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Thread: Diesel anybody?
07/07/2020 12:53:39

Miss 38 R/C + FFMiss 38 R/CPictures of R/C miss 38 Plus Also with free flight model. R/C now converted to 2.4

Miss 38 R/C

Edited By Richard Acland on 07/07/2020 12:54:55

07/07/2020 11:27:55
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 06/07/2020 14:21:07:
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 06/07/2020 08:06:50:

I am keen to build a little 2 channel diesel model. Its been ages since i had one and i do quite fancy it.

As i have numerous diesel engines to hand the hard part is working out which one to use!

I designed a simple two channel aileron/elevator model back in the 1990s, which a friend built. It was dead simple. A parallel chord, thinnish symmetrical section wing with strip ailerons driven by a central servo. It was designed to use full-size servos, receiver and battery as that's what he had. Wingspan was 36" as that's the length of the wood, and with no dihedral, the wing was built in one piece. The engine was a DC Sabre, and the model could have coped with more power. There was no undercarriage, to keep it light and low drag. Imagine something like a stretched 'Sharkface' with a higher aspect ratio wing. I think it used engine bearers, but if you put a plastic mount on, you could easily switch between engines and give your diesel collection an airing.

It was great fun as you only needed the model, the transmitter and the fuel can. Maybe I took a chicken finger too?

Sometimes its easy to forget how much fun you can have with a simple model. Another friend with a similar design with a PAW 2.49 used to exercise his lurchers by flying it round a recreation ground at about 15 feet, with the dogs in hot pursuit. Fortunately when it ran out of fuel and landed, they would just lay down next to it.

Edited By Robin Colbourne on 06/07/2020 14:23:40

I built a Vic Smeed Miss 38 for free flight powered by an ED BEE MK miss 381. I only ever got to fly it at the Nationals as there is really nowhere near me where I can do free flight. I decided to build another with very lightweight radio gear and batteries with rudder and elevator control. This I fitted with a ED BEE MK 2 and am able to fly it at my flying patch. Although I now mainly use four stroke glow power it is nice to go back to when I was a kid with a small glow engine an oily rag and and a valve spout and not needing to go chasing after a fly away model

Thread: Dihedral
03/07/2020 10:15:05

Thanks for all the replies. I think that on the whole I will persevere and build in the suggested dihedral. Even if as some say it is only to stop it looking droopy


02/07/2020 20:22:02

Currently building an 80 inch parasol wing model from plans. the plans shows a small amount of dihedral which I have worked out will give about one a half inches dihedral at the wingtip. The wings are built in two sections and I am finding it a bit of a bind trying to get the centre sections spot on. I have built a lot of models from plans and had a quick look at my different models. Some have quite a large amount of dihedral. and some not much. My question is without getting too technical would it make a lot of difference to the flying performance if with such a small amount of dihedral if I saved a lot of bother and just built a straight wing

Thread: How are you buying your modeling stuff in 2020
21/06/2020 19:44:11

I am buying everything online from UK model shops. Too many to mention. I bought a lot of stuff from Hobbyking in the past. Recently tried to buy some servos and they had hardly any thing from their vast range available. I decided that it would be best to support UK only model companies. Fortunately most of them seem very busy. The only down side is carriage costs which to me seem to be a bit of a rip off.

Thread: The great i.c. / electric finger chopping debate
19/06/2020 19:09:46

It is an interesting debate. I think the thing to remember is that both IC and electric props can be equally as nasty. You need to be totally switched on mentally when in close proximity of either of them.

Edited By Richard Acland on 19/06/2020 19:10:30

Thread: Sc 30 four stroke
09/06/2020 18:59:44

Just engines appear to have these items in stock for an ASP 30 fs. As these engines are identical to SC engines you should be OK. Might be worth giving them a call to check.


Thread: Ballerina Bi-plane
08/06/2020 18:47:08
Posted by AndyD on 06/06/2020 18:58:58:

i shall have to try this HK film as ive heard a lot of good things about it,this easycoat even on a very low heat seems to go crinkley and brittle but once on don't seem to bad.

Only problem with HK film is that there is a bleed through of the white adhesive on the edges when mixing two colours. This can be cleaned with solvent and is a small price to pay when you consider value for money.

Thread: Aeronca Sedan
04/06/2020 12:47:22
Posted by Peter Miller on 04/06/2020 10:24:51:
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 03/06/2020 22:41:21:


If you want it 'really accurate' bear this in mind.

Like the Piper Cub the fin fairs into the fuselage via the cloth covering with no clear distinction between the fuselage top and sides and the fin itself. This is near impossible to do with film over an open structure so I suggest you 'fill in' the relevant area with slightly over-thickness sheet and carve/sand it to the correct shape, which will be slightly concave. Then film cover it using low heat in this area which will stick the film without shrinking it much anf pulling it out of the (very slight) concavity. Neither the Mercury nor the bigger US Pica kit got this right. Mostly due to the rear cross section of the fuselage being too bulbous at the sides in both cases. In reality the rear cross section of the fuselage is roughly triangular with a rounded underside and the stringers end some distance before the tailpost. leaving only the basic 'three tube' triangular structure.


This is not hard to do in the scale way.

If you can find it I describe how to do this in the scale way in my Peggy Sue 2 build article. Also see Mark's Peggy Sue build.

Orginally the method was described in the Sig Piper Cub kit.

The pictures showsmy Paggery Sue 2 fin. Marks Build blog shows the same area very well

peggy sue2 blog 008.jpg

It takes some patience and care but works well

Funny this topic should come up now. I am just about to start covering my Stolp Starlet. I notice that the tailplane is the same whereby the covering runs from the fuselage side to the fin assembly. It all looks a bit tricky to me.

Edited By Richard Acland on 04/06/2020 12:49:03

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Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
21/05/2020 20:28:52

Last year we lost our field as the owner farmer decided to to retire. The new owner wanted to plough the field so that was it for us. Due to the efforts of a couple of club members we managed to secure a new larger field very close to our old field.The owner is a gem. really helpful cuts the grass and disposes of it. As you can imagine up to now it has been really frustrating. New field, great flying weather and unable to go. That has now all changed in the last few days and we are now able to get back to almost normal with a few new safety rules. lets hope the weather continues so we can make up for lost time.

Thread: Who is building what?
14/05/2020 20:02:50

I decided that once lockdown started I would dig out one of the plans that had been lurking in my drawer for some time. It is a Stolp Starlet. a parasol wing home built aircraft. I ordered wood from Balsa cabin and was told that they were very busy and it might take a while. Since then I have ordered quite a bit of stuff from various model suppliers and they all give the same story. Online orders have really picked up and they all seem very busy. It is an ill wind that blows no one any good.

Thread: The big question, WHEN
11/05/2020 19:40:10

I would have thought that if your landlord is happy, that sensible precautions would along with the BMFA advice be OK. Operate a rota system so that you have only a limited number of people on site. Mark out box areas for each person to to operate in. Only have one person flying at any one time. I am sure that If these steps were taken we would all stay safe.

Thread: Solarlac Thinners
05/05/2020 12:45:56

Any one know of an alternative to Solarlac thinners which I am having trouble getting hold of,for cleaning brushes and thinning Solarlac paint.

Thread: Are our wings over-engineered?
02/05/2020 19:29:36

Quite agree. Give me over engineered any day. I am currently building a Stolp Starlet from plans. The plans show no shear webs between ribs and no cap strips. Fear not, I shall be fitting them.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
21/04/2020 21:08:01
Posted by Nick Somerville on 21/04/2020 20:12:49:

Richard, you would never know it was 15 years old from the picture! Looks like new.

Actually I have to own up, the picture was taken about ten years ago. Since then we have both developed a bit of hanger rash.

Edited By Richard Acland on 21/04/2020 21:08:42

21/04/2020 19:42:40

I am surprised at the size of the engine fitted to some peoples Stampes. My now 15 year old Stampe is powered by an SC 90 FS. It flies at a lovely scale speed. OK it might struggle to do some of the more complicated aerobatics. but for me it is fine.023.jpg

Thread: What's flying over your house
21/04/2020 19:30:03

I live close to the old Severn bridge. Above me is one of the main air corridors for aircraft leaving and returning to this country. On a day like today ,clear blue skies I would normally see lines of con trails. Today was quite remarkable because I did actually see one.

Thread: Anyone use these?
14/04/2020 19:50:09

I use them on the throttle servo to make the cam that operates the on board glow micro switch.20150212_161013.jpg

Thread: Mounting servos between ribs
12/04/2020 19:09:12
Posted by john stones 1 on 12/04/2020 18:26:01:

Side mount, only the horn sticks out.

My prefered method is to side mount. I normally make a rib from 1/8th ply cut a space for the servo and mount it directly to the rib. This enables the servo arm to protrude and make a nice short direct link to the control surface

Thread: Light Relief
06/04/2020 10:57:09

Just re watched "Over Here" on U Tube brilliantly funny and nostalgic two parter about the first American Bomber Squadron to come to the UK and their RAF counterparts. If you didnt see it first time it is a must watch

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