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Thread: Sopwith Pup refurb
17/04/2020 05:58:29

I’ve seen the Dawn Patrol on occasions....great flying. Did you know Simon Willey? The wires in the wings seemed to be holding all together

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
17/04/2020 05:52:38

Jon, are you in your shed or doing this using work tools. If the former then well done for getting the thing running. A bit of a quarantine project I assume?

Edited By cymaz on 17/04/2020 05:52:57

Thread: RIZLA +
16/04/2020 15:08:43

You are able to message Gary direct. It is under the post screen

Thread: Simulator Needed
16/04/2020 15:05:06

RCThoughts quote ....


“ Since PhoenixSim is now fully out of business and there is no customer support left whatsoever I consider it to be abandonware and I feel I can share files for support and community purposes to those still using the software. You still need a dongle to use it. If original copyright holders wish to take these files down for a valid reason they can contact me. “

Taken straight from the website

16/04/2020 11:53:31

The disc has

  1. Phoenix 5
  2. XTR5
  3. R7
  4. Freerider

16/04/2020 11:51:07

After downloading off the web, I never used the disc that came in the post. Just used Phoenix only

16/04/2020 11:43:51

Package arrived from Flying Tech today.


I didn’t expect a disc as well. So that’s a nice surprise....either that or I just didn’t read the web page properly. New and old Futaba plugs supplied, leads, dongle and the disc.

The dongle has a four position switch for the different programs on the disc. As I downloaded my Phoenix from the internet I left it on the lower position.

Set up was easy. Though it does say if you have a Tx with heli and plane, leave it on heli. My old Tx is a Futaba T6EXA ( fixed wing only). The set up menu is easy to navigate and in a couple of minutes I’d set up the Tx, reversed some controls and stored the Tx in the memory. Having never tried this system before, I liked it. Remember though, that the last sim I had was 15 years ago.

Changing models, weather and screen info is intuitive. The menus are clear and easily to see. At the moment I’ve only used on flying site so cannot comment on what else is there in the program.

The only thing that I find trouble with is the plane graphics get blocky when coming into land. Wether that’s the set up that needs adjusting or tweaking of the sim graphics ....I’m not sure yet but early days yet. And I can’t get the undercarriage switch to work on the set up, although flaps were easy to get installed.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
15/04/2020 19:50:10

Some down. Quite honestly it’s what engine and how light you build it. My advice is fly it and shim accordingly.

Thread: Two Wings and a Round Engine
15/04/2020 19:11:16

Got an Evolution / UMS 7-77 on a 13kg goes round like a scolded cat !catcat

Torque issues may be a problem. Be careful. Best of luck with the build. Now watching cool


Thread: Carb Problems
15/04/2020 17:44:11

We are lucky where I live to have a Texaco garage in town. The Super Unleaded fuel from Texaco contains no ethanol. I always use this for my Rc engines and lawnmower.

The nearest stockiest for Aspen 2 is about 10 miles away and costs just above £5/ litre. I’ve not yet had any problems with rot. The only problem I’ve had is fuel tubing hardening up. Clunky lines are changed and inspected regularly. Hopes this helps.

15/04/2020 16:07:41

Did the engine run today. I put the HLic carb on. To start with it wouldn’t draw fuel. Thinking it was completely dry, I took off the diaphragm cover. Turns out the gasket and diaphragm were the wrong way around. First run the gasket on the reed cage was leaking. Luckily, the RCGF and DLE are straight swaps. New gasket ....perfect. Draws fuel well now and holds it nicely in the delivery pipe.

Video on YouTube shows the second run with a warm engine. I’m not a fan of watching a engine being endlessly flicked over for hours.

30:1 fuel/oil mix, CM6 plug, Xoar 20x8 prop. DLE exhaust. 28* before TDC timing.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
15/04/2020 15:36:14

Read THIS link.....tells you how to do it. Better than I could explain

15/04/2020 12:15:12


Thread: Carb Problems
14/04/2020 23:06:11

Put the old carb on , Hlic carb. Wouldn’t draw fuel. Took the diaphragm off only to the gasket was on the wrong side. Put it in the correct way round and it draws fuel well and it doesn’t drain from the fuel line.

Will try and start it tomorrow and report back

Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
14/04/2020 23:02:41

Someone tell him to come over here and get building

Thread: Anyone use these?
14/04/2020 18:26:19

They make good washers if you drill out the centre

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
14/04/2020 17:49:18

As you say, there’s always half throttle. More importantly, it sounds like you have utter confidence in the engine. Critical with a biplane.

Thread: What basic PC spec for simulator(s)
14/04/2020 14:26:54

I know very little about specs on a laptop. I can only say have a look at the minimum needs of the sim program. There must be plenty on ebay etc.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
14/04/2020 14:23:50

Those DLE Ra engines are really rather useful in terms of fit, spares, reliably and power. Just flippin’ Deafening

14/04/2020 12:31:27
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 14/04/2020 09:05:31:

I was going to fill mine in but couldnt be bothered with it. I will keep an eye on it and if they announce a date i will just call them and ask if they need pilots.

I have my doubts about the show going ahead this year. If we’re told to go on another term of quarantine that could take us easily to the last week in May. Then there will be a gradual release, having a mass gathering of 1000’s 3 weeks after that seems remote. I’ve now only got LMA Much Marcle and the Local Redruth Show to look forward to.....if they’re not cancelled face 11

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Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
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