a few. Get from Diy shops, model shops, online, and shows.

3. Scalpel and lots of new blades
4. Razor saw
5. Davids Plane/ razor plane.
6, Pins, masking tape.
Either get them all online or visit one of the many shows around the country. Wings and Wheels this weekend would be a good choice.
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