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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
12/09/2018 17:11:36

I shot some brief video clips of this event, they are on my facebook page.

12/09/2018 17:07:49

Utterly fab pix from Mr Jubb!!!

12/09/2018 17:07:46

Utterly fab pix from Mr Jubb!!!

Thread: June 2015 issue feedback and some changes at RCM&E
13/05/2015 12:33:44

re: Hobby King


I reviewed a Hobby King Power Monitor that I bought with my own dosh only two months ago in my Weekenders column.

Confused of North Wales.

Thread: Cliffwhacker
03/04/2015 10:43:30

Better built than the prototype!

Thread: The name that shall not be spoken!
28/01/2015 17:20:49


No apologies either way needed, Pete. I just wanted to reassure readers that no one is pressurising me, or any other RCME contributor, in any way. I mention Hobby King and its products in my column whenever modellers tell me about them, or when I have come across them directly. For example, my assessment of the HK-sourced Orange ORX 3-Axis stabiliser in my Weekenders column in 2014. I even featured the Hobby King Trade Stand in a Rougham Show Report awhile back. Can't remember seeing their stand anywhere since.


You have a very good memory! You are correct, I did say that.

I also wish you good health, Josip.

Regards to all,


Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 28/01/2015 17:30:59

28/01/2015 14:03:16

Pete (Taylor)

You deserve a full reply Pete since your post touches on integrity, something close to my heart as a fellow punter and keen RCME reader. I wrote the RCME photo report with the Lancaster and the Cessna images. As you may already know, I am a full-time, self-employed freelance writer, not an employee of RCME. I am not under the thrall of any Editorial policy guidelines, and no one at RCME has ever mentioned such things to me these past fifteen years. Young Ashby would never dream of being so petty, though he does whinge when I supply less than complete photo captions. In truth, not knowing the Lancaster's provenance was a cock-up on my part rather than any conspiracy. In fact, the lad with the 'leccy Lancaster disappeared back to the pits before I could grab any details. It may or may not be significant that nobody else on the warbird flight line knew the model, or supplier either. As for the Cessna, the same thing happened, the pilot went off, and none of the petrolheads temaining on the flight line knew the model by brand. Later, another lad said it might be an "HK Cessna", which I duly wrote down. Just like I would if he had said an "MR Gangster" (Mick Reeves). Back at my desk, after I had written the article and received the choice of photos back from the Editor, I went on line and got the basic specs, which I printed in the caption. You will note that our Editor chose to print my photos of two HK products in one report. I am sure that you would agree that my telling the reader plainly that is was an "HK Cessna" is neither "little nor no credit". As to the Lanc, the newsworthiness to me was its foam nature. Last week a reader whose Dad flew Lancasters in the war emailed and asked me to find out more about the Lanc in the pic for him, which I did by return. He wanted to buy one. I googled "electric foam Lancaster" and was mildly surprised there was only one I could find. Not being a Hobby KIng user, or an electric specialist, I was unaware of their product range, just like the lads on the foresaid flight line.

So, there is no conspiracy of which I am aware, Pete, though you may have neatly drawn the Editor's attention to my dodgy reporting skills.

Hope this helps,

Alex Whittaker

Thread: RCM&E May 2014 issue
09/04/2014 10:13:52

Aye, Nigel! All that motor-drive adds up. Sorry, Burst Fire Mode.

08/04/2014 18:55:33

Reg, don't shoot the Editor! It is not Graham's fault, it is all mine. I stand corrected. There were a few Hellcats flying that day. Unusually, because of the cross-wind, I was actually on the other side of the strip to take those shots, so I was not standing with the pilots, where I normally reside. Also, Steve published a very similar shot on his Facebook page very shortly after the event, which (paradoxically) led me to believe that he had taken a great picture of someone else's flying model! You might be surprised at the effort I make to get things right, but taking your own shots as well as getting your own details in a very busy event is always a bit fraught. Incidentally, I did make email enquiries before I made my best guess between those two Hellcats, and drew a blank. In the past, I used to hand out proformas to pilots to fill out at scale events, but I always got too few back to use. Therefore, I have resumed manual note-booking. For some restitution, if you drop me an email, I will send you the original of last month's Camel cover shot.

Thread: Cannibalism
19/03/2013 22:56:08

Spotted your clever and rather witty allusion, Pete. Glad to see that standards are being maintained. Intertextuality is not dead. Well done.



Ebenezer may have said it, but he could have been quoting his mate Jake.. even more apt. Tee hee.

Thread: Fokker D8
18/03/2013 08:33:40

Hate Maiden Flights for magazine reports, when despiste the umpteenth check, something can slip through. A brand new aileron servo gave up on a maiden flight of one of my recent plan models. She just about staggered to the ground with only minor damage, but it could have been a total wipe-out.

Commiserations Peter,


Thread: Shopping at Hobbyking UK
27/02/2013 14:13:52

Greybeard said:

"I must admit to being foiled by the foibles of this website in the past such that I cannot now be bothered to master its evident shortcomings"

What a crisp and beautifully expressed comment. Delighful.

Love it, love it, love it!

Thread: Super Slinky
01/02/2013 10:29:19

I thought CSJ was referring to the Control LIne version. I thought that because, after all, he as an Editor, and he mighty possibly have read my article. My prototype has the small rudder which was perfectly safe, and gave good ground handling. It was just that Nathan said I would get a significant performance increase in aerobatics with a much bigger rudder. My prototype with the small rudder does not like crisp stall turns, thus the instant rudder upgrade. You are wise to follow Nathan's suggestions on throws etc. Super Slinky is straight forward to just fly around - so I think the first flight will be an anti-climax. However, with the upgrades, she does handle Clubman aerobatics much more smoothly.

01/02/2013 10:08:57

Parry is the C/L Aerobtatics man, I am just an Ex-Team Race Winner...

31/01/2013 09:26:06

Crash Parry told me the ply was dear, too. I have had mine in stock since Adam was a lad, so I apologise. Balsa would probably do. Your Super Slinky looks utterly splendid with that very fresh looking scheme. I think I prefer it to mine. If you send me some full fat pics via, I will put it in my column. It looks beuatifully built, I must say. By the way Chief Southern Jessie David Ashby told me about this thread. Crash Parry is cracking on apace with the Control LIne version SuperCLinky. It has lots of nifty Control LIne mods. Tell me how your ace model flies, and read what Nathan Farrell-Jones said in my article about control throws and transmitter settings. You'll be all right!

Thread: January 2013 Issue feedback
24/12/2012 11:47:18

Merry Christams to both of my readers.


24/12/2012 11:46:26

Merry Christmas to both of my readers.


Thread: Atlantic Crossing......
28/11/2012 08:05:03


Have you clocked this?

9 August 2003 -

First FAI Class F8 Model Plane to cross the Atlantic, flying 3,020 Km from Cape Spear in Newfoundland (Canada) to Stone Bog (Mannin Beach) in Ireland, in 38 hours and 23 minutes, FAI distance record number 142.

Long distance record for FAI Class F8 model plane The first FAI Class F8 model plane to fly 3,020 Km ...

Cheers, Alex

Thread: December 2012 issue feedback
16/11/2012 16:39:10

1. I have seen Tim's Nieuport flying - it's an absolute sweetie. Typically immaculate Hooper build. Even I forgot it was 'leccy.

2. Tim was deliberately pulling our collective leg. We imposed the Imperial System on our Colonies, including America. It was our Imperium, after all. The dynamic, modern, thrusting Americans put a man on the moon first using the Imperial System. The Metric Russians came second, in common with most other feeble French ideas.

3. Anyone from my UK generation (ie older than comprehensivisation) can use either system with equal facility. We used to use Metric (SI and cgs) Units in the Physics lab, and then happily unsed Imperial Measurements in the Metalwork room. Mind you, nowadays I much prefer Metric Units for model drawings and plans, though when it comes to piston fits, I prefer "thous".

All in all, a good debate for Tim, I feel. David will soon be paying good money for Forum Traffic Generation on this industrial scale.

Thread: Curare Build
08/11/2012 11:08:35


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