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Thread: Greenacres 2017
12/08/2017 21:25:49

Does anyone know (preferably someone involved in the event) what their rules are regarding FPV flying? I'm talking about fixed wing too not quads.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
22/06/2017 00:23:17

Here are my new purchases. All made over the Weston Park weekend.

The first is a DLG from the swap meet. The second an eflite P47 that was a bargain I spotted in one of the smaller trade stands. And the Extreme Flight Extra 300 was bought of a fellow camper while I was there.img_20170619_194055.jpg



Thread: Help me solve my dilemma....
08/06/2017 22:26:00
Posted by chris Bond - Bondaero on 07/06/2017 19:20:46:

Would yo like me to take one of these to Weston for you


Those are nice aircraft but unfortunately won't suit the power setup I already have ready for the demonstrator. Thanks.

07/06/2017 19:07:55
Posted by extra slim on 07/06/2017 16:16:36:

Havent owned either of these (by all accounts both are well respected) but many similar models and have my B cert, my gut feel is the 48" Edge... purely ( and more of a personal situation and approach to flying) because I know I would fly it more, as it will probably fit in my car assembled, less setup etc, get more practice in, and it is half the price if any mishaps occur, and as such I would be more tempted to push things further..

I think this has swayed my decision. Especially when it comes to flying more. Also it will take up less space in my shed which is a bonus.

At least now I can go to Weston Park knowing what I fancy...... Until of course I see something in the swap meet that throws a spanner in the works.

07/06/2017 16:13:04
Yeah the B test is just a bonus really as I do have a model that will get me through that.
07/06/2017 13:37:31
Hello all,

I am currently in a debate with myself over 2 models which I like.

The first is the 3DHS edge 540 demonstrator 48.

The second is the Hangar 9 Sbach 60.

My dilemma is choosing which one I would be better off with. I am used to flying both electric and petrol models so neither is a new venture for me, however, I am looking for something that is capable of the more 'extreme'/3D manoeuvres to learn and push myself with and to be able to maybe take my B cert at a later date.

I would appreciate weighing up the pros and cons of each and if anyone has had any experience with either then advice is very welcomed.

Thanks and happy flying.
Thread: On the hunt for a new model.
23/05/2017 12:39:54
That looks good.

Also just been browsing the net and found this one from 3D Hobby Shop.
23/05/2017 12:25:47
I was hoping for something balsa as I have a plethora of foam models but I'm not going to rule that one out yet.
23/05/2017 10:02:29
As the title suggests I'm looking to get a new model. I'm after something 3D that can be really thrown around and to practice my 3D flying with.

I either would like something electric for a 2200 3S battery setup or something for a 15cc petrol engine.

Any suggestions?
Thread: Eagle tree vector motor issue
13/04/2017 00:54:23

I seem to have a problem with my ET Vector. I have tried to set up an EZuhf Rx in the plane and got it bound and went through the Rx setup wizard in the vector software without any problems. My issue is this:

As you can see any time i move a control surface the motor revs up. I have had this set up on an L9R that is currently in the model and it didn't do this. I have since gone back to the L9R Rx and the problem persists. If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thread: Skies Over Britain New series on BBC2 now
25/08/2016 16:21:11
Posted by John F on 25/08/2016 12:46:43:

Yes, an update on him at the end or in another programme would be fantastic. His grin as they took off was fantastic.


I actually watch his YouTube videos and have been for years and in the same video that he said he wanted to fly it indoors he actually did say that he wasn't going to actually do that as it seemed dangerous and he was joking. Obviously cut from the program last night. He is still flying the Drone for his videos but he does make a point of always following the rules.

Edited By Ben Kelly on 25/08/2016 16:21:30

Thread: Greenacres 2016 Fly-ins
24/05/2016 09:00:50
Posted by Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services on 23/05/2016 22:35:30:

Just a few from me from Sunday, brilliant event again as always guys


Nice shot of me walking my broken plane back to the pits there lol.

Looks like i managed to record the reason for the crash. I might send this away to a claims company....'Had an accident that wasn't your fault!!' Haha.

23/05/2016 08:20:12
Posted by cymaz on 23/05/2016 06:39:40:

Ouch, sorry to see that. Repairable by the look of it ?

Unfortunately Cymaz the surprising amount of damage internally means a rebuild is very unlikely. The crash basically ripped everything out of place damaging all the structure and twisted the whole airframe.

22/05/2016 23:48:28

Excellent day all round, especially as the weather held out for most of the day. Just a shame that my Skybolt didn't see the day through. dsc_0229.jpg

Thread: Rc Gyro (and other stuff too) Technology
21/05/2016 15:02:19

Hi Rosco,

I fly multirotors and even though a lot of the commercial 'Toy' grade drones will fly right out of the box more of the racing style drones take a lot more skill and concentration just like flying a FW aircraft.


I also fly FW and have recently installed a Multiplex MultiGyro G3 in my 30cc extra and it has made a world of difference. It has given me more confidence to fly the plane especially with aerobatics and on landing (our strip suffers from a case of the crosswinds) and with the gyro combatting the effect of the wind i can bring the plane in nice and smooth. However i also like to fly with the gyro off just so that i know i'm not relying on it too much.


I think it really comes down to personal preference. I have already ordered my second one to fit into my new Skybolt Biplane so that it doesn't end up in a bin bag too soon.

Edited By Ben Kelly on 21/05/2016 15:02:34

Edited By Ben Kelly on 21/05/2016 15:03:09

Thread: Greenacres 2016 Fly-ins
21/05/2016 11:17:40
It's great to know that a little rain doesn't put people off the event.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
18/05/2016 00:25:05
Posted by Bill_B on 10/05/2016 19:31:40:
Posted by Ben Kelly on 17/04/2016 10:16:03:
Will multirotors be allowed to fly at these events? I would love to get some aerial video of the action.

I'm not sure that mixing a drone/multi rotor with fixed wing traffic would be good idea due to the risk of a mid-air collision. In my experience planes are easier to spot in the circuit than a (usually) smaller drone. I suppose filming just one airborne plane at a time could work though? I'm not aiming to be negative, but there's a good reason that fixed wing and helis are kept apart at most flying fields.

Even though I agree with what you are saying, (and not to mention the fact that I have been told by the organisers that drones will not be allowed to fly during the main event on the day) I believe that if a pilot was flying a drone using fpv there would be a great drop in the risk of a collision because you don't loose the depth perception like when flying a fixed wing model. Obviously the drone pilot would have to abide by all the normal rules and stay in a circuit which wouldn't be hard with a racing quad and believe me, chasing a plane around the sky with a quad is very exciting.

Thread: Spring has sprung , who's been flying?
08/05/2016 20:47:16

I managed to get out yesterday to give my new Skybolt its second flight. Needs a little tweaking here and there but pretty much flies like it's on rails.


Thread: Greenacres 2016 Fly-ins
17/04/2016 10:16:03
Will multirotors be allowed to fly at these events? I would love to get some aerial video of the action.
Thread: Seagull Steen Super Skybolt
14/04/2016 21:29:13

I've been waiting since January to start this model and i finally managed to get round to it so i thought i'd make a little build blog out of it.

Lets begin...

dsc_0066.jpgThe Box. Nice graphics and all the information you need.

dsc_0067.jpgEverything was well packaged upon opening. (I had already gone through the items for damage so it was better packed than this)

dsc_0068.jpgFirst things first, lets glue and pin those hinges. Starting with the wings.

dsc_0069.jpgNext up the elevator and rudder. Plenty of rudder there!!

dsc_0071.jpgWhile the glue is setting on those i decided to fit the servos. These go in the fuz from underneath and there is not a lot of room there.

dsc_0074.jpgHad to trim the wood to fit the servos in the tray properly (standard size). Also getting those screws in the back was not easy. Someone at Seagull didn't think that through too well.

dsc_0070.jpgThe film was a little wrinkled but nothing that a little heat won't sort out.

dsc_0073.jpgThis was the engine i was going to use, an RCG 20cc. However the carb being at the back created a big problem where the whole front of the engine would be sticking out from the cowel. I was going to move the cowel forward and fit more wood for it to screw to but it made the plane look too long and disproportioned. I have now swapped this out for an NGH 17cc as this should be more than enough to get it flying and fixes my issue with the cowel.

To Be Continued......

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