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Thread: The German Airplane Museum
15/07/2019 09:38:57

I visited the museum two years ago as you showed , a very fine collection of model engines and aircraft as you showed, on the Sunday we were there, there was a round the pole demonstration , it was brill, what more could a person ask for models , and , a fabulous collection of aircraft and engines

I only went to Oberschleissheim on a nostalgia trip.. it had been about 45 years since we had gone on what was my first exercise after arriving in Germany as a very young REME Craftsman mechanic and we had the workshop set up in the field around the perimeter of the then Bundes Luftwaffe airfield watching the daily flights of OV10s and the occasional F104G ... magic days

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Thread: Repairing globular foam
02/06/2019 20:58:34 will get you a photo of the section

Edited By Gordon Nicol on 02/06/2019 20:59:33

02/06/2019 20:52:48
Posted by Foxfan on 31/05/2019 12:55:02:

Hi, I have decided to finally get into model flying as my nearest club has moved literally down the road from me. I have a couple of trainers which I will "modernise" with small brushless motors, etc., but I couldn't resist a 4 foot span foam glider from The Range foe just under £8. Unfortunately when we got it, it was broken across the fuselage. The Range didn't want to know, so I am going to repair it, but in the absence of either of my hot glue guns, what kind of glue suits the globular, moulded kind of polystyrene foam? I have a tube of UHU Por if that suits?

Many thanks.



what is the name of the cheap glider,


I ask because if it is the "sky rider" type I have in the past used them as donor wings , they make very decent pusher models and I have been looking for one for ages

anyone interested , google polly pusher, or wally wing , from very old , and used a 380 brushed motor

I still have a wing and booms from about 20 years ago... the wing section , with a balsa leading edge, and trailing edge is very similar to a 12% S 3021 section

the plane flew well


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Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
01/06/2019 07:41:28
Posted by Percy Verance on 31/05/2019 14:24:58:


if they tried that in somewhere like China, they'd end up doing 20 years in a hard labour camp. No trees to hug there. Don't these people have jobs to go to? I also wonder how many have flown off on holiday somewhere?



Edited By Percy Verance on 31/05/2019 14:39:17


or how many have had their mums drive them to Heathrow in the Chelsea tractorangry 2


Edited By Gordon Nicol on 01/06/2019 07:44:54

Thread: Plans
28/05/2019 08:44:35
Posted by 2W on 27/05/2019 21:00:32:

The finishing process of making paper is to use steam to smooth and press the paper. In the past i have used a steam iron to remove wrinkles form paper, but it will not completely remove creases. Depending on how old and how many times plans have been opened and refolded, a steam iron is effective. It is also worth using sellotape to strengthen the back of of the drawing.


I have used Blenderm paper surgica tape with good results , just the cheap stuff from ASDA or home bargains, 60 p a roll, and pretty translucent so front or back of the plan

Thread: Keil Kraft Outlaw
26/05/2019 20:02:03
Posted by Stearman65 on 06/03/2019 15:49:28:

Postman delivered the Ebay Outlaw laser cut rib set this morning. Arrived within 3 days of ordering, in a hard cardboard box packed in tissue. Examined them, the balsa & cutting is flawless, only snag I could see was they weren't marked, then I turned them over, dong! of course they are marked. excellent service & value for money.

Wish I could say the same for Mr Buckle, ordered & paid by PP for the plan on the first, supposedly coming by RM 1st class, not a peep, come on my Buckle, make my day & respond.

laser rib set.jpg

used this guy to cut ribs for a KK invader , and a KK topper also he does excellent ply control horns in two sizes... he may be an "Ebay outlaw" , but he does cut exceedingly good ribs

15/04/2019 19:32:35
Posted by Paul Marsh on 15/04/2019 19:15:58:

It's a shame there are no UK GWS distributors anymore. Their models are still innovative and fly well. I know when electric flight was in it's infancy around 2000 year, GWS models ruled the roost. I remember their excellent tiger moth which flew awesome, and took it to many Nationals.

Also there was the Ugly Stik, both the stick and wing model and the fuselage version. Also had the Piper Cub, still have remains of it, but too bashed up now. The A10 was useless, mainly down to rubbish motors and Nicd cells, I'm sure if it was upgraded to brush less EDF's and Lipo, would transform it. Sold it a while back.

there is no GWS any more , unfortunately... I was about to bring in a further thirty odd kits,and they stopped any comunications with me , directed me to GWS USA , which wasn't viable. As it was they only had the left overs , nothing anyone really wanted , no Formosa kits or beavers and cubs , the pico size cubs and tiggies had gone it was just a matter of time

many of us had spoken with GWS on RCG and they took no notice of what everyone wanted , and the company died

I collected a few for myself , 2 formosas tigermoth 2 AT6 two islanders a10 beaver,and the list goes on , but they are mine ...all mine, but still have a few spares , motor cowls and crap like that

Thread: GWS C130 OR C160
14/04/2019 18:31:25

I have two foam nacelles and the plastic covers for the C160 if you're interested pm me , cost you the postage

Thread: Please answer the following two questions if you can.
14/04/2019 09:12:27

Yes , it's because we are builders at heart as said,

I have a skyvan ready but unflown , a few foamies ready to go, couple of new ones in the boxes , a foamy Goliath sitting on the bench new fwing cut and nacelles fitted .... so why have I just bought a pack of cut ribs and formers from C gulltech for a KK Invader, the plan of which is now pinned to the board and covered with parchment paper ready to start

wife actually suggested I sell some of them laugh

Thread: What's your do everything model, or do you have one of everything?
06/04/2019 17:36:21

I have a little GWS Pico Moth with a 2805 brushless , and proper undercart that I take out when I haven't been flying for a while, or if it is a windless evening

just set her off with the trims set for a relaxing evening of (almost)free flight nostalgia

Thread: Disposing of modelling goods?
06/04/2019 17:31:38

hope she doesn't sell them for the same price I told her I paid for them!disgust

Thread: Lidl Bandsaw
21/03/2019 20:21:59

best thing in my workroom is the disc sander from Lidl , use it for everything if you use the guides , use a 90 degree square to set it to the sanding face same to set the vertical

£30 well spent...switch broke on the first one after about 10 months , lidl had it picked up by courier and a new one was delivered from Germany after 8 days

excellent service

Thread: The plane that saved Britain
14/04/2018 16:18:36

didn't RCME do an article about how the mustang started off as a British inspired fighter , was improved by the British , etc a few years back, something to do with Chuck Yeager getting upset because someone said it had a British Merlin

Or it may have been in one of the other Magazines

Thread: RM Aerobat
09/04/2018 21:32:11

I built one of these many years ago, as a follow up to the RM trainer

only managed to fly it once, it went out of control at a part of our sports field by the autobahn in Fallingbostel in Germany where all the planes seemed to crash ,we eventually thought it may have been the autobahn police station radios jamming us.

anyway , it went into a terminal dive , pulling back on the stick did nothing , OK push it hard forward , and it bunted out of the dive coming back towards me , then it did a quick roll to the right , and the wing rubber bands gave up the ghost

I remember the fuselage thumping into the turf with a storm of balsa and solar film going everywhere, as the wing , ever so gently fluttered end over end in a large circle and landing fairly unharmed

it was an enjoyable build though

Thread: Messing about with Mercos'
13/02/2018 19:27:59
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 30/01/2018 01:40:00:

The Army used to have a team called the "MATS(A) team that flew Merco .61 powered models as targets on range days. Everything from small arms to main armament was usually fired at them. They were given a transit (ish) vehicle and filled it with engines (no exhausts), 13x6 blue plastic props, hundreds of idle bar glow plugs, VERY heavy models with a parachute built in to the cockpit, Skyleader radio gear (nice push/pull servos), fuel (straight + petrol mix!), plus all the other gubbins to support them. There were several teams. They travelled the World!. Even flying from ships when we had a navy. How do I know all this? I used to organise range days in BAOR many moons ago, and as a keen modeller the swaps and bartering that could be done would make your eyes water!.

I actually had two brand new MATS, and a handful of merco 61s . Mate and myself used to fly in Fallingbostel, and we had an expedition to the MATS team in Dortmund one day, A contribution was made to their "tea" fund and we were allowed access into the container unsupervised

I actually used the skyleader servos for years ( I had so many of them, and the engine mounts and props , something like 20 spinners even a couple of receivers, but they were 37.5 mhz so no use) , I still find the odd servo in the garage , which always go on Ebay . I had 4 mercos , so did my mate . The planes flew well I even had undercarriage fitted and a third servo working a bodged rudder. I actually threw them 10 years ago (I had them for about 20 years before ) but the damp in the old garage got under the veneer on the wings and it all lifted,

after my demob I built a RCMW solo , a great trainer which I flew many years and eventually sold to a chap at RAF Lyneham where my Daughter and her then husband were serving

I have been trying all day to find any photos of these MATS(A) but rarer than rocking horse poop!

Thread: Lidl Sander
12/02/2018 16:35:17

It also sharpens pencils ace

02/02/2018 20:03:44

they are excellent for the price been using one over a year now , original one had a dicky on/off switch lidl arranged to collect it from the house , sent it back to Germany , and I received a new one 6 days later

the table protractor thing , and the protractor on the sanding guide aren't accurate , use a cheap plastic set square to set the table and the slide , other than that minor fault they are great

Thread: Lidl Fret/Scroll Saw
16/02/2017 20:30:27

they are probably all gone by now but Sunday 5 Feb LIDL have mini disc sanders on sale for £29.99

good little sander , you need to use a set square to accurately set up the table angles but it works pretty well, I have used it to square up end sections of balsa and spruce

tonight I used it to sand down formica patterns/guides to cut a foam wing excellent finish and needing only a light sanding with fine wet and dry to give it an extremely smooth edge

the sanding disc size is 125 mm , so your only going to be using half of that. speed is variable , up to about 3000rpm ad it is pretty smooth with little vibrations at the slower speed, but it comes witha clamp to fasten it down onto a bench or table if needed

my local shop had 10 to start with, today there were 2 left

Thread: Depron, brown paper, pva glue and issues!
08/02/2017 08:03:31

I have the FT Bronco fuselage(pod) wings and tailplane covered, and very strong

they are too, there was a slight curve upwards on the wing , end to end,but when it was folded and the spar fitted it pulled itself straight , there is still a little at the tips where there is no underside but it has given washout , so may be a good thing, pod is solid, and tailplane is flat (papered both sides)

thing is , I have decided not to cover the booms or the vertical stabs , it has just become a lot heavier than I want, especially at the rear of the airframe and that is just with the tailplane covered

next time I may use heavyweight tissue, just a thought

Edited By Gordon Nicol on 08/02/2017 08:04:13

10/01/2017 22:35:01

Spooky... I have spent to-day also building the pod (body ) of a flite test Bronco . I have used 6mm grey depron and and using UHU Por , and also I'm "Nailing the fuselage sides , bottom etc etc with cheap cocktail sticks , dipped into waterproof PVA , and it has dried as hard as "nails"and as solid as I needed, but I was going to post on here for advice about coating the whole airframe with varnish and craft grade brown paper

so where can I buy good quality brown paper. the stuff i have in the house is pretty naff , i have used BP and watered PVA before with fairly decent results , but I really want this plane to look good also

previously i have soaked the BP in the bath first , left it over the bath side to dry out a bit then painted the fuselage with PVA , laid the wetted paper onto it, and then painted the whole assembly with thinned(watered down) PVA always has dried tight and hard.This will be my first time using (Ronseal) varnish

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