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Thread: LED wiring
09/08/2020 17:33:48

Looks like you’re going for nav lights. If that’s all and they work, I say you’re plane do what you want.

Thread: Which would you choose and why?
09/08/2020 08:39:52
Posted by alex nicol on 08/08/2020 21:29:18:

Valiant, I prefer tail dragges ......... checkout the you tube videos on the Valiant

+1. Though I would like the 30cc size. I can see them!

Thread: How much have you spent on modeling in 2020?
08/08/2020 19:20:10
)Posted by Cuban8 on 08/08/2020 09:23:09:
Posted by cymaz on 08/08/2020 08:21:28:

I’ve bought

  • DLE30, Steve Webb Models
  • Another £200 on bits for the Giant Mannock
  • Club, BMFA,LMA fees

Although spent nothing on the cost of going to fly at shows. That’s about £800 - £900 year.


Almost a thousand pounds on your hobby! surprise

A lot of people will wince at that figure but when one thinks about how much we pay out for what I suppose you could call annoying necessities e.g insurances, council tax angry, car repairs etc etc that easily run into many thousands every year and TBH from what I get no gratification whatsoever - then a few hundred quid doing what you like is understandable and justifiable. If hobby expenditure means that your kids don't eat or your leaky roof doesn't get fixed then maybe it's time for a rethink.

My own expenditure on modelling this year is under a hundred quid.....a couple of gallons of fuel by courier, a couple of new Lipos, some spare servo gears and that's about it. Only had two flying sessions though! Funnily enough, I think the break has done me good and the opportunity to do a few other things that interest me is refreshing. I'm not going to worry too much about flying this year, I'll go when I get the chance and the time away has given me the opportunity to rethink a few things about how I enjoy the hobby and how I'll be continuing in the future.

That’s the cost of Travelodge, fuel, food and maybe van hire. We try to do Woodsprings, Much Marcle and Wings and Wheels. Also a Greenacres weekend. Those events are a long way from deepest Cornwall 

Thats our holidays....we have no others. And spend no money on a foreign break.....if we do then there is only enough money for one show.


Edited By cymaz on 08/08/2020 19:20:40

Edited By cymaz on 08/08/2020 19:22:13

08/08/2020 08:21:28

I’ve bought

  • DLE30, Steve Webb Models
  • Another £200 on bits for the Giant Mannock
  • Club, BMFA,LMA fees

Although spent nothing on the cost of going to fly at shows. That’s about £800 - £900 year.

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
07/08/2020 06:51:35

yes. That’s good to find out.

07/08/2020 06:40:52

.......... the suspense is hurting me !

Thread: Any chance of a last unread post button
06/08/2020 22:03:07

I asked a few years back for some new icons..luckily they boffins were able to come up with a few. I forget which ones now...

Thread: WD40
06/08/2020 22:00:22
Posted by Geoff S on 06/08/2020 21:57:26:

I used to spray it on the magneto of my motorcycles when they wouldn't start after standing out in the rain. I think WD stand for Water Displacement.


It does, apparently it was the 40th formula that was tried

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
06/08/2020 21:58:35

Did you find out why you had an engine quit?

06/08/2020 20:33:05

Well, sometimes the luck of the Gods are with you. Luckily for the plane and the pilot.




Edited By cymaz on 06/08/2020 20:33:28

Thread: FCC proposes $2.8m fine against Hobbyking for marketing non-compliant drone transmitters
04/08/2020 06:33:53

I’m sure HK send them the cheque. The only caveat is is HK’s p&p....$2.8m

Thread: Mystery Connectors.
03/08/2020 06:37:27


Thread: WD40
02/08/2020 19:38:01

I found THIS . I can’t vouch for the findings though

Thread: What was at your field today
02/08/2020 07:48:11

Generally at our strip on Davidstow Airfield, we have dog walkers, kids on bicycles, hooligans drifting....oh, and the local police running about trying to turf them all off.

To be fair , the land agents and constabulary do a utterly brilliant job of trying to police it

It’s annoying though angry

Edited By cymaz on 02/08/2020 07:48:30

Thread: DB Major Mannock
01/08/2020 19:07:45


Put it together for the first time in the garden and checked the CG.

Here is Brian, he’s delighted, I wonder why!


And here is the owner...he’s a good looking chap


And some close ups. ........



Next week it’s sorting out the rigging and install the batteries.

Thread: Circlip pliers
27/07/2020 18:18:20

Just bought some from fleabay. Will report back when they arrive, if anyone needs to know.

Thread: Crimping Tool for servo extensions
26/07/2020 13:50:54

Bought one of these...great tool. Make sure you have good light and a good magnifying lens, and plenty of crimps and pins to practice with.

Thread: Focke Wolf Ta 154 Laser
26/07/2020 11:17:20


My Dual Ace has the throttle servos on separate channels. If you're not a Futaba tx user then its probably no use but I have a mixing sheet showing all the mixes to get my throttles working in unison. it also has the advantage of adjusting end points individually. As I said might not be any good but here it is

twin throttle set up

Thread: DB Major Mannock
26/07/2020 09:51:12

Thanks gents,

I will go with ...

15’ low , 25’ high on elevator and aileron...I generally use up to 30% expo for rudder/aileron and 40% on elevator. Does this sound about right for starters?

I can do an aileron differential mix on my Tx.

26/07/2020 05:50:59

Forgot to take a photo of completed tail with accompanying closed loops...sorryblush

We went through the plans and build instructions but could find no mention of surface throws. Does anyone have any info about these for the Giant Mannock please ?

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