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Thread: Flat Car Battery from non-use of car
01/04/2020 23:21:26

I was unable to drive for a period of 9 months. Every six weeks (+/- a week) I started the car on the drive and ran it at a fast idle to charge the battery for 15 to 20 minutes.

Never had any trouble starting. The battery was several years old. The car did not move in that time but the tyres were kept at pressure and there was no evidence of flat spotting on them. The brakes were a bit squeaky when I first took it out but this wore off after a few miles

You never forget how to drive (a bit like riding a bike!) BUT you do forget how to observe, so after a lay off it is important to take extra note on your situation awareness.

Thread: Round the pole
28/03/2020 23:16:20

If you use the Keil Kraft yellow transformer box as power source, make sure you put a fuse in the line to each output.

If you don't, when (not if) you get a short on the electric lines it will blow the transformer windings. Can't remember what size fuse I used but it was appropriate for the motor draw.

Thread: Can't Fly? You can still get your planes out though!
28/03/2020 22:59:30

Can't fly?

Just looked at Flightradar, there wasn't a plane flying over England, Scotland or Wales. Unprecedented. Never thought it could happen.

There was one Fedex over Ireland flying cargo to America.

That's all.

Thread: Shops closing
26/03/2020 18:29:38

I also had the email yesterday saying the UK HK warehouse was closed - then today I got an email suggesting I buy a Tundra model, and when you open the page it says it is available from the UK warehouse.

So is it shut or not? Not bothered personally as I don't need anything at the moment

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
17/03/2020 23:15:50

I'm supposed to self isolate for next 12 weeks, tried to get a home delivery. Huh! First possible date from 4 shops was early April. No alternative but go out

Big Tesco was well stocked at 10pm yesterday with few shoppers so easy to avoid. Lots and lots of toilet rolls. Tonight at 8.30pm, same shop was empty shelves for tins, toilet rolls, pasta, bread, frozen food!

17/03/2020 19:33:17

No need to close the school round 'ere -its already shut because of staff shortages due to self isolations. They'll be shut over Easter anyway.

Docs all shut too for deep cleans (but don't tell anybody!). Best not be ill.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
14/03/2020 18:58:37

What is disturbing is the poor rate of recovery. I know that it is relatively early in the process and that skews the figures but for 'most recovering in 7 days' is stretching the imagination

Italy 21157 cases, 1966 total recovered, so 17750 still active cases, 1518 serious/critical

France 3661 cases, 12 total recovered, 3570 active cases, 154 serious

China (if the figures are believable) 80824 cases, 65573 recovered, 12062 active cases, 3610 serious

UK 1140 cases, 18 total recovered, 1101 active cases, 20 serious/critical

So anyone thinking it isn't too serious is living on cloud cuckoo. It isn't just old folk and with underlying health issues at serious risk either, some victims are young healthy folks. Countries don't decimate their economies by closing things down on a whim. We all need to take care for ourselves and for others.

Figures are Euronews, normally 'fairly balanced' in my view. Lots of countries shown in the table:


Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
12/03/2020 23:40:39

Someone suggested that glow fuel may act as a disinfectant?.....

But don't drink it.....

44 are dead in Iran as a false rumour said that drinking alcohol would cure the virus. As alcohol is forbidden, some bootleggers swapped ethanol for methanol....

According to 'USA Today'


10/03/2020 22:13:42

Remember newspaper as bog roll when I was a lad. My dad told me best way for using it was to crumple it up then open it out, it was a bit less harsh on delicate parts.

Oh, and it was best kept outside under cover like in an outside loo so that the paper was slightly damp -much less harsh on delicate parts

Edited By i12fly on 10/03/2020 22:14:36

Thread: Hobbyking Film
08/03/2020 23:19:05

I agree, the Rapid Models film looks to be the same as HK (and the ones I want are out of stock teeth 

The BG film is different to HK, I bought a roll of white and it is much tighter wrapped. I've only done a test piece so far, it adhered well and shrank well, very similar to HK. I wont be using it on a model until I've had it in the hot sun to see if it sags, so it will be a few months yet. I've ruined too many models with old polypropylene solarfilm sagging in the past so don't want to risk it until tested.

Incidentally I used some solarfilm polyester recently (yes 4 to 5 years old) and after a few weeks it started to wrinkle/sag. It tightened up with the iron again reasonably so I'll see how it goes. Never had this before on SF polyester, still got some in stock but I will not be using any more.

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
08/03/2020 22:50:44

Agreed with Ray, do what you fancy.

So far I've done your Harlequin, Ballerina and Tiger Cub (modified a bit but not flown yet). All very different models.

I really like your Fletcher Defender (an interesting scale model), only thing that holds me back is lack of a canopy .... and lack of ability to make a decent copy. I don't suppose you'd like to do a slightly bigger version that could go to Sarik, with a canopy?

Thread: UK leaving EASA!
08/03/2020 16:40:38

Could be a negotiating point.

Maybe it is a weakness for Europe and not UK.

Whatever, the rules will need to be aligned to operate fullsize in both areas

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
29/02/2020 21:31:22

When I built my Puppeteer I cut back the bottom wing centre section as far as the main spar and put the retaining dowels into it. That meant that the fuselage was extended further back such that the undercarriage was permanently fixed in place (saving 4 screws). One nylon screw was used at the back of the lower wing to retain it. As the leading edge strength was lost at the centre I beefed up the main spar to compensate

Four nylon screws held the top wing (I couldn't think of a secure way to cut it down to 2.

The outer struts were held using press-studs, like the Avicraft Panic. One half was soldered onto the brass wing brackets and the other epoxied to the strut. Never had any detach in flight.

So total 5 screws and 8 press-studs, it brought assembly down to less than 5 mins at the field.

Thread: Is this weather ever going to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26/02/2020 22:44:05

March is either "in like a lion, out like a lamb" or "in like a lamb out like a lion".

Looks like it will the former.

Thread: Probable scam?
26/02/2020 00:13:23

As Frank above, I agree BT call blocker is very good.

Anyone on my phone list gets straight through, anyone else has to announce who they are -then you decide if you want to answer or not, or block. It stops most nuisance callers but those who give details I don't recognise are not accepted.

Several years back with PPI callers I once strung one chap along -saying I'd not had any breast implants [i.e.PIP], he tried to explain, no, no it is credit -but I said why would I want credit for breast implants when I'd not had any, I'm a bloke. He was most insistant, so was I. He eventually realised I was winding him up and with a snigger wished me a nice day and hung up. It amused everyone else in the office.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
25/02/2020 23:49:11

As I've posted elsewhere, balance the plane with the nose pointing down -as described in the instructions (yes I agree it is silly). I balanced mine exactly on the spot with the plane level at flying angle, I was lucky to get it down in one piece, it was very unstable. Had to add 8oz of lead in the cowl. How Stu managed with a rearward CoG I don't know but he clearly did, but mine was virtually unflyable until lead was added. I had a 70FS on the nose too.

Thread: SC 70 fs
24/02/2020 22:03:36

The valve inserts are cast in. My clubmate tried to seal with JB weld (really to prove the point more than anything else), it lasted about 10 minutes before the low compression lead to overheating again.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
21/02/2020 22:36:27

My OP came through at 19.33 hrs, must be on overtime.....

Like Peter Jenkins above, it has got the "making use of a CAA general exemption" clause, so it looks like they caught up this afternoon.

Thread: SC 70 fs
21/02/2020 00:06:05

I have one, bought from new and ran it in carefully. When using it in a plane, it ran OK for 2 or 3 minutes then got very hot and compression was very poor (but good when cold. Couldn't resolve it despite lapping valve seats etc but a clubmate examined it and found that the valve seat inserts in the head were leaking. Only solution would be a new head but haven't bothered as I only fly electric now. I had another SC70FS and it was perfect, as was a 90FS, 52FS and a 120FS.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
13/02/2020 16:50:48

At least Grant Shapps is still Transport Secretary. There is therefore a chance for BMFA negotiating?

Could he shoot the beastly Baroness down?

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