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Thread: CAA ID number discussion
20/02/2020 12:52:02

I did my registration on the CAA website in November and got my operators number straight away. This number has now been fitted to all my models. Has any thing changed that I should know about?

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
19/02/2020 18:40:16

Going back to my original question. Has anyone, or do you know anyone who has paid for this card and has received it.

18/02/2020 13:17:02

Has anyone who has paid for this card actually received one yes or no. I paid for mine in December and it still hasnt come.

Edited By Richard Acland on 18/02/2020 13:30:14

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
18/02/2020 11:11:00

Not sure what I have missed. I am a BMFA member I have no BMFA achievement certs. In November I paid and did the test with the CAA. I have now fitted my operators number to all my models as per instructions. Has anything changed?

Thread: BMFA membership cards
18/02/2020 11:03:11

Has anyone received their new plastic BMFA membership card. I paid for mine in December and we are now in mid February and no sign of it yet.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
14/02/2020 23:10:17

A little girl is sitting on Grandads knee. Grandad she says can you make a noise like a frog. Yes says Grandad, but why would you want me to do that. Well says the little girl Mummy says when you croak were all going to Disneyland

Thread: Spitfire Kit Choice
13/02/2020 20:45:41

My Tony Nijhuis 72 inch Spitfire is very heavy. I am sure Tony has shares in a balsa company as I seemed be using big lumps of balsa to build the fuselge and then planing a lot of it on to the workshop floor. It is powered by a 120 four stroke and also has a big lump of lead bolted up front to get the C of G in the right spot. Ididnt have the courage do its maiden flight as I wasnt sure it would get off our shortish strip. I was surprised how quickly it got aloft and it flew beautifully. The retracts that I fitted although heavy duty struggle to cope and may need uprating. This year I may give it a go myself. Since taking the picture I have added a bit more detail, cannons, radio mast rearview mirror etc.


Thread: OS FSR engines
06/02/2020 18:41:36

Further to my original post. I have stripped both engines and renewed the bearings. After reassembly I started the ABC engine on my test bench to check RPM and set the idle. It is a real screamer with loads of power. I then set the ringed engine up to do the same thing. I could not get it to run other than the odd spurt. On checking I found the compression to be well down compared to the ABC engine. No problem I thought I will just fit the Spare ABC piston and liner which is new and all will be well. Not so. The 40 FSR ABC gudgeon pin is larger than the ringed gudgeon pin. This would also entail finding the con rod to match and a new gudgeon pin, what with old FSR engine parts being rarer than rocking horse droppings I didn't hold out much hope, still thanks to the wonders of the internet I managed to find the required parts and today fitted it to my test rig and she fired up straight away. So I will now sell one engine to help offset my outlay on parts.


Edited By Richard Acland on 06/02/2020 18:46:59

01/02/2020 00:49:12

The first RC engine I had was an OS 40 FSR, this was fitted to my first RC aircraft which was a Veron super Robot. This would have been in the mid 1970's. Getting sentimental in my old age I decided that I would like one of these engines again. In fact I have managed to get hold of two in quite good condition. I have had a good look inside to check everything over.

The thing is one of the engines has a ringed piston, and the other has what I assume is an ABC piston and liner. Which would have been the earlier engine, and why the change at some point. One of the engines came with a spare ABC piston and liner, would there be any point in fitting that to the ringed engine, or not.

Thread: engine refurb
23/01/2020 17:18:54

Thanks for your replies. All helpful

20/01/2020 16:09:18

Any ideas or tips for cleaning up an old OS 40. The engine is covered in burnt on castor oil and I am looking for a non invasive way to clean it up, ie no scouring or abrasives etc. Any help appreciated.


Edited By Richard Acland on 20/01/2020 16:10:55

Thread: Hobbyking
30/12/2019 16:07:27

discovered "RC life" which has good bargains 10 meters of covering film for under £20. Looks the same as hobbyking film. I think this is a re incarnation of Giant Cod which always offered good service, and it is UK based.

24/12/2019 11:45:38

Hobbyking original website was fine. Then they updated it and it has been awful ever since. also am I the only one to notice that their stock levels are very poor. They used to have a great range of engines, both glow and petrol. Their covering film is always out of stock. Generally very disappointing.

Thread: how to get the plan onto the wood!
19/12/2019 17:29:37

I use the old method of placing the plan on the wood and going over the outline with a pin which then leaves an outline on the wood. Used this method for years maybe I am stuck in the past.

Edited By Richard Acland on 19/12/2019 17:31:05

Thread: Appointment of club committee members
15/12/2019 16:43:12

I have been our club secretary for going on ten years. The chairman and treasurer have also stayed the same during that period. Most tasks are carried out by the same few people ie grass cutting mower servicing etc. the club secretary normally passes on any info to club members such as BMFA club bulletins and other relevant info.I also deal with club membership renewal which in the past has been quite straightforward, but this year was made more complicated by having to work out the new online system. this involved several calls to the BMFA, but I got there in the end. You really need to have every ones e mail address and then all relevant info can be sent direct.

Thread: All our yesterdays - our old pics
09/12/2019 18:58:17

I think I was about five when this was taken holding my Brothers Kiel Kraft Pirate. Now 73 and still building and flying R/Cearly days

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
08/12/2019 19:41:06

The Blue Light card is worth having. It is available to a wide range of members of the Emergency services and ex forces personnel. Also the Defence Discount card for serving and ex forces has some good discounts.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
01/12/2019 11:56:43
Posted by Cuban8 on 01/12/2019 10:11:48:
Posted by Richard Acland on 30/11/2019 17:28:31:

It would appear that club membership renewal is now done via the club portal. I have always in the past renewed club membership using the stick on label method. it would appear that this method will no longer be available. I have always found the old method pretty quick and foolproof. If it aint broke why fix it.

I used the stickers method for years. Yes, it worked OK but with over a hundred members to deal with the Portal is so much easier, flexible and convenient. I loathe change for the sake of it as I've said in the past, but I'm not sorry to see the end of the paper based BMFA renewals and other admin stuff.

My club's AGM tomorrow.................It'll either be chaos, or deserted..........can't be sure which at the moment.wink

How do we get our insurance certificates and membership cards. I hope that they do not expect me to use my paper and ink to print off everyones paperwork. If it is up to each individual how does it work for our three members that do not have a computer.

LHF..........Pettifogging, what a great word, must remember to use it more often.laugh

Edited By Cuban8 on 01/12/2019 10:18:50

30/11/2019 17:28:31

It would appear that club membership renewal is now done via the club portal. I have always in the past renewed club membership using the stick on label method. it would appear that this method will no longer be available. I have always found the old method pretty quick and foolproof. If it aint broke why fix it.

Thread: HK black friday ?
29/11/2019 15:54:51
Posted by rcaddict on 29/11/2019 15:36:23:

what no hobbyking black friday sale this year !!

If their stock levels havn't increased since I last looked at their site, then they don't have much to sell anyway

Edited By Richard Acland on 29/11/2019 15:55:31

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