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Thread: Surgical tube bungee diamiter/length??
27/09/2012 09:15:40

This is an easy question Im sure for you flat field soarer persons. I have got my eye on a 50 foot continuouse length of amber latex surgical tubing for bungee launching 3 to 3.6 meter gliders, the OD is 7/16 the ID is 1/4 with a wall thickness of 1/32, Will this be adiquate for the job ie too weak or too strong not long enough etc.

Many thanks Marc.

Thread: Will This fly?
25/09/2012 15:25:03
Posted by Dave Bran on 25/09/2012 15:16:40:


Strictly, that is not a Delta!!

Yes your right. I didnt use the correct terminolagy I meant a sweapt back wing of course.

thanks for the correction

25/09/2012 15:18:34
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 25/09/2012 14:40:18:

I'd be wary of mixing rudder with the ailerons in the Tx until you've had a feel of how she flies. This set-up can show strong tendancies to "tuck in" in the turns

I can see your point. i think that,when a turn is initiated with ailerons & rudder & with no adverse yaw, in the roll the rudder will tend to yaw the nose about the normal axis perpendicular to the longditudinal axis ie nose towards the ground "tuck in" in this instance I can see that a little adverse yaw can be benificial.

25/09/2012 14:02:37

Hi & thanks I havent built in any reflex into the wings & at the moment the elevons are rigged neutral so on your advice I will give them a couple of degrees nose up trim even if this is not required its probably best to have it pitch up rather than down on the test launch I guess & trim it from there. I deliberated on weather or not to incorperate a rudder, I know that Delta wing shapes such as this suffer from adverse yaw unless differential aileron is applied ie more up than down, so Im hoping that the rudder will help here in the turn ie counteract the adverse yaw. What are your thoughts on this? Again the elevons are rigged at the moment for equal throw on aileron input.

25/09/2012 13:22:31

Hi all you Aerodynamicists.

Just built this,sword 002.jpg

Its my own design & scratch built. A few of my own theories have gone into the design. but it has not test flown yet &would like to know what your thoughts are on what flying charictoristics it may posess & any thoughts on set up etc the wing section is nothing spacific, but is semi or very nearly symetrical.

Thread: Original DB Scale Cirrus Moth 20 kit
25/09/2012 12:57:35

For those interested I have listed an Original DB Sport & aScale Cirrus moth Kit on eBay & will be active from Saterday 30th. The kit is over 20 years old & in perfect condition list Number is 170915308092.

Thread: Raiders Of The Lost Kit
20/09/2012 11:41:23

Tim, thats not a bad idea, but will i get more than £85 + P&P,(Cost of new kit) thats the question I suppose. Ill reserve for the price of a new kit & see if it sells, nothing to lose I suppose. will give it a go.


19/09/2012 19:00:36

OMG! was up in the loft clearing out some old junk & in true Indiana Jones style clearing the cobwebs & avoiding the giant (they really were) spiders, & after moving a mountain of junk came across a long thin box. What could this be? I really had no idea. got it down & into the daylight wiped at least 1/2inch of dust off the lid & low & behold a David Boddington Cyrrus Moth kit I had completely forgotten about. This it is about 20 years old & is 48" span for .15 to.20 engines. I bought it at a model show somewhare with loads of other stuff and its never been opend untill now. The plan is now vintige yellow in colour & instructions looked hand typed the wood has gone a deep yellow cream colour too. Does balsa improve or deteriate with age? it all looks in pretty good nick.What next? when I get a chance may build this into an electric version or maybe I should build it as it was meant to be? or maybe Ill put it back in the loft for another 20 years, who knows.

Thread: Thermik Prowler, Know anything about it?
14/09/2012 09:44:02

Thanks very much for the reply really appreciate it. I would be very greatfull if you could post the build artical & plan it may just give me a heads up on any problem areas. Iv updated my profile with address details Thanks . The built up wings on the plan are 3.6 meters I think, more than adiquate. I do intend to build in Spoilerons . Im glad you say it flys nicely with such a heavy fuselarge because I was intending to cover mine with LW glass cloth & may well be lighter than the GRP version anyway. the towhook on the plan looks as if it could move forward a tad in relation to the C of G but I was going to mount the towhook in a slightly different way to that suggested so can experiment with this. Though Im not intending to put a full on build log on here Il post a few pics from time to time on the progress. many thanks once again.


13/09/2012 19:54:45

Just embarked on a Thermik Prowler build. I cant find much info on the net about this one so does anybody know anything about it? I have had the plans for some time & I havnt had a large wingspan thermal soarer for some time so Im really looking forward to this project. The plans show a GRP fuselarge with a T tail & also a built up wood fuselarge with convetional all moving tail, apart from the fact the GRP fuse is probably no longer available(corect me if Im wrong) I shall be opting for the latter as I like a good build & IMO the tail arangement looks better. Has anybody built,bought borrowed or flown this model? interested in any info.

Thread: Model Finishing Question
01/09/2012 20:14:29

Thanks for that Mark I was wondering about the crackle issue ill try a test piece first otherwise dope it is.


01/09/2012 08:40:04

Thanks The wings are my own cut foam veneer covered in Pearl purple Oracover I had going spare I agree varnish on its own would look good in certain situations but i dont think it would go with the wing covering Ill try & get some pics on here soon

01/09/2012 08:24:12

I have built a slope soarer to my own design I want to use what I have available in the in my DIY cupboard to finish the fuselarge for best results which is made from good old ply sides & balsa. I have some halfords car paint & primer & I have given the whole fuse 1 coat of sanding sealer (none left) I also have some clear varnish I thought I might give it a coat or 2 of varnish rubing down in between with wet & dry before painting would this work?/be a good idea or am I just over complicating things.

Thread: Help with flying scale ASW
25/08/2012 08:18:20

sailplanes 004.jpgsailplanes 002.jpgsailplanes 001.jpg

25/08/2012 08:01:14

Hi all, many years ago I was very into recreational glider flying on the slope & flat field & although fiddled around with a few old models from time to time I have not flown at all since. . So a rare visit to my loft (the scrap yard) produced (all over 15 years old), A Phase 6 (Sport version), Multiplex Flamingo contest, (No Tailplane or canopy) Algebra glass fuse (no canopy) + half built up wings intended for this), A Sygnus slope glider kit Which I have used the wings & now built my own design slope soarer & a lovely 1/5 scale ASW 21 I think 4 meter wing span (no tailplane or rudder.& never flown) + JR Max 7 radio in full working order (new batteries). I would love to see the ASW in the air but know I dont have the flying skills yet. Anybody in my area (Bracknell) or close to Butser hill or Ivinghoe Beacon who has, would more than welcome to help me fly it I would be eternally greatfull.Just reply here or PM me. The wing covering is a bit tatty but otherwise wouldnt take much work to get into a flying condition. In the meantime I hope to fly the Phase 6 & work on getting everything else in flying condition, & thinking of a Bird of Time as a next project. I hope to get a few pics on here when Iv worked out how, so until then cheers for now. Marc.

Thread: Balsa wing skin over ribs?
18/07/2010 21:05:06
Erfolg, nice to here from you again we exchanged posts a couple of years ago about the Algebra I  originally had a three mtr one & a 100 inch aileron version (superb), I am at last building some 4 mtr wings for the fuselarge Eppler 193 aerofiol.  Just for the hell of it i decided on traditional built up construction & so far I am very pleased with the results. The spoilers are actuated with micro servos in each wing, the original had a single servo in the fuse for the spoiler which were cable operated, very fiddly getting them to operate togeather correctly, I have one problem in that the oryginal canopy / hatch has been lost & making a replacementis  is causing me a headache.any ideas? it is such a shame that this model is no longer available the kit was reasonably priced at the time, I  saw an old complete 3 mtr kit sell on ebay for well over £100 recently so there must be a niche in this market. & thankyou evrybody for your tips,
Thread: Multiplex Flamingo Contest Restoration
12/07/2010 16:01:46
Thanks Andy I now have a carbon canopy moulding frome Gliders it needs a bit of triming here & there but It will fit just. As for the ply parts I can use the fuselage as a template to mark these out. Cant wait to get the old bird up in the air, from memory the Flamingo Contest flew like a dream & the airbrakes were just fantastic no trim adjustment required & slowed the model remarkably for landing. I wonder what the latest one is like I bet its great.
Thread: Balsa wing skin over ribs?
12/07/2010 12:33:30
Thanks, I did say its been some time since I have done any trad building. I havnt glued the LE's on the wing panels yet, oops! I was giong to glue them on last using masking tape to hold in place (Iv obviously built too many foam veneer wings),thanks to your advice clearly the LE needs to be glued in place first followed by the top sheet, a sensible idea too as I realised I will be able to see that each glue joint is good at the rib front face & bottom sheeting. thanks once again for valued advice, cheers.
12/07/2010 09:56:48
Hi all,
I have dug out my old Dick Edmonds GRP algebra fuselage out of the loft for a "retro" thermal soarer project. I am hallf way through the wing contruction, traditional rib & spar. The wings will be sheeted in balsa top & bottom & the top sheeting is ready to  go on, I have not performed this task for many years, allthough I have in mind a few methods, I  was wondering if anybody could give me some  advice on the best mothod for this task in order to produce a ripple free nice curved upper surface which will not delaminate from the ribs? What adhesive would you reccomend.Any advice greatfully received. Thanks
Thread: Multiplex Flamingo Contest Restoration
23/06/2010 07:03:11
Are'nt forums on the internet amasing I had no idea this model (all be it in a new version); was still out there, I will ring them & order a canopy, thanks very much for your help, The pics on the link look exactly the same as my fusalage so im sure it will fit; got to be worth a try anyway.
Cheers. Marc
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