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Thread: Buyer Beware
11/01/2021 17:50:41

OS 40FSRI have a passion for OS 40 FSR engines. I spend a bit of time buying and refurbing them. I recently bought a nice looking example on a well known auction site. I stripped it down and was amazed to see the state of the cylinder liner. I have rebuilt several ABC 40 FSR models, some of which had seen a lot of use and have never come across a liner that had peeled like this one. Fortunately I have some spares so it wasn't a real problem. It goes to show you never know what is lurking underneath. Another thing with this engine is the prop driver is machined opposite to all my other engines. The engine on the right is what I call normal the one on the left is different. I wonder why.

RichardOS 40 FSR drive washer

Thread: Dambusters
01/12/2020 00:42:13

Sometime back there was a strong rumour that the Americans were going to do a remake of the film. They had decided that the dog would be called " Nipper" so as to keep it PC.

Thread: Covering - how long does it take you?
26/11/2020 21:54:00

When I finished building this I honestly thought twice about covering it.Lady Eowyn Two

26/11/2020 17:19:03

I build all my models from plans. When it comes to the covering stage I for some reason make a hash of it. It is possibly because I am at that stage when I just want to finish it and get it in the air. On my last build I was determiined to take my time and get it right. I didnt, and ended up wasting a load of film again.

Thread: Lapping four stroke valve seats
26/11/2020 17:06:54

I think you will find Martin was spot on with his reply. I bought an SC 70 fs on ebay. To all appearances it was a nice engine. I know that ASP and SC four strokes do not seem to have high compression, but mine had very little. I took it down and checked every thing. Fitted a new piston ring , re seated the valves which made no difference. I bit the bullet and bought a new cylinder head with valves fitted from just engines. It transformed the engine and really good compression returned. It now runs and idles as it should.

Thread: OS MAX 15FP Stuck throttle barrel
23/11/2020 14:26:56

I had the same problem with an OS 40 FSR bought on e bay. I didn't want to use heat as the idle control has a rubber "o" ring. I soaked it in a container of glow fuel for 48 hours and it did the trick.

Thread: A Shortage Of Balsa And Lipo's, Where Do We Go From Here?
18/11/2020 17:05:23
Posted by Engine Doctor on 18/11/2020 15:04:15:
Posted by Martin Harris on 18/11/2020 13:04:24:
Posted by Peter Miller on 18/11/2020 12:02:28:

Now how about electric power for cars. A nice big windmill (balsa filled)on top of the car driving a generator which drives a motor to power the wheelsH

Or perhaps a sail smiley

Light ply comes from the heart of a balsa tree as well. I bought some so called light ply recently . The main problem with it was that it was made from Poplar and while lighter than Birch ply is twice as heavy as proper light ply.

This idea of no I/C cars from 2030 announced by Boris is an ill thought or rather a NO thought given idea JMO . It might be possible by 2040 but only eight years and no real infrastructure for charging the millions of vehicles we have . On the date of the ban no doubt fuel prices will be hiked and the average person wont be able to afford to run a car. watch the riots start then ! The hurdles to overcome are staggering and this is announced by a PM who cant even get his cabinet to wear face-masks and distance from one another ! Many homes wont be able to charge at home , lack of materials for batteries as already suggested , the list goes on , and on top of that where is the power to charge vehicles going to be generated ?

Don't forget that in the not too distant future Gas boilers will no longer be fitted to new build houses. The alternative for most people will be electric heating. This will not work however as when you get home and turn it on everyone will also be plugging in their electric cars to charge. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.

Thread: Covering Materials Availability-Alternatives
16/11/2020 13:17:20

Keep checking the Hobbyking site. Their film is brillant and comes in 5 metre lengths for 10 or 12 quid.

I have covered my last three builds with it. As previously stated Rapid R C carry it but it will be more expensive

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
28/10/2020 17:56:11

My main problem with the National Centre is that it is fine if you live within striking distance, but not so great if you live in Cornwall or the North of Scotland.I feel the money would have been better spent on helping clubs enhance their facilities throughout the country.

Thread: Get it off your chest.
27/10/2020 11:15:58

The reason there are so many dud headlights is because modern cars require major surgery to change the bulb which costs a packet

27/10/2020 11:12:34
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 27/10/2020 08:18:20:

Clocks have changed so sort your bloomin headlights out. Half the cars on the road either have dead bulbs or they have their lights pointed in all sorts of exciting directions. Usually this means they point straight in my eyes and i cant see anything. How do you even end up with bent headlights anyway? has a bloke been running around all summer tweaking them in the night?

Also, main beams are not for use when there is oncoming traffic. Everyone in my area seems to have forgotten this, along with what their indicators are for and how roundabouts work

The reason there areso many dudheadlights is that some cars have to have major surgery to change the bulb which normally costs a packet

23/10/2020 13:41:47
Posted by Doc Marten on 23/10/2020 13:16:45:
Posted by Richard Acland on 23/10/2020 12:42:54:
Posted by Doc Marten on 23/10/2020 11:10:35:

I do it often on forums and when trying to attract the attention of groups because its a neutral term to address the audience.

How can Guys be a neutral term. A woman is not a guy.

Words change their meaning.

It's accepted and adopted as a neutral term by unions, local government and authorities, the standard bearers of PC.

Edited By Doc Marten on 23/10/2020 13:17:19

To me it is an Americanism that has crept into our language and although it may be accepted by standard bearers of PC it has not been accepted by me. I guess that we will have to agree to differ on this one.

23/10/2020 12:42:54
Posted by Doc Marten on 23/10/2020 11:10:35:
Posted by Richard Acland on 23/10/2020 10:18:46:

Anyone who refers to my wife and myself as " You Guys"

I do it often on forums and when trying to attract the attention of groups because its a neutral term to address the audience.

How can Guys be a neutral term. A woman is not a guy.

Thread: Glass fibre woven cloth and epoxy resin
23/10/2020 10:35:37

I tend to thin my epoxy resin with methylated spirits to give a watery consistency. this makes it much easier to brush on.

Thread: Get it off your chest.
23/10/2020 10:18:46

Anyone who refers to my wife and myself as " You Guys"

22/10/2020 19:48:46

Football commentators who say that a player has won a penalty. You do not win a penalty. You are awarded a penalty. Football managers that say they are hoping for a result. There will always be a result, be it win , lose or draw.

Come on you Blues.

Thread: Praise for a change.
20/10/2020 18:36:10

I was a big customer of Hobbyking when they first started. A very good website and good stock and selection. Now their website is awful always returning to page one when you are looking for something. Their stock levels are now abysmal so I now shop elsewhere.

Thread: Mowing
06/10/2020 22:43:39

We have a club member who looks after our sit on mower he also cuts the strip regularly. He recently renewed the mower deck which was quite rusty. He also gives it its winter service. It is something he likes doing and despite offers to cut the strip he is quite possesive of the machine. We are quite happy to leave him to it and make sure he gets a vote of thanks at the club AGM

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
22/09/2020 12:31:08
Posted by Nigel R on 22/09/2020 09:57:19:

You can always re-engineer the structure and keep the outline.

Lots of old designs seem to rely on taking a small forest and reducing it to the shape of an airplane using razor plane and sanding blocks... Top of the fuselage? Inch thick slab. Bottom? 3/8 slab. Corners? 1/2" triangle. Cowl area? Blocks, great big ones! Now get sanding!

Maybe I need to brush up on my planking skills.

My recent Spitfire built was built along the same lines. I am sure the designer who shall remain nameless has shares in a balsa company. Of my £100 worth of balsa I reckon about a quarter of it ended up on the floor in shavings.

Thread: Petrol or Glow?
17/09/2020 19:33:20

I have always used glow engines, mainly four strokes as I like the sound and find they are what I call flying field friendly. They are all fitted with my own design on board glow systems so are easy to start. I have been interested in petrol engines as several of my club mates use them but they do seem quite noisy even when fitted with so called quiet silencers fitted. I can see the appeal when it comes to running costs versus glow fuel, so I suppose in the end it comes down to what you are happy with.

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