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Thread: 1.5 x KK eaglet
17/05/2020 09:43:50

ok cheers broken english, wasnt aware of that 2x but i think would be too big for 049. anyway plans done now. my rubber power ones were excellent fliers and seem to float away when power went, summer flying was brilliant with thermals and i actually lost1, flew forever. so what i was aiming at was free flight under power and then just lying back and letting it soar to its heart content with a little help from me.

will take a look at outerzone to see if i have designed rudder/elevator correct and see if there are any design differences

cheers keith

17/05/2020 06:53:52

Hi, I have built many eaglets and find it 1 of the most stable rubber jobs ever (my opinion) I have decided to build one scaled 1.5 times with rudder and elevator.

std size dihedral is 7.5 Deg 1 1/2 inch at tip.

my size will have 2 1/4 inch at tips.

Q do I drop the dihedral angle to std size eaglet 1 1/2 inch thereby reducing the 7.5 deg or leave it?

theres a small oily going up front. any suggestions appreciated


Thread: Fighter Pilot by Helen Doe
28/04/2020 16:25:39

ok nigel, as for the dog (saxon) i had to have him put to sleep last friday. he had a great life but the pain he was in was too much. very sad at the moment

hope you enjoy the book, you can keep it or pass it on


22/04/2020 21:56:12

Hi nigel all packaged and will send thursday,sorry not today, dog went to vets and didnt have time


19/04/2020 16:34:39

gordon, will send it wednesday foc, glad its going to a good home. pass it on to someone else if you want.

enjoy keith

Thread: cleaning cox 049
19/04/2020 08:57:00

yes martin, its classed as an explosive, not sure why. surely our glo fuel is just as explosive? hence my previous comment above after i phoned model technics.

Thread: Not all FHSS are equal...
18/04/2020 22:30:50

so glad that i have stuck to 27/40 meg for boats and my trusty 35 meg for planes. all i need to do is change crystals. bought 1 of those new fangled fhss things and its never been out of the box apart from testing it. cant figure it out. call me old fashioned if you like but if it aint broke dont try fixing it.unlike what bbc radio is doing lately.good for you d perry.

Thread: Fighter Pilot by Helen Doe
18/04/2020 21:38:57

ok nige pm me your address and will send next week. glad its going to someone who would like a good read. problem i have with charity shops is alot of their books are binned went down to one shop in minehead a while back and there was a waste bin full of books they couldnt sell. hate waste.

any way its yours keith

Thread: cleaning cox 049
18/04/2020 21:22:34

cheers for the info all. yes alan your right, it was march 28 1984 not 74. couldnt read the receipt clearly. as for nitro the sheet states cox super power which is 25% nitro 5% castor. it also states the warrenty will be void if/ castor is not used also run engine till empty and oil with a few drops of SAE10/3-in-one oil or sewing machine oil. but thats by the by anyway lol i think the warrenties up. in those days the warrenty only lasted 90 days so i think its up.

your point on nitro availability, i phoned model tecnics about supplying nitro and it was them who advised me that they cant supply it to joe public without them holding a licence. also a few local garages cant get it for me for the same reason. so it looks like £11 for 0.5L disgusting price i say. I believe this engine was produced for a new class of competition, hence naming it texaco. gonna have to search for some plans of the type of designs they were put in

i just love these little engines simply because when i was a kid in the 60s/70s it was could afford. i think i lost 2 fly aways with all my pocket money on the front. fun days then, being a "FETCHERMITE"


18/04/2020 19:47:13

cheers pete, this cox came from a 1970s cox fledgling and runs lovely on 5% just making sure i am not going to knacker it. original glow head as well. got 4 other cox(nearly new/barely run before) and i just cant get them to run except in reverse on the same fuel. perseverence i suppose. think i need to buy the 20% to get those to run. 1 is a beatifull texaco which came in the original box all paperwork and spanner, just wondering what to put it in. it was purchased 1974 (sales receipt in box) 0.5 L of 20% fuel is roughly £11.00 do you know any cheaper? cant buy nitro to dose the fuel i have as you need a licence apparently.

cheers for comment keith

Thread: Fighter Pilot by Helen Doe
18/04/2020 19:34:00

purchased this book while on a queen elizabeth cruise. its about wing comander bob doe and the history of his raf career, a ww2 ace. I really enjoyed the lecture she gave on board the ship. helen kindly signed the copy and now i would gladly pass it on to someone else to enjoy during this extended lockdown period.

if anyone is interested please let me know and it i will post it to you gladly

keep safe keith

Thread: cleaning cox 049
18/04/2020 19:01:17

Hi just a quicky, at the moment due to limited flying field sites (3 small ones) I am building small airplanes capable of 2 ch cox powered.

I put a squirt of "car plan choke and carby cleaner in the port to rid the dreaded oil siezure. loosens it all up lovely ready for next flying session.

my Q is will this stuff damage the glow head (being platinum)?

contents are not listed on the spray can. And if the plane is going to be stored a tiny amount of 3in1 is worked around before a long storage period

cheers keith

Thread: electric to oily motor conversion
05/03/2020 12:48:07

Hi just a quicky, I have an old glider used to run on 540/50 size brushed motor 8.4v nicd. I want to put a cox 049 on the front. would this be ok? Its just to get it in the air from a flat field. once up and the motor shut down this old plane stayed flying for ages. just wondering if the rpm of the cox minus weight of heavy nicd batts and speed controller would compensate for the substitution af a small engine such as a cox. i have a texaco and 3 other o49 motors

cheers keith

Thread: dope lifespan
21/01/2020 13:11:25

thanks for the replies,very interesting as I phoned HMG paints today and was told that they recommend 12 months from purchase date. bit confusing as one doesnt know how long those tins have been on the suppliers shelves. The reason they were in smaller tins was because i ordered the larger 2 1/2 l tin but it wasnt in stock, but i was only charged for the larger quantity not the 3 smaller ones,so that was ok. at least now i know i dont have to bin them.

cheers all keith

20/01/2020 20:28:20

wasnt sure where to post this but thought this was as good a place as any. I have 2x1L and 1x 500ml tin s of shrinking dope and 1x500ml tin non-shrinking. They were at the back of the w/shop aka spare bedroom,under a pile of boxes. They are all unopened,sealed with metal transport clips and no sign of rust. What is the lifespan please? they are all dated (my marker pen) and are 23 months old. will they still be ok to use and if so roughly how long after opening please? They were purchased for an abondoned project and put to the side

shame to throw out such an expense

thanks keith

Thread: Very heavy drones!
02/01/2020 22:15:57

steve wright on radio2 did exactly the same thing, 250kg i emailed the show and it was corrected about 1hr later

typical BBC

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
05/11/2019 17:29:23

It never has been alan but it would have been nice to put that out on mainstream radio announcements, and i didnt hear any mention of it so far. the k/k minimoa in my foto was a fly away about 2 yrs ago i think. returned to me by a local farmer 2 miles away (by road not as crow flies) minus a wing. hit a barn door in his yard. luckily no damage to person or property and my address was on it. he asked where all the radio gear fitted. so a cup of tea and an offer to make a field gate for him labour free, kept me on good terms and i continued to fly from his upper field. he also knew i was insured as it was his upper field that i flew from. btw this is probably 1 of the best forum posts i have read for a while glued to it


05/11/2019 17:03:02

its a pity they didnt attach a clause that along with the £9 ALL fliers MUST HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE. Most of us sensibly do,foolish not to especially in my case of free flight mainly. christmas toy season looming, daddy pays the 9 quid and the kid passes the test. job done. christmas day kid goes flying and aircraft crashes and causes mega damage to something.(someone?) I also think any model supplier should have the same responsibility as a gun shop. licence first before sale

any thoughts? keith

05/11/2019 16:41:33

I always build small(the only things I can fly really and not very good) does this law allow me to fly my rubber powered free flighters over 250g but usually averaging 300g+ ? also what about my jetex? (still got some and some rapiers left. also got some cox 049 free flighters. any help appreciated as £1000 fine would empty the workshop piggy bank for many years

thanks keith

Thread: foam airliner shop bargain project
16/06/2019 17:23:47

1/8 sq h/w strip added

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