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Thread: Servo Arms
10/09/2007 20:15:00

No problem, glad you got sorted

Thread: Are there many Depron Builders?
10/09/2007 12:37:00

Most still prefer wood/composite/polystyrene combinations for much over shocky sizes, but one or two do dabble, one of the 3drc guys built a 2m capiche that weighed about 3lbs all up.  Also with the advantages EPP has in crashability depron is kinda playing catch up.

 It is easy to work with, cheap and good to experiment with, and if it goes wrong try something new, but I think its always going to be a 3rd choice material

Thread: futaba interference
07/09/2007 13:54:00
test flight on my extra showed up two glitches which both sent the model to the right on ailerons only, have now moved the aerial to the top of the fuse, away from the servo cables and hopefilly that is going to cure it.  If I have any developments that might help I'll keep you posted
Thread: Servo Arms
07/09/2007 13:42:00
Erfolg, email me your postal address and I'll send you my spares
Thread: Cap 232 and Engine
06/09/2007 12:31:00

If you're looking for scale aerobatic performance can I recommend the Fliton/X-tech Extra, it's in the size range you want and a more than capable performer.  With the 46 it won't perform 3d, but it has the capability to withstand a larger engine should you free up some cash later on.

 Also consider the Cap232 58" from glens models, a little snappy if tail heavy but almost certainly the best you'll get from that engine

 If you really wana punch holes in the sky then try the Thunder Tiger Giles 202-40, still available from elation models for about £90 and a cracking wee plane

Thread: Storing Models
06/09/2007 12:26:00
Agree on the basis that her shoe/dress collection is partially filtered to the loft also
Thread: futaba interference
06/09/2007 12:24:00
is it poss to move the Rx further away from the motors?
Thread: The neighbours are complaining
06/09/2007 12:22:00
Remind them that their sons ford fiesta with a bean-can exhaust makes more noise than all your planes running at once
Thread: What are/were your 3 favourite models so far this year?
06/09/2007 12:20:00

Well, the only thing I've bought this year has been the EF Edge 540T-E, and the various gubbins to get my H9 Extra in the air, but to date that still only has 8mins air under the wings.  Other than that I still miss the EF Profile Edge I broke one too many times this year, gota get another profile.

Models of this year that interest me?  Well, the CA Osmose, but thats a little out of my price range for now, Martin Muellers Manta F3A-P indoor pattern plane, and the palm-z, even though I don't own one(YET)

Thread: Lightweight models in wind
03/09/2007 18:03:00
power to weight and piloting are the important ones, and a good 6th sense doesnt hurt either.  Lightweight models can happily handle winds, just watch the fun-fly guys at the nats.
Thread: MDS 40 won`t start
30/08/2007 17:36:00

Bob, get a DSM Panther fun-fly and stick the 40 in that for some cheap fun, and if it stops in the air you can always do climb and glide

Thread: What Servo?
24/08/2007 15:55:00
Cheers, I'll have a look around the horizon website
Thread: New Toolbar
24/08/2007 12:20:00
quote button next and we're
Thread: What Servo?
24/08/2007 12:18:00
Glad it went well.  Is it an alloy LG with the cap, the extra has the weakest moulded carbon unit in the world
22/08/2007 12:15:00
Be interesting to see if they're up to the job. My extra(same manu, same size) is wearing hi-tec 5645s with a 5955 for the rudder, but only 1 flight thus far so can't really comment
Thread: Toy Planes
20/08/2007 16:08:00
At a push, I guess if someone was flying one with a dodgy prop and a sharp edge caught you, maybe for medical expenses. But I was more thinking of - something like - someone dive-bombing a passing cyclist who then falls off and has to incur medical expense(I'm a drama queen but maybe).

Insurance would cover the costs if the plane was flown within the regs in the ANO(most importantly thou shalt not willingly crash) but if some angry dog walker decides that the pilot was reckless and at fault then the claim is dead and the pilot has to shell out. For an insurance to offer cover for such a scenario would hike the rates
20/08/2007 13:43:00
Don't get me wrong guys, I pay my twenty or whatever every year and don't complain, its just that the reckless abandon that most "toy planes" are flown with wouldnt fall under the safety handbooks regs anyway, certainly the ones I've seen. I know it isnt the target market but a lot of these are finding their way into the hands of guys having a boozy picnic on saturday afternoon and looking to see who can crash it most dramatically(which can be surprisingly good fun, lost count of the number of goalposts that one particular toy took on) but all it takes is for one grumpy member of the public to say they had seen a deliberate attempt to crash the model and the claim is blown out of the water.

I've seen what models can do to cars and people, I know its not pretty and the cover is worth it. But an X-twin won't punch a hole in a Range Rovers windscreen the way the ARC Carosel that nearly took my head off did and for that I don't think they need cover
17/08/2007 10:34:00
I'm a country member as well, but the impression(very possibly wrong) I got was that the insurance was more to cover when I fly at recognised sites/comps/shows
15/08/2007 11:35:00
Toy planes, brilliant, has taken some of the geeky mystique away from the hobby now that kids can pick up an x-twin at tesco.

Mandatory insurance, no. Model insurance cover as provided by the BMFA/SAA is AFAIK provided for those who fly at flying sites. My current private flying field is(i'm almost certain) not covered by this as we have never declared it to the BMFA and upon describing it to an SAA safety inspector he confirmed it would not come under their rules. For the insurance industry to provide cover for every park/open field/football pitch etc in the country would hike premiums through the roof.
Thread: Plans
14/08/2007 13:10:00
Daniel, can't find all that many profile plans just now, but I know they are out there, did find a few fun-flyers at another magazines site, I'll email a link to you
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