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Thread: Ballerina
12/09/2008 12:20:00

I prefer UHU POR, using the smear first then leave for ten mins, then stick method.  Has always worked well for me.  Hot glue is probably just Daves preferred method.

 Actually, is this the flat carbon strips or diagonal bracing?  If its the strips then por will work, bracing needs something firm to hold onto hence the hot glue.  If you're still not keen then use a small disc of 64th ply(or another thickness of 3mm foam) over where the carbon enters the foam and use cyano

Thread: Irvine 53 issues
08/09/2008 16:08:00

Can't remember if this works with these carbs but got to be worth a punt.  With the main needle at the manu. rec'd starting point, put a long(clean) piece of fuel tube on the carb nipple and blow into it, then wind the idle needle in till the air noise stops, then slowly back out till it JUST starts again.  This will get you close, then its just a matter of running it and tweaking in ever smaller increments until you get there

Thread: Mid air collision
06/09/2008 10:49:00

oops, just realised how old this pic is

Thread: Where 2 get 2mm x .13 carbon strip
03/09/2008 10:42:00
also try
Thread: Whatever happened to..........
01/09/2008 12:10:00

Any chance of them doing the same with the original Rapier kit?

Thread: Urgent - warning to all Scotland residents
25/08/2008 13:12:00
flytilbroke wrote (see)

Hello to Grant too, long time no hear, maybe just as well How's Pop doing?

he's the same old crabbit bugger he's always been.  trying to educate him in video cameras now that he's getting the hang of stills.  How tricks yourself?
21/08/2008 16:49:00
midges shouldn't be too bad, tis p-ing rain all this week, tends to keep em on the ground little blighters, might be worth taking a mossie net if you get a good day for sloping, remember going out on game shoots and damn spending that long on the moors unprotected again
Thread: Cheapest supplier of DX6i ?
21/08/2008 11:46:00

hmm, time to experiment me thinks

Thread: Urgent - warning to all Scotland residents
21/08/2008 11:33:00

I'll warn border control

There's a club just outside aviemore but I've no idea how active it is any more, cairngorm mfc

the ross-shire boys are good crack as well ross-shire mfc

and if you're close to nairn(just outside inverness) me and the old man fly beside brackla distillery but thats flat as a pancake so no good for slopers but you're definitely in the right country for those, just find a hill(difficult task) and throw

Nessie goes away on hols at the end of august and haggis hunting season doesn't start till 2nd week in september so you'll miss both of those, but the shooting season is in full swing so you can be a target drone if you like

Jokes aside, feel free to come over to brackla if you find some time, its a nice big flat field and Cawdor Castle is only a mile away

Thread: Cheapest supplier of DX6i ?
18/08/2008 15:49:00
Timbo - forum moderator wrote (see)
 didnt realise they did just the Tx

neither did I till they offered it on the phone, still bought 2 extra receivers though
16/08/2008 11:29:00
Inwoods, £50 Tx or £90 combo inc. ar6200.  Or wait and see if anything happens at the nats?
Thread: Spektrum dsx6i help needed
28/07/2008 14:51:00
One thing, you will need to use the flap channel sub trim to set the neutral on the left ail as the ail channel will only operate its servo.  As frank says you can play with mixing later but I'd leave it disabled until the plane is well and truly tested, one less thing to go wrong
28/07/2008 14:09:00
it's listed in the reverse menu as flap, just remembered when I looked at the manual
28/07/2008 10:36:00

Is it a dx6 or dx6i you have?  The dx6i I use and it has reverse on aux channel, I've got 2 ail servos plugged into ail & aux, and had to reverse aux to get them working as ailerons.

Just to make sure, the right ail should be plugged into the ail socket and the left in aux.  Downloading the manual just now, will write back when I remember how I did it

Thread: DX6i AR6200 Issues
24/07/2008 12:02:00
its a petrol eng. so its a servo rather than an esc
24/07/2008 11:03:00

It sounds like a reception issue, when I range checked mine I get to about 30 paces then the ailerons lock hard over and the throttle goes full open.  Try re-orientating your rx aerials

Thread: Carbon IFO
16/07/2008 14:20:00
Roy, send me a private message with your email addy and I'll send you a wee diagram to go with the post above.
Thread: Fuel tank size for 26cc petrol engine
15/07/2008 14:19:00
16oz is a common tank on 50cc petrol, you'd probably get away with 12
Thread: LOW FLYING PLANES over our site!
15/07/2008 12:54:00

Flying on Sunday from a disused WWII airbase(brackla) we had a Piper Tomahawk from the local flying school make a practise approach on our runway, I got a bit of fuzzy video of it as he came down to about 20ft before flying away.  The Strathspey site is horrendous for getting bounced by military on exercise through the valleys, lost count of the number of hercs, tornados and hawks that I've shared airspace with at next to no warning

Thread: Carbon IFO
15/07/2008 10:58:00


IFO plans were the subject of much controversy a few years ago at the height of their popularity, a few of my buddies were threatened with legal action because they built multiple airframes off one plan.  That said, the UK distibutor has now folded so I'll have a dig around and see if I can find a set.  Do you want for the full size IFO or the Mini?

 The full IFO had a wingspan of 33" and was about 24" long, so mark the middle of a 3mm carbon rod then measure out 24", bind and cyano two 3mm rods with an overlap of about 3" then bend round till touching the ends of the 33" rod with the middle at the 24" mark, bind and cyano both ends.  3" back from the front of the "bow" put another bit of 3mm rod parallel to the 33" rod(yep, bind and cyano at the ends) then join this rod and the 33" rod with another 3" rod running straight down the middle of the frame.  Hey presto, basic frame done, now all you gota do is add the tail surfaces out of 2mm rod, cover in lightweight plastic and add the gear.  Nice n quick

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