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Thread: foam airliner shop bargain project
16/06/2019 17:23:47

1/8 sq h/w strip added

16/06/2019 17:09:52

just added 1/8 sq h/w balsa strip to under the wings. wings have been shaped(no flat sq l/e or t/e. replaced the tail with 2mm balsa /tissue covered. the question is does anyone know how far forward the hook should go for bungee launch?:

14/06/2019 10:39:56

hi nigel, not sure yet. at the moment i am sorting the wings out lots of work to put them right!! changed the tail for balsa.original was 1mm foam and is already on its way out. I have got an old electra sport powered glider which the wife bought me years ago, never did fly it was rubbish. could canibalise that i suppose. wondering if i could use the receiver board and servos from it, it also came with a 3 channel tx. will keep you updated but i am very optimistic about this project. sadly work comes first (so i am told)


14/06/2019 00:12:45

original as prchasedoriginal as purchased

14/06/2019 00:03:59

Found this in pound stretcher reduced £2.99 to £50p . mega distance foam glider, (so it says) fuzzy 2 wings and tail. 55cm span and auw of 38gm. put it together shoulder launch and believe it not the glide was brilliant until the speed dropped off and it tip stalled. I intend to get this going firstly with a bungee then possibly a rapier or my old jetex unit. also got a nice co2. lots of work to do with the moulding, l/e and t/e wings are a lovely square edge but they do have a camber. I was suprised how well it flew "as is "out of plastic bag. for 50p whats to lose? Its all too easy these days to use modern radio to get an unstable plane to fly,but how many newbies out there know how to trim one to fly as they want to correctly without help from technology? myu aim of this thread is to try and get this to fly as i want it to and keep you informed of my progress. 50p madness


Thread: gasparin g24
11/01/2019 14:34:42

thanks peter, but mechanics are not my thing thats why i havnt taken the complete 1 apart to look. Once took a cox 049 apart and it never ran again. Im a bit old fashioned me. I build from plans and like to see in b+w what goes where. the bags I have (3) are full of bits and bobs with loads of balls and seals along with the main bits. i`ll just keep looking on line but so far no exploded views

11/01/2019 08:40:40

Hi wasnt sure where to post this but i have a kit(packaged parts) of the above which i want to construct.I have spent hours on the net looking for exploded views no luck.prices,photos and vids are plenty. has any1 got a diagram of this lovely motor that they can email to me please? I have a complete engine but do not wish to take that apart for fear of not putting it back together again. your help would be appreciated

many thanks keith

Thread: The Atom Special
16/05/2018 22:32:30

ok all, well I will still have 4 o49 in boxes. but i do have a lovely.12 brand new in box. Other than that the mag is complete so I can get on with it. a nice interestin project . will the 12 be big enough do you think?

16/05/2018 12:43:45

thanks martin but not put off. so how is it hoppity was basically the same design but control line?the rotor was spun initialy by hand and then a take off from the ground and hopefully a landing with the 049 still running.(or a crash occured apparently)surely it would work on the same principal? was a plan included i cant remember? still havnt found one in the masses of rcme plan archives in the w/shop

16/05/2018 09:27:04

help required please.I have the autumn special which includes the a4 drawings. 2014 is a long time ago so can someone please tell me if there was a plan sheet included? I tend to remove ALL plan sheets and file them in the w/shop.cant find this one. I have just started "hoppity" an aeromodelller control line for 049. but would like to build this one. also i dont like electrikery. can i fit an 049 with servo operated fuel cut off? any help appreciated please

Thread: curtis F9C sparrowhawk
26/03/2018 18:53:41

thanks jd,all those ribs probably why i left it for so long. They were launched and landed back on airships, uss macon being one, the planes markings were each different for each airship. The history of them is fascinating, i keep googling it and find something different everytime i look. I am really glad mike put this plan of his out on his website. I only did it as a challenge. will it fly? i dont know, need to finish it first and get some fotos.

Thread: Bomb Dropping from my Super 60
26/03/2018 18:30:45

back in the 60`s when i was just a little "fetchermite" (remember them?) my uncle strapped my pride and joy,red devil action man to his twice size super 60. released by a DT fuse down he floated. I searched forever but couldnt find him. I walked those fields for weeks untill i spotted his ripped up chute. On the way back home not far from action man landing spot I found an 18" blue solid balsa wing. Looking up The rest of a yellow biplane fuzzy and blue lower wing hanging from a tree. I retrieved that and took both to uncle toms house. It was his free flighter with a small diesel attached. Action man found it on his search and rescue mission in the fields and jungles of tonyrefail. That plane was lost 6 months earlier and given up as lost. Well done action man on a successful search and rescue mission.where can i get another action man red devil circa 1965 ish? what fun us fetchermites had.

26/03/2018 16:46:53

whats the difference between controlled bomb drops, free flight anything(no d/t or radio assist, just a plain free flight) and more importantly a fireworks display? take a walk a few miles out from where the display took place and i am sure you will find some rocket debris.My answer is to drop bombs (if you must) from a safe reasonable low the looks of that video there was noway you could know where that bomb was going to fall.following the bomb on video was like watching a tee off on the tv.I have never once followed that ball from the time it was hit til the time it landed. Flying sites are treasured items,to be used sensibly to ensure long time use. it only takes 1 false move

Thread: curtis F9C sparrowhawk
26/03/2018 15:49:35

This was started in 2014 I think.for some reason it was shelved but last week resurected.I must get in touch with mike for some fotos of his for the rigging wires. Looked on line but cant seem to find any decent ones.Total weight with rubber is 57gm but it could be less. those wheels came from airfix lanc bomber. i have some l/w foam ones from gws but the wheel spats inners will have to be enlarged very slightly. I dont think I am even going to bother flying it, dont want to damage it now. The balance (finger tip method under c/g top wing) is about right.All good things are worth waiting for I say. This was 1 hell of a build, all fotos available in my albums if interested

26/03/2018 15:42:17

must change the wheels to gws l/wdecals were printedretrieved from top shelfnearly there

Thread: wanted
25/08/2017 08:43:35

many thanks to eagle 899 radio rcvd by tom yesterday. he has sent you a letter. please consider this post closed now. keith

07/08/2017 20:53:02

Hi shep, great stuff thanks. Its not for me its for my ageing uncle tom. famous from "payne aviation company" tonyrefail. Would you please ring him on 01443 670462 (swales) he can arrange it with you. His 1914 set from the trenches has died along with his wright brothers fliers. he cant get along with computer screens and just prefers sticks and basic dials (altitude airspeed vel and horizon) along with an agitated attitude

many thanks keith or you can msg me direct shep and i can sort it out from yer in somerset

cheers shep

07/08/2017 19:42:57

hi paul have sent you a msg, thx for all the replies from everyone

07/08/2017 15:37:08

Hi has anyone got a futaba (or compatible) 35 meg tx+rx in good working order please? Must be non computer screen and in MODE 1 There must be one out there somewhere please. fair price paid. many thanks keith

Thread: Bwlchfest 2017 - A Fly for Fun slope soaring event in S Wales
10/06/2017 20:20:27
Steve what's the plans for Sunday please I'm currently in tonyrefail waiting to tomorrow thanks keith
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