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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
05/01/2020 21:39:37

Only muppets won't register -it could damage the good work of the BMFA and jeopardise the next stage

devil cheeky wink

OK, I'll get my coat

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
05/01/2020 21:22:37

Tim & Steve, beautiful Gnats, think I'll copy the yellow one -love the black fin (that's when I get to start it....)

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
04/01/2020 21:05:59

So this means, if a non-registered flier in the club injures you badly during flight and you sue him for negligence say, the insurance will not cover him so you will probably not get compensated for any losses (unless he is fairly wealthy). But if you sue the club committee for not ensuring that he was registered, then the committee will be insured and supported through BMFA insurance. But as it is not a requirement for the committee to check people's registration you'll get nowhere.

I don't want to fly where there are people unwilling to register.

Thread: Oodalally - Build Log
04/01/2020 20:50:20

Lovely job, really smart, looking forward to the flight assessment

Thread: Epoxy
01/01/2020 22:11:15

OK, not quite the same, but with Araldite I've found it go rubbery if mixing with a bit too much hardener. I always use a bit less hardener than resin now in the mix, not noticed any problem with curing time but it has always set hard, even with glue that is several years old

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
21/12/2019 23:40:51

Just an idea......

As air intake seems to be a limiting factor, maybe if you use a 4S set up you need to open the cheat hole area a 'corresponding amount' to get the extra air throughput?

This could affect some of the model types but not others of course, depending on how the air is balanced of cheat versus intakes.

In reality axial fans (which effectively EDFs are), move air and generate relatively little pressure, so much so that they soon stall when restricted on the inlet or outlet. On the other hand centrifical fans (not practical for EDF) generate a more significant pressure, increasing right up to the point where the outlet is blocked completely.

Thread: Your experience of Banggood delivery time?
18/12/2019 18:23:42


Ordered some covering 01 Nov, estimated delivery 02 Dec, actual 27 Nov.

An FMS fan ordered last April only took 7 days

Servos ordered in September took 30 days

Like Kevin B, I only buy from BG if time is not critical.

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
16/12/2019 22:16:38

Well my Baronette turned out at 2860g, but it was quite heavily(!) modified to be more like a DR1, and had a fair bit of litho plate near the nose embarrassed

Thread: Thanks BMFA
14/12/2019 23:29:06

Yes, well done BMFA and thank you.

Have a wonderful Christmas, I know you will be busy what with renewals and questions though.

2020 looks like being a busy year too,with the changes in July. I hope that Grant Shapps remains in charge of Transport as a 'friendly face', we need it (I'm not being political here, any friend in H of C is to be treasured).

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
07/12/2019 19:04:12

If I remember correctly the CoG position quoted is with the nose pointing slightly down. My Puppeteer was balanced with the nose level and it was a nightmare, my Baronette was nose heavy to start with and flew OK

Lovely lightweight build Martin Mine was heavy!

Nice engine Simon!

Edited By i12fly on 07/12/2019 19:16:05

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
06/12/2019 22:44:23

Matty thumbs upyes

04/12/2019 18:57:18

Here we go again. We need the BMFA more than ever to look after us.

Thread: Another way for props to bite
29/11/2019 12:41:43

I took the advice of putting the drill bits in a vice and turning the prop by hand onto the drill. So easy!

I increased the hole size in steps of 0.2 or 0.3mm (depending on the drill sizes I have), going from 6.5 to 8.2mm with good quality drills. I've done 3 props that way and the results have turned out better than any I've done before. By eye there is no loss of concentricity.

Previously I've gone up in 0.5mm steps normally using the bench drill, but will not be using that method again!

The finger is knitting together nicely now, thank you embarrassed

24/11/2019 22:27:21

Thank you for the good wishes and the suggestions. It looks a bit rough today but seems to hold together reasonably.

I like the simplicity of putting the drill in the vice and turning the prop so I'll try that first and if unsuccessful make up a jig on the lines of Cymax' suggestion.

I've not been very successful with a reamer but never tried a stepped one as Nigel suggests, I guess that the cutting angle is reduced so likely to be noticeably better and less likely to produce 3 cornered holes.

23/11/2019 23:57:17

Thank you all for the concern. Although the cut is deep it is only a small area so I've got it bandaged up and will see how it is tomorrow. As the hole needed to be opened from about 6mm to 8mm I didn't think a reamer appropriate -I always seem to get a 3 cornered 'hole'.

Geoff, I agree that Derby A&E is generally very good once you get seen, but if some of your (recent) past history is at Nottingham they cannot access it and causes delay for treatment, communication between them was not good.

What I'm thinking of now is to make a wooden jig that will hold the props down squarely onto a block, shielded to prevent the prop spinning then always use the bench drill. I'll give it a bit more thought, make something up and if successful post a picture. I need to get a couple of new matched props first!

23/11/2019 22:13:42

I'm normally very careful.....

I was drilling out the centre of a prop today, I held the prop down on a solid wooden block and as the blades are sharp I held one of them securely with a piece of cloth just as I've done many times in the past no problem.

Unfortunately, this time the drill 'grabbed' in the boss, the blade I was holding firmly broke off and the other one came round to bite 3 fingers, the little one down to bone!

Fortunately(?) I was using a hand drill to drill so the drill/prop bounced away from my hand, but if I'd used my bench drill I dread to think what would have happened.

Lessen learnt!

How do other people hold and drill props? What is the safest way?

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
23/11/2019 21:55:45

I don't agree that Amazon should deliver by drone, and wont be selecting that option (assuming it will be optional!).

At first I thought it was totally impractical and unsafe -for children and pets particularly, and for many homes it still will be. But this is how I speculate they may do it:

-You as householder identify a secure(?) open area in, say, your back garden using "what3words" App (which I think is a 3m square) or similar

-The drone then comes and hovers over that spot

-The parcel is then lowered by winch (just as done in the wilds of US and Australia), then released

-The drone then buzzes off

-The rest is in the homeowners hands, I guess you'll get a text/email to say it is delivered

If it is impractical for your property for whatever reason, no doubt you will be charged more for van delivery...... you can smell it coming! frown

(Apologies for going off topic!)

Thread: Dec 2019 Issue
22/11/2019 23:24:13

An amazing free plan, huge glider, I'm impressed. No good to me though my model room just isn't big enough to handle a model that size and I haven't got a nearby suitable hill. I had hoped for the TN Hunter this month but I'll have to wait for the next issue.

Please keep the free plans coming.....

I'm only half way through the mag but it is very good so far, nice to see David A is still contributing.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
22/11/2019 23:14:37

CAP 1789 mentioned/ linked above gives provision for model associations to negotiate a separate authorisation with the CAA (see "Model Aircraft" on page 10 of the document)

Also Article 16 on page 19 words to the effect that the traditional model enthusiast.......... avenue for....... operating as they currently do....... under the umbrella of the model associations..... without other restrictions... that are aimed at 'drones'

All this is up for negotiation with CAA - clearly BMFA are going to be very busy still fighting our corner.

A couple of important points - we need relaxation on distances to uninvolved people and property - essential to carry on as we do now.

But there will be no more dummy bomb drops or toffee bombers - not allowed

Thread: Any clock experts here?
21/11/2019 23:34:29

If you don't mind spending some money(!?), there is Belper Clock Repairs on Over Lane, or Smiths of Derby or William Haycock in Ashbourne, or maybe even Frearsons down Belper (think they only repair watches though).

I haven't got experience of the first three though, but Haycocks appear very professional and Smiths are well known

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