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Thread: the maths be hind what size engine your plane needs
09/02/2011 09:13:34

Keep the tail as light as you can. When I designed my own for the first time.....G-Wizz I made it too heavy. I have just dome a remod on it and took balsa out of the back of the fus and lengthend the nose by 3" and took just over 1lbs lead out of the front...ouch
before mods
own design's do get off the ground

Thread: Georgia Peach Info
09/02/2011 09:00:23

Dear Rodger
I must say this is a quite stunning plane to fly and now a fim favourite. Several fliers in our club who have had a go have all thought it was a superb flier.
Anyway.....I got the kit of a club mate in a very unfinished state. Uncovered fus, tail unattached,unfinished cowl and no wing at all! There was a plan however and a copy of the original magazine article.
I sent off to have the wings made by Barry of up in Scotland. I decide to put an inverted OS 91FS in it to keep the cowl cheeks all intact, this drives an APC 13x9. The undercarriage was another deliberate choice as I sometimes fly on a friend farm,so a good stout u/c was called for. A 16 oz tank is up front giving flying times of 20 mins should I want it. The white and pink scheme is ideal when visibility is not good and the pink was my daughters choice.
The throws in the end were trial and error using dual rates on the first flight and then adjusting from there, 20% expo is used on elevator and rudder. There was another G.P. up Gateshead Model flying Club on their website. I tried contacting them but had no luck.
All the best for the future and you can rest assured that you have a big fan of one of your designs here in Cornwall. Feel free to come down to the club and see it any time weather permitting.
You can see her in the field at
Thread: the maths be hind what size engine your plane needs
08/02/2011 16:05:27

These might help

Edited By Peter Smedley on 08/02/2011 16:12:53

Thread: Simple yet accurate model balancer
07/02/2011 17:52:09

I have a bottle of white and a bottle of red. Would they go well together??
07/02/2011 15:49:30

I made one out of bits of scrap wood. The dowls simply pull out and it took 10mins to build. Holds my 12lbs model with ease. There is a 12" steel rule as a guide
Thread: The Biplane Thread
11/01/2011 13:29:26

Can I join in!! St Austell and District Modelling Club have loads of Bipes
Thread: Turnigy Accucell 6 Charge Problem
30/10/2010 17:41:42

A great big thanks to all who replied to my problem. I have found out what the problem was......
I used a 'fly' lead connected with banana plugs at one end that went into the outputs on the charger,great. On the other end of this fly lead I soldered a mono female headphone jack. On my Tx and Rx charging leads I soldered a male mono plug. The thinking behind this was pull either out a quick chage over and charge the other.
The only thing I can think was wrong was the headphone plugs caused alot of resistance in the circuit, so much in fact that it completely mucked up the Accucell.
Took  the plug and female socket out of the circuit and HEY PRESTO
EVERYTHING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will even caliberate now
It just shows what happens when you are trying to make life easy.

Edited By Peter Smedley on 30/10/2010 17:44:02

Thread: Fuel-Proofer
30/10/2010 07:10:36

Expoxy 2 part resin is my  favourite fuel proofer.
Thread: Turnigy Accucell 6 Charge Problem
30/10/2010 07:06:23

Thanks for the does not make sense to me either. Anyway here is the pictures and the battery I was trying to charge..

The pictures hopefully make my problem clear
29/10/2010 14:48:51
When I try to charge a nimh or nicad battery the main screen shows that I have only 0.12v going to the battery. The nimh is 2500mah charged at 2.5 amh and the nicad is 700mah charged at 0.7 amh.

Am I doing something wrong in the set up??? It does not matter if the charging is manual or on auto the 0.12v never seems to change..

Any help or ideas.

Also I cannot use the caliberation on either battery. Does this only work with lipo??
Thread: Georgia Peach Info
08/10/2010 09:28:12

Here is the finished Georgia Peach.......

It is shocking pink on the under wing as well !!


04/10/2010 15:30:55

Here she is with wings

04/10/2010 13:17:48

Yes it does, just another plane called Georgia Peach!
03/10/2010 10:03:24

I have looked on the full plans I have and there is nothing marked. This is a real plane named Georgia Peach
Gateshead Model Flying Club has a picture of one on their flying feild. I have sent an email to the club but have no reply.
Could someone on the RC grapevine ask for me at the Gateshead Club????
Will post more pictures soon
26/09/2010 09:36:41

Having got 75% through this build of a Roger Wheddon Georgia Peach from   July 1992, I began to wonder about the control surface throws.
Does anyone have any basic info about what throws I should use. I know there are one or two clubs that have this model on the club web site so someone must know something!
Here is a picture to jog your collective memories....

Thread: wing mounted servo
30/08/2010 20:19:01

The clear plastic boxes that packs o fscrews and nails come in at the DIY store are good covers for servos.
Thread: Dave Smith Models Aerostar 62
19/08/2010 20:42:17

Yep its a Dave Smith Aerostar 62. 62 " wing span 56" long. 150mm cog is good. The oiginal place for the undercarriage is out on the wings. Since I used a servo for each aileron and therefore had to cut a box out of the foam wing, I thought it best not to make more holes for the U/C fixing blocks. The original set up is  for one aileron servo.
25/07/2010 15:54:27

Well.......the pictures will prove I've finished her. IT FLIES BRILLIANTLY. No tip stall nice easy landings. It will need some more  work to trim up correctly and I maidened it without the cowl. But a big A++. If you have got one in a box may I suggest that you build it and fly it. BTW I put the landing gear on a plate under the tank and not in the wings

Edited By Peter Smedley on 25/07/2010 15:55:01

13/07/2010 14:29:32

Cheers Lee
just done a quick C OF G check with the servos and lead in the tail. It's looking like the battery with a bit of luck will be enough to get the c.o.g right with some moving around.
 There is little or no room at the rear for the servos to be mounted very close to the tail, in fact I can have a closed loop elevator and push rod rudder is the most effective way to get the servos rearward.

Rudder Servo

Elevator Closed Loop Servo

Edited By Peter Smedley on 13/07/2010 14:43:15

Edited By Peter Smedley on 13/07/2010 14:43:59

Edited By Peter Smedley on 13/07/2010 14:45:15

13/07/2010 12:13:39

Sorry for the delay...I have put a ASP70FS in my aerostar, the only thing is I have put the motor tight up to the firewall and putting servos and battery in the tail and put 90g of lead up there as well.
The C OF G does seem rather far back at 150mm, does anybody know if it can be brought forward without affecting the handling and making it unflyable???
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