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Thread: Receivers
03/07/2020 18:28:54

Both are good but often the reason AR6210 are cheap is because they are clones. The AR620 is not so often cloned so far. As Dennis has said buy from a reputable source, not necessarily the cheapest for price.

Thread: Onboard Voltage Sensor
03/07/2020 17:40:09

The Ar 620 has reduced range for telemetry so you only get a read out on the Tx when the model is in close proximity. Have a look on the Spektrum web site for Rx that have receiver voltage as I am not sure. I'm surprised you have problems with using other servos other than spektrum. I have no spektrum servos and just chamfer the edges on other makes to fit. Incidentally I have been looking for a telemetry read out of altitude but not found a relatively cheap version I do have one but it I can only get the height read out when on the ground.

03/07/2020 12:24:42

The AR620 RX will give you onboard voltage but only on a fly by basis. I have them in my motor gliders with a Spektrum Dx9. To get a continuous readout you will need a more expensive Rx with full telemetry

Thread: Acrowot landing gear
15/06/2020 11:36:45

An update on the spacer, we have a club mate with a handy 3d printer. Yes I have mine powered by a 90 FS but as an excuse our strip has some very deep cracks as it is on drained marsh and it is not unknown to break the undercart on take off as well. Makes landing with crossed wheels very interesting. since this mod I have not torn out the undercariage and fly this and an electric modified acro wot most weeks. Just in vest in a bag full of 6mm plastic bolts.dsc04253.jpg

Thread: Four Engine electric setup
11/05/2020 13:57:05

Completed Lanc 1

This is a pic of my first lanc that I lost when one motor came loose. I have since built another one still in existence and flown regularly. There is a lot of chat about where to put batteries on multi models, I have always had a single power source in the fuselage and powered the motors with long leads from there with out any problems. All motors are powered together through Y leads with just one red wire to power the RX. The only thing I have done is to use a small lipo for the retracts. There is an interesting article that I have posted the link for ( if it works) about putting extra capacitor in the ESCs and this I have actually done on my last Lanc. Castle creations actually make a pack for this but I used capacitors from RS.

The link to the article is

I'm not confident the link will work as I downloaded it a long time ago. If you are interested and cannot get the link to work I could try scanning it

Good Luck


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
04/04/2020 17:47:51

dsc04247.jpgBrian Taylor Mossie twin OS56 fs, not yet flown at least I've got plenty of time to sort it out before maiden.

Thread: DB 60" Sopwith Pup
26/03/2020 09:15:49

Thanks Martin, I should have read the last couple of posts. Its a shame he has found it necessary to stop posting.


25/03/2020 17:26:23

Just bought this kit from DB and found this tread but cannot open any of the pic files am I doing anything wrong?


Thread: power for remote container.
28/02/2020 12:29:11

We have solar panels to charge a couple of batteries for charging and to power our weather station as well the mower all powered by solar panels. However in the winter the batteries often go flat so we bought a 1200w wind turbine from Bangood, it comes with a rectifier and we have power control units for the solar panels but I have been told we need some form of load for the wind turbine when everything is fully charges otherwise it will overheat. we also want to install lighting in the container so we can see whats going on.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Glenn

Thread: Prostate Cancer
03/08/2019 10:59:45

I have followed this thread for some time and took the advise to get checked out as I was having trouble peeing( very low flow). It turned our that my prostate was slightly enlarged but I also had a 2mm bladder stone that was the cause of the discomfort. I have just had the stone removed and the TURP operation to clear any interference from the prostate. Unfortunately I have now been fitted with a catheter although hope it will be temporary but if not it might be a permanent feature and I would have to learn to self catheterize to drain the bladder a couple of times a day. Has anybody any experience of this. I have not fount much on the internet so far. I have tried to look for a mens health forum but have not found one that covers this issue.


Thread: Model Finders
12/06/2019 17:22:30

Our field is surrounded by crops including maize which can grow quite high, many an hour has been spent searching for even quite large models. We have tried the lost model alarms with limited results often the noise is drowned by the movement of the crops. There are any number of GPS/bluetooth finders listed on Bangood and other sites but has anybody tried them. Mostly they are aimed at finding pets.

Thread: Acrowot build
11/02/2019 11:37:38

dsc03973.jpgI assume you are building the kit and not an ARTF? The descision on the engine mount is weather to mount it side on or inverted, I have done both and find that side on is more convenient for starting but does mean quite a lot of the cowl side cheek is cut away. If you are using a big engine you ,may need to move the firewall back slightly and this is dealt with in the instructions. I have used a 91FS in most of mine. The undercarriage is the weakest link in all forms of Acro Wot so a bit of reinforcing around this area will help, but I do away with the metal fixings and replace them with 2x 6mm plastic bolts so that they break before ripping the undercarriage out. The Acro does tend to bounce a little on landing in any slight wind. If you make a spacer as shown then the bolts are easily removed to replace them. As far as other mods some have moved the tailplane lower to make knife edge easier I have tried this but wouldn't bother just need a bit of elevator to make it track straight.

Hope this helps.


Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
18/12/2018 17:55:49

dsc04114.jpgdsc04113.jpgGoing back to the electric Acro wot, I've put on a couple of pics of how I fitted my hatch and batteries, don't forget this was built as a repair on a crashed fuselage I was given. Also I am comparing to my IC acro wot with a 91fs.

This one pulls 35A, 735W though a dsc04112.jpg 70 A esc with a 12x 7 prop. If I fit a 13 x 6 it pulls over 1000w but thing start to get warm.

17/12/2018 16:25:06

dsc03975.jpgEven better with a pumped OS 91.

I run my electric acro wot on 6s using two 3s 5000 packs, I run to a time of 6mins which gives me time for a go around if not satisfied with the approach and I usually end up with about 15% left in the batteries. My hatch is on the top and I have not had to use any additional weight to get it to balance. It flies just like the IC one although it feels different somehow.

Thread: Spektrum AR620
11/12/2018 17:05:56

Been using one of these in an IC model for a couple of weeks now. Read the thread on RCgroups first as they have been available in US for some time. Range quoted as better than normal, I have checked mine to quite a distance and it remained working until I was not prepared to walk any further. So easy to set up and fits nicely without having to worry about aerial positioning or damage. Rumour has it that there might be a eight channel one on its way. So far in my experience I would not hesitate to buy another.

Thread: Spektrum DX6i.
16/11/2018 16:33:30

If you use good old Google search, DX6 roller wheel replacement you will come up with more alternatives as this problem is well known. They range from replacing the little micro switch to fitting an alternative switch altogether. There are also some 2nd hand replacement circuit boards available on E bay. While you have the back off it is well worth replacing the rocker switches with the metal ones if you can get them. If not if you know somebody with a 3d printer you can print them in a much more solid form so they do not break. I have done these in different colours also the aerial cover on my DX9.


Thread: Foamies for beginners?
08/11/2018 09:53:00

Our club has just bought a club trainer 40 sized for many of the reasons mentioned earlier. We have new members wanting to learn with foamies but that are not capable of flying in anything other than light winds so they just do not get the stick time to learn and some just get frustrated and leave.

The local model shops don't always give the right advice either as we have had Spitfires turn up just because it says easy to fly on the box. I guess they have been influenced by the C4 program and we have noticed an increase in interest as a result.

The trainer has been built up from bits and pieces donated by members although the airframe is new. We will now have a discussion on whether we should make a small charge to put towards the inevitable repairs.

Thread: Weston Glow Fuel
06/11/2018 14:18:27

All our club has used Prosynth 10% for many years and benefited from the group discount. No problems with bearings and will run 2 and 4 strokes on same fuel.

Thread: Foamies for beginners?
07/10/2018 18:05:28

We have had a recent surge of new members mainly as a result of the program on C4. two have bought models already one of which is a spitfire the other is a lightweight foamy complete with Tx which does not have a buddy socket. We also have a couple of members who are learning and they have foam models as well but the number of times they get to fly is very low due to wind, also the time in the air is low due to them being electric.

We have decided to get an old IC trainer and do it up to use as a club trainer so that it can be flown more often and give pupils longer on the sticks. Hopefully this will enable them to move on in their ability quicker.

We need to keep the batteries topped for both TX and RX up but only have 12v supply in our shed is there a trickle charger that we could leave connected to ensure they are fully charged each time.

Thread: An Eleccy WOT4XL - with a twist!
21/09/2018 17:49:39

Hi BeB

I have been following your thread as I modified an Acro Wot in a similar way to your Wot 4. As you can see from the photo I made a plate to mount the motor using the original IC mounting holes as I would go back to IC if not happy with the performance. You could use a similar method and open up the firewall to get your battery pack further forward. I did not do this but mounted the ESC on the stand off so it would get maximum cooling within the cowl.

I have left it electric powered as I also have an Acro with an OS 90 FS. They both fly well but there is a slight difference even though the CG is the same. The electric one will flat spin but the IC will not flatten out.

stand off motor mount 1

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