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Thread: New Poll - sticky situations.....
09/09/2019 23:16:57

It's quite surprising how thick skin is on your finger tips if you've got very dry skin like me!

It was all a few years ago and I now have a bottle of de-bonder, I've never had to use it (yet) and to be frank I'm not sure where it is and if I could find it now dont know

09/09/2019 22:29:23

Hmm.... Didn't realise torsion would help release. It would have helped release the thumb but the 2 fingers were stuck together as well as to the bottle so difficult to move. Did manage to get free without any blood spilt but I had a few sore patches.....

Fortunately it was my right hand and I'm left handed, otherwise it would have been more difficult wielding the knife.

I'm more careful now if I need to use CA, preferring Aliphatic where possible

09/09/2019 16:46:24

My bad experience was due to a poorly fitting capillary tube into the top of a large bottle of CA. I made the balsa joint OK but after, when I turned the bottle the right way up, escaped CA ran down the side of the bottle and glued 2 fingers and thumb to the bottle. Quite difficult to remove as I couldn't turn my hand over or the bottle would have emptied, I hadn't got any de-bonder or acetone either.....

I kept me quiet with a sharp knife for about an hour

Thread: Moon Dancer 2
16/08/2019 22:10:01

Ah Piers, but Peter has been much more successful with his designs, not nose heavy and not requiring downthrust devil

Thread: The Aerodynamics of the Spitfire
10/08/2019 21:57:52

Like Peter, I too have read a book about Joe Smith; "Spitfire's Forgotten Designer". Excellent book. Whilst Mitchell was clearly an excellent designer the Spitfire was a team effort and many of Mitchell's good ideas came from other people. The elliptical wing concept came from a chap called Shenstone and detail design came from Alf Faddy. They really deserve some credit as Mitchell had to be persuaded to use it.

The team that developed and tested the basic prototype model, ironing out all the issues and produce the excellent fighter it became, then kept the design current to compete with the opposition fighters was led by Joe Smith.

Smith doesn't appear to get the credit he deserves, he was a true team leader and innovator, coordinating a brilliant team of engineers and had to work very hard to get the Spitfire into production -it was a pilot's dream aeroplane and a production engineer's nightmare. Similar to Mitchell, Smith basically worked himself to death and died at an early age, struck down with cancer. In the words of Eric Winkle Brown "he gave his all to his country, to his company , to the Fleet Air Arm, and to the RAF - with scant reward".

Thread: Solartex, any tips?
08/08/2019 22:01:49

Pay just a little more and get a covering iron with a thermometer built in. I've used domestic iron, travel iron and one like the link above and the thermometer version beats the lot. The sock is essential to stop scratching, the teflon coat doesn't last long on the edges so it soon starts to scratch. In corners you often have to remove the sock to get in there so more care required. Using a sock takes slightly longer as the temperature is the same thereabouts but the sock insulates slightly. Don't increase the temperature when using the sock otherwise when you linger over a point it will overheat the covering. On an open structure, when you have adhered it to the frame let it cool a bit before tightening the open areas try not to heat the adhered areas much otherwise it can pull back from the edge. I'd say this is probably more relevant on polyester films than Solartex. Just my 2p from the last 15 yrs.

The thermometer isn't perfect, the temp profile is about 10 degrees different over the bare sole plate, hottest near the back but it doesn't seem to matter and it is very repeatable for any given setting.

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
08/08/2019 21:31:17

Wishing you a speedy recovery Colin. I'd never have thought of that happening so thanks for the heads up.

I used to have a delta pusher and held the wing and gently flung it like a DLG with just enough throttle to almost sustain flight (it gave me more time to find the controls before it reached the ground). Is this any use on your model?

Clearly with a high throttle the same problem could occur......

Thread: SC120FS on ebay
01/08/2019 22:11:28

I hope I'm not breaking any rules here(?), but bearing in mind the factory closing and shops sold out, I'm selling a vgc SC120FS as I'm all electric now


Thread: Electric powering a Biplane or twin
30/07/2019 23:13:51

We generally accept that the power required for a moderately aerobatic monoplane is 100 W/lb.

If the model is a twin engine would it be appropriate to drop that figure to be equivalent?

If the model is a draggy biplane, what sort of adjustment should be made to this general rule?

The models are already built and are actually a 'modified' PM Tiger Cub and a heavy Puppeteer at 9.5 lb weight, but I'd really like a rule of thumb guide to cover future projects too. The Puppeteer flies well on an SC70FS but I don't want one odd IC model in my fleet, so currently doesn't get flown. So for this do I need 950 W, more or less?

Thread: Oracover Easycover Sold As Seconds
27/07/2019 20:09:33

For info if anyone is interested, I've done a test sample on blue Hobbyking covering to test for wrinkling in the sun. Having scrapped models because of using Solarfilm in the past with continual wrinkling in the sun (before polyester came out) I didn't want any more models ruining.

Sample is about 8" square. A third is onto sheet balsa the rest open structure all on a rigid frame. Shrinkage with the iron is good but I would advise that when shrinking that you avoid the iron passing over the fixed edges and heating it. I managed to pull the covering back from the edge by about 3mm as the edge was inadvertently heated.

After 3 months sitting on the windowsill in the sun, including the record hottest day, it has not sagged or wrinkled at all, so I'm now happy to use it on a model.

Thread: Think I've been spammed!
17/07/2019 22:20:51

Another scam to watch is where the customer pays paypal then collects the item. The customer thenclaims they haven't received the item so paypal refunds them and deducts the money from your account. Can you prove that it was collected by the purchaser? Probably not. If an item is to be collected I always say cash on collection, but this is not always observed........

Thread: Building from plans - wing ribs?
15/07/2019 21:10:09

Like Peter Miller, I make a ply template. But I don't add the grip so that I can turn the template over so that I can get the most ribs out of a sheet of balsa. Having made the ply template I then make several 'paper ribs', that way I can lay them on the balsa and work out the best arrangement to get the most ribs from the sheet. 4" wide balsa is the most efficient to reduce wastage.

Oh, and any parts left after rib cutting that are bigger than about 1" x 1/2" are kept in a shoe box for making triangular gussets or strengthening pieces. There isn't much wasted.

Thread: Ripmax ARTF stocks
12/06/2019 21:13:10

After seeing this thread on Monday, I did a count up of HK aircraft models (i.e. not including spare parts etc) stock against what they advertise - it seems a bit concerning to me although I haven't got a benchmark from say a year ago:

UK models listed 96

UK actual in stock 66 (68.8%)

All Global, EU and UK listed 235

All Global, EU and UK in stock 119 (50.6%)

Stocks of micro & Sub-micro aircraft servos is also very poor: -and pricey too.

Thread: TV Licence petition
12/06/2019 18:17:47

I agree with Solly. And I hate having to watch their adverts - for themselves. They may as well have commercial adverts and reduce the licence fee.

It seems that the underlying reason they have stopped subsidising the 3 million over 75's is that they have lost 3+ million people who have cancelled in the last few years, people who 'don't watch live telly'.

Oh, and I'm quite a way off being 75, so it doesn't affect me - perhaps I should keep out of the discussion, but it just seems rather mean.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
30/05/2019 00:14:43

Today received the same email from 'drone consult at CAA' as Jason Inskip, so have politely replied that I disagree, based on:

-Rogue drone flyers will not bother to register

-Control of U space can only benefit commercial operators, not me, so any costs should be borne by them

As usual with hastily drawn up legislation it is persecution of the innocent.

I'll carry on flying within the law, but I think our club membership will drop by about 20%, maybe more, some are not computer literate, some are now non-flyers but join (along with BMFA) just to keep supporting the club, where will they stand if the club has to declare that all members have passed the on-line test?

Thread: Beth's off.....
29/05/2019 23:31:08

Congratulations Beth

If you are struggling for names there are many famous pioneers that have a strong aviation link:

For a girl there is:

Amy (as in Johnson)

Amelia (Earhart)

Harriet (Quimby) first lady to get a pilot's licence and first lady to fly solo across the English Channel

Jacqueline (Auriol) French lady who set a number of speed records

For a boy there is:

John (as Alcock) and Arthur Whitten (Brown) -first to fly the Atlantic

James (Jim Mollison) who did many pioneering flights, sometimes with wife Amy J. above

a bit unusual -Wiley (Hardeman Post) first person to fly solo around the world

Frank (Whittle)

Louis (Bleriot)

People always give you 'advice' when bringing up children and I am no different - my advice is ignore everyone's advice and decide for yourself with love, love your child always and your child will love you.

Best wishes for now and the future

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
24/05/2019 21:10:43

Hi Tony, do you have a feel for what caused the blade shedding?

Could it be slight distortion of the outer casing? The fan I've got can certainly catch even holding it in the hand, it doesn't take much pressure at all.

Or do we need to keep the revs down?

08/05/2019 23:00:57

Hi Tony

I'm really keen to build the Provost, I've got the fan ready and balsa a-plenty, can we buy the plan from you...…?

If not maybe the Hunter?


Thread: CAA registration consulation
05/05/2019 22:54:54

Done survey , wrote to MP asking her to take up with DfT and Aviation Minister, emailed all clubmates asking to do similar....

Thread: Why can't I buy from Banggood?
20/04/2019 23:20:58

Managed to sort it eventually, had to use different browser as Ben suggested. This allowed me to register. Tried to order and went through to the final step but when pressing on 'place order' it wouldn't. However by wiping out the home address and retyping it in, it all worked OK and order is now placed.

Thank you to all who advised.

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