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Thread: Intro to Aerobatics
14/08/2007 13:00:00
I'll chime in with and

I've also got a few instructional vids from the old Flyingcirkus, torque roll, snaps, and rolling harriers, would be able to burn them to a cd if you want them
Thread: Plans
12/08/2007 11:43:00
Daniel, how big a profile are you looking for, same size as the cougar?
Thread: I am all charged up, or am I
12/08/2007 11:40:00
The standard appears to be the pro-peak prodigy, I'm fairly sure it fulfils all the above criteria.

I'm personally happy enough with a Prolux 15 cheapo, only does 3s and I don't think its fully charging my 2170 but it works and is simple to use
Thread: Building board meterials?
10/08/2007 10:52:00
Yea, I use sundeala board(google it) for the top surface, 1/2-3/4" thick should be more than enough on top of an interior door from MFI or wherever
Thread: Win a Multiplex Fun Jet kit!
08/08/2007 16:16:00
I'll have it, thrash it, return it when its done :P
Thread: Just another plank......
03/08/2007 13:31:00
"Arado 240, Westland Welkin, Blackburn Firebrand, Me 410B, FW 187"

Terry, these are subjects with very limited appeal, even among scale modellers, while many would be willing to "ooh" and "aaah" over one that turned up at the field, I have to wonder how many would try a build. Not knowing your abilities I'm shooting blind here, but could a discussion with the ed. give you the opportunity to design one for the mag?

PS, those pieces of foam in the park? I don't think I've seen one do a full circle yet :)
Thread: Todays flying in the sunshine.
02/08/2007 17:25:00
nice and hot but still blowing 15-20 up here, has been since way before last weekend
Thread: MDS 40 won`t start
31/07/2007 17:40:00
Right, here goes.

First thing is to speak to Just Engines about their replacement carb, but before that let me see if I still have mine in the shed. Also replace the O-ring at the bottom of the throat, these fade all the time.

Second thing is to fit an Enya #3 glow plug. Don't ask me why but this is the exclusive plug these engines run on.

Third thing, get a long(preferably unused, fuel tastes rank) piece of fuel tube and put one end on the carb nipple. Open the main needle 3 turns and the barrel to idle, then blow through the fuel tube into the carb. Screw the idle needle IN until the hissing air noise stops, then back out until it just starts again.

Fourth thing, try and get hold of a gallon of Ripmax Team Fuel 5%. It's only 15% oil but it's fully synthetic and the engine will actually last a full season.

Fifth(possibly!), has it got one of those exhausts with the really shiny baffle chamber? If it does take that out and drill 4 holes in it as big as you can, these exhausts are seriously restrictive.

Now make sure everythings nice and tight, and give it a blast. The carb settings will need tweaked, but with an afternoon and a bit of patience you should be alright.
Thread: Engine mounting
27/07/2007 10:19:00
Don't worry about that SC, the TT is quite a slow flying plane and you can always throttle back.
Thread: Futaba rx
23/07/2007 18:56:00
The 115 is a 5ch micro with full range, I've used one for the last 5-6 years in all sorts of models from gliders to 3d profiles. The two wires should have a female plug on it which is the batt. input
Thread: Flaperons?
16/07/2007 13:47:00
Ah, this is an easy fix.

On Futaba(only radio I've worked with) all that needed to be done was increase the % of the mix to 100%, that way you get full up and full down
Thread: Transmitters...
16/07/2007 13:44:00
I've still got a pile of challengers that I use for small electrics, trainers, shockys etc, the computer radio is reserved strictly for the aerobatics/3d machines
Thread: For Starters
16/07/2007 13:35:00
The tiger trainer is so unbelievably stable, once you can 'fly' the sim successfully you'll find it a simple transition.

I'll post up a photo of the condition I landed dads in next time I'm online ;)
Thread: Can an F-22 be a trainer?
13/07/2007 20:08:00
I wondered about this as well at first, but the wing area does seem fairly generous and if its built light enough and a sensible engine/prop is used I'm sure it could work
Thread: cheap lipos?
13/07/2007 20:07:00
try Maxpoly through northern hobbies, they're by far one of the cheapest in the UK at 20C discharge
Thread: Solartrim Lettering
12/07/2007 17:37:00
And remember to use the credit card to squeegee out the air bubbles, they spoil all that hard work as my latest efforts prove
Thread: Irvine
10/07/2007 12:55:00
have you asked Just Engines?
Thread: Securing Cockpit Bubble?
09/07/2007 11:56:00
In fact, better than that, try getting hold of some rare earth magnets a-la the extreme flight electric models. the ones on my edge hold the canopy hard through some aerobatics the snipe would cry at
09/07/2007 11:41:00
could you extend a ply tongue down inside the fuse and use a short bolt through the fuse side into the tongue?
Thread: Balsa strippers and material lists
09/07/2007 11:37:00
I guess its up to the builder to provide that kind of info, and if he's using bits just lying in the scrap box he won't know for sure how much it needs or how much the sheet weighed
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