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Thread: I know mode 1 - Should I learn Mode 2 ?
21/12/2007 13:15:00
Flanker, are hard to beat on prices for NmHi AA cells 4 2500mah for 2.99. However the shipping cost may make it less attractive. Bruce
Thread: Lightweight models in wind
15/12/2007 08:31:00
The main problem I find with flying light(and usually lower powered) models in high winds it turning from the down wind leg to the cross wing leg. As the model turns and banks it presents the large area of the top of the wing to the full force of the wind and without sufficient power to pull the model through the turn it just blows away. Bruce
Thread: Brushless set up for a Great Planes Slinger
14/12/2007 20:00:00
There is a big parcel sitting under my Christmas tree with my name on it. My guess is that its a Slinger since my son has seen me pondering over it in the LMS. Let us know what you choose for motor ESC battery and servos and how well it works. Bruce
Thread: Has anyone actually flown this weekend!
10/12/2007 17:59:00
I got a couple of flights on Sunday with my Gangster. I had some really bad glitches as I was landing. As the model touched down the motor throttled up and it tried to jump in the air again. I think the problem is the wet ground combined with the aerial routed along the bottom of the fuselage. As I landed the aerial touched the ground and and I think this was causing the glitching. Anyone else seen this happen with very wet ground? Bruce
Thread: Lipo as a receiver battery
30/11/2007 19:18:00

Thanks Timbo I had seen that. Very informative.

Thread: SC 46
30/11/2007 19:16:00

I have been running an SC.46 in my Boomerang trainer since May this year. I have tried a variaty of props but have settled on Graupner 11X6 as my favorite for a quick take off and reasonable air speed. I found with 11X7 the model would struggle to get up enough ground speed if the grass was a bit long.


Thread: Lipo as a receiver battery
30/11/2007 17:45:00

OK John thanks I understand now.


30/11/2007 07:50:00


Thanks for your reply I am sure you were trying to help but did you read all of my original post?


Thread: Foamy Jets ??
29/11/2007 18:44:00

If you look on the right of this web page (and down a bit) you will see an advert for tjdmodels 2 of the 3 models in the pictures are foamy jets. They are delta wing models mode of some type of foam (EPS EPP) with electric power systems (pusher prop or EDF) usually 2 servos driving 2 elevons.


Thread: Lipo as a receiver battery
29/11/2007 18:24:00

Does anyone use a Lipo as a Rx battery in an i/c model?

I am planing to us a 2S1P lipo and a 3A UBEC and I was wondering if others are doing this and if so how well it works.

I would be interested to know how you go about ensuring that the Lipo has enough charge at the start of each flying session.

My main reason for doing this is that I can charge up the Lipo and leave it and should be able to fly at short notice without waiting to charge up the receiver pack.

Thanks for your help


25/11/2007 08:13:00

On the subject of using funfly type models for training. I asked my trainer earlier this year, when I was struggling to land, why we trained on trainer models (Seagull Boomerang in my case) when it would appear much easier to fly and land a funfly model such as a Weston Cougar.

His reply was that it may be easier to learn on such a model but that you would not learn the techniques that you need to learn such as landing a model that would stall if too much air speed were lost.

This seemed eminently good reasoning so I struggled on and eventually masted my trainer. This seems to have given me a good grounding and now I have passed my A certificate my flying is improving leaps and bounds.


Thread: Flanker's Favorite Videos.
31/10/2007 20:06:00
These are fun keep them coming
Thread: What Glue DO You Use
19/10/2007 08:51:00

Titebond original is Alphatic glue and can be bought from many places just google it for a list.

I use


Modelfixings is one of the most useful  sites I have found. Be careful or you will spens far more than you expected on this site.

10/10/2007 07:35:00


I have used 5 star and I made the mistake of thinking I would get 3 bottles as shown in the picture. But no you only get one. Also I find the cyano bottles they provided me clogged very easily. I found the 5 min epoxy was ok.

09/10/2007 12:02:00

I use Resin W PVA, various grades of Cyano + Kicker and NHP epoxy in various set times depending on the task. I use NHP because it comes in big easy to use bottles. I keep stocks  of  epoxy and cyano in the fridge so that it will keep for longer without going off.

I would like to try some of these expanding glues but I have not come across tham in the shops around here.

 I have used "Cascamite" in the past with mixed results when I have added the suggested amount of water I was unable to get a smooth past. You can still get it but it is called "Extramite".


Thread: What R/C flight simulator?
09/10/2007 11:51:00

I can recommend RC PlaneMaster it is fantastic value. I started with FMS which was ok but not very realistic for my trainer. I was able to customise the physics on plane master to make the 4 channel trainer fly in a similarly way to my real trainer.

I also like the fact that it comes with its own controller which means I do not need to wear out my transmitter or worry about having it charged to use the sim. The only drawback is that it does no do helicopters.


Thread: Win a Multiplex Fun Jet kit!
03/08/2007 22:02:00
One for me too

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