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Thread: Hobbyking Film
12/05/2020 22:15:01

Plus 1 for BG film, but I like HK best!

Edited By i12fly on 12/05/2020 22:18:53

Thread: The big question, WHEN
12/05/2020 15:40:42

I don't care what anybody says, too much mud being thrown, lots of biased half truths. We're all grown up, should respect other people's views even if they are wrongcheeky and decide for ourselves. My decision is I'm staying on lockdown (as much as that is possible) until the mud clears and see how big the next wave is. I might get it, I might not, I might have had it but don't know. But it is my decision.

Thread: Flair Pupppeteer
11/05/2020 15:25:53

Just a bit more info, mine was balanced level just a few mm in front of the CoG indicated on the plan. It was unflyable. After adding 8 oz of lead in the cowl it is OK (Engine is SC70FS). It also needs down trim on the elevator (about 2mm) to fly level. Don't know why, it suggests that the wing incidence is wrong -although it is built precisely as plan. Flies nicely now though.

Thread: The big question, WHEN
10/05/2020 23:46:25

I agree with Erf & Stu. Whatever Government says will be criticised. The virus is killing people, a 2nd wave would be catastrophic. You can't see it but it is still there and if you get it bad, treatment is only to give you oxygen and hope your body fights it. But if your body fights it too well then you get an immunity overreaction which then attacks your major organs which gradually fail. There is then no way back and you slowly die. I've seen this with m-in-law a few years ago. If you catch the virus, it isn't just you that is put at risk but your loved ones too. Stay as safe as you can, there's no cheery news just yet.

07/05/2020 23:31:00

A big question is now -what is the strategy, herd immunity or reduction of the virus to zero?

If it is herd immunity, the original thought, then lots more people need to get it, so release from lockdown enough to keep the levels up but within the NHS capacity, will be the strategy. Cynical but possible.

I hope the reduction to zero is now the focus, if that is possible. Boris, having experienced it first hand, appears to favour this -we'll see on Sunday.

Personally as I see it, the virus is still out there and with limited effective treatment, so for me as a vulnerable person social isolation/lockdown will continue.

For the courageous NHS staff it is like a war zone, the stress must be immense. But they are not trained like armed forces and wouldn't expect an extreme situation like this when they 'signed up'. They deserve all our support (and a medal)

06/05/2020 16:54:16

I wonder what this pilot of a Cessna is on.....

Does he know where he's going?


Edited By i12fly on 06/05/2020 16:55:32

06/05/2020 16:16:18

Lockdown, what lockdown?

Look on Flightradar and see how many "private owners" are flying, along with private jets and twins....

German and the US skies are full of aircraft of all types.

Thread: New boiler installation
05/05/2020 23:02:31

The cleanser should have been removed after a few days running. After a few months the risk is that the debris can deposit out again, usually in the boiler heat exchanger due to decreasing solubility of the oxide with increased temperature. However if your boiler is quiet in operation then you have got away with it. If it sings/kettles when heating up it will need to be repeated properly. I was involved in an exercise with both Sentinel and Fernox Chief Chemists some years ago which demonstrated this.

Thread: The Norwegian Gnat Squad
01/05/2020 16:01:16

Good luck with the turtledeck bending, I soaked with water which didn't come anywhere near so I finished up planking it. Looks OK though. I've covering at the moment and have left the fin off while turning the model over and round etc. I'll fit it before covering the rear top area.

Your model is looking very nice

Thread: Paint or cover
25/04/2020 19:37:33

For a funfly I wouldn't consider anything other than film -anything else is too much faffing about! And it will be good practice for the future. Film is expensive or cheap, depending on what type and where you get it.

Thread: What are my options?
22/04/2020 16:30:02

Answer is no.

There is not really an alternative anyway. China is workshop to the world, highly skilled in many aspects and full of many resources and minerals the world needs in a modern society both green or not. The world is built of nations exploiting or being exploited, the balance of power just changes over time.

Thread: FW-190 builders thread......
20/04/2020 21:15:57

I'll bear in mind your comments John.

I've got plenty of balsa sheet in stock that I 'bought for a rainy day' that will complete the build but for the wing spars I'll have to do a bit of substitution, using spruce and perhaps some lamination. I'll make sure they are strong enough though, I'm quite a seasoned builder.

Any advice/ pointers are appreciated

19/04/2020 20:51:10

Thanks Bucksboy for the encouraging remarks.

I wonder if anyone else has any comments/ suggested modifications to add?

Is additional nose weight required and approximately how much?

Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
16/04/2020 14:20:15

+1 good service from 4 max, motor arrived today

Thread: Hobbyking Film
16/04/2020 00:09:16

Hi Jeff, when I looked at the listings I ticked 'in stock' -and this wiped everything out except the tape. Unticking this and going to the colour I wanted (olive green) showed it to be in stock!

Thank you for the heads up smiley

Thread: Ask..Peter Miller
15/04/2020 21:31:10

Ballerina is a nice flyer, typically so of PM designs.

Peter, I hope you get enthusiasm back for designing again soon. Maybe have a look at something completely different? Even out of character but interesting nevertheless? A challenge? Best wishes and keep safe

Thread: Hobbyking Film
15/04/2020 21:24:43

?? Just checked and for me it shows only silver tape in stock sad

Thread: Is Wallpaper overlap adhesive similar to Balsaloc
14/04/2020 17:28:21

I use Fast Tack -from haberdasheries and is a heat sensitive adhesive used by dressmakers and certainly helps covering adhesion to balsa. And I've thinned it with water successfully too.

Whether it is any good in dressmaking I've no idea as I don't wear dresses -never tried.

Thread: FW-190 builders thread......
14/04/2020 16:33:10

I'm looking to have a go at Tony's FW190, this thread seems to have ended quite abruptly and so does one on rc groups. I wonder if people lost interest or were disappointed with the result?

I've had one or two 'disappointing' plan builds in the past (but not Peter Millers!) and don't want to spend half a year making another

What I'm interested in are any errors in the plan (besides the LH/RH fus the wrong way on the free plan), does it need much lead in the nose, and how well does it fly.

Or would anyone recommend some other similar size warbird?

Thread: Mosquito Magic
13/04/2020 21:00:45

Yes brilliant yes

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