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Thread: Daily Mail on Drones
14/12/2014 18:42:21

In reply to King Kade any ref to how a piece of RC equipment might be weaponised is not relevant to the core problem are RC modellers being targeted as possible terrorists if so why??

14/12/2014 15:38:09

Hi Andrew I am sure you are correct given what you describe but I do not see the same degree of detail or time to visualise the object written in the report as you had, my argument is that it is a fact the us humans are fallible we make mistakes even pilots unless of course you believe in UFO's if you can show evidence other than an alleged sighting fine but until then it is only a possibility hat had anything to do with a radio controlled flying device.

I am wiling to accept he saw something just not what it was his statement is not enough there is every reason to believe it didn't take place.

my reference to a proximity device was because TACS is mentioned in the report why I am not sure as isn't relevant as it wasn't able to confirm the presence of an object just confirm that correct procedure had been carried out during the approach.

I fully accept the argument about the chance of catching it on camera but given that nearly everyone is a photographer these days there is always a chance and that every window blind should have been up by now somebody elsemight have seen it ??

14/12/2014 13:44:10

Hi Dave I see you accept that this incident took place I have read the report and can find no evidence of its happening apart from the evidence of the pilot no pictures taken from the cabin by a passenger no radar evidence no proximity device in fact no other evidence at all it seems, although the paper I believe alluded to video evidence but we haven't seen that to my knowledge.

As I pointed out earlier not to long ago this report would have been filed as a UFO but today we have our own UFO's and so the possibility is that this may have been a radio controlled craft is possible so now we have something tangible to blame.

What was it? apparently it was a helicopter that appeared over the wing no directionality is mentioned only that it passed as close as 20 feet over the wing this was observed by a pilot in an aircraft travelling at around 150 mph who I think must have had a hell of a crick in the neck after observing this alleged incident.

Look at a picture of an A320 and then a picture of the cockpit and imagine yourself seeing an object pass over the wing at 150 mph (as we have no directionality we can only assume the object was stationary) this would be an object the size of some of the birds you see in the sky around the airport a red kite perhaps.

The report is not clear at all they do not classify the object, only what appeared to be!

Here is another airprox report this has more detail the pilot and co pilot saw it and it was apparently much larger than a remotely controlled device but they couldn't be sure what it was again no radar no other evidence.

I don't remember hearing over reported rubbish about this.

14/12/2014 10:56:28

It is a very nice idea to think that the BMFA will watch over us and save us from those that would use the a flying radio controlled device for a criminal activity but the fact is they can't.

It is the members of the BMFA that have the ability to see what is going on in their area and report any suspicions to the authorities first .

As far giving people ideas they only have to look on the internet to find a host of information for that

To not discuss and talk about it so that as many people are aware and educated to watch out for such things as possible improper use of remotely controlled flying devices the better.

But to get back to the start the question as far as I am concerned is did the reported incident allegedly involving a passenger plane and a remote controlled device of some sort actually take place?

13/12/2014 18:32:31

Hi Leccyflyer and why not ?

This is a topic that that is both relevant and important to the hobby how we are viewed by those not involved in the sport of model flying is very important it is they who will decide if we can fly or not.

Advances in technology have made possible that which was only dreamt of back in the day electric flight has advanced exponentially in the last 10 years or so to ignore the possible dangers that these advances can bring would be complacent.

I also think if we through the organ of the BMFA do not show that we are willing to try and control the sport that control we do have will be wrested from us.

13/12/2014 16:27:14

Well guys I for one disagree the collection of the wreckage the drone would be evidence of it's actual existence.

Apart from the evidence it might contain that might relate to it's ownership.

Not too many years ago so called near misses like this were called UFO' sightings and just what type of drone are they referring to the description was vague.

Am I calling into dispute the record of this event you bet no evidence has been produced to validate it just the word of the pilot?

The more I read about this incident the less convinced I am that it ever took place the whole thing has been cleverly stage managed as far as I'm concerned.

Why wait so long to report the (alleged) incident?

Just when they are discussing new regulations!!

13/12/2014 11:54:06

Hi I see from the posts about this subject that some wish to as usual bury their heads in the sand while others seem to patronise those who enjoy fuddy duddy aeromodelling whatever that is.

Insulting or what!!

The fact is there are those who will use any excuse to stop the enjoyment of those of us who engage in the activity of model flying.

To pursue the argument of drones staying drones is an interesting one as they are not models at all as a drone is of any size and shape a quick look at Youtube will confirm this, these are not models we are talking about but full size devices!

I have read with interest the report published by the BBC about a near miss and I have doubts about the facts in the case 700 feet yes possible of course in FPV or using computer control.

But this must have been a large drone to have the control authority to be able to stay stable in this most hostile airspace which is the landing approach to a busy airport like Heathrow.

I have lived under the approach to the north runway for some years and I can tell you the disturbance that the aircraft produce is damaging I have seen it snap the tops off large trees and pull the tiles off of houses a 2 foot hole in mine.

A Jumbo jet creates so much air disturbance the gap between it and the following plane is 3 miles

So this drone if it flew within 20 feet of the wing is toast the vortex would see to that.

That having been said to even contemplate the possible tragedy that would have ensued had a passenger plane been brought down is horrifying.

But on a lighter note we can be assured that the powers that be will come up with something that is unsuitable and unusable to control drones such is the intelligence of our elected leaders.

Thread: Savox servos
17/01/2011 11:46:59
Hi I wonder has anyone out there suffered the same problem I have with the SH-0257 servo by Savox. I bought three to put in a helicopter, but silly me I put the wrong arms on, no problem just change them!
Now the fun begins the heads just snapped straight off the screws retaining the arms to the output shaft! great that's two brand new servos that are about as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot.
Just in case you think I was clumsy and cross threaded them on assembly, I hadn't even tightened them up and I have been in engineering for 42 years the screws seemed to welded themselves in.
Thread: Flair Harvard
26/05/2008 16:18:00
Order order this is not a computer forum sorry to bring us back to my original request Sailor (John) is kindly helping me" no sorry" very kindly offering to help me with a problem I have with my Harvard getting me out of a hole as it were, I mean what have computers ever done for us! cue re-write of what have the Romans ever done for us from Life of Brian. 
26/05/2008 09:16:00

Hi John I have just read your reply thanks to Timbo giving me the heads up thanks for your kind offer that would be great I suggested the other options as they would hopefully be less time consuming especially the photocopy bit.

I would include my address in this reply but I am not sure thats wise in an open forum and I don't seem to be able to message you separately as there is no message member icon on your reply.  

How far up are you going to upscale the model? you can use a photocopier to enlarge the parts the amount you require I have done this successfully in the past.

I plan to introduce some washout to the new wing in the hopes of avoiding the tendency this model has of dropping a wing the cause of the damage mine sustained enhanced by pilot error I must add.


25/05/2008 10:29:00
Hi everone I wonder is there someone out there with an unstarted Flair Harvard kit, if so I wonder would it be possible for you to photo copy the wing rib sheets of Lite ply and send them to me or scan them and email the result so that I might rebuild my harvard to it's former glory I would be willing to pay for postage or any other costs of course.
Thread: I am all charged up, or am I
18/08/2007 09:50:00
I read with interest the article in RCME on LiPo battery balancer leads and adaptors and I found myself asking what is this problem about are LiPo's particularly prone to cells becoming unbalanced.

Now before somebody patronises me and tries to explain the problem I understand exactly how a rouge cell in a pack can effect the performance of said pack both in the discharge and the charge situation what I don't see are figures showing the incidence of failure resulting in the demise of a model or the long term effects of ignoring balancing altogether and just charging and flying.

I would guess that failure could happen in either circumstance but if for arguments sake 10 people flying the same model with the same power and traction system just ignored balancing and charged with the same peak detect charger and flew every weekend till the motor power cut how much flying time and max power loss would they suffer in a year?

If there is a loss of lets say on average of 5mins in a commencing 20min flight time after ayear then to me it begs the question what if I do a balance charge at the begining of the next year am I back to square one?

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