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Thread: Keil Kraft 50" span Minimoa
26/06/2014 11:38:35

upupafter all this time I didnt know i could lift stills from the digi vid camera. heres a few chaps. may not be top qual I`m still learning the button pressing sequenceand away

26/06/2014 09:07:45

well i tried as you can see its a vid but i cant get it to work, damn she looks good too, if it cant be done i`m sure i can email it to whoever is interested. I certainly am as i am looking for its final heading for when i take the dog out in a bit

26/06/2014 08:44:13

firstly thanks earnie, sounds like sense to me will give it a try iff I ever find the damn thing again, she flew lovely but was still stalling after 21 gms of nose weight added. hopefully you will all be able to see the short vid i have uploaded. apologies for the quality, was on my own with the dog and it was a bit breezier than i thought it would be. as you can see (hopefully, coz i have never uploaded a vid b4) i lost sight of her., too busy watching the camera screen. will look for her today, i know roughly where she will be. BIG GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. TIME FOR A 1 1/2 TIMES AND MINI GEAR.

13/06/2014 04:59:35

well fellow fliers/modellers, took the first test flights yesterday evening. A bit breezy but shes still intact. Added 18gm flattened .22 pellets in the nose block but we had a fair bit of stall from the slope i test fly from. Just put about 2gm pva in to lock them in but space is getting limited. will add more pellets once the glue has set and tried her again. 1 other thing, how on earth do work out the wing area to calculate wing loading on this? once i`m happy with the glide( pulling to the right at the moment, will put her on a line. happy days

07/06/2014 10:41:07

Colin just waiting for that elusive calm summer evening, it will fly, after that i expect it will stay hanging from the ceiling. hopefully will get a vid/fotos. Rob I didnt realise how few were built, 110 in total. mine is the markings of no.100 off the line. many a german fighter pilot cut their teeth on this plane. a classic looking plane. I know there is a swiss registered and a german registered still flying, not bad from 1935 Watch this space for a foto or 2

Thread: 125 watt soldering iron
06/06/2014 08:32:46

phil noticed in the first foto that it had dissapeared but i am so glad that in the 2nd foto you actually NAILED it to the bench. good thinking sir, wont dissapear again . put that 1 in the hints and tips. would never have thought of that, my 25 watt is always going missing

Thread: Keil Kraft 50" span Minimoa
06/06/2014 08:05:36

At last, added the final touches(nose weight, a bit of pin striping) but as yet unflown. I hope any1 who has followed this thread of the build has found it useful. It was the 3rd minimoa in my lifetime of building. will I build another? depends, if paid yes, to do it again for myself? I dont think so, we might just leave it another 20 yrs. Hopefully it will be flown in the next few days, just waiting for the weather window. btw, the red tape is covering the drilled hole where .22 airgun pellets have been dropped for ballast. once the flight path is sorted then a permanent fix will be made. once again thanks all, your comments were all appreciated. keith

06/06/2014 07:57:55

b4 first flightb4 first flightb4 1st flightb4 first flight

Thread: aerodynamics the fin question
30/05/2014 08:40:32

apologies colin, I must have missed your post with, as you say, reading and trying to digest everything else that has been said. so basically, unless its a flying wing then the fin is a must. I wonder if the wright bros. realised this or whether it was just a thought about "how are we going to steer this thing?" stabilisation coming from the 2 fore planes at the front. As far as I know (i may be wrong,usually am) there wernt any ailerons as such. not sure if they had wing warping then, the 2 vertical fins at the rear being the steering mechanism. The2 props also facing aft would have no effect on the wings or foreplane and torque would have been reduced with them contra rotating. Not sure now why I started this thread lol I suppose I needed to get some braincells working again flight theory was the first thing that came to mind. thanks to everyone whos taken an interest in this, made good reading

29/05/2014 08:24:17

Didn`t that german proto-type jet also not have a fin? it also looks very similar in design to the stealth bomber, uncanny when the yanks got hold of it after the 2nd ww. sorry i cant think what it was called at the moment. Flying crust, you say that the stealth has stability due to computer controlled split ailerons. surely this german flying wing didnt have computers on board at the time? I understand that a fin is necessary, but thought it would be interesting discussion on why? my theory being that stability can be controlled by ailerons (flying crust ty) so iff a model is fitted with a gyro gismo then surely that would work when coupled with wing tip ailerons? very interesting comments so far anyway yes

28/05/2014 11:37:03

do we need a fin and why? I know it stops the rolling effect due to torque (i think) but why? think back to when you made your first paper dart. fold in the top corners to the centre, fold in half and fold doewn the the outside flaps to form wings and away to go. it flew, most of the tim anyway. then you ripped a peice at the tail end and lifted it to form a fin, in my experience it didnt fly any any further. yet full size deltas, and bi planes etc. all had a fin. when the wright bros designed theirs all i can see is that the all moving vertical tail pieces were to steer the plane. ( i have a rubber power scale job i did on this so might take that off and do some experiments) why after making paper finless deltas did they decide to put fin(s) on. interesting point i think, must have had a brainstorm this morning.

Thread: Flying a Micro RC in Parks
27/05/2014 18:50:43

if I can clear a few points up yer.

1/ got insurance

2/ its not a "big plane" but size is irrelevant

3/ land classed as a park is ambigiguous, this is a fairly large football green for 5 aside, also has a hard standing for basket ball and 2 tennis courts (fenced in with gates) a railway track with bracken verges to stop trespass.

i`m thinking of flying my 2 channel comper swift a twice sice veron kit with a sc12 engine. rudder and throttle

I was only enquiring because of the sign for kites, now that most ppl dissaprove of me flying there then i consider it closed. we dont all join clubs to enjoy flying planes we have actually built from scratch, not gone out and willy nilly bought the best 3d flier in the shop with all bells and whistles and never having been flying b4. i have been building since the age of 8 chuckies being my first. i learnt to walk b4 i could run. never mind plenty of land behind the house where i can fly on my own without getting any kids into the hobby. happy days all

Thread: ballasting weight
27/05/2014 04:53:18

Ever taken your sloper/pss up your hill and its too windy to fly without ballast? walking down the road with the dog I usually find wheel balancing weights in the verge. Over time I`ve got a nice selection which are all marked with their weights in grammes. I`ve checked these out and they are all roughly +/- 0.3g. very handy if you know your model and can gauge the wind speed, addig weight of a known quantity. Also handy when setting up an unflown airplane at the site, when you get home you can adjust with a more permanent solution knowing the required weight to add. wouldnt suprise me if this hasnt been thought of in the past, sorry to repeat it if so, but i havnt seen any mention of it

Thread: Flying a Micro RC in Parks
27/05/2014 04:40:03

Theres a park by me next to west somerset railway and a sign on all the gates saying "no kite flying" the only reason I can see for this is the trains. However as the trains only pass once every 2 hrs or so and are mostly steam driven travelling at 25 mph they can be seen (smoke) heard (noisy) and smelt (pollution) from about 1/2 a mile away. plenty of time to bring a model down, so do you think I can fly r/c there? havnt asked but interesting point as mine would be under control unlike a kite. any thoughts?

Thread: How to view list of threads from a member?
27/05/2014 04:29:17

sorry guys posted twice any chance of putting the facility of delete on the edit post? or is it just me and I cant find it?

27/05/2014 04:25:52

Steve, the mods have all been very efficient in resolving your request, but at the start you were requested to add a bit about your modelling experience !!!! and a bit later as well. Well I and probably a few others are still waiting for that info. The techie bit has been sorted but it seems, like everything else in life the "simple" things never seem to bear fruit. So heres hoping, would be nice to know what your interests are in model flying. This is, a sort of welcoming page. just a thought, no offence meant

Thread: i.c. models to electric
24/04/2014 05:32:06

thanks for all your help guys. theres alot of info yer to read through and i`ve dug a few mags out regarding electric set ups. I think for now I might forget the conversion and do a completely new build, something small to fit a 400 size (ish) motor to see how i get on with what i`ve got. If i am still not happy I can fall back on my tried and tested ic engines. now to pick a plane, plenty of plans out there so will be spending a bit of time on that first. once again thx for the advice

Thread: ASP 52f/s throttle lever
21/04/2014 05:34:07

thanks steve, problem is I took the idle needle out first to alter the lever, thinking (wrongly) that everything had to be undone to move the lever. I didnt count the turns out either angry so I have just screwed it all the way back in and moved it back 1/2 way. I`ve just read the instructions for setting the carby, looks way too complicated for me. this is my first 4 stroke, previously I have only used 2 stroke/diesel less than .35 size for free flight and rudder/elevator jobbies. To be honest i`m scared stiff of f.s. engines (kick back) plus I am old school finger / prop flicker. This was my first aileron model and my uncle ( 45 yrs flying) was my pilot for it. Think I might just send it back to JE to set up. I paid £15 for the original running in by them so it will be money well spent I think to have it done again. All I can see me doing is mess it up even more or even break some part inside if I eventually get it running again.

20/04/2014 06:36:16

Hi steve and all the rest of you guys who have taken time out for this. The last2 fotos are the recipient of this engine. The 1st one is where I have now moved the throttle lever to, it was originally pointing upwards. what I did was (veiw 2nd foto bottom left) was start to unscrew part no. 52810 which looks like a needle. As nothing was happening i started to turn part no. 12811. the lever then dropped down to where I wanted it and so i screwed the nut back up and checked the barrel for correct opening. once all that was set I was happy as my cable now has a direct route from the servo arm. Or so I thought, Is part no. 52810 a slow idle needle? cant find a ref to the part no./description of.? if it is have i messed all the settings by originally starting to turn the screw thinking it was how to loosen off the throttle lever? thanks guys

20/04/2014 06:26:46

asp throttle 006.jpgasp2 002.jpg

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