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Thread: Sleeker single-channel model from 1968
12/11/2014 07:43:11

Looking for an old plan of "sleeker 32" build feature in RCME may 1968. for a cox 049. cant find it in plans list, so has anyone got a copy to sell or copy please? pay all costs thanks keith

Thread: propellerhead, anthony woodward
14/08/2014 23:49:07

lol mike, I certainly wouldn`t have taken a job on the basis of "lift girl" especially when a better 1 was on offer. I think my new microlite would have been my choice. I remember taking a long time off from aero/boat modelling due to marriage and family commitments. happily thats all in the past and a sort of normal life begins again.

14/08/2014 08:17:17

just finished it, brilliant book. I learnt more about how to land a tail dragger properly than in all the time I have been flying r/c. full of facts about flying/aerodynamics that are well worth remembering in our hobby. highly reccommended

05/08/2014 03:37:14

just got this from the library yesterday, 3rd chapter in cant put it down. about 2 mates who have light aircraft exp. and needed another person to buy a syndicate microlight called a thruster. Ended up with an eccentric chap who owns a mansion in norfolk. At the moment they are all learning how to fly it for their licence. cant wait for the adventures that are supposed to follow. So far well worth getting from your local library.

Thread: vintage RTP flying
22/07/2014 18:38:28

just checked out the motor on the ME109. 12v 8amp spins the prop but no taxiing across the floor. 24v 8amp and she taxis quite fast but not enough. This was on the original length of wire that used to be used, so it looks like I will need all that voltage and alot more unless I shorten the flying wires. Pleased though that it seems to be working. just started to peel the covering off the wings to smarten her up abit. alot of hangar rash. The lanc I couldnt check yet as the plug in the wing tip has a broken pin so will need to be replaced. I was told that for a speed controller I could use the control from an electric blanket. Not sure about that but I will have one available soon as the mrs changes her lekky blanket every 2 yrs, and its about due I think. sabotage comes to mind.

Thread: charging a 12v, 18ah scooter battery
16/07/2014 15:42:39

thankyou budgie very informative stuff, looks like getting a new charger to me. about time i suppose. I`ll close this thread now as i think i have all the info i need and thank everyone for their help. with all these batteries and chargers that are around now i think its easier to stick to my noisy glo fuel systems. unless i aam lucky enough to have permission to go and spend 3 0r 400 quid on 1 charger that does everything. who said electric flight was as cheap as i.c.? makes you think what is required to get 3or4 different planes flying iff they all use different flight packs

15/07/2014 22:53:01

sorry one other thing, My battery charger has an analogue meter, (sorry its old but not halfords) when i first switched it on it registered HIGH but kept clicking off to zero for a while. after about an hour it was registering medium but would only click off after a longer period than before. 3 hrs into the cycle it settled onto low and stayed there. after the five hours the needle registered right down by the bottom, and it didnt click off. so it looked like charged to me. am i correct or isthe battery charger overheating and get ri of it?

15/07/2014 22:37:06

thanks guys, good advice but i think my 2 batteries must be deep cycle as they came out of a mobility scooter. i think the other type you are on about is for alarm systems. anyway, i know nothing so after 5 hrs i have switched it off. will get a volt meter on there tommorow. this makes me think why then, in the old days did it take 24 hrs to charge a car batery with a halfords charger? we used to take 2 car batteries down to the flight field in the old days for those people who nicked austin mini starter motors and converted them to glo starters. but they were batteries you could refill with electrolyte

15/07/2014 18:38:28

I have 2 of the above batteries that need charging. I am using a 12v car battery charger pushing out 4amps. would I be right in saying that the baterry will take about 4 to 5 hours to charge? sorry chaps, am useless at the electrics part of the hobby. It also states on the batteries, charge rates. floating use 13.6v initial current no limit also says cycle use 14.4v initial current 7.2amps max. what is floating charge rate and cycle use charge rate please?

Thread: vintage RTP flying
13/07/2014 08:57:43

I thought so shaunie, wasnt 100% so was best to check. so that will go after the transformer and wires from that going to the pole to supply a variable voltage for motor speed? this is all new to me especially with antiquated equipment. I think health and safety wallies would have a field day yer. one other problem is the transformer shows a variable dc voltage output from 18-46v. would have preferred 12v but the system set up in the school gym all those years ago did work,so I am reliably told. Will check the motors out later today,

13/07/2014 03:59:53

I will be connecting a 6v/12v (not sure which yet) to the 2 planes to see how the motors run, so that should be fun. Been told they havnt been fired up for over 14 years. On the subject of jetex rtp, i have 2 unflown f/f jets fitted with rapier units, might be worth a go on that 1. I know they used to do tethered cars in the 50s/60s mostly ic but a few of them were fitted with jetex units. Me thinks this is going to be a long project, so many options

13/07/2014 03:53:46

transformertransformera box and bitssimon lovely looking "fokker"(brings back memories of the live stan boardman joke on bbc that does,but lets not go into that 1) these are the bits I have to connect up. the big black hing with a dial confuses me. its probably a regulator as the dial says % input voltage. I presume this went in between the transformer and the pole connecting wires? any ideas? That roll of insulated copper wire weighs just over pound, so plenty of it there.lecky bits

08/07/2014 17:27:04

well I didnt think anyone was still interested thanks all, its given me a bit more motivation now. chris, as for the bollards, I could have had that as well with th pole etc but my sister drew a line at loading it in the car and is still up the attic in my uncles house in tonyrefail, (rhondda) pity that i live in somerset. there was a plan in the plans special mag for a kity hawk which would go nice with these pair i`ve got. thing is it may be a bit heavy being all balsa covered so I may have to alter it a bit to take a tissue covering. but that can wait I am going to have to connect everything up here first to check it all out. like i say its going to be a project on the side to take me over winter, got too many unfinished to finish first and a broken wing minimoa. sad that was.

08/07/2014 12:10:07

rtp 008.jpgThis is going to be a project into as yet an unknown/new form of flying to me. (at the moment) As you can see I have aquired a 32" span lancaster and a 24" me 109. The lanc is fitted with what looks like 2x280 size motors (inboard) and all wired up ready with a plug in the wing tip.same with the me109. I havnt tried them yet. Also I have the units for the power supply and all the flying wires. All I need do is make a pylon and then set it all up and hopefully get everything to work. these were all from the early 80s indoor club flying that my uncle used to do. I have found various methods for making the pylon but all use mecanno parts so some research is going to be needed. the aircraft will also need recovering (the wings anyway. so we shall see what comes of this, interesting to say the least.however it will be taking a low priority but I will persevere. the old aero mags from the 60s and 70s are certainly helping. will try and keep this thread going if i can, hopefully with some success.rtp 005.jpg

Thread: problem this morning opening my albums
08/07/2014 06:34:36

It actually says sorry the website has an error and the requested page not available. the rest of the site seems to be working ok

08/07/2014 06:31:58

Tried to create a new album this morning (0630 hrs) it opened on the page to describe the thread for the title page but when i went to continue to upload fotos to the album a blank page appeared saying that the page is not available. Is there a problem please? thanks keith

Thread: Keil Kraft 50" span Minimoa
29/06/2014 07:23:30

returned by farmerFone call from a farmer, "have you lost a glider keith?" she crashed into the side of his tractor shed ( square corrugated steel walls) this farm is 1/2 to 3/4 mile from where i launched. about a 5 mile walk from my house. how far would she have gone if the ballast was correct i do not know. 2 things, good reason for having insurance especially with free flight ( the yard is full of free range hens) and a contact fone no. attached. luckily i knew the farmer and we had a nice little chat about aeromodelling, he was especially pleased i had the insurance. Anyway, damage can be repaired ( wing tongue split, a former split and fuzzy stringers) however I dont think I will be able to brace it enough to withstand any flying forces without that wing folding again. Repair and hang back up for nostalgie. Worth thinking about 2ch micro/mini on the next one. we shall see. any comments welcome pleasefuzzy/wingroot damage

Edited By thunderstreak.keith on 29/06/2014 07:25:32

Thread: flattie brushes (dope/fuel prooffer etc)
28/06/2014 07:18:24

saw these in a cheapie high street store, usually cheap brushes are like wire bristles. these are excelent, fairly soft and a nice even coat of dope on the underside of my widgeon wing. £1-50 with sizes 1" to 3" ( 5 brushes) so cheap when the job is finished you can just bin them. bristles stay attached even after cellulose dope.( i prewashed mine in soapy water prior to using) chappienice flatties

Thread: Keil Kraft 50" span Minimoa
26/06/2014 11:44:47

From launch from the shallow slope above the valley, not sure where she went but it was down in the valley toward the road somewhere. plenty of trees and hedges down there too. apart from the stall still she looked beautiful. oh well thats free flight for you, no rubber, no nicads, no glo, just the wind and evening lift, it still gives me a buzz 45 yrs after losing my KK polaris. I wonder what she would go like on a tow line. a dt fuse would have to be a must i thinkB4 the flight

26/06/2014 11:38:35

upupafter all this time I didnt know i could lift stills from the digi vid camera. heres a few chaps. may not be top qual I`m still learning the button pressing sequenceand away

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