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Thread: Christmas drones - how many, and where will they be flown?
12/12/2015 11:20:12
Posted by Cuban8 on 12/12/2015 11:04:13:

I really can't see the Amazon drone delivery thing ever becoming a mainstream method for delivering goods. OK, they might demonstrate it for publicity purposes now and again but can it ever be economic over dirt cheap courier companies that have a massive capacity to shift stuff for peanuts?

How long before most of their drone fleet would get shot down or stolen anyway?

CAA and the Drone business are taking it seriously enough to put together regulations to ensure drone activity piloted or onboard systems are safe and secure to operate and for these to be in place in 2018. As costs of fuel for delivery vehicles rise, drone delivery will be seen as both cost effective and green.

12/12/2015 11:13:41
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 12/12/2015 10:43:17:

"Not true if you fly within a controlled zone - both my clubs are within the Manchester Air Traffic Control Zone and while getting clearance from them for a potential flying site move we were granted permission with the following restrictions "Under 400ft AGL and with models of less than 7Kg"

So dont blindly assume the 400ft limit doesnt apply to you!!!!"

we used to fly on edge of traffic controlled zone and had to ring control tower each day we flew - until they got fed up and told us not to bother - they would assume we were always flying. siuted all parties.

The link above to amazon refers to ALL drones in proposed regulated drone only airspace ( 200 to 400 agl) to have sophisticated onboard software for detection and avoidance of other drones in vicinity - now that could be useful for avoiding mid airs at your local flying field wink

12/12/2015 09:09:24
Posted by GONZO on 11/12/2015 09:44:23:

"all airspace below 400 ft which is the space we modellers are allowed."

Only models that are over 7kg are subject to the 400ft max height limit. No height limit if under 7kg.

my mistake but how many modellers fly above 400 ft or thereabouts other than gliders in thermals?

11/12/2015 09:16:16

I recently attended a presentation on drones by a member of CAA and someone from the business side ( making and providing drone services such as surveying etc ) and they indicated the proliferation of drones of all sizes and capabilities is causing concern for the safe flying of drones and they hoped to have CAA regulations in place by 2018. The Amazon proposal for drone delivery was also mentioned and I came away with the impression that Amazon is making a play for all airspace below 400 ft which is the space we modellers are allowed.

googling for more info , I came across this link from the USA in which they target 200 to 400 ft airspace with hobbyists limited to flying in dedicated locations - out of town etc. This would rule out current legitimate RC flying in local parks/playing fields. Hopefully BMFA are onto the Amazon proposal.

i cant help feeling gloomy about it all


Thread: Saito 100 suspect bearings
27/09/2015 09:17:00

I have a Japanes magnum 90 4 stroke which developed a lot of side play - so i changed the bearings and guess what - side play still there. came to conclusion i wasnt strict enough in keeping the large props balanced and this resulted in the front crankshaft bearing housing being opened up slightly. I should really have stripped the engine down and tried to shim the housing but as model and engine getting on a bit - I just fly as is.

Thread: speed 600 motor with 2.8:1 gear replacement?
21/04/2015 10:28:40

thanks Pat - have redirected

ash - email in your inbox re replacing 600 motor


20/04/2015 22:32:59


i have sent you an email re replacement


Thread: Berkeley's Custom Privateer
05/04/2015 09:05:15

that looks like the finished privateer

I like the way you left the front planking to show just like the teak decks of yachts and the stringers on show at the back - real modelling.

has it flown yet - any air photos / videos?


02/04/2015 09:00:01

Liked the video, | had to turn back and rerun the takeoff - it was so fast breaking free of the water.


01/04/2015 12:31:02


Nice choice of model - will look in with interest on the build. Do you have a pond to fly it off or are you going to fly it off grass??

Like the magnet idea to hold the wing floats in.

the vintage forum of RCgroups have just started a build projects - soar or splash - glider or floatplane.

your build log duplicated there would be a very welcome addition on the forum


Thread: Poly-C, Eze Kote or Ronseal Diamond Hard?
04/02/2015 09:38:17

Are any of them fuel proof against diesel or glo ?

getting close to finishing a cloud cruiser powered by a 4 stroke and need to decide how to cover



Thread: 'Black' Friday modelling bargains
28/11/2014 10:51:43

thanksgiving is a major traditional american holiday following taking in the harvest

the day after has developed into the biggest sale day in the usa and the term black friday , I believe started there - not sure why but wiki indicates that it could refer to the traffic/pedestrian jams during the sales, but it could also refer to the day the retailers went into the black and started to show a profit - take your pick but i would assume both reasons apply over here

Edited By John Laird on 28/11/2014 10:52:25

Thread: All our yesterdays - our old pics
18/11/2014 17:19:27

photo from the 70's of my Envoy which has been resident somwhere in the New Forest for about 40 years. Flew away with a nice ED Bee up front. Free flight of course.

The other model is my Cessna Skylane from the Carl Goldberg kit. Nice free flight model but has been waiting patiently on the latest micro RC gear and brushless motor to take to the air again

envoy and cessna skylane

Thread: Castor oil - alternative to after run oil?
23/09/2014 11:04:00

a squirt of WD40 used to be the thing to do to prevent water attraction and laydown by the hydroscopic action of any unburnt methanol or water in the exhaust gases.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/08/2014 20:55:33

My latest model is Ben Shereshaw's 1937 design, the Cumulus. 100" span and weighs in at 4 lbs 12 ozs. Covered in doped polyspan with red tissue trim. The 450 Watt motor takes it up not quite vertically. Photograph including me in it to show the size of the model

cumulus maiden flight aug 2014 (1).jpg

cumulus maiden flight aug 2014 (4).jpg

cumulus maiden flight aug 2014 (5).jpg

cumulus maiden flight aug 2014 (6).jpg

cumulus prior to maiden flight  (16).jpg

cumulus prior to maiden flight  (19).jpg

Thread: planning permission
22/07/2014 10:46:32

bmfa provide help in dealing with the planners and putting in an application

watch the timing tho - our club lost our site perhaps because the supporting case from bmfa was a few days late

modelling is recognised as a sport and the councils have a duty to provide sporting facilities

Thread: Ron Moulton Druin Turbulent Aeromodeller 1955
11/07/2014 21:00:36

re mega mamselle and aerial photography - been there and done that a long time ago.

chap turned up at field with small vhs video tape camera ( this was long before the modern miniture stuff available now.) He was looking for a model to trial the camera and my big mamselle fitted the bill.

camera was rubber banded onto top of centre of wing pointing slighly down over the nose.

When played back on the tape unit he had with him, the most striking thing was as the revs varied , the strobe effect would give variation between slow forwrd, static and slow back. The quality of the video looked good and he promised to send me a copy of the tape but unfortunately never did. If he is in on this forum, please could I have a copy

Nowadays, in addition to miniature recording cameras and telemetry, the use of brushless electric motors helps to cut out any engine vibration - fortunately our heath robin rubber banding dampened out the 4 stroke vibration.


11/07/2014 08:58:57

Vic Smeed's Mamselle is a great design and the original 38" span free plan from the 50's is still listed in the X plans - here


the search only showed one mamselle but rcme published a 54" version for RC a few years ago and that should have showed up - suggest you look at all plans under £20 - its in there somewhere

The mamselle scales up nicely - I have built 3 off 72" span and a 108" span all with virtually no change to design or construction. Dont reduce the dihedral for the scale ups - it doesnt look right.

Why 3? The first was a lightweight built for RC training for ATC cadets - no buddy boxes then so needed a stable flier - in trouble? - throttle back and hands off and the Mamselle sorts herself out. 2nd one built for myself before the 108" version. 3rd build more recently as a successful test bed for covering with doped 100% polyester dress lining as a much cheaper alternative to solartex as my next build would have needed over £100 solartex to cover

the 108" span mamselle is over 25years old and still flying allbeit with a new covering - can be seen here on utube

**LINK** this video taken on vhs about 1990 and converted to dvd

The recovered verion can also be seen on Micks utube collection which if you are into vintage are all worth a look as well as providing some inspiration for your next ( first ) vintage build


08/07/2014 18:36:36


the plan i have ( free plan from aeromodeller xmas ) has the number fsp 613 and states quite clearly its by ron moulton, so you are clear to go on that one

RCME plans service is not all that great at illustrating models - a poor show in this day and age when you can get photos from modellers easily and copy them into the plans servoce using modern digital aids.

Also there is no excuse for ditching plans ( or relegating them to a backwater such as x plans ) with all the modern draughting facilities available to keep masters of all plans and print as required - just look at the difference laser and cc cutting based on computer dwgs has made to number of kits now available


08/07/2014 16:11:30

It is in the RCME X list and I include a link to there showing several turbulents. The one you want is fsp613 plan


It was on the back of the mamselle plan which I have but in very poor condition having been used several times

enjoy the build


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